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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2005978-0-321-39739-3NAPhysics for Sci & Engrs V4 & Prs Rebate Pkg
  ''978-0-321-39740-9NAHealth: Basc& Behv Chng Log& Wellnss Jrnl Pk
  ''978-0-321-39741-6   ''Fitness Thru Aerobics& Behav Chng Logbk& Pk
  ''978-0-321-39744-7   ''City Politcs: Private& Amer Urban Politcs Pk
  ''978-0-321-39745-4   ''Macroeconomics & Myeconlab & Prs Rebate Pkg
2005978-0-321-39747-8NALongm Anth Brit Lit V1b& V1c& Gullivers Pkg
  ''978-0-321-39748-5   ''Longwood Guide Writg& New Cen Pckt GD& McL2.0
2005978-0-321-39755-3NAPrin Humn Physio& Physioex 6.0& Chem of Life
  ''978-0-321-39756-0   ''Coll Alg & Trig& S/S/M& Mathxl& Tutr Ctr Pk
  ''978-0-321-39757-7   ''Coll Alg & Trig & S/S/M & Mymathlab Pkg
2006978-0-321-39763-8Jeff MaduraWrite Down the Money
2005978-0-321-39769-0NABasic Tech Math W/Calc Si& S/S/M& Alg Revw& Tc
  ''978-0-321-39772-0   ''War Peace& Intl Pols& Conflct After Cold Pk
2011978-0-321-39773-7Gregory A BartonLord Palmerston and the Empire of Trade (Library of World Biography Series)
2006978-0-321-39774-4Jeff SchellAdobe Premiere Pro 2 Hands-On Training
  ''978-0-321-39775-1Chad Fahs · Lynda WeinmanAdobe After Effects 7 Hands-On Training
2005978-0-321-39777-5NAEssn Cosmic Persp Media Upd& Prs Rebate Pkg
2006978-0-321-39788-1Robin Bade · Michael ParkinFoundations of Economics
2006978-0-321-39789-8Marvin L. BittingerDigital Video Tutor with Captions for Basic Mathematics, 10th Edition / Fundamental Mathematics, 4th Edition
2007978-0-321-39791-1Sylvan Barnet · William Burto · William E. CainInstructor's Handbook to Accompany A Little Literature (Reading*Writing*Argument)
2006978-0-321-39793-5Stephen Bowles · Ronald Mangravite · Peter ZornComplete Screenwriter's Manual: A Comprehensive Reference of Format and Style, The
  ''978-0-321-39794-2Loch K JohnsonSeven Sins of American Foreign Policy
2005978-0-321-39795-9NALongman Anth Brit Lit Vols 2a 2b 2c & 1c Pk
2006978-0-321-39796-6Michael Raheem · Dima Sonkin · Thierry D¿Hers · Kami LeMondsInside SQL Server 2005 Tools
  ''978-0-321-39797-3Buck WoodyAdministrator's Guide to SQL Server 2005
2005978-0-321-39799-7NANew Century Handbk& Mycomplab2.0& Naw Dict Pk
2006978-0-321-39800-0Tim PatrickStart-to-Finish Visual Basic 2005: Learn Visual Basic 2005 as You Design and Develop a Complete Application
2005978-0-321-39801-7Coll Alg & Student Sols Mnl & Mymathlab Pkg
  ''978-0-321-39804-8Pearson JR.Statistics Study Card
  ''978-0-321-39805-5JR. Fre PearsonAddison-Wesley's Basic Math Review
2005978-0-321-39809-3NACity Life & Writing Places LM Topics Rdr Pk
2007978-0-321-39811-6Edward AngelOpenGL: A Primer (3rd Edition)
2005978-0-321-39817-8NAMath with Applicatns & S/S/M & Mymathlab Pk
2007978-0-321-39820-8Steve Cook · Gareth Jones · Stuart Kent · Alan Cameron WillsDomain-Specific Development with Visual Studio DSL Tools
2005978-0-321-39822-2NAIntro Alg Thru Appl& Stdnt S/M& Mymathlab Pkg
  ''978-0-321-39825-3   ''Intermed Alg Thru Modelg& MML& Dvt& S/S/M Pkg
2005978-0-321-39826-0NAIntermd Alg: Concpts& Digitl VID Tutr& MML Pk
  ''978-0-321-39836-9   ''Allyn& Bacon Guide Writg Brf& Wri Rsrch& Dict
  ''978-0-321-39837-6   ''Writg Logically Thinkg Crit& Wri Resrch& Dict
  ''978-0-321-39838-3   ''Esstl of Statis& Blackbrd Acc Crd Bundl Ver
  ''978-0-321-39839-0Beverly West · Steven Strogatz · Jean Marie McDill · John Cantwell · Hohn HubertInteractive Differential Equations CD
2006978-0-321-39840-6Joel Hass · Maurice D. WeirAddison-Wesley's Calculus Review, Part 2 (Pt. 2)
2006978-0-321-39841-3Joel Hass · Maurice D. WeirAddison-Wesley's Calculus Review, Part 1 (Pt. 1)
2005978-0-321-39842-0NAGood Reason with Contmp& Peng Brf Hb& McL2.CC
2006978-0-321-39843-7Robin BadeFoundations of Economics Ap Editions
978-0-321-39844-4Ap Prep Exam Guide
2005978-0-321-39847-5NAPhy Sci& Engr V1& V3& Ssm V1& Prs $20 Rbt Crd
  ''978-0-321-39848-2   ''Math in Actn& Mymathlb S/Kt& Graphg Calc Crd
  ''978-0-321-39849-9Werner E. Kohler · Lee W. JohnsonElementary Differential Equations Bound with IDE CD Package (2nd Edition)
  ''978-0-321-39850-5Werner E. Kohler · Lee W. JohnsonElementary Differential Equations with Boundary Value Problems with IDE CD Package (2nd Edition)
  ''978-0-321-39852-9NAHumn Anat& Phy& Adam Ia Anat Studt Lab/GD Pk
2005978-0-321-39853-6NABiology& Coursecompass A/Kt& Study Crd& Pract
2005978-0-321-39854-3NALit Peng Acad Ser& LB Ess Hbk Writr& Naw DIC
  ''978-0-321-39864-2D. J. HenryThe Effective Reader Valuepack (Updated edition, Includes Academic Vocabulary, 2nd Edition and Student Access Code Card for MySkillsLab)
  ''978-0-321-39865-9NASkilled Readr Updatd& Interactv Vocab& Msl2.0
  ''978-0-321-39866-6Kip Irvine · Tony GaddisAdvanced VB.NET Alternate with VB.Net CD's (3rd Edition)
  ''978-0-321-39867-3NAStruggle for Democ& You Decide& DIVID States&
2005978-0-321-39868-0NABio& Stud Guide& CC A/Kt& Stem Cell& Cancrbklt
  ''978-0-321-39871-0   ''AME Govt04 Edit Ppr& Study Wiz& You Decide Pk
  ''978-0-321-39872-7   ''Beg& Interm Alg W/App& Dig VID& Studt SM& I/A
  ''978-0-321-39874-1Craig Leonard BriansQuantitative Analysis Lab Manual
  ''978-0-321-39875-8NAElem Alg Concepts& MML A/Kit& Digtl Video Tut
2013978-0-321-39876-5John SagersEast Asian Voices: V. 1
2011978-0-321-39877-2Alexander KnyshIslam in Historical Perspective
2005978-0-321-39878-9John Lewis · Joseph Chase · Leigh Ann SudolJava Software Structures for AP Computer Science AB
2005978-0-321-39881-9NABeg & Interm Alg& MML S/Acc Kt& Graphg Calc
  ''978-0-321-39883-3   ''Penguin Brief Handbk& Oxford Am& McL2.0 Web
  ''978-0-321-39885-7   ''Sent Res for Writr& Msl2.0& 10 Pract Highly
2005978-0-321-39886-4NAEcon Money Bankg& S/G & Finl Times Stu GD Mac
  ''978-0-321-39890-1   ''Brief Peng Handbk& Exerc Bk& Mycomplab2.0 Pk
  ''978-0-321-39891-8   ''Breaking Through Collg& CC Stu A/Cde Crd Pkg
2006978-0-321-39892-5Horace Walpole · Henry Mackenzie · Laura MandellCastle of Otranto and the Man of Feeling
2007978-0-321-39893-2Herbert S. ParmetRichard M. Nixon: An American Enigma (Library of American Biography Series)
978-0-321-39894-9Teaching. a Guide for Instructors, to the American People Creating. 7e Seventh 2006
2005978-0-321-39898-7NAIntro Alg& Studt S/M& Awl Rbt $15& I/A Mthxl&
  ''978-0-321-39903-8   ''Peng Brief Handbk& Good Reasns& McL2.CC S/KY
  ''978-0-321-39904-5   ''Crossrds Creatv Writg& LM Jrnl Creatv Writg
2005978-0-321-39905-2NAAME Dem Rep Peng Acad Ser& Citiznshp Now Pkg
2005978-0-321-39906-9NACurious Researchr& Mycomplab 2.0 BB Webct
  ''978-0-321-39911-3   ''Univ Physic Vol2 Ch21-37& V3 Ch37-44& Prs $20
  ''978-0-321-39913-7   ''Esstl Bio& Phys& Lab Invstgtns& Prs $20 Rbt
2011978-0-321-39914-4David C. LayLinear Algebra plus MyMathLab Getting Started Kit for Linear Algebra and Its Applications (4th Edition) (Featured Titles for Linear Algebra (Introductory))
2006978-0-321-39915-1Marvin L. BittingerVideotapes Royalty Deduction (for billing purposes only)
2005978-0-321-39924-3NAStartg Out W/Java& Codemate A/Crd& Bluej CD
  ''978-0-321-39925-0   ''Object Orientd Prog Jav& Bluej Ver205 CD Pkg
  ''978-0-321-39927-4   ''Crossrds Creatv Writg& Glossry Lit& Crit Term
2005978-0-321-39928-1NAMacroeconomics& Studt Guide Macroecon Pkg
2006978-0-321-39930-4Sylvan Barnet · Marcia Stubbs · Pat Bellanca · Pamela G. StimpsonThe Practical Guide to Writing, Second Canadian Edition (2nd Edition)
2005978-0-321-39932-8NAStruggl for Democ& AME Govt Rdg& Mpsl CC S/Kt
2005978-0-321-39933-5NAAME Gov Cont& You Decide& 10thngs& Stdy Wiz&
  ''978-0-321-39935-9   ''V15 Box Set W/Mast & Prs $20 Rebt Crd Pkg
  ''978-0-321-39938-0   ''Nutritn Update& Mydietanal CD& Mnl S/Acc Crd
  ''978-0-321-39939-7   ''Portable Machiavelli& Democ AME& Elemt Style
  ''978-0-321-39940-3Robin Bade · Michael ParkinFoundations of Microeconomics Homework Edition Plus MyEconLab Student Access Kit (2nd Edition)
2006978-0-321-39941-0Robin BadeFoundations of Microeconomics: Homework Edition
2006978-0-321-39942-7C. J. Date · Hugh DarwenDatabases, Types and the Relational Model (3rd Edition)
2005978-0-321-39943-4Michael ParkinMacroeconomics Homework Edition Plus MyEconLab Student Access Kit (7th Edition)
2006978-0-321-39944-1   ''Macroeconomics Homework Edition
2005978-0-321-39947-2Christine A. Hult · Thomas N. HuckinNew Century Pocket Guide for Writers, The (2nd Edition)
  ''978-0-321-39949-6Fund Anat& Physio& A& P Colrg Wbk& Lab Mnl Pkg
  ''978-0-321-39951-9Human Anat& Phy& Cat Versn& Adam Ia Stu W/Win
2013978-0-321-39952-6John F. Hughes · Andries van Dam · Morgan McGuire · David F. Sklar · James D. Foley · Steven K. Feiner · Kurt AkeleyComputer Graphics: Principles and Practice (3rd Edition)
2006978-0-321-39953-3Mary ShelleyFrankenstein
  ''978-0-321-39954-0Marilyn PlattStudent Solutions Manual for Introductory Algebra
2001978-0-321-39956-4John A. Garraty · Mark C. CarnesA Short History of the American Nation
2006978-0-321-39957-1Christine A. Hult · Thomas N. HuckinNew Century Pocket Guide for Writers, The (2nd Edition)
2005978-0-321-39958-8NAStrats for Coll Writg& 25 Great Essays Pkg
2005978-0-321-39959-5NAElem Alg Concpts& Dig VID Tut& Ssm& I/A Mathxl
  ''978-0-321-39960-1   ''Created Equal Brief V2& Clashes Will& AME His
  ''978-0-321-39961-8   ''Basic Coll Math& Dvt BSC& MML Stu A/Kit Pkg
  ''978-0-321-39962-5   ''Intro Alg& Dvt Intro Alg& MML Stu A/Kt Pkg
  ''978-0-321-39967-0Mario F. TriolaThe Triola Statistics TI-83/TI-84 Plus Reference
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2005978-0-321-39970-0Carolyn DavidsonSolving the Mystery of Reading, Preliminary Edition
2005978-0-321-39971-7NAElem Statis& Studt S/M& Actvstats XCL 2005-6
  ''978-0-321-39972-4   ''Esst of Statis& Minitab LM& Ssm& MML& S/Ed Sft4
2005978-0-321-39973-1NAEsst of Statis& Minitab LM& Ssm& MML Stu A/Kt&
  ''978-0-321-39974-8   ''Basic College Math& Dvt BSC& Awl Tc& I/A Mthxl
  ''978-0-321-39975-5   ''Intro Alg& Dvts Introd& Awl Tc& I/A Mathxl Pk
  ''978-0-321-39976-2   ''Intrm Alg& Dvts Intrm& Awl Tc& I/A Mathxl Pk
  ''978-0-321-39977-9   ''Curr ISS Vol2& Biology of Cancer Booklet
2005978-0-321-39979-3NAAmer New Democ& Culture War& You Decide Pkg
2005978-0-321-39980-9NAEss Hum Anat& Physio& A& P Colrg WB& Inside CD&
2006978-0-321-39983-0Dharma Shukla · Bob SchmidtEssential Windows Workflow Foundation
2005978-0-321-39986-1NAAllyn & Bacon Guide& Brf Hdbk& Wrtg& Nav/G Pkg
  ''978-0-321-39990-8   ''Biology& Investigatg Bio& Art Notbk& Stdy Crd
  ''978-0-321-39991-5   ''Struggle for Democ& AME Govt Rdg& U Decide&
  ''978-0-321-39992-2   ''New Century Handbk& Sequence Acad& McL2.CC Pk
  ''978-0-321-39993-9   ''Basc Readg Skills& Actv Vocab& Msl2.0 CC& Dict
2005978-0-321-39995-3NAAnat& Phys& Hum A& P Lab/Mnl Main Versn Pkg
2005978-0-321-39997-7NASkilled Readr Updatd& LM Stu Plnnr& CC A/Crd
  ''978-0-321-39998-4   ''Odyssey from Parag& Multimedia Actv Pkg
  ''978-0-321-39999-1Nutritn Appl Appr Updt& Mnl W/Mda Stu A/C Pk
1997978-0-321-40003-1Irene L. ClarkInstructor's Manual
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978-0-321-40013-0GRONBECKTestbank (Disk) to Principles and Types of Speech Communication 1
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1998978-0-321-40044-4BartholomewInstructor's Solutions Manual to Accompany Transportation Enginee
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1998978-0-321-40180-9AddisonTestgenerator Eq Version 1.1 Win/Mac User's Guide
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1997978-0-321-40216-5SkolnickFamily Transition 9/e Pcopy
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2005978-0-321-40285-1WadePsychology 4/e T/Mast.II DOS
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978-0-321-40337-7Intermediate Algebra: Early Functions and Graphing Instructor's Manual
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978-0-321-40342-1Basic College Mathematics: Instructor's Resource Manual