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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2004978-0-321-21101-9NABegin& Intermd Alg& Ia Mathxl& Tut Ctr Pkg
2003978-0-321-21102-6NABegin& Intermed Algebra& Tutor Center Pkg
  ''978-0-321-21103-3Ralph P. GrimaldiDiscrete and Combinatorial Mathematics
2005978-0-321-21106-4NAMath in Action: Intro & Ia Mathxl& C& Stkr Pkg
2003978-0-321-21107-1   ''Mathematics in Action: Intro & Tc & Stkr Pkg
2005978-0-321-21110-1   ''Math in Actn: Alg Grhp& Trig & Mathxl& Tc Pkg
2004978-0-321-21111-8   ''Math in Action: Alg Grph & Trig Prob& Tc Pkg
  ''978-0-321-21113-2   ''Math in Actn: Prealg Prob Sol& Ia Mathxl Pkg
2004978-0-321-21114-9NAMath in Actn: Prealg Prob Sol& Mathxl& Tc Pkg
2003978-0-321-21115-6   ''Math in Actn: Prealg Prob Sol& Tc& Stkr Pkg
  ''978-0-321-21117-0   ''Elementary Statistics & SPSS Stu Mnl Pkg
  ''978-0-321-21123-1   ''University Physics Vol1 & Vol 2 Pkg
  ''978-0-321-21144-6Calculus & Its App & Tutor Ctr & Stkr Pkg
  ''978-0-321-21145-3NAFundamntls of Diff Equatns W/CD& Tc& Stkr Pkg
2003978-0-321-21146-0NAFun of Dif Equ& Bnd Val Prob W/CD& Tc& Stk Pkg
  ''978-0-321-21147-7   ''Biology: Concpts & Connectns& Invstg Bio Pkg
2007978-0-321-21149-1NAGuide Coll Readg& Myreadglab CC& Dict& Grid Pk
2003978-0-321-21153-8Intermed Alg& Graphg Calc Mnl& Ia Mathxl Pkg
  ''978-0-321-21155-2NAIntermed Alg & Graphing Calc Mnl & Ssm Pkg
  ''978-0-321-21156-9   ''Intermed Alg & Graphing Calc Mnl & Dvt Pkg
  ''978-0-321-21157-6   ''Intrmed Alg & Graphing Calc Mnl& Tc& Stkr Pkg
2004978-0-321-21159-0Elem& Intrmed Alg& Grp Cal& Mthxl& Tc& Stkr Pkg
  ''978-0-321-21161-3NAElem & Intermediate Alg & Grph Calc& Ssm Pkg
2004978-0-321-21162-0NAElem & Intermediate Alg& Grph Calc & Dvt Pkg
2003978-0-321-21163-7   ''Elem & Intermed Alg& Grph Calc& Tc& Stkr Pkg
  ''978-0-321-21165-1   ''Alg & Trig & Mymathlab& Ssm& Graphg Calc Pkg
2003978-0-321-21166-8NAMath with App Plus Mymthlab & Ssm Pkg
  ''978-0-321-21167-5   ''Intro Algebra & Mymathlab Stu & Dvt Pkg
  ''978-0-321-21169-9Gary WassermanBasics of American Politics: With Non-Course Compass Lp.Com Version 2.0
2002978-0-321-21173-6Edward Lee · Pravin VaraiyaStructure and Interpretation of Signals and Systems
1999978-0-321-21174-3Timothy A. BuddUnderstanding Object-Oriented Programming With Java: Updated Edition (New Java 2 Coverage): International Edition
2002978-0-321-21175-0Michael MainData Structures and Other Objects Using Java: International Edition
2003978-0-321-21176-7Jeri R. Hanly · Elliot B. KoffmanProblem Solving and Program Design in C: International Edition
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2003978-0-321-21178-1Richard D. De Veaux · Paul F. VellemanIntro Stats plus MyMathLab Student Starter Kit
  ''978-0-321-21179-8NAMathematicl Ideas & Tut/C& Stk& Ia Mathxl Pkg
  ''978-0-321-21180-4   ''Mathematics All Around & Ia Mathxl Pkg
2003978-0-321-21181-1NAMath All Around & Tc & Stkr & Ia Mathxl Pkg
  ''978-0-321-21182-8   ''Prob Solv Appr Math Elem Sch Tch& Mathxl Pkg
  ''978-0-321-21183-5   ''Prob Sol App Math Elem Sch& Tc& Stk& Mthxl Pkg
2003978-0-321-21184-2NAMathematical Ideas Expanded & Ssm Pkg
  ''978-0-321-21185-9   ''Mathematical Ideas Expanded & Dvt Pkg
  ''978-0-321-21186-6   ''Mathematical Ideas Expanded & Ia Mathxl Pkg
  ''978-0-321-21187-3   ''Mathematical Ideas Expanded & Tc & Stkr Pkg
  ''978-0-321-21188-0   ''Math Ideas Expanded & Tc & Stkr & Mathxl Pkg
2003978-0-321-21189-7NAMath Ideas Expanded & Tc & Stkr & Ssm Pkg
2003978-0-321-21191-0NAIntl Economics: Theory & Policy & Sg Pkg
  ''978-0-321-21198-9   ''Dyn Phys Edu Elem Sch & Lesson Plans& CC Pkg
2004978-0-321-21201-6Daniel AndersonWriting about Literature in the Media Age
2003978-0-321-21204-7NACreat Equal V1 Chap 1-15
  ''978-0-321-21205-4   ''Coll Readg& Study Skill& LM Stu Planner Pkg
  ''978-0-321-21208-5Leslie Hewitt P John SuchockiConceptual Physical Science
  ''978-0-321-21209-2NAElementary STATS& CDROM& Statdsk Stu LM& Tc Pk
2003978-0-321-21210-8Complete Works of Shakespeare & Screening
  ''978-0-321-21211-5Basic Math & Mymathlab Stu& S/S/M Basic Pkg
  ''978-0-321-21212-2NAPrecalculus Plus Mymathlab& Ssm Coll Alg Pk
978-0-321-21213-9Stellar Home USA Maple Double Duvet Cov
2003978-0-321-21215-3NAWriting Arguments & Researching Online Pkg
  ''978-0-321-21216-0   ''Calculus& Its Applicatns& Mymathlab& S/S/M Pk
  ''978-0-321-21217-7Calculus & Its Applications& Student S/M Pkg
2003978-0-321-21218-4Begin Alg Plus MML Stu Strt Kit& Dig VID Pkg
  ''978-0-321-21219-1Intrmd Alg Plus MML Stu Strt Kit& Dig VID Pk
  ''978-0-321-21222-1NAAlgebra College Students & Dvt Algebra Pkg
  ''978-0-321-21224-5Algebra College Students & Stu S/M Alg Pkg
  ''978-0-321-21225-2NAAlgebra College Students & I/A Mathxl Pkg
2003978-0-321-21233-7Beginng& Intrmd Alg& Ia Mathxl& Ia Math Stu Pk
  ''978-0-321-21239-9NAEss Amer Govt: Cont& 04 W/Non CC& Multmd CD Pk
  ''978-0-321-21241-2   ''Overcoming Math Anxiety& Gen MML Stu Acc Pk
2003978-0-321-21244-3NAElementry Statistcs& CDROM& Excel Stu Mnl Pk
  ''978-0-321-21246-7   ''Web Wiz Guide XML& Web Wiz DHTML& CSS& Java Pk
  ''978-0-321-21247-4   ''Human Anat& Physio W/Atlas& Illus Notebk Pkg
2004978-0-321-21248-1   ''Intro Alg& Geometry Supp& SS WB& Gen MML Pk
2003978-0-321-21253-5   ''Bridging the Gap: Coll& Rdg Rd Cd3.0& Rdr& Pk
2003978-0-321-21260-3NAPen Handbk MLA Upd Clothbnd& New Amer DIC Pk
  ''978-0-321-21281-8   ''Univ Physics with Modern Physics V1& Ssm Pkg
  ''978-0-321-21282-5   ''Microbiology: An Intro& Und Humn Genome Pkg
2007978-0-321-21283-2   ''Readg Our His Und Our Cult& New Amer DIC Pkg
2004978-0-321-21286-3Pearson-LongmanStudying America Past and Present: Volume 1 to 1877 (v. 1)
2003978-0-321-21288-7NABridging the Gap: Coll& Lrng Together& DIC Pk
2008978-0-321-21298-6Emily Bronte · Alison BoothWuthering Heights, A Longman Cultural Edition
2003978-0-321-21304-4NAIntro Progrmmg: Using Java& Borland Jbld8 Pk
2004978-0-321-21308-2Gary RockswoldBeginning& Intermed Alg with Applc& Visualztn
  ''978-0-321-21309-9Rockswold · KriegerBeginning& Intermed Alg with Applc& Visualztn
  ''978-0-321-21310-5Gary K. RockswoldBeginning& Intermed Alg with Applc& Visualztn
2004978-0-321-21314-3Aaron HillegassCocoa(R) Programming for Mac(R) OS X (2nd Edition)
2003978-0-321-21315-0Steven RobackPro Tools 6 for Macintosh and Windows
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2005978-0-321-21320-4NONE2003 Update Sams Assort (Classroom in a Book)
2003978-0-321-21321-1Wharton Learning LabOTIS: Online Trading and Investment Simulator Student Access Kit
2005978-0-321-21322-8Adobe Creative TeamIdob Indesign Letter Kit&Indesign2.0 Cia
978-0-321-21323-5Idob Descoll Letter Kit & InDesign 2.0 Ciab W/I
2005978-0-321-21324-2NONEPM to ID Letter & InDesign 2.0 Ciab W/Lett
2007978-0-321-21325-9Thomas Connolly · Carolyn BeggDatabase Systems with Access Code
2005978-0-321-21333-4Bryan Costales · Marcia Flyntsendmail Milters: A Guide for Fighting Spam
2004978-0-321-21334-1Don JonesManaging Windows® with VBScript and WMI
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2003978-0-321-21346-4Antony BolantePremiere Pro for Windows: Visual QuickPro Guide
2004978-0-321-21347-1Steve KurthReal World Adobe Illustrator CS
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978-0-321-21359-4The Epson Printer Guide for Digital Output
2004978-0-321-21360-0NAElementary STATS Udt& MML& Blackbrd Cartridge
2003978-0-321-21364-8   ''Supplement: Fundamentals of Differential Equations and Boundary Value Problems Plus Mymathlab Student Starter Kit - Fundamentals of Differential ... Value Problems: International Edition 4/E
978-0-321-21366-2Carol Traver · Kenneth LaudonOnline Testgen
978-0-321-21367-9Carol Traver · Kenneth LaudonOnline Test Bank
2004978-0-321-21371-6Joseph Chase · John LewisTest Bank
2003978-0-321-21374-7Kenneth C. Laudon · Carol Guercio TraverEcommerce: Business Technology Society
2009978-0-321-21378-5Robert PriorPrealgebra
  ''978-0-321-21379-2Robert PriorBasic Mathematics
2015978-0-321-21380-8Robert PriorIntroductory Algebra
2017978-0-321-21381-5   ''Intermediate Algebra
2003978-0-321-21382-2Patrick Chan · Rosanna LeeThe Java¿ Class Libraries Poster, Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition, Version 1.4 (2nd Edition)
  ''978-0-321-21387-7NAGraphicl Approach Coll Alg MML& Grph Calc Pk
  ''978-0-321-21388-4   ''Prob Solvg App& Geometer& Awl Tut& Ti Coupn Pk
  ''978-0-321-21389-1   ''Microbiology & Study Guide& Case Stdy MIC Pk
  ''978-0-321-21390-7   ''Reading Accross Discipline& Brf GD& Rdg Rd Pk
2003978-0-321-21393-8James F. Kurose · Keith W. RossComputer Networking
  ''978-0-321-21395-2BorlandCodeWarrior Compiler Version 8.0
  ''978-0-321-21396-9BorlandBorland JBuilder 8 Personal Compiler
2006978-0-321-21397-6BorlandBorland C++ Builder Compiler
2003978-0-321-21398-3Kent B. Nagle · Edward B. Saff · Arthur David SniderFundamentals of Differential Equations plus MyMathLab Student Starter Kit (6th Edition)
  ''978-0-321-21399-0NABeginning Algebra & Mymathlab Studt& I/A Pkg
  ''978-0-321-21400-3   ''Elementary STATS Mymathlab& S/S/M Pkg
  ''978-0-321-21401-0   ''Intermediate Algebra & Mymathlab& S/S/M Pkg
  ''978-0-321-21402-7   ''Intro Algebra & Mymathlab Standrd& S/S/M Pkg
2003978-0-321-21404-1NAThomas Calc Alt Calc& Analyt& Ssm P1& 2& Gen Pk
  ''978-0-321-21406-5   ''Intermd Alg& Digitl VID Tut& Ia Tut& Study Pk
2003978-0-321-21408-9NALittle Brown Compct Hdbk& 50 Great Essays Pk
  ''978-0-321-21414-0Foundatns Microecon& Myeconlab& Study GD Pkg
  ''978-0-321-21426-3NAColl Alg& Mymathlab& 2000 Ti Rebate Coupn Pk
  ''978-0-321-21427-0   ''Curious Resrchr& Resrchg Online& Res Jrnl Pk
2007978-0-321-21430-0   ''Hands Across Borders & Naw Coll Dict Pkg
2003978-0-321-21434-8   ''Prob Solvg Apprch Math Elem& Dolan& Popcubes
  ''978-0-321-21439-3   ''Fundamtls of Investg Upd& Int GD Finance Pkg
2003978-0-321-21444-7NAElem Statstcs& Interactv Mathxl& Tutr CT Pkg
2003978-0-321-21445-4NACivlz West Vol2& Sources V2& Communst& Candide
  ''978-0-321-21448-5   ''Checkpoints& Longm Wri Jrnl& Wri Tlkit CD Pk
  ''978-0-321-21451-5   ''Textcerpts & Readg Road Trip CDROM 3.0 Pkg
  ''978-0-321-21453-9   ''Precalculus: Functns& Graphs& I/A Mathxl Pkg
  ''978-0-321-21455-3   ''Precalc: Functns& Graphs& I/A Mathxl& Tc Pkg
2003978-0-321-21456-0NAFundamtls of Precalc & Interactv Mathxl Pkg
2003978-0-321-21457-7NAFundmtls of Precalc& Interactv Mathxl& Tc Pk
  ''978-0-321-21458-4   ''Mathematical Ideas & Interactv Mathxl Pkg
  ''978-0-321-21460-7   ''Text& Thought& Writrs Tlkit& Stdnt Plnnr Pkg
  ''978-0-321-21469-0   ''Calculus & Its Applicatns & I/A Mathxl Pkg
  ''978-0-321-21471-3   ''Intro to Literatur& New Amer Webstr Dict Pk
2003978-0-321-21476-8NACalc & Its Appl& Tutr Ctr& 2000 Ti Rebate Pkg
2005978-0-321-21480-5NAElem& Intermed Alg: G& M& I/A Mathxl& Tut CT Pk
2004978-0-321-21482-9   ''Elem & Intermed Alg: Graphs& Modls& S/S/M Pkg
  ''978-0-321-21483-6   ''Elem & Intermed Alg: G& M & Digitl VID Tut Pk
2003978-0-321-21484-3   ''Elem & Intermed Alg: G& M & Tutor Ctr Pkg
2004978-0-321-21485-0   ''Elem & Intermed Alg: G& M & 2000 Ti Rebate Pk
2003978-0-321-21488-1NAIntermed Alg: Graphs& Modls & Stdnt S/M Pkg
  ''978-0-321-21489-8   ''Intermed Alg: Graphs& Modl& Digitl VID Tut Pk
  ''978-0-321-21490-4   ''Intermed Alg: Graphs& Modls & Tutor Ctr Pkg
  ''978-0-321-21492-8   ''Elem STATS with Mymathlab & Videos Pkg
2004978-0-321-21493-5   ''Ekem Stat Update& CD& Se Minitab& Nt12& VID Pk
2003978-0-321-21494-2NAElem Stat with MML& Se Minitb Win95& Nt12& VID
  ''978-0-321-21500-0Jane E. AaronThe Little Brown Compact Handbook
2004978-0-321-21502-4NAEssentilas Statistics & Studt GD& Rebate Pkg
2003978-0-321-21503-1   ''Call to Write Concise& Naw Dict& 10 Pract Pkg
  ''978-0-321-21504-8   ''Writg& Readg Across& Franknstein& Res Nav Pkg
  ''978-0-321-21505-5Humn Anat& Phys Pkg& Adam CD& Chem CD& Lab Cat
  ''978-0-321-21509-3NACalc with Appl & Stdnt S/M & Tutor Ctr Pkg
2005978-0-321-21512-3   ''Created Equal Vol 2 & Socl Fabric Vol 2 Pkg
2003978-0-321-21519-2   ''Intermed Alg & Mymathlab & Interactv Pkg
2003978-0-321-21520-8NAGraphcl Appr Coll Alg& MML& Digitl VID Tut Pk
2003978-0-321-21521-5NAThomas Calc Alt Ed& S/S/M PT 1& S/S/M PT 2 Pk
  ''978-0-321-21524-6   ''Gov Amer: Peo Brf& Non CC LP.Com& 10 Thngs Pk
  ''978-0-321-21525-3   ''Witch Hunt Early Mod Eur& Witchcrft& Crucible
  ''978-0-321-21526-0Intermed Alg& Digitl VID Tut& Mathxl& Tc Pkg
  ''978-0-321-21528-4NAPrealg& Studnt Sols/M& Generic Mymathlab Pkg
2003978-0-321-21529-1NAIntro& Inter Alg& S/S/M& Generic Mymathlab Pk
  ''978-0-321-21540-6   ''Acadmc Readg& New Am Dict& Txtbk Rdr REV Pkg
  ''978-0-321-21542-0Elem Alg: Concpts& Appl& Mymathlab& S/S/M Pkg
  ''978-0-321-21543-7NAPrecalc Graphs& Modls& MML& Ssm Alg& Trig Pk
  ''978-0-321-21551-2Elem STATS& Mymathlab& Ssm& Digitl VID Tut Pk
2003978-0-321-21554-3NAIntro& Intermd Alg& Study Sklls Digitl& Tc Pk
  ''978-0-321-21558-1   ''Coll Alg & Mymathlab& Stdnt Sols Mnl Pkg Coe
2003978-0-321-21559-8NAColl Alg& Mymathlab& S/S/M& Digitl VID Tut Pk
  ''978-0-321-21564-2   ''Alg for Coll Students& I/A Mathxl& Tut CT Pkg
  ''978-0-321-21565-9   ''Algebra for Coll Students& Awl Tutr Ctr Pkg
2005978-0-321-21569-7   ''Prealg& Project Portfolio Wrkbk& Tutr CT Pkg
2003978-0-321-21571-0   ''Fund Anat& Phy W/App& ATL& Ip7& Lab/M Main Upd
2003978-0-321-21573-4NAEss Foundtns Econ& Myeconlab& Econ Pub ISS Pk
  ''978-0-321-21574-1   ''Ess Foundatns Econ& Myeconlab& Study GD Pkg
  ''978-0-321-21575-8   ''Economics Today & Myeconlab & Study GD Pkg
  ''978-0-321-21577-2Econ Today Macro & Myeconlab & Study GD Pkg