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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
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978-0-321-03743-5Joehnk GitmanFundamentals of Investing Stud
1999978-0-321-03744-2GITMAN · JOEHNKPowerpoint Presentation for Fundamentals of Investing 7e
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978-0-321-03760-2American Chemical SoSafety in Chemistry Lab Video Pkg [VHS]
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1998978-0-321-03832-6Charles DunnDunn:DISK 1 WIN TESTGEN_2)_15 Cardd
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978-0-321-03864-7   ''Testgen MAC Disk 5
1999978-0-321-03881-4Prealgebra/answer Book (answer book, prealgebra)
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978-0-321-04074-9Psychology Study Wizare
1999978-0-321-04076-3WadeStudy Wizard (Mac)
2003978-0-321-04078-7BEEStudywizard MAC Label Package
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978-0-321-04128-9Beginning Algebra
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978-0-321-04265-1TortoraData Disk 2 Win Custom Test Bank Principles Anatomy Pkg
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