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  ''978-0-321-01642-3John A. Garraty · Ken L. Weatherbie1: The American Nation a History of the United States
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1998978-0-321-01688-1Joseph A. DeVitoDeVito:TESTGEN LABEL MAC_3B_2_7st_2
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978-0-321-01903-5Instructors CD-Rom
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978-0-321-01939-4Dreams and Inward Journeys
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1997978-0-321-01950-9H. Ramsey FowlerClast Test Bank
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1998978-0-321-01960-8Christopher Busiel · Tom MaeglinResearching Online: From Teaching Online: Internet Research, Conversation, and Composition
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1997978-0-321-01972-1The Writer's workshop to accompany AAron: The Little, Brown Compact Handbook
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1997978-0-321-01982-0NonePreparing for the CLAST, (Win)
  ''978-0-321-01983-7   ''Preparing for the CLAST, (Mac) (Valuepack item only)
1999978-0-321-01986-8Jane E. AaronExercises to Accompany the Little, Brown Compact Handbook
1997978-0-321-01987-5HalseySummit Lab Ten Pack Macintosh
1998978-0-321-01988-2HalseyLab Single Macintosh
1997978-0-321-01989-9HalseySummit Lab Ten Pack Windows
978-0-321-01990-5Lab Single Windows
1997978-0-321-01991-2HalseySummit CD-ROM Workbk Mac National Pkg
978-0-321-01992-9Summit CD-Rom and Workbook Windows
1997978-0-321-02006-2MillerMath Idea Tape 3 Video Series [VHS]
  ''978-0-321-02007-9Charles MillerMath Idea [VHS]
1999978-0-321-02013-0Donald R. Lehmann · etc.Marketing Research: Instructor's Manual & Testbank
978-0-321-02018-5BYRNS · StoneEconomics
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1998978-0-321-02032-1Gerard TortoraIntroduction to the Human Body 4e and Interactive Physiology 5 Pack
1997978-0-321-02033-8Gerard J. TortoraPrinciples of Anatomy & Physiology
1998978-0-321-02034-5Richard MalvinIntroduction to Human Physiology and Interactive Physiology 5 Pack
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978-0-321-02036-9TortoraAnatomy Physiol 8e Tstmst Disk DOS
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2001978-0-321-02038-3Russell · AhernComputerized Testbank Genetics
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1998978-0-321-02094-9Frank KardesConsumer Behaviour & Managerial Decision Making CD Rom with Instructor's Manual, Test Bank & OHP's: Kardes:Cons Behv & Mang IMCD_p
978-0-321-02097-0Macroeconomics 7/E
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1999978-0-321-02124-3Margaret L. Lial · E. John Hornsby · Charles D. MillerBeginning Algebra
1997978-0-321-02133-5AwlGeoexplorer IBM
2000978-0-321-02137-3GENERICGeoexplorer MAC Version - Generic
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1998978-0-321-02157-1Writing Across the Curriculum, Making It Work
978-0-321-02168-7Academic Reading
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1998978-0-321-02172-4E. John Hornsby · Margaret L. LialGraphical Approach to College Algebra and Trigonometry (2nd Edition)
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  ''978-0-321-02174-8Gerard J. TellisINTEL CASE CD COMPNT CONTG ADV SALES PROMTN
1997978-0-321-02175-5Gerry TellisAdvertsg & Promt Strat& Intel Case Cdrm Pkg
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978-0-321-02244-8FOWLERLittle Brown Handbook MLA Update
1998978-0-321-02250-9H. Ramsey FowlerSupershell Mac
1999978-0-321-02251-6   ''Supershell IV for Windows: Tutorial Software to Accompany the Little, Brown Handbook
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1997978-0-321-02254-7DevitoGroup Prob Solve Human Communi
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1997978-0-321-02265-3Social Problems
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1999978-0-321-02287-5Computerized Test Bank (Windows)
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