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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2005978-0-321-38972-5NAIntro STATS & Actvstats for Jmp 2005-06 Pkg
  ''978-0-321-38973-2NABeginning Algebra & Intractv Mathxl& Ssm Pkg
  ''978-0-321-38974-9   ''Books a la Carte Hlth& Take Chrg& Mhl Card Pk
  ''978-0-321-38975-6   ''Start Out with C++ Alt& W/C++ Bkpk& LM& Crd Pk
  ''978-0-321-38978-7   ''One World Many Cult& Short GD Coll& MCL 2 Pkg
2005978-0-321-38979-4NAEconomics Public Issues& Econ Macro ISS Pkg
2007978-0-321-38981-7Marvin L. Bittinger · David J. EllenbogenVideo Guide and Digital Video Tutor for Elementary Algebra: Concepts and Applications
2005978-0-321-38993-0NAEssntls of STATS& Excl S/M& Mthxl 24mo Cpn Pk
  ''978-0-321-38995-4Algebra & Trig: Graphs& Modl& Dig VID& MML Pkg
  ''978-0-321-38997-8NAAllyn& Bacon Guide to Wri& Study Card Eng Pkg
  ''978-0-321-38998-5   ''Created Equal Vol2& Multimed CD& Amer Thru Pk
2005978-0-321-38999-2NAEcology& Field Biology& Prs $20 Reb Card Pkg
  ''978-0-321-39001-1   ''Nutrition: Appld Apprch& Prs $20 Reb& Mnl Pkg
  ''978-0-321-39004-2   ''One World Many Cult& Resrch Wri& McL2.0web Pk
  ''978-0-321-39015-8Terence Ball · Richard DaggerPolitical Ideologies and the Democratic Ideal (6th Edition)
  ''978-0-321-39019-6NAActive Vocab Gen& Study Crd for Readg Skill
2005978-0-321-39020-2NAEcon Today Mac ALA& Myeco & Sg & Econom Sg Pk
  ''978-0-321-39025-7   ''Trig& Tech Bundl& Graph Caci Mnl& I/A Mathxl
  ''978-0-321-39026-4   ''Longman Reader& Brief Peng Hb& Naw Dict Pkg
2005978-0-321-39027-1NASTATS Reasong for Everydy& Ssm& MML S/A Kt Pk
  ''978-0-321-39029-5   ''Crossrd Creatv Writg& Elem Autobio& Life Narr
2008978-0-321-39036-3John B. FraleighA First Course in Abstract Algebra
2005978-0-321-39038-7Roger LeRoy MillerStandalone MyEconLab Student Access Kit
  ''978-0-321-39039-4NAIntro Alg& Addison W Alg REV& MML A/Kit Pkg
  ''978-0-321-39043-1   ''Good Reason W/Contemp& Naw DIC& McL2.Web A/C
  ''978-0-321-39044-8   ''Phetorical Choices Readr& McL2.Web Stu A/Crd
2005978-0-321-39045-5NAExplorg Lit& Mycl2.0web Stu A/C 12m VP Pkg
  ''978-0-321-39046-2   ''Begin Alg& Math I/A& Stdy Skill& Awl Tc Pkg
2005978-0-321-39047-9NAExplorg Lit& Takenot2.0& Merriam Rdr& LM Lit&
  ''978-0-321-39048-6   ''Scribner Handbk Writrs& Taknot2.0& McL2.Web&
  ''978-0-321-39049-3   ''Intermed Alg& Mathxl Tut CD& Ia Mthxl& Awl Tc
  ''978-0-321-39050-9   ''Basic Math& Mathxl A/I& Dig VID& Awl Tc Pkg
  ''978-0-321-39051-6   ''Struggl for Demo& Voice of Dissent& U Decide
2007978-0-321-39053-0Gary Chartrand · Albert D. Polimeni · Ping ZhangMathematical Proofs: A Transition to Advanced Mathematics (2nd Edition)
2005978-0-321-39057-8NAWritg& Readg Across& Things They Carried Pk
2005978-0-321-39059-2NAWriting in Depth & New Amer Handy Dict Pkg
2005978-0-321-39061-5NAGovt in Amer Brief& California Pol Supp Pkg
  ''978-0-321-39062-2   ''Total Fitness& Well Brf& Mda 2.0& Mhl S/A
  ''978-0-321-39063-9   ''Master Readr Updatd& Acad Vocab& Msl 2.0 CC&
  ''978-0-321-39064-6   ''Elem Statis W/Grph& Webct Acc Card Bundle Pk
  ''978-0-321-39065-3   ''Humn Anat& Phy& Lab Mnl& Anat360 CD& Phyex6.0
2005978-0-321-39066-0NACurious Writer Paprbck& MCL 2.0 48mo Acc Pkg
2005978-0-321-39067-7NAOdyssey& Skilld Readr& LM Portf& LM Txtbk& Msl
  ''978-0-321-39068-4   ''Skilled Readr Updtd& LM Rdr Portf& LM Txtbk
  ''978-0-321-39069-1   ''Little Brown Readr & Naw Dictionary Pkg
  ''978-0-321-39072-1   ''Longman Writr Brief W/MLA GD& McL2.Web A/Crd
  ''978-0-321-39073-8   ''Longmn Anth World Lit Va& VB& VC& Dth of Ivan
2005978-0-321-39074-5NAStratgy& Struct Short& Check It Out& Naw& McL2
2005978-0-321-39076-9NASent Res for Writr& Naw Dict& Msl 2.0 Website
  ''978-0-321-39077-6Activstats 2005-2006 10 Units
  ''978-0-321-39078-3NAMathml Reason Elem& Actv M& Monroe& MML Kit Pk
  ''978-0-321-39079-0Fund Anat& Physio& Humn A& P L/M& A& P Colrg WB
  ''978-0-321-39080-6NACreated Equal Vol1& Us Expansionism 1783-186
2005978-0-321-39081-3NAAlg& Trig& Dig VID& Ssm& Grpg Calc& Aw Gra& Coe
  ''978-0-321-39082-0   ''Guide Collg Readg& Oxford Ess Thesa& Naw DIC
  ''978-0-321-39085-1   ''Fluency with Info Tech Brf& Webwiz HTML& It02
  ''978-0-321-39088-2Michael A. Leeds · Peter Von Allmen · Richard C. SchimingMyEconLab 1-Semester Access Card (No CourseCompass/No eText) for Macroeconomics and Microeconomics
  ''978-0-321-39089-9NAEss Bio& Study GD& Curr ISS V2& Stdy Crd& HIV
2005978-0-321-39090-5NAShort Takes Model& LB Brf& McL2.Web Stu A/Crd
  ''978-0-321-39092-9   ''Texts& Contexts& Contemp AME Poetry Peng Pk
  ''978-0-321-39093-6   ''Amer Values Readr& LM Studt Plnnr& McL2.Web
2005978-0-321-39094-3NAGovt in Amer Brief& Calif Govt & Politic Tdy
  ''978-0-321-39095-0   ''Esstl Biol& Phys& Concpt Phys Sci& Curr ISS V2
  ''978-0-321-39096-7   ''Revol Eur 1780-1850& Napoleon& Eur& French REV
  ''978-0-321-39097-4   ''Coll Readg& Study& Rdg Rd Trip4.0& LM Stu Pln
  ''978-0-321-39098-1   ''Intermedt Algebra Through& S/S/M Intrm Alg
2005978-0-321-39099-8Margaret L. LialINTRO ALG& STUDT S/M&MML STU A/KT&SKIL&DRIL (8th Edition)
  ''978-0-321-39100-1NABasic Collg Math& Ssm& MML S/A Kit& Addtl Skil
2005978-0-321-39101-8NACollg Alg& Graphg Calc Mnl& MML Stu A/Kit VP
  ''978-0-321-39102-5   ''Allyn & Bacon Guide& Writs Portf& LM Writjrnl&
  ''978-0-321-39104-9   ''Humn Biology Concpts& Curr Issue Vol2 Pkg
  ''978-0-321-39105-6   ''Little Brown Compact Hb& Naw Dicionary Pkg
  ''978-0-321-39106-3   ''Sequence for Acad Wrig& LM Pkt Wrtr& McL2.Web
2005978-0-321-39109-4NACollg Alg& Mathxl CD& Graphg Calc Mnl Pkg
2005978-0-321-39110-0NANutritn& Mypyramd W/Diet& Webct A/Crd& Mda CD
  ''978-0-321-39111-7   ''Prealg& Myml Stu/Acc Kt& Mathlb CD& Stdy Skl&
  ''978-0-321-39113-1   ''Essn Bio W/Phy Flex& $20 Rbt Card Prs Educue
  ''978-0-321-39115-5   ''Sentence Res for Writrs& LM Writers Jrnl Pkg
  ''978-0-321-39116-2   ''Readg Across Discp& LM Txtbk& Naw DIC& Rdr Jnl
2005978-0-321-39117-9NACity Life Longmn Topcs Rdr& Listeng to Earth
2005978-0-321-39118-6NATotal Fitness& Wellnss& Mypyramid W/Diet Nut
  ''978-0-321-39119-3   ''Total Fitness& Mypyramid W/Diet Nutritn Pkg
  ''978-0-321-39121-6   ''Esstl Biol Flex Txt& Curr ISS V2& CC Std A/Kt
  ''978-0-321-39122-3Biol& Investigatng Biology& Study Guide Pkg
  ''978-0-321-39123-0NAResearch & Writng Across Curr& LB& DIC& MCL Pk
2005978-0-321-39124-7NAWritg& Readg Across Curr& New Century Hb Brf
  ''978-0-321-39125-4   ''Prealg& Myml Studt A/Kit& Ssm& Dvt Prealg Pk
  ''978-0-321-39126-1   ''Master Readr Updatd& Merriam Webster Collegt
2005978-0-321-39127-8NAMynutrlab Studt Acc/C& Mpyrmd W/Diet& Evl Vr1
  ''978-0-321-39130-8   ''Efftv Readr Updt& Actv Vocab& Naw DIC& Wiz CD&
2006978-0-321-39131-5James N. DanzigerUnderstanding the Political World: A Comparative Introduction to Political Science (8th Edition)
2005978-0-321-39133-9NAStartg Out with C++& Codemate Studt A/Kit Pk
  ''978-0-321-39135-3   ''Basic Coll Math& Dvt& Stdy Skill WB& MML A/Kt
  ''978-0-321-39137-7   ''Writg Resrch Papers& MCL 2.CC Stu Strtr Kit
  ''978-0-321-39138-4   ''Esstl of Anat& Phys& I/A Syst Ste 8pk& Atlas
2005978-0-321-39139-1NAFundmntls of Precalc& Grapg Mnl& MML S/Kit VP
2005978-0-321-39140-7NABridgn the Gap Coll Rdg& Rrt4.0cc& Newswk Crd
  ''978-0-321-39141-4   ''Startg Out With/C++ 05& C++ Lab Mnl& Codemate
  ''978-0-321-39142-1   ''Fundamentals Anat& Phys& Lab Mnl A& P Main Ver
2006978-0-321-39143-8   ''Intro& Interm Alg& Dvt Intro& MML Stu A/Kit
2007978-0-321-39147-6Marvin L. Bittinger · David J. EllenbogenVideo Guide and Videos for Elementary Algebra: Concepts and Applications
2006978-0-321-39148-3Marvin L. Bittinger · David J. Ellenbogen · Barbara L. JohnsonVideo Guide and Digital Video Tutor
2005978-0-321-39149-0NANutritn& Mypyramed W/Diet& BB Acc Crd Bundl
  ''978-0-321-39150-6   ''Nutritn& Mypyramed W/Diet& Resrch Navg Pkg
2006978-0-321-39154-4Joseph Weatherby · Emmit B. Evans · Dianne B. Long · Ira Reed · Olga D. Carter · Craig Arceneaux · Reginald GoodenOther World: Issues and Politics of the Developing World, The (7th Edition)
2005978-0-321-39155-1NAIntro STATS& Mathxl 24 Mo& Awl Tc& Graphg Mnl
2005978-0-321-39156-8NAEssn Amer Govt& You Decide& 10things& Mpsl CC&
2014978-0-321-39157-5Daron Acemoglu · David Laibson · John ListMicroeconomics (The Pearson Series in Economics)
  ''978-0-321-39158-2Daron Acemoglu · David Laibson · John ListEconomics
2005978-0-321-39159-9NAGuide to Collg Readg& Oxford Thes& Naw DIC Pk
  ''978-0-321-39160-5Marvin L. Bittinger · Judith A. BeecherDevelopmental Mathematics DeVry 2005
  ''978-0-321-39161-2NAWriting Resrch Papers& Listeng to Earth Pkg
  ''978-0-321-39162-9   ''Math Ideas Expand& Ssm& I/A Mathxl Pkg
2005978-0-321-39163-6NAReaders Voice& New American Webster Dict Pk
  ''978-0-321-39164-3Humn Anat& Phy& Lab Manl& Adam Ia Anat Stdnt
  ''978-0-321-39165-0NAElem Alg Early Sys& I/A Mathxl& Ssm Pkg
  ''978-0-321-39166-7Humn Anat& Phy& Hum A& P Lab Mnl& Adam Ia Stu
2006978-0-321-39168-1Laura J. Gurak · John M. LannonA Concise Guide to Technical Communication(3rd Edition)
  ''978-0-321-39169-8Diana George · John TrimburReading Culture: Contexts for Critical Reading and Writing (6th Edition)
2005978-0-321-39175-9NAEffectv Readr Update& LM Txtbk W/ANS& Msl2.0
2005978-0-321-39176-6NATrigonometry& Studt Sol Manl& MML Stu A/Kit
  ''978-0-321-39179-7   ''Sent Res for Writr& Study Card& Msl2.0cc S/Kt
  ''978-0-321-39180-3   ''Allyn& Bacn GUI Wri& Ess Hb& Jrnl& Dict& McL2.0
  ''978-0-321-39182-7   ''Curious Writr Paprbck& MCL 2. CC S/Strt Kit
2005978-0-321-39189-6NAWritg Logically Thinkg& New Cent Pckt GD Pkg
  ''978-0-321-39190-2Writg with Confidence& Longman Writers Jrnl
2006978-0-321-39192-6Peter N. Stearns · Michael Adas · Stuart B. Schwartz · Marc Jason GilbertWorld Civilizations: The Global Experience, Combined Volume (5th Edition) (MyHistoryLab Series)
2005978-0-321-39193-3NABrief AME Past& Pres V1& Multimd CD&
  ''978-0-321-39194-0   ''Empirical Politcl Analy& Writg Politcl Sci
  ''978-0-321-39195-7   ''Tech Commnctn& Resrce & VP Resrchg Online Pk
  ''978-0-321-39196-4   ''Mastr Readr Updatd& Thinkg Thru Tst& Msl2.0cc
2005978-0-321-39197-1NABridgn the Gap Collg& LM Studt Plnr Stu& Crit
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  ''978-0-321-39200-8NAMicrobio: Intro& Microbio: Photo Atlas& Prs Pk
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2012978-0-321-39202-2Jeff PattonAgile User Experience Design (Agile Software Development Series)
2005978-0-321-39204-6NACreated Equal Vol1& Us Expansnm& LM AME Atlas
  ''978-0-321-39205-3   ''Critcl Readg Critcl& Pearl& LM Rdr Portf& Msl2
2005978-0-321-39212-1NAEss Biol& Curr ISS V1& Stem Cell& $20 Rbt Crd
  ''978-0-321-39214-5Intro STATS& Studt/SM Intro STATS Pkg
  ''978-0-321-39215-2NACreatd Equal Vol1& Multimed EDT CD& AME Thru
2005978-0-321-39216-9NAHands Across Bordr& How Garcia Girl Lost Pen
  ''978-0-321-39217-6   ''Lifelong Reader& Coursecompass Cde Crd Rdr
  ''978-0-321-39218-3   ''Getting Ahead & Oxford Am& LM Textbk ANS Pkg
  ''978-0-321-39219-0   ''Prealge & Mathxl& Dig& Tut Center& Sticker Pkg
  ''978-0-321-39220-6Elem STATS & Ti-83& Ssm& Stat Study& Tech Pkg
2005978-0-321-39223-7NABasic College Math & MML& Stckr& Dvt& ANS Pkg
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978-0-321-39228-2HTML for the World Wide Web, Tenth Anniversary Edition: Visual QuickStart Guide
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2010978-0-321-39232-9D. J. HenryWriting for Life: Sentences and Paragraphs (Henry Writing Series) (Bk. 1)
2005978-0-321-39233-6NONE:Learn iPod for 5 Bucks Clip Strip8
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2005978-0-321-39238-1NAIntermed Algebra Conc& Appl& MML& Coe Pkg
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  ''978-0-321-39240-4   ''Prealgebra & MML S/Acc Kit
2005978-0-321-39241-1NANutrition an Applied Approach & Mnl Pkg
  ''978-0-321-39242-8   ''Thomas Calculus Early Trans& Mathxl Cpn Pkg
  ''978-0-321-39243-5   ''Thomas Calc Early PT 1 & I/A Mathxl Pkg
2005978-0-321-39244-2NAIntermed Alg& Interactv Mathxl& S/S/M& Dvt Pkg
  ''978-0-321-39245-9   ''Fundamntls of Precalc& Just in Time Alg& Pkg
  ''978-0-321-39246-6   ''Startg Out with C++ Stand05& Codemate A/C Pk
  ''978-0-321-39248-0   ''Readings for the 21st Century& World Soc Pkg
  ''978-0-321-39249-7   ''Startg Out with Java 5& Codemate A/C& Ssm Pkg
2008978-0-321-39252-7Jonathan Berk · Peter DeMarzo · Jarrad HarfordStudy Guide to Accomapny Fundamentals of Corporate Finance
2005978-0-321-39253-4NAPrecalculus& Stud Sol Mnl& MML& Ti Reb Cpn Pkg
2005978-0-321-39254-1NABiol Concpt& Conn Flex& Curr ISS& Stdy Crd Pkg
2005978-0-321-39256-5NAAmer Hist in a Box Vol1& Amer Destiny V1 Pkg
  ''978-0-321-39260-2   ''Anat& Physio& Brief Atlas& CC& Anat 360 CD Pkg
2007978-0-321-39263-3Marvin L. Bittinger · David J. EllenbogenVideo Guide and Digital Video Tutor: Intermediate Algebra Concepts & Applications
2005978-0-321-39266-4NAWest Encountrs& Trans V1& Map WB& Stdy Card Pk
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2006978-0-321-39279-4Simon GrayData Structures in Java: From Abstract Data Types to the Java Collections Framework
2005978-0-321-39282-4NARes for Writers with Rdgs& Thnk Thru& Msl Pkg
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2005978-0-321-39295-4NAIntro STATS & Mymathlab & SPSS Win 12.0 Pkg
2005978-0-321-39296-1NAIntro STATS & Mymathlab & Activstats Pkg
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978-0-321-39306-7Classic Problem Solving and Programming
2005978-0-321-39309-8BorlandBorland JBuilder 2005
2007978-0-321-39313-5Pearson Math 9
2005978-0-321-39316-6NAEffc Readr Updt& Actv Voc& CC& CD& Thnk Thru Pk
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2006978-0-321-39321-0Gary B. Nash1: Study Guide Volume I
2005978-0-321-39326-5NAFluency with Info Tech& Aw JavaScript Ref Pk
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2005978-0-321-39328-9NAColl Alg& Trig& Awl Reb Cpn& MML S/Acc Kit Pkg
2006978-0-321-39329-6Interactive vocabulary 3/e + test bank