Harriet Martineau

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A History of the Thirty Years' Peace, A.D. 1816-1846, Volume 1Paperback 978-1-144-77618-12010Charles Knight
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Guide to Windermere: With Tours To The Neighboring Lakes And Other Interesting Places   " 978-1-108-01835-72010
Harriet Martineau's Autobiography V2Hardcover 978-1-163-43054-52010
Harriet Martineau's Autobiography: Volume 1Printed Access Code 978-0-511-69487-52011Maria Weston Chapman
Harriet Martineau's Autobiography: Volume 1Paperback 978-1-4212-6669-52000
Harriet Martineau's Autobiography: Volume 2Printed Access Code 978-0-511-69665-72011Maria Weston Chapman
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Harriet Martineau's Autobiography: Volume 2   " 978-1-4212-7329-72000
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Harriet Martineau's Letters to Fanny WedgwoodPaperback 978-0-8047-1146-31983
Harriet Martineau's Writing on British History and Military ReformHardcover 978-1-85196-797-12005
Health, Husbandry, and HandicraftPaperback 978-1-146-35939-92010
How to Observe Morals and Manners   " 978-1-4565-1514-02010
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Illustrations of Political Economy, Taxation, Poor Laws and PaupersHardcover 978-1-85506-903-92001
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Letters on Mesmerism   " 978-1-108-02740-32011
Letters On the Laws of Man's Nature and Development: By Henry George Atkinson ... and Harriet Martineau ...   " 978-1-142-75474-72010Henry George Atkinson
Life in the Sick-Room   " 978-1-55111-265-72003
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Retrospect of Western Travel   " 978-0-7656-0214-52000Daniel Feller
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The Crofton BoysTaschenbuch
The Feminist Papers: From Adams to de BeauvoirPaperback 978-1-55553-028-01988Abagail Adams · Judith Sargent Murray · Mary Wollstonecraft · John Stuart Mill · Frances Wright · Margaret Fuller · Sarah Grimke
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