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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2010978-1-143-00003-4Jabez MarratNorthern Lights: Pen and Pencil Sketches of Modern Scottish Worthies
  ''978-1-143-00017-1Samuel WarrenThe Destroyer: A Tale of Guilt and Sorrow
  ''978-1-143-00020-1Bithia Mary CrokerThe Spanish Necklace
  ''978-1-143-00034-8Philetus Harvey PhilbrickBeams and Girders: Practical Formulas for Their Resistance
  ''978-1-143-00048-5Jane HoodTib's Tit-Bits: Recipes
2010978-1-143-00051-5R A. L.Letters of a Canadian Stretcher Bearer
  ''978-1-143-00065-2William Clifton PhalenEconomic Geology of the Kenova Quadrangle, Kentucky, Ohio, and West Virginia
  ''978-1-143-00079-9France. Commission Des Archives DéparteCatalogue Général Des Cartulaires Des Archives Départementales (French Edition)
  ''978-1-143-00082-9Basil Wilson DukeReminiscences of General Basil W. Duke ...
  ''978-1-143-00096-6Benjamin Humphrey SmartPractical Logic: Or, Hints to Young Theme-Writers, for the Purpose of Leading Them to Think and Reason with Accuracy ...
2010978-1-143-00101-7James McCoshThe Method of the Divine Government, Physical and Moral
  ''978-1-143-00115-4William Arms FisherSixty Irish Songs: For Low Voice
  ''978-1-143-00129-1Edward William HopeThe Language of Parody: A Study in the Diction of Aristophanes
  ''978-1-143-00132-1Clara Louise KelloggMemoirs of an American Prima Donna
  ''978-1-143-00146-8Frank Johnson GoodnowMunicipal Government
2010978-1-143-00163-5Elizabeth ShelleyOriginal Poetry
  ''978-1-143-00177-2John Stuart MillThe Subjection of Women
  ''978-1-143-00180-2George Henry Rohé · Albert RobinText-Book of Hygiene: A Comprehensive Treatise On the Principles and Practice of Preventive Medicine from an American Standpoint
  ''978-1-143-00194-9Walter Page WrightThe New Gardening: A Guide to the Most Recent Developments in the Culture of Flowers, Fruits, and Vegetables
  ''978-1-143-00213-7Bouck White · Decorative DesignersThe Mixing: What the Hillport Neighbors Did
2010978-1-143-00227-4Gabriel Maura Gamazo MauraLa Cuestión De Marruecos Desde El Punto De Vista Espaõl (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-1-143-00230-4Claude Reignier ConderThe First Bible
  ''978-1-143-00244-1Abel HovelacqueLes Nègres De L'afrique Sus-Équatoriale: (Sénégambie, Guinée, Soudan, Haut-Nil) (French Edition)
  ''978-1-143-00258-8George Woolworth ColtonColton's New Introductory Geography
  ''978-1-143-00261-8C A. ChardenalComplete French Course
2010978-1-143-00275-5Augustus William SmithAn Elementary Treatise On Mechanics: Embracing the Theory of Statics and Dynamics, and Its Applications to Solids and Fluids
  ''978-1-143-00283-0Frederick James BrittenThe Watch & Clock Makers' Handbook, Dictionary and Guide
  ''978-1-143-00289-2Nicholas Marcellus HentzA Manual of French Phrases, and French Conversations: Adapted to Wanostrocht's Grammar ...
  ''978-1-143-00292-2Edward William BrayMemoirs and Services of the Eighty-Third Regiment, County of Dublin from 1793 to 1907: Including the Campaigns of the Regiment in the West Indies, Africa, the Peninsula, Etc
  ''978-1-143-00308-0John James MunroFrederick James Furnivall: A Volume of Personal Record
2010978-1-143-00311-0Richard BinghamSermons: Doctrinal, Practical, and Experimental
  ''978-1-143-00325-7William Pitt LennoxThe Adventures of a Man of Family
  ''978-1-143-00339-4James Brown Scott...The Treaties of 1785, 1799, and 1828 Between the United States and Prussia, As Interpreted in Opinions of Attorneys General, Decisions of Courts, and Diplomatic Correspondence
  ''978-1-143-00342-4Caroline Wells Healey DallSunshine: A New Name for a Popular Lecture On Health
  ''978-1-143-00356-1Charles Francis SaundersUnder the Sky in California
2010978-1-143-00360-8Oscar Henry CooperHistory of Our Country: A Text-Book for Schools
  ''978-1-143-00373-8Charles DarwinOn the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection; Or, the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life
  ''978-1-143-00387-5AnonymousRecollections of a Lifetime
  ''978-1-143-00390-5AnonymousBrave Belgians
  ''978-1-143-00406-3Friedrich Wilhelm C. GerstaeckerTales of the Desert and the Bush, from the German
2010978-1-143-00423-0Basil MontaguSelections from the Works of Taylor, Latimer, Hall, Milton, Barrow, South, Brown, Fuller and Bacon
  ''978-1-143-00437-7Samuel JohnsonThe Works of Samuel Johnson, Volume 8
  ''978-1-143-00440-7William Forbes SkeneEast Neuk Chronicles
  ''978-1-143-00454-4Waldemar WestergaardThe Danish West Indies Under Company Rule (1671-1754): With a Supplementary Chapter, 1755-1917
  ''978-1-143-00468-1Karl BallodDer Staat Santa Catharina in Südbrasilien ... (German Edition)
2010978-1-143-00469-8Thomas Swinburne CarrA Manual of Roman Antiquities
  ''978-1-143-00471-1William GairdnerOn Gout: Its History, Its Causes, and Its Cure
  ''978-1-143-00485-8Charles Edward RussellThe Uprising of the Many
  ''978-1-143-00499-5George Victor Andronicus McCloskeyThe Flight of Guinevere: And Other Poems
  ''978-1-143-00504-6Henry Corbin FullerThe Story of Drugs: A Popular Exposition of Their Origin, Preparation and Commercial Importance
2010978-1-143-00518-3John Addington SymondsThe Renaissance in Italy, Volume 3
  ''978-1-143-00521-3William Martin LeakeOn Some Disputed Questions of Ancient Geography
  ''978-1-143-00535-0Joseph LoweAn Inquiry Into the State of the British West Indies
  ''978-1-143-00549-7Shailer Mathews · Ernest Witt De BurtonPrinciples and Ideals for the Sunday School: An Essay in Religious Pedagogy,
  ''978-1-143-00552-7Andrew Jackson DowningCottage Residences: Or, a Series of Designs for Rural Cottages and Cottage Villas, and Their Gardens and Grounds, Adapted to North America
2010978-1-143-00566-4Reginald George BurtonA History of the Hyderabad Contingent
  ''978-1-143-00583-1John Milner FothergillFood for the Invalid: The Convalescent, the Dyspeptic, and the Gouty
  ''978-1-143-00595-4Walter Jackson · Henry William BlakeElectric Railway Transportation
  ''978-1-143-00597-8Issachar CozzensA Geological History of Manhattan Or New York Island: Together with a Map of the Island, and a Suite of Sections, Tables and Columns, for the Study of ... Particularly Adapted for the American Student
  ''978-1-143-00602-9Richard Anthony ProctorOur Place Among Infinities: A Series of Essays Contrasting Our Little Abode in Space and Time with the Infinities Around Us. to Which Are Added Essays On Astrology and the Jewish Sabbath
2010978-1-143-00616-6Herman PiattNeuter Il in Old French
  ''978-1-143-00620-3Emilia Marryat NorrisAdrift On the Sea, Or the Children's Escape
  ''978-1-143-00633-3Henry Justin RoddyElementary Geography
  ''978-1-143-00647-0Leopold JanauschekBibliographia Bernardina (Latin Edition)
  ''978-1-143-00650-0Josiah RoyceThe Spirit of Modern Philosophy: An Essay in the Form of Lectures
2010978-1-143-00664-7Lucius LyonA Treatise On Lightning Conductors
  ''978-1-143-00678-4Marie Louise HerdmanThe Story of the United States
  ''978-1-143-00681-4Westel Woodbury WilloughbyForeign Rights and Interests in China
  ''978-1-143-00695-1Franz Heinrich ReuschDer Process Galilei's Und Die Jesuiten (German Edition)
  ''978-1-143-00700-2Henri Bocquillon-LimousinFormulaire De L'antisepsie De La Desinfection Et De La Sterilisation (French Edition)
2010978-1-143-00704-0Lewis Albert SayreThe Alleged Malpractice Suit of Walsh Vs. Sayre
  ''978-1-143-00710-1Louis-François-Joseph DancoisneLes Médailles Religieuses Du Pas-De-Calais (French Edition)
  ''978-1-143-00714-9James FinnSephardim: Or, the History of the Jews in Spain and Portugal
  ''978-1-143-00728-6Adolphe SmithThe Biography of Charles Bradlaugh
  ''978-1-143-00731-6Charles LawsonSermons Delivered in the Chapel of the Foundling Hospital, London
2010978-1-143-00745-3Robert HartmannAnthropoid Apes
  ''978-1-143-00759-0James Stephen JeansWestern Worthies: A Gallery of Biographical and Critical Sketches ...
  ''978-1-143-00762-0Dante Gabriel RossettiThe Poetical Works of Dante Gabriel Rossetti
  ''978-1-143-00776-7Carl SeilerHandbook of the Diagnosis and Treatment of the Diseases of the Throat, Nose, and Naso-Pharynx
  ''978-1-143-00793-4John J. RowanThe Emigrant and Sportsman in Canada: Some Experiences of an Old Country Settler. with Sketches of Canadian Life, Sporting Adventures, and Observations On the Forests and Fauna
2010978-1-143-00809-2George Edwin MarksA Treatise On Artificial Limbs with Rubber Hands and Feet...
  ''978-1-143-00812-2Woodbridge RileyAmerican Thought: From Puritanism to Pragmatism
  ''978-1-143-00826-9George Henry HurstLubricating Oils, Fats and Greases: Their Origin, Preparation, Properties, Uses and Analysis
  ''978-1-143-00843-6Ernest Chester ThomasLeading Cases in Constitutional Law Briefly Stated, with Introduction and Notes
  ''978-1-143-00857-3Selden SocietyBeverley Town Documents
2010978-1-143-00860-3George Murray ReithHandbook to Singapore, with Map, and a Plan of the Botanical Gardens
  ''978-1-143-00874-0Hugh Charles CliffordMalayan Monochromes
  ''978-1-143-00888-7Jean Baptiste H.R. CapefigueLe Congrès De Vienne Dans Ses Rapports Avec La Circonscription Actuelle De L'europe (French Edition)
  ''978-1-143-00891-7Richard Alexander Streatfeild · Thomas Jefferson HoggShelley at Oxford
  ''978-1-143-00907-5Emily JollyColonel Dacre
2010978-1-143-00910-5Richard Green MoultonShakespeare As a Dramatic Artist: A Popular Illustration of the Principles of Scientific Criticism
  ''978-1-143-00924-2Charles Stuart Calverley · Charles Stuart Virgil · Robert Yelverton TyrrellThe Idylls of Theocritus and the Eclogues of Virgil
  ''978-1-143-00938-9Harmon KingsburyLaw and Government: The Origin, Nature, Extent, and Necessity of Divine and Human Government, and of Religious Liberty
  ''978-1-143-00941-9Thomas MoreThe Utopia of Sir Thomas More: In Latin from the Edition of March 1518, and in English from the First Edition of Ralph Robynson's Translation in 1551, ... Translations, Introduction and Notes
  ''978-1-143-00955-6Giovanni Battista GarzettiDella Condizione D'italia Sotto Il Governo Degli Imperatori Romani (Italian Edition)
2010978-1-143-00969-3John Simpson ReidA Course in Mechanical Drawing
  ''978-1-143-00972-3John Edward GrayCatalogue of Carnivorous, Pachydermatous, and Edentate Mammalia in the British Museum
  ''978-1-143-00986-0Roy Leon FrenchHome Care of Consumptives
  ''978-1-143-01006-4XenophonThe Anabasis of Xenophon (Ancient Greek Edition)
  ''978-1-143-01023-1Mark Robinson WrightSound, Light, and Heat
2010978-1-143-01037-8George Wharton JamesArizona, the Wonderland: The History of Its Ancient Cliff and Cave Dwellings, Ruined Pueblos, Conquest by the Spaniards, Jesuit and Franciscan ... Marvels, Topography, Deserts, Mountains, Riv
  ''978-1-143-01040-8John Oliver HobbesImperial India: Letters from the East
  ''978-1-143-01045-3Alfred WatkinsPhotography: The Watkins Manual of Exposure and Development
  ''978-1-143-01054-5Louis ChambaudExercises to the Rules and Construction of French Speech: Consisting of Passages Extracted Out of the Best French Authors, with a Reference to the Grammar-Rules, to Be Turned Back Into French
  ''978-1-143-01068-2Goldsworthy Lowes DickinsonLetters from John Chinaman
2010978-1-143-01071-2Herbert Joseph DavenportOutlines of Elementary Economics
  ''978-1-143-01085-9Elizabeth Waties Allston PringleChronicles of Chicora Wood
  ''978-1-143-01099-6Robert Chambers · John Erskine MarHistory of the Rebellions in Scotland: Under the Viscount of Dundee, and the Earl of Mar, in 1689 and 1715
  ''978-1-143-01104-7Lewis CampbellA Guide to Greek Tragedy for English Readers
  ''978-1-143-01118-4William Smith CulbertsonCommercial Policy in War Time and After: A Study of the Application of Democratic Ideas to International Commercial Relations
2010978-1-143-01121-4Johann Friedrich BlumenbachManuel D'histoire Naturelle: Traduit De L'allemand ... (French Edition)
  ''978-1-143-01135-1Jacques Albin S. Collin De Plancy · MaryLegends of the Blessed Virgin. Transl
  ''978-1-143-01149-8Richard Thomas WilliamsonDiabetes Mellitus and Its Treatment
  ''978-1-143-01152-8John TrumbullM'fingal: A Modern Epic Poem, in Four Cantos
  ''978-1-143-01166-5Carl Emil SeashorePsychology in Daily Life
2010978-1-143-01183-2Benjamin Bartis ComegysA Tour Round My Library: And Some Other Papers
  ''978-1-143-01197-9Henry KnollysEnglish Life in China
  ''978-1-143-01202-0Alexander FindlayChemistry in the Service of Man
  ''978-1-143-01216-7George Bird GrinnellAmerican Big Game in Its Haunts: The Book of the Boone and Crockett Club
  ''978-1-143-01233-4Norman WalkerAn Introduction to Dermatology
2010978-1-143-01247-1United States. President (1913-1921 : WiSelected Addresses and Public Papers of Woodrow Wilson
  ''978-1-143-01250-1Langdon FrothinghamLaboratory Guide for the Bacteriologist
  ''978-1-143-01259-4Emma RobinsonOwen Tudor: An Historical Romance
  ''978-1-143-01264-8Hiram BarrusHistory of the Town of Goshen, Hampshire County, Massachusetts: From Its First Settlement in 1761 to 1881, with Family Sketches ...
  ''978-1-143-01278-5James Lane Notter · R H. FirthHygiene
2010978-1-143-01281-5Hubert Guy ChildsAn Investigation of Certain Phases of the Reorganization Movement in the Grammar Grades of Indiana Public Schools
  ''978-1-143-01295-2Ethnikon Archaiologikon MouseionLes Musées D'athènes (French Edition)
  ''978-1-143-01300-3AnonymousMethod of Christian Salvation; Or What Is the Appropriate Work, and What Should Be the Especial Aim, of the Christian Minister?: Being Three ... and the Christian Register of
  ''978-1-143-01314-0Matthew RicheyA Memoir of the Late Rev. William Black, Wesleyan Minister, Halifax. N.S.: Including an Account of the Rise and Progress of Methodism in Nova Scotia.
  ''978-1-143-01319-5Oklahoma · Oklahoma Constitutional ConventionConstitution of the State of Oklahoma: January 23, 1908.--Presented by Mr. Owen and Ordered to Be Printed
2010978-1-143-01328-7William DorsheimerLife and Public Services of Hon. Grover Cleveland: The Model Citizen, Eminent Jurist, and Efficient Reform Governor of the Empire State, Also the ... Party for the Presidency of the United States
  ''978-1-143-01331-7PradtMémoires Historiques Sur La Révolution D'espagne (French Edition)
  ''978-1-143-01345-4Perceval Maitland Laurence · Alfred Masson-ForestierOn Circuit in Kafirland: And Other Sketches and Studies
  ''978-1-143-01359-1Ellen Russell EmersonMasks, Heads, and Faces: With Some Considerations Respecting the Rise and Development of Art
  ''978-1-143-01362-1Thomas HoodWhims and Oddities, in Prose and Verse: Second Series, with Forty Original Designs
2010978-1-143-01376-8Myron Timothy HerrickRural Credits, Land and Coöperative
  ''978-1-143-01393-5AnonymousOutlines of Grecian History; for Families and Schools: ... Pub. Under the Direction of the Committee of General Literature and Education, Appointed by the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge
  ''978-1-143-01409-3John Hill BurtonPolitical and Social Economy: Its Practical Applications
  ''978-1-143-01412-3Henry Byerley ThomsonThe Laws of War: Affecting Commerce and Shipping
  ''978-1-143-01443-7MorganWoman and Her Master, Volume 2
2010978-1-143-01457-4George Sand · Augusta C. KimballLa Famille de Germandre (French Edition)
  ''978-1-143-01460-4John Pendleton FarrowThe Romantic Story of David Robertson: Among the Islands, Off and On the Coast of Maine
  ''978-1-143-01474-1James Robert ChristieA Collection of Elementary Test Questions in Pure and Mixed Mathematics with Answers
  ''978-1-143-01488-8Baptist Wriothesley NoelNotes of a Tour in the Valleys of Piedmont, in the Summer of 1854
  ''978-1-143-01491-8Robert DawsonThe Present State of Australia: A Description of the Country, Its Advantages and Prospects, with Reference to Emigration: And a Particular Account of ... and Condition of Its Aboriginal Inhabitants
2010978-1-143-01507-6Pierre-Louis RoedererMémoire Pour Servir À L'histoire De La Société Polie En France (French Edition)
  ''978-1-143-01510-6Francis HardyMemoirs of the Political and Private Life of James Caulfield, Earl of Charlemont ...
  ''978-1-143-01524-3Samuel KneelandAn American in Iceland: An Account of Its Scenery, People and History. with a Description of Its Millennial Celebration in August, 1874; with Notes On ... Faroe Islands, and the Great Eruption of 1875
  ''978-1-143-01538-0Louis Dembitz BrandeisBusiness--A Profession
  ''978-1-143-01541-0Russell Streeter · Sebastian StreeterThe New Hymn Book: Designed for Universalist Societies
2010978-1-143-01555-7Arthur Ignatius Keller · William LindseyThe Severed Mantle
  ''978-1-143-01569-4AnonymousBlack's Picturesque Guide to the English Lakes, Including the Geology of the District
  ''978-1-143-01572-4Émile ZolaHis Excellency: Son Exc. Eugène Rougon
  ''978-1-143-01586-1Ernst GerlandDas Archiv Des Herzogs Von Kandia Im K. Staatsarchiv Zu Venedig (German Edition)
  ''978-1-143-01605-9International Bureau Of The American RepBolivia [A Handbook]
2010978-1-143-01619-6Ludwik TęgoborskiCommentaries On the Productive Forces of Russia, Volume 2
  ''978-1-143-01622-6Nicholas Culpeper · Nicholas ParkinsThe English Physician; Enlarged with Three Hundred and Sixty-Nine Medicines Made of English Herbs: Not in Any Former Impression of Culpeper's British Physician and a Present for the Ladies
  ''978-1-143-01636-3Humphry WardThe Marriage of William Ashe
  ''978-1-143-01653-0Henry Cuyler BunnerThe Runaway Browns: A Story of Small Stories
  ''978-1-143-01667-7GuizotCorneille and His Times
2010978-1-143-01670-7Walter Armstrong GrahamKelantan; a State of the Malay Peninsula: A Handbook of Information
  ''978-1-143-01684-4George Chester RobinsonHymns and Tunes for Prayer and Social Meetings
  ''978-1-143-01698-1Richard Dennis HoblynA Manual of the Steam Engine
  ''978-1-143-01703-2Jacob BigelowAmerican Medical Botany: Being a Collection of the Native Medicinal Plants of the United States
  ''978-1-143-01717-9Jacob Harris PattonNatural Resources of the United States ...
2010978-1-143-01720-9AnonymousThe Poems of William Dunbar: Now First Collected. with Notes, and a Memoir of His Life
  ''978-1-143-01734-6Nathan Albert HarveyElementary Psychology: A Text-Book for Normal Schools and for Teachers' Professional Reading Courses
  ''978-1-143-01748-3Georgia Louise Chamberlin · Wilbur J. ChamberlinOrdered to China: Letters Written from China While Under Commission from the New York Sun During the Boxer Uprising of 1900 and the International Complications Which Followed
  ''978-1-143-01751-3Otto OhlsbergHandbuch Fur Funkentelegraphisten: Lehr- Und Ubungsbuch Auch Fur Den Selbstunterricht (German Edition)
  ''978-1-143-01765-0Cyril RansomeA Short History of England: From the Earliest Times to the Present Day
2010978-1-143-01779-7Ernest BretonAthenes: Décrite Et Dessinée (French Edition)
  ''978-1-143-01782-7Archivo General De La Provincia De BuenoIndice Del Archivo Del Gobierno De Buenos Aires: Correspondiente Al Año De 1810 (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-1-143-01795-7Arnold Hermann Ludwig Heeren · Charles De VillersEssai Sur L'influence Des Croisades: Ouvrage Qui a Partagé Le Prix Sur Cette Question, Proposée, Le 11 Avril 1806 Par La Classe D'histoire Et De ... Des Croisades Sur La Liberté (French Edition)
  ''978-1-143-01796-4William Bacon BaileyModern Social Conditions
  ''978-1-143-01801-5San Francisco Palmer & ReySpecimen Book and Price List of Printing Material
2010978-1-143-01815-2Walter Frederick MiévilleUnder Queen and Khedive: The Autobiography of an Anglo-Egyptian Official
  ''978-1-143-01826-8Joel William BunkleyMilitary and Naval Recognition Book: A Handbook On the Organization, Insignia of Rank, and Customs of the Service of the World's Important Armies and Navies
  ''978-1-143-01829-9Angus HamiltonKorea, Das Land Des Morgenrots: Autorisierte Übersetzung Aus Dem Englischen (German Edition)
  ''978-1-143-01832-9Robert Gibson · John D. CraigA Treatise On Practical Surveying,: Which Is Demonstrated from Its First Principles. Wherein Every Thing That Is Useful and Curious in That Art, Is Fully Considered and Explained
  ''978-1-143-01846-6John Williams WhiteA Series of First Lessons in Greek: Adapted to the 2Nd Ed. of Goodwin's Greek Grammar and Designed As an Introduction Either to Goodwin's Greek ... and Herodotus, Or to the Anabasis of Xenophon
2010978-1-143-01863-3Dante Alighieri · Pietro FraticelliLa Vita Nuova Di Dante Alighieri: I Trattati De Vulgari Eloquio, De Monarchia E La Questione De Aqua Et Terra (Italian Edition)
  ''978-1-143-01877-0Volney Morgan SpaldingGuide to the Study of Common Plants: An Introduction to Botany
  ''978-1-143-01880-0John William DonaldsonVarronianus: A Critical and Historical Introduction to the Ethnography of Ancient Italy and to the Philological Study of the Latin Language
  ''978-1-143-01894-7William MillerOur Scandinavian Forefathers: Two Lectures
  ''978-1-143-01913-5AnonymousThe Modern Stenographer: A Complete System of Light-Line Phonography
2010978-1-143-01927-2George Bruce MallesonDupleix, and the Struggle for India by the European Nations
  ''978-1-143-01930-2William PaulPast and Present of Aberdeenshire: Or, Reminiscences of Seventy Years
  ''978-1-143-01939-5Charles Talbut OnionsAn Advanced English Syntax: Based On the Principles and Requirements of the Grammatical Society
  ''978-1-143-01944-9John RuskinThe Ethics of the Dust: Ten Lectures to Little Housewives On the Elements of Crystallisation
  ''978-1-143-01958-6Ipo Christiaan RitsemaIndex Phytochemicus: Stelselmatig Overzicht Van Alle Plantenstoffen, Naar Het Koolstofgehalte Gerangschikt ; Met Opgave Van De Formule, De Synoniemie, ... Alsmede De Literatuur (Dutch Edition)
2010978-1-143-01961-6William HeatonThe Old Soldier ; the Wandering Lover, and Other Poems: Together with a Sketch of the Author's Life
  ''978-1-143-01966-1Arthur Clarke BoydenAlbert Gardner Boyden and the Bridgewater State Normal School: A Memorial Volume
  ''978-1-143-01975-3William Paul Crillon BartonVegetable Materia Medica of the United States: Or, Medical Botany: Containing a Botanical, General, and Medical History, of Medicinal Plants Indigenous to the United States, Volumes 1-2
  ''978-1-143-01989-0Ashmolean MuseumA Catalogue of the Ashmolean Museum,: Descriptive of the Zoological Specimens, Antiquities, Coins, and Miscellaneous Curiosities.
  ''978-1-143-01992-0John Patrick McNeillA Treatise On Hydrophobia