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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2009978-1-141-00013-5Arthur Latham BakerThe Art of Geometry: A Laboratory for Student's Use, to Accompany Any Text-Book
  ''978-1-141-00027-2James ThomsonThe Tragedy of Sophonisba: Acted at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane. by His Majesty's Servants. by Mr. Thomson
  ''978-1-141-00030-2RICHARD P. STRONGSome Questions Relating to Virulence of Micro Organisms, with Particular Referance to Their Immunizing Powers
  ''978-1-141-00061-6James BaldwinThe Book-Lover: A Guide to the Best Reading
  ''978-1-141-00089-0Joseph JacksonCastle Damouray, a Glimpse of Fairy Land, by One of the Sunday-Born
2010978-1-141-00092-0Imruʾ Al-QaysAmrilkais: Der Dichter Und König. Sein Leben Dargestellt in Seinen Liedern (German Edition)
2009978-1-141-00107-1Pierre LotiSelections from Pierre Loti [Pseud.]: Ed. with Introduction, Notes, and Bibliography
2009978-1-141-00108-81851 Great ExhibitionGuide-Book to the Industrial Exhibition
  ''978-1-141-00111-8Max MasonRandwertaufgaben Bei Gewöhnlichen Differentialgleichungen (German Edition)
  ''978-1-141-00115-6United States. Philippine Commission (18Annual Report of the Philippine Commission to the Secretary of War
  ''978-1-141-00139-2AnonymousThe Problem of Asia and Its Effect Upon International Policies
  ''978-1-141-00173-6Antonio NibbyMonumenti Scelti Della Villa Borghese (Italian Edition)
2009978-1-141-00187-3Matilda Anne MackarnessAmy'S Kitchen, by the Author of 'A Trap to Catch a Sunbeam'.
  ''978-1-141-00190-3Henry ScougalThe Works of the Rev. H. Scougal: Containing the Life of God in the Soul of Man with Nine Other Discourses On Important Subjects, to Which Is Added a Sermon Preached at the Author'S Funeral
  ''978-1-141-00237-5Gustav Joseph FiebegerThe Campaigns of Napoleon Bonaparte of 1796-1797
2010978-1-141-00240-5Marc-Philippe ZallonySyngramma Peri Tōn Apo Tēn Kōnstantinoupolin Prinkipōn Ts̄ Vlachomoldavias Tōn Legomenōn Phanariōtōn (Greek Edition)
2009978-1-141-00247-4Charles De VillersAn Essay On the Spirit and Influence of the Reformation. ...
2010978-1-141-00254-2Le F***.Plan De Législation Sur Les Matières Criminelles: ... Précédé Du̓n Discours Sur Les Loix (French Edition)
2009978-1-141-00268-9Verein Fr Niederdeuts SprachforschungJahrbuch Des Vereins Fur Niederdeutsche Sprachforschung, Volume 10 (German Edition)
  ''978-1-141-00271-9Giuseppe CanonicaMerope Nella Storia Del Teatro Tragico Greco, Latino, E Italiano (Italian Edition)
  ''978-1-141-00299-3Henry Wadsworth LongfellowVoices of the Night
2010978-1-141-00318-1Emanuel SwedenborgSummaria Expositio Sensus Interni Librorum Propheticorum Verbi Veteris Testamenti, Necnon Et Psalmorum Davidis: Cum Duplici Indice Rerum (Latin Edition)
2009978-1-141-00321-1Friedrich Engels · Austin LewisLandmarks of Scientific Socialism: "Anti-Duehring"
2010978-1-141-00335-8Henry Ernest HaferkornScrew Threads: Bibliography of Available Material On the Systems, and Classification of Screw Threads, Including Tolerances, Allowances and Symbols of ... August to October, 1918 Prepared at R
2009978-1-141-00349-5Leader ScottGhiberti and Donatello: With Other Early Italian Sculptors
2009978-1-141-00352-5Robert Louis StevensonAn Inland Voyage
  ''978-1-141-00366-2James Dwight DanaThe Geological Story Briefly Told: An Introduction to Geology for the General Reader and for Beginners in the Science
  ''978-1-141-00383-9August Hoch · Emil KraepelinÜber Die Wirkung Der Theebestandtheile Auf Körperliche Und Geistige Arbeit (German Edition)
  ''978-1-141-00397-6Titus Maccius Plautus · Carl Eduard GeppertM.Acci Plauti Trinummus: Lateinisch Und Deutch Mit Einer Vorrede Über Die Gesetze Der Plautinischen Verskunst Und Kritischen Anmerkungen (Latin Edition)
2010978-1-141-00402-7Alfred Firmin Loisy · Christopher HomeThe Gospel and the Church
2009978-1-141-00416-4Annie Wood BesantFour Great Religions: Four Lectures
  ''978-1-141-00433-1William O'BrienThe Ancient Rhythmical Art Recovered; Or, a New Method of Explaining the Metrical Structure of a Greek Tragic Chorus
2010978-1-141-00450-8Francesco RediOpere Di Francesco Redi (Italian Edition)
2010978-1-141-00464-5William BlackThe Wise Women of Inverness: A Tale, and Other Miscellanies
2009978-1-141-00478-2George Rice CarpenterExercises in Rhetoric and English Composition (Advanced Course)
2010978-1-141-00495-9John Greenleaf AdamsMemoir of Mrs. Mary H. Adams
2009978-1-141-00528-4Ludwig SteubUeber Die Urbewohner Rätiens Und Ihren Zusammenhang Mit Den Etruskern (German Edition)
2010978-1-141-00545-1George Henry WoodwardA Sermon Preached the Last Sabbath of 1843: At Stafford, Conn., Dec. 31St
  ''978-1-141-00559-8George WilsonThe Financial Philosophy: Or, the Principles of the Science of Money ; with Observations On the Present Situation
2009978-1-141-00562-8United States. Congress. House. CommitteReport of Hearings of February 14, 1907, On H. R. 6016, to Prohibit the Manufacture and Sale of Intoxicating Liquors in the District of Columbia ...
2010978-1-141-00593-2Cambridge Antiquarian Society (CambridgeIndex to the Baker Manuscripts
2009978-1-141-00609-0Grace KennedyThe Works of Grace Kennedy ...
  ''978-1-141-00612-0Oscar NewfangThe Development of Character: A Practical Creed
  ''978-1-141-00620-5Lucius Annaeus SenecaSenecae Epistulas Aliquot Ex Bambergensi Et Argentoratensi Codibus (German Edition)
  ''978-1-141-00626-7George CombeElements of Phrenology
2009978-1-141-00643-4Charles Alexander McMurrySpecial Method for Literature and History in the Common Schools
  ''978-1-141-00657-1Julia Noyes StickneyIn the Valley of the Merrimack
  ''978-1-141-00660-1Robert MezgerKreuz Und Quer Durch Deutsche Lande (German Edition)
  ''978-1-141-00691-5George Henry FoxPhotographic Atlas of the Diseases of the Skin. V. 3 C. 2, Volume 3
2010978-1-141-00707-3Thomas GuthrieThe Angels' Song
2009978-1-141-00710-3John PerryDiscussion On the Teaching of Mathematics Which Took Place On September 14Th, at a Joint Meeting of Two Sections
  ''978-1-141-00724-0Alain René Le SageThe Adventures of Gil Blas of Santillane
2009978-1-141-00738-7Joseph John GurneyEssay On the Habitual Exercise of Love to God, Considered As a Preparation for Heaven
2010978-1-141-00741-7Edward Howard GriggsFor What Do We Live?
  ''978-1-141-00747-9Henri Jean Louis Joseph MasséThe Abbey Church of Tewkesbury: With Some Account of the Priory Church of Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, Volume 40
2009978-1-141-00769-1Frederic William FarrarFamilies of Speech: Four Lectures Delivered Before the Royal Institution of Great Britain in March, 1869
  ''978-1-141-00772-1Francesch Pelay BrizLas Venjansas Del Rey Pere: Rimas (Catalan Edition)
  ''978-1-141-00786-8Michael FaradayExperimental-Untersuchungen Über Elektricität, Issue 128 (German Edition)
  ''978-1-141-00805-6Marion Ingalls Osgood NoyesThe Sunshine Primer
2009978-1-141-00822-3John White ChickeringFirst Ripe Fruit Gathered: A Pastoral Sketch of a Young Lawyer
  ''978-1-141-00835-3Guy De MaupassantHistoire D'Une Fille De Ferme (French Edition)
  ''978-1-141-00836-0Eben Norton Horsford · David ZeisbergerZeisberger'S Indian Dictionary: English, German, Iroquois--The Onondaga and Algonquin--The Delaware, Volume 42;&Nbsp;Volume 548
  ''978-1-141-00853-7Louis MartineauLeçons Sur Les Déformations Vulvaires Et Anales Produites Par La Masturbation, Le Saphisme, La Défloration, Et La Sodomie (French Edition)
  ''978-1-141-00867-4Auguste JourdierGlobe-Trotting
2009978-1-141-00870-4Passion FlowersPassion Flowers, Meditations in Verse
  ''978-1-141-00884-1Jacob AbbottMarco Paul'S Travels and Adventures in the Pursuit of Knowledge: City of New York
2010978-1-141-00898-8Cornelius Annales B. TacitusThe Germania and Agricola of Caius Cornelius Tacitus: With Notes for Colleges
2009978-1-141-00903-9Patrick MansonThe Filaria Sanguinis Hominis and Certain New Forms of Parasitic Disease in India, China, and Warm Countries
2010978-1-141-00934-3John Foote Norton · Ellen Henrietta RichardsThe Cost of Food: A Study in Dietaries
  ''978-1-141-00948-0Geoffrey Chaucer · John Dryden · Percival ChubbDryden'S Palamon and Arcite: Or, the Knight'S Tale from Chaucer
2009978-1-141-00951-0Peter Elmsley · Peter EuripidesHeraclidae (Greek Edition)
  ''978-1-141-00965-7Order De Zinspreu Wiskundig GenootschapNieuw Archief Voor Wiskunde, Part 20
  ''978-1-141-00982-4AnonymousFast As the Wind: A Novel
2009978-1-141-01002-8Charles Fletcher LummisThe Land of Poco Tiempo
  ''978-1-141-01033-2James Cotter MorisonGibbon
  ''978-1-141-01047-9Julius AlthausThe Value of Electrical Treatment
  ''978-1-141-01050-9Ben MacomberThe Jewel City: Its Planning and Achievement; Its Architecture, Sculpture, Symbolism, and Music; Its Gardens, Palaces, and Exhibits
  ''978-1-141-01081-3Thomas Kingsmill AbbottShort Notes On St. Paul'S Epistles to the Romans, Corinthians, Galatians, Ephesians and Philippians
2009978-1-141-01095-0Oswald HeerFlora Fossilis Arctica: Die Fossile Flora Der Polarländer .. (German Edition)
2010978-1-141-01100-1Alfred LudwigAgglutination Oder Adaptation?: Eine Sprachwiszenschaftliche Streitfrage
  ''978-1-141-01114-8Horatio Robinson StorerIs It I?: A Book for Every Man. a Companion to "Why Not? a Book for Every Woman".
  ''978-1-141-01128-5Juan ValeraLa Buena Fama (Spanish Edition)
2009978-1-141-01131-5Theodor KraussUeber Die Wirkungen Des Santonins Und Santonin-Natrons (German Edition)
  ''978-1-141-01145-2Oscar William PetersonSongs and Lyrics from the Swedish
  ''978-1-141-01162-9United States. War DeptMusketry
2009978-1-141-01176-6James E. MasonHandbook to Fiji and Catalogue of the Exhibits
2010978-1-141-01209-1William James HendersonThe Art of the Singer: Practical Hints About Vocal Technics and Style
2009978-1-141-01212-1Henry MacCormac · Henry RenshawEtiology of Tubercle, with Comments On Doctor Robert Kochs Bacilli
  ''978-1-141-01226-8Emerson Elbridge WhiteGrammar School Algebra: An Introduction to Algebra for Beginners
2010978-1-141-01243-5Mu Antiquarisches Museum Der Stadt Bern · Antiquarisches Museum Der Stadt BernBericht (German Edition)
2009978-1-141-01257-2JohnS. John Chrysostom On the Priesthood, Tr. by B.H. Cowper
  ''978-1-141-01259-6Edmund GosseInter Arma: Being Essays Written in Time of War
  ''978-1-141-01288-6Joseph Joshua GreenThe Annual Monitor for ... , Or, Obituary of the Members of the Society of Friends in Great Britain and Ireland, Issue 48
2010978-1-141-01291-6Národní A Universitní Knihovna PrazeKatalog Českých Rukopisů C. K. Veřejné a Universitní Knihovny Pražské (Czech Edition)
  ''978-1-141-01307-4AnonymousFor My Musical Friend: A Series of Practical Essays On Music and Music Culture
2009978-1-141-01324-1William Ricketts CooperThe Resurrection of Assyria: A Lecture Delivered in Renfield Presbyterian Church, Glasgow, Jan. 31, 1875
2009978-1-141-01338-8Arthur Wing PineroThe Thunderbolt: An Episode in the History of a Provincial Family; in Four Acts
2010978-1-141-01341-8John PalmerOver the Hills: A Comedy in One Act
  ''978-1-141-01369-2George Henry Borrow · August ApelTales of the Wild and the Wonderful
2009978-1-141-01372-2William Laud · William Scott · James BlissThe Works of the Most Reverend Father in God, William Laud, D.D., Sometime Lord Archbishop of Canterbury: Sermons
  ''978-1-141-01386-9Celia ThaxterPoems
  ''978-1-141-01405-7George Birkbeck Norman HillTalks About Autographs
2010978-1-141-01419-4Walter ScottThe Abbot: Being the Sequel to the Monastery. in Two Volumes, Volume 2
2009978-1-141-01422-4John Martin TelleenMilton Dans La Littérature Française ... (French Edition)
  ''978-1-141-01436-1Michigan Constitutional ConventionManual of the Constitutional Convention of the State of Michigan: Begun in the Capitol, at Lansing, May 15, A.D. 1867
2009978-1-141-01453-8Boris Andreevich DornUeber die Verwandtschaft des persischen, germanischen, und griechisch-lateinischen Sprachstammes (German Edition)
2010978-1-141-01467-5Elizabeth BlakelyThe Practical System for Drafting Ladies' and Children'S Clothing: Designed for Use in the Public Schools, Volume 2
2009978-1-141-01470-5Florence MarryatPeeress and Player: A Novel
  ''978-1-141-01498-9John CarfraeThe Pilgrim of Sorrow: Being a Collection of Odes, Lyrics, Songs, Sacred and Jewish Melodies, and Other Poetical Pieces
  ''978-1-141-01503-0Noah WorcesterThe Atoning Sacrifice: A Display of Love - Not of Wrath
  ''978-1-141-01517-7AnonymousReligionsgeschichtliche Volksbücher Für Deutsche Christliche Gegenwart (German Edition)
  ''978-1-141-01520-7Otto RothfieldUmar Khayyam and His Age
2009978-1-141-01534-4James FarrerNotice of Runic Inscriptions Discovered During Recent Excavations in the Orkneys
  ''978-1-141-01548-1Alexander McCaulIntroduction to Hebrew Grammar
  ''978-1-141-01551-1Giovanni BoccaccioLa Passione Del N. S. Gesù Gristo (Italian Edition)
  ''978-1-141-01565-8AnonymousThe Masterpieces of Murillo: Sixty Reproductions of Photographs from the Original Paintings
  ''978-1-141-01572-6Christopher MorleyParnassus On Wheels
2010978-1-141-01582-5Elizabeth WhatelyThe Roving Bee: Or, a Peep Into Many Hives
2009978-1-141-01601-3LUIGI CORNARO · Sylvester GrahamDiscourses On a Sober and Temperate Life
2010978-1-141-01615-0Charles Alfred DownerFrdric Mistral: Poet and Leader in Provence
2009978-1-141-01629-7AristophanesEclogæ Aristophanicæ, Selections from the Clouds (The Birds) with Notes by C.C. Felton, Ed. by T.K. Arnold
2009978-1-141-01632-7F W. ShieldsThe Strains On Structures of Ironwork
  ''978-1-141-01677-8Thomas WilsonThe Knowledge and Practice of Christianity Made Easy to the Meanest Capacities
  ''978-1-141-01680-8AnonymousThe Spirit of Prayer: Or the Soul Rising Out of the Vanity of Time, Into the Riches of Eternity ..., Part 1
  ''978-1-141-01694-5Susan Braley FranklinSelections from Latin Prose Authors for Sight Reading
2010978-1-141-01713-3Vigilius Herman KrullProphetic Biography of Jesus Christ
  ''978-1-141-01721-8Clyde FitchBeau Brummel: A Play in Four Acts
2009978-1-141-01727-0AnonymousThe Building Code of the City of Manchester, New Hampshire: Final Enactment by the Board of Mayor and Aldermen, January 2, 1911 ...
2009978-1-141-01730-0John BrownlowMemoranda; Or, Chronicles of the Foundling Hospital: Including Memoirs of Captain Coram, &C. &C
  ''978-1-141-01744-7James Cook MartinThe Precambrian Rocks of the Canton, New York, Quadrangle
  ''978-1-141-01758-4Frederic Poole GorhamA Laboratory Guide for the Dissection of the Cat: An Introduction to the Study of Anatomy
2010978-1-141-01761-4John Wingate ThorntonThe Landing at Cape Anne: Or, the Charter of the First Permanent Colony On the Territory of the Massachusetts Company
2009978-1-141-01774-4Claire Louise R.B. De DurfortOurika [By C.L.R.B. De Durfort]. from the French
  ''978-1-141-01775-1Charles ThompsonRules for Bad Horsemen
  ''978-1-141-01789-8Thomas CampbellThe Poetical Works of Thomas Campbell
2009978-1-141-01792-8Vermont. State GeologistReport of the State Geologist On the Mineral Industries and Geology of Vermont, Issue 2
  ''978-1-141-01825-3Kai Friis-MøllerIndskrifter: Udvalgte Vers 1910-20 (Danish Edition)
  ''978-1-141-01839-0Charlotte Maria Birch SalweyReveries of Song
  ''978-1-141-01842-0Mary Susanna HardingTransplanted Flowers; a Memoir of Mary Susanna Harding. to Which Are Added, Reminiscences of Little Harry
  ''978-1-141-01856-7W S. GILBERTThe Bab Ballads
2009978-1-141-01887-1AnonymousHints On Porisms: In a Letter to T.S. Davies...With a Scholium Not Contained in the Letter. Being a Sequel to the Two Tracts On 'Imaginary ... and 1818...Being No. III of Original Tracts
  ''978-1-141-01890-1Eric Robert Dalrymple Maclagan · Archibald George Blomefield RussellThe Prophetic Books of William Blake: Jerusalem
  ''978-1-141-01906-9AnonymousSymons'S Meteorological Magazine, Volume 25
  ''978-1-141-01923-6Jane AustenThe Novels of Jane Austen, Volume 5
  ''978-1-141-01937-3Church of EnglandThe Manner of the Coronation of King Charles the First of England: At Westminster, 2 Feb., 1626
2010978-1-141-01940-3Harry Frederick WardThe Opportunity for Religion in the Present World Situation
2010978-1-141-01954-0Archie Burton PierceClassification and Properties of Dual Conical Congruences
  ''978-1-141-01968-7Norman DuncanThe Soul of the Street: Correlated Stories of the New York Syrian Quarter
2009978-1-141-01985-4AnonymousHymns and Poems for Little Children
  ''978-1-141-01999-1Lloyd MifflinThe Fields of Dawn and Later Sonnets
  ''978-1-141-02019-5Algernon Charles SwinburneSongs of the Springtides
  ''978-1-141-02022-5Julian Kennedy SmythThe Gist of Swedenborg
2010978-1-141-02036-2Gottlieb TrächselUeber Das Wesen Und Gesetz Der Geschichte: Ein Philosophischer Versuch ... (German Edition)
2009978-1-141-02053-9Thomas WartonThe Union: Or Select Scots and English Poems
2009978-1-141-02067-6Mary Julia LagenDaphne and Her Lad
2010978-1-141-02070-6AnonymousThe British Essayists;: With Prefaces, Historical and Biographical,
  ''978-1-141-02084-3Rudolph BuchhaveObservationes Circa Radicis Gei Urbani: Sive Caryophyllatae Vires in Febribus, Praecipue Intermittentibus Aliisque Morbis Institutae ... (Latin Edition)
2009978-1-141-02103-1Cornelius TacitusDie Germania
  ''978-1-141-02117-8SpiritSpirit of the Old Divines
2010978-1-141-02120-8Ladies' Society For The Promotion Of EduAnnual Report
2009978-1-141-02125-3Anna Seward · Benson John LossingThe Two Spies: Nathan Hale and John André
2010978-1-141-02134-5William EverettOration in Honor of Col. William Prescott: Delivered in Boston, 14 October, 1895 by Invitation of the Bunker Hill Monument Association
  ''978-1-141-02148-2Nevada. State Bureau Of ImmigrationNevada and Her Resources: A Brief Sketch of the Advantages and Possibilities of the State, and the Opportunities and Inducements Offered to Capitalists and Homeseekers
2009978-1-141-02151-2Joseph HunterThe Hallamshire Glossary
2010978-1-141-02179-6Netherlands. Rijksbureau Voor KunsthistoOud Holland, Volume 20 (Dutch Edition)
2009978-1-141-02182-6James Kennedy BailieMemoir of Researches Amongst the Inscribed Monuments of the Graeco-Roman Era, in Certain Ancient Sites of Asia Minor
  ''978-1-141-02196-3James Erasmus PhilippsThings Rarely Met With: Patience, Unworldliness [&C.].
2009978-1-141-02201-4Ferdinand GregoroviusDie Insel Capri: Idylle Vom Mittelemeer (German Edition)
2010978-1-141-02229-8Ernest BoscTraité Complet Théorique Et Practique Du Chauffage Et De La Ventilation Des Habitations Particulières Et Des Édifices Publics: Chauffage Des Wagons, ... Usines Et Fabriques Insulabr (French Edition)
2009978-1-141-02246-5George Alexander H. BartonA Guide to the Administration of Ethyl Chloride
  ''978-1-141-02277-9Robert FrostNorth of Boston
  ''978-1-141-02280-9Nicholas Murray ButlerPhilosophy: A Lecture Delivered at Columbia University in the Series On Science, Philosophy and Art, March 4, 1908
  ''978-1-141-02294-6Giovanni RosiniSaggio Sulle Azioni E Sulle Opere Di Francesco Guicciardini (Italian Edition)
  ''978-1-141-02327-1John Rodgers Meigs TaylorReport On the Organization for the Administration of Civil Government Instituted by Emilio Aguinaldo and His Followers in the Philippine Archipelago: Compilation and Report by John R. M. Taylor
2009978-1-141-02330-1John Warner BarberHistorical Religious Events
  ''978-1-141-02344-8AnonymousThe Lyf of the Noble and Crysten Prynce: Charles the Grete
  ''978-1-141-02358-5Robert Elliott SpeerPresbyterian Foreign Missions: An Account of the Foreign Missions of the Presbyterian Church in the U.S.a.
2010978-1-141-02361-5Ernest Abraham HartHypnotism, Mesmerism and the New Witchcraft
2009978-1-141-02375-2Joseph Shield NicholsonThe Tariff Question: With Special Reference to Wages and Employment
2010978-1-141-02389-9Rosendo MeloHistoria De La Marina Del Perú, Volume 1 (Spanish Edition)
2009978-1-141-02392-9Michelangiolo ZiccardiI Cappuccini in Campobasso: Cronaca Del Secolo XVI (Italian Edition)
2010978-1-141-02411-7AnonymousA Girl'S Life in Virginia Before the War
2009978-1-141-02425-4   ''Annual Report, Volume 12
  ''978-1-141-02456-8   ''Soll Und Haben (German Edition)
  ''978-1-141-02473-5Edward Ely DunbarThe Mexican Papers ...: 1St Series, Issues 1-5
2009978-1-141-02487-2Walter ChipmanObservations On the Placenta of the Rabbit: With Special Reference to the Presence of Glycogen, Fat and Irgon
  ''978-1-141-02490-2Eugène BersierThe Oneness of the Race in Its Fall and Its Future, Tr. by A. Harwood
  ''978-1-141-02506-0Thomas PopeSt. Peter'S Day in the Vatican, (A Narrative of the 18Th Centenary of the Martyrdom of Ss. Peter and Paul).
2010978-1-141-02523-7Sydney Charles GayfordThe Future State
2009978-1-141-02537-4Henry DrummondPax Vobiscum
  ''978-1-141-02540-4Arizona GovernorMessage
  ''978-1-141-02554-1Peter SquireThe Pharmacopœias of Thirteen London Hospitals, Arranged in Groups for Easy Reference and Comparison
2010978-1-141-02571-8Cesare BalboNovelle Di C ... Balbo (Italian Edition)
2009978-1-141-02585-5AnonymousSilos and Ensilage: The Preservation of Fodder Corn and Other Green Fodder Crops. Bringing Together the Most Recent Information from Various Sources
2009978-1-141-02599-2Eduard DevrientDas Passionsschauspiel in Oberammergau Und Seine Bedeutung Für Die Neue Zeit... (German Edition)
  ''978-1-141-02604-3John Strong Perry TatlockThe Development and Chronology of Chaucer'S Works
  ''978-1-141-02618-0J W. WijndeltsCatalogus Van Academische Proefschriften, Verdedigd Aan De Nederlandsche Universiteiten Gedurende De Jaren 1815-1900, Volume 1 (Dutch Edition)
  ''978-1-141-02621-0Th RübleinStatistische Und Agrikole Beschreibung Des Landgerichts Lichtenfels (German Edition)
  ''978-1-141-02635-7Alexander RattrayVancouver Island and British Columbia: Where They Are; What They Are; and What They May Become. a Sketch of Their History, Topography, Climate, Resources ...
2009978-1-141-02649-4Thomas Gaskell ShearmanNatural Taxation: An Inquiry Into the Practicability, Justice and Effects of a Scientific and Natural Method of Taxation