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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2010978-1-4200-9176-2George S. Steffen · Samuel M. CandelariaDrug Interdiction: Partnerships, Legal Principles, and Investigative Methodologies for Law Enforcement, Second Edition
2014978-1-4200-9180-9David McCoyPerimeter Security: Physical and Electronic System Security
2008978-1-4200-9182-3A. Ravi RavindranOperations Research Methodologies (Operations Research Series)
2010978-1-4200-9185-4Nicholas TsoulfanidisMeasurement and Detection of Radiation, Third Edition
2008978-1-4200-9186-1A. Ravi RavindranOperations Research Applications (Operations Research Series)
2010978-1-4200-9189-2Casey M. OwensPoultry Meat Processing
  ''978-1-4200-9191-5Shirley BayneForensic Applications of High Performance Liquid Chromatography (Analytical Concepts in Forensic Chemistry)
2009978-1-4200-9193-9Bruce BakerSecurity in Post-Conflict Africa: The Role of Nonstate Policing (Advances in Police Theory and Practice)
2011978-1-4200-9200-4Syed A. Ahson · Mohammad IlyasOperating Systems and Development Platforms for Seamless Mobility (Internet and Communications)
  ''978-1-4200-9202-8Syed A. Ahson · Mohammad IlyasEnabling Technologies for Seamless Mobility (Internet and Communications)
2013978-1-4200-9210-3Shyam MardikarService Delivery Platforms: Executing Flawless Service Offerings (Informa Telecoms & Media)
2011978-1-4200-9211-0Mark McKibbenDiscovering Evolution Equations with Applications: Volume 2-Stochastic Equations (Chapman & Hall/CRC Applied Mathematics & Nonlinear Science)
2014978-1-4200-9213-4Syed A. Ahson · Mohammad Ilyas · Imad MahgoubSeamless Mobility: Enabling the Convergence of Mobile Computing and Communications (4 Volume Set) (Internet and Communications)
2010978-1-4200-9215-8Fei Hu · Xiaojun CaoWireless Sensor Networks: Principles and Practice
2011978-1-4200-9218-9Mikhail A. Noginov · Viktor A. PodolskiyTutorials in Metamaterials (Series in Nano-Optics and Nanophotonics)
2009978-1-4200-9220-2Walter A. KorfmacherUsing Mass Spectrometry for Drug Metabolism Studies
2008978-1-4200-9223-3Stephen C. Hauser · Darrell S. Pardi · John J. PoteruchaMayo Clinic Gastroenterology and Hepatology Board Review
2010978-1-4200-9231-8Jan Van SickleBasic GIS Coordinates, Second Edition
2009978-1-4200-9236-3J. P. DubeyToxoplasmosis of Animals and Humans
2012978-1-4200-9238-7Krzysztof Jozwiak · W. J. Lough · Irving W. WainerDrug Stereochemistry: Analytical Methods and Pharmacology, Third Edition (Drugs and the Pharmaceutical Sciences)
2009978-1-4200-9240-0Burke A. CunhaInfectious Diseases in Critical Care Medicine (Infectious Disease and Therapy)
  ''978-1-4200-9242-4Robert E. LevinRapid Detection and Characterization of Foodborne Pathogens by Molecular Techniques
2016978-1-4200-9246-2Prasad L. PolavarapuChiroptical Spectroscopy: Fundamentals and Applications
2009978-1-4200-9248-6Erik HollnagelSafer Complex Industrial Environments: A Human Factors Approach
  ''978-1-4200-9254-7Alan W. Shearer · David A. Mouat · Scott D. Bassett · Michael W. Binford · Craig W. Johnson · Justin A. Saarinen · Alan W. Gertler · Julide KoracinLand Use Scenarios: Environmental Consequences of Development (Integrative Studies in Water Management & Land Deve)
2010978-1-4200-9260-8Monika Waksmundzka-Hajnos · Joseph ShermaHigh Performance Liquid Chromatography in Phytochemical Analysis (Chromatographic Science Series)
2009978-1-4200-9262-2Hale W. Thurston · Matthew T. Heberling · Alyse SchrecongostEnvironmental Economics for Watershed Restoration
2010978-1-4200-9264-6Gang FengAnalysis and Synthesis of Fuzzy Control Systems: A Model-Based Approach (Automation and Control Engineering)
2011978-1-4200-9270-7David E. Clay · John F. ShanahanGIS Applications in Agriculture, Volume Two: Nutrient Management for Energy Efficiency
2009978-1-4200-9280-6Randall K. NoonScientific Method: Applications in Failure Investigation and Forensic Science (International Forensic Science and Investigation)
2010978-1-4200-9283-7Philip P. PurpuraSecurity: An Introduction
2009978-1-4200-9285-1Mark Wuthnow · Jerry Shih · Matthew StaffordIMS: A New Model for Blending Applications (Informa Telecoms & Media)
2009978-1-4200-9290-5Malcolm A. KellandProduction Chemicals for the Oil and Gas Industry
2010978-1-4200-9291-2Guillermo HoughSensory Shelf Life Estimation of Food Products
2009978-1-4200-9297-4Malcolm A. KellandProduction Chemicals for the Oil and Gas Industry
  ''978-1-4200-9298-1Timothy SchipperInnovative Lean Development
2008978-1-4200-9304-9J.K. Paik · R.E. MelchersCondition Assessment of Aged Structures (Woodhead Publishing in Mechanical Engineering)
2010978-1-4200-9306-3Dale L. JuneTerrorism and Homeland Security: Perspectives, Thoughts, and Opinions
2009978-1-4200-9311-7Frank C. Lu · Sam KacewLu's Basic Toxicology: Fundamentals, Target Organs, and Risk Assessment
2001978-1-4200-9319-3Richard S. WeinerPain Management: A Practical Guide for Clinicians
2009978-1-4200-9324-7Jyoti Prakash TamangHimalayan Fermented Foods: Microbiology, Nutrition, and Ethnic Values
  ''978-1-4200-9326-1Alfredo Rigalli · Veronica Di LoretoExperimental Surgical Models in the Laboratory Rat
2011978-1-4200-9328-5John AndraosThe Algebra of Organic Synthesis: Green Metrics, Design Strategy, Route Selection, and Optimization
2009978-1-4200-9330-8R. Eric ReidenbachListening to the Voice of the Market: How to Increase Market Share and Satisfy Current Customers
  ''978-1-4200-9332-2S.M. Sapuan · Iqbal Mohammed MujtabaComposite Materials Technology: Neural Network Applications
2011978-1-4200-9334-6Brian Flannigan · Robert A. Samson · J. David MillerMicroorganisms in Home and Indoor Work Environments: Diversity, Health Impacts, Investigation and Control, Second Edition
2010978-1-4200-9336-0Raquel Prado · Mike WestTime Series: Modeling, Computation, and Inference (Chapman & Hall/CRC Texts in Statistical Science)
  ''978-1-4200-9343-8Murray AitkinStatistical Inference: An Integrated Bayesian/Likelihood Approach (Monographs on Statistics and Applied Probability)
2009978-1-4200-9347-6Ian JohnstonMeasured Tones: The Interplay of Physics and Music, Third Edition
2011978-1-4200-9351-3Peter E. PowersFundamentals of Nonlinear Optics
2010978-1-4200-9354-4Aaron R. Hawkins · Holger SchmidtHandbook of Optofluidics
2009978-1-4200-9356-8William Bober · Chi-Tay Tsai · Oren MasoryNumerical and Analytical Methods with MATLAB (Applied and Computational Mechanics)
2009978-1-4200-9358-2Dominique Wisler · Ihekwoaba D. OnwudiweCommunity Policing: International Patterns and Comparative Perspectives (Advances in Police Theory and Practice)
  ''978-1-4200-9360-5John KrummUbiquitous Computing Fundamentals
2010978-1-4200-9364-3David S. GundersonHandbook of Mathematical Induction: Theory and Applications (Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications)
2014978-1-4200-9366-7Gordon ChengHumanoid Robotics and Neuroscience: Science, Engineering and Society (Frontiers in Neuroengineering Series)
2011978-1-4200-9385-8Evan Berman · Dira BermanPeople Skills at Work
2009978-1-4200-9387-2David E. McNabbThe New Face of Government: How Public Managers Are Forging a New Approach to Governance (ASPA Series in Public Administration and Public Policy)
  ''978-1-4200-9389-6Gerald L. GordonThe Formula for Economic Growth on Main Street America (ASPA Series in Public Administration and Public Policy)
2010978-1-4200-9393-3Sam ZhangOrganic Nanostructured Thin Film Devices and Coatings for Clean Energy (Handbook of Nanostructured Thin Films and Coatings)
  ''978-1-4200-9402-2Sam ZhangNanostructured Thin Films and Coatings: Mechanical Properties (Handbook of Nanostructured Thin Films and Coatings)
  ''978-1-4200-9404-6Jiri George DrobnyRadiation Technology for Polymers
2009978-1-4200-9406-0Eric CybulskiPlastic Conversion Processes: A Concise and Applied Guide
2015978-1-4200-9408-4Jeffrey A. SlotnickExplosive Threats and Target Hardening: A Comprehensive Guide to Explosives Security
2011978-1-4200-9412-1Sue Black · G. Sunderland · L. Hackman · X. MallettDisaster Victim Identification: Experience and Practice (Global Perspectives on Disaster Victim Identification)
2013978-1-4200-9418-3John Greaves · John RobozMass Spectrometry for the Novice
2011978-1-4200-9423-7Yoshihiro KannoNonsmooth Mechanics and Convex Optimization
2013978-1-4200-9425-1Adedeji B. Badiru · Samuel O. OsisanyaProject Management for the Oil and Gas Industry: A World System Approach (Systems Innovation Book Series)
2011978-1-4200-9427-5Erick C. Jones · Christopher A. ChungRFID and Auto-ID in Planning and Logistics: A Practical Guide for Military UID Applications
2010978-1-4200-9429-9Fang Lin Luo · Hong YePower Electronics: Advanced Conversion Technologies
2009978-1-4200-9431-2Basil RuDuskyForensic Cardiovascular Medicine
2010978-1-4200-9435-0Sam ZhangHandbook of Nanostructured Thin Films and Coatings, Three-Volume Set (Hndbk of Nanostructured Thin Films & Coatings)
2011978-1-4200-9437-4Somnath GhoshMicromechanical Analysis and Multi-Scale Modeling Using the Voronoi Cell Finite Element Method (Applied and Computational Mechanics)
2010978-1-4200-9439-8William WesselsPractical Reliability Engineering and Analysis for System Design and Life-Cycle Sustainment
2009978-1-4200-9441-1Yeqiao WangRemote Sensing of Coastal Environments (Remote Sensing Applications Series)
2011978-1-4200-9443-5Joseph SteinbergOfficial (ISC)2® Guide to the ISSMP® CBK® ((ISC)2 Press)
2010978-1-4200-9445-9Daisuke Furihata · Takayasu MatsuoDiscrete Variational Derivative Method: A Structure-Preserving Numerical Method for Partial Differential Equations (Chapman & Hall/CRC Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing Series)
2021978-1-4200-9449-7Igor Jex · Erika E. Andersson · Tamas KissQuantum Optical Networks (Series in Optics and Optoelectronics)
2009978-1-4200-9452-7William PaulsenAbstract Algebra: An Interactive Approach (Textbooks in Mathematics)
2010978-1-4200-9454-1Arnaud Chauvière · Luigi Preziosi · Claude VerdierCell Mechanics: From Single Scale-Based Models to Multiscale Modeling (Chapman & Hall/CRC: Mathematical and Computational Biology)
2010978-1-4200-9456-5George Gonzalez-RivasFar from the Factory
2018978-1-4200-9464-0William LesterTransforming Disaster Response: Federalism and Leadership (ASPA Series in Public Administration and Public Policy)
2017978-1-4200-9465-7   ''Transforming Disaster Response: Federalism and Leadership (ASPA Series in Public Administration and Public Policy)
2009978-1-4200-9475-6Marc Humbert · Joseph P. LynchPulmonary Hypertension (Lung Biology in Health and Disease)
978-1-4200-9477-0Guide to Genital HPV Infection: Diseases and Prevention
2010978-1-4200-9480-0Peter Elsner · Howard I. MaibachCosmeceuticals and Active Cosmetics: Drugs Versus Cosmetics, Third Edition (Cosmetic Science and Technology)
2009978-1-4200-9482-4T. RoweInterior Textiles: Design and Developments (Woodhead Publishing in Textiles)
  ''978-1-4200-9483-1J. F. LancasterFatal Accidents
2010978-1-4200-9486-2T. DiasAdvances in Knitting Technology
  ''978-1-4200-9487-9D. RoddyAdvanced Power Plant Materials, Design, and Technology
2009978-1-4200-9489-3S. RajendranAdvanced Textiles for Wound Care (Woodhead Publishing in Textiles)
  ''978-1-4200-9490-9C. Hellio · D. YebraAdvances in marine antifouling coatings and technologies (Woodhead Publishing in Materials)
  ''978-1-4200-9491-6K K GoswamiAdvances in Carpet manufacture (Woodhead Publishing in Textiles)
2010978-1-4200-9492-3J. Lawrence · J. Pou · D. K. Y. Low · E. ToyserkaniAdvances in Laser Materials Processing Technology: Technology, Research, and Applications (Woodhead Publishing in Mechanical Engineering)
2010978-1-4200-9495-4Jyoti Prakash Tamang · Kasipathy KailasapathyFermented Foods and Beverages of the World
2009978-1-4200-9497-8Ray H. Liu · Dennis V. Canfield · Sheng-Meng WangQuantitation and Mass Spectrometric Data of Drugs and Isotopically Labeled Analogs
2021978-1-4200-9499-2Steven B. Karch · Bruce A. Goldberger · Henrik DruidKarch's Drug Abuse Handbook, 3rd Edition
2010978-1-4200-9501-2Andrew PolaszekSystema Naturae 250 - The Linnaean Ark
2009978-1-4200-9503-6K. S. BirdiSurface and Colloid Chemistry: Principles and Applications
2021978-1-4200-9505-0Thomas W. Vetter · William F. GuthrieQuantification of Measurement Uncertainty in Analytical Chemistry: Practical Tools and Applications
2009978-1-4200-9510-4Lakshmi NarasaihaFinite Element Analysis
  ''978-1-4200-9517-3Jay ChengBiomass to Renewable Energy Processes
  ''978-1-4200-9521-0W. J. MinkowyczAdvances in Numerical Heat Transfer, Volume 3 (Computational and Physical Processes in Mechanics and Thermal Science)
  ''978-1-4200-9523-4Sohail A. Dianat · Eli SaberAdvanced Linear Algebra for Engineers with MATLAB
2010978-1-4200-9525-8Mark E. Ferguson · Gilvan C. SouzaClosed-Loop Supply Chains: New Developments to Improve the Sustainability of Business Practices (Supply Chain Integration Modeling, Optimization and Application)
2009978-1-4200-9527-2Robert Radvanovsky · Allan McDougallCritical Infrastructure: Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness, Second Edition
2014978-1-4200-9538-8Sudipto Banerjee · Anindya RoyLinear Algebra and Matrix Analysis for Statistics (Chapman & Hall/CRC Texts in Statistical Science)
2009978-1-4200-9953-9Mary K TheodoreIntroduction to Environmental Management - Solutions Manual
  ''978-1-4200-9956-0Ashfaque AhmedSoftware Testing as a Service
2013978-1-4200-9958-4Keith Willson · Keith Ison · Slavik TabakovMedical Equipment Management (Series in Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering)
2009978-1-4200-9961-4Stanley A MulaikFoundations of Factor Analysis (Chapman & Hall/CRC Statistics in the Social and Behavioral Sciences)
2012978-1-4200-9963-8Paul R. Baker · Daniel J. BennyThe Complete Guide to Physical Security
2011978-1-4200-9965-2Ayanendranath Basu · Hiroyuki Shioya · Chanseok ParkStatistical Inference: The Minimum Distance Approach (Chapman & Hall/CRC Monographs on Statistics and Applied Probability)
2015978-1-4200-9967-6J. Michael RonaLeading the Health Care Revolution Using the Toyota Production Systems: Lessons from the Frontline
2020978-1-4200-9971-3Richard C. BradtIntroduction to the Physical Properties of Materials
2009978-1-4200-9973-7Peter GraboskyCommunity Policing and Peacekeeping (Advances in Police Theory and Practice)
2010978-1-4200-9974-4Jack L. Colwell · Charles HuthUnleashing the Power of Unconditional Respect: Transforming Law Enforcement and Police Training
2014978-1-4200-9977-5Mark Cross · Thomas Nicholas Croft · Avril Kay Slone · Alison Jayne WilliamsComputational Modeling of Multiphysics Processes (Chapman & Hall/CRC Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing Series)
2013978-1-4200-9978-2Dilip K. Das · Cliff RobersonTrends in the Judiciary: Interviews with Judges Across the Globe, Volume One (Interviews with Global Leaders in Policing, Courts, and Prisons)
2013978-1-4200-9979-9Cliff Roberson · Dilip K. DasTrends in the Judiciary: Interviews with Judges Across the Globe (Interviews with Global Leaders in Policing,Courts, and Prisons)
2008978-1-4200-9982-9Fred Roberts · Barry TesmanApplied Combinatorics
2009978-1-4200-9987-4P PaquinFunctional and Specialty Beverage Technology (Woodhead Publishing Series in Food Science, Technology and Nutrition)
2011978-1-4200-9991-1Yu-Kang Tu · Mark GilthorpeStatistical Thinking in Epidemiology
2010978-1-4200-9996-6Damaraju Raghavarao · James B. Wiley · Pallavi ChitturiChoice-Based Conjoint Analysis: Models and Designs
2011978-1-4200-9998-0Robert L. KardellGovernment Fraud and Public Corruption: Case Studies and Investigative Strategies