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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2008978-1-4200-6702-6Nadder HamdyApplied Signal Processing: Concepts, Circuits, and Systems
2009978-1-4200-6704-0Michael C. NewmanFundamentals of Ecotoxicology, Third Edition
2008978-1-4200-6705-7Supratim Choudhuri · David B. CarlsonGenomics: Fundamentals and Applications
  ''978-1-4200-6708-8Harold F. Tipton · Micki KrauseInformation Security Management Handbook, Sixth Edition, Volume 2
  ''978-1-4200-6709-5Gordon G. Wallace · Peter R. Teasdale · Geoffrey M. Spinks · Leon A. P. Kane-MaguireConductive Electroactive Polymers: Intelligent Polymer Systems, Third Edition
2010978-1-4200-6711-8Yang XiaoUnderwater Acoustic Sensor Networks
2007978-1-4200-6713-2James W. Wilson · Lynn EstesMayo Clinic Antimicrobial Therapy Quick Reference Guide: Quick Guide
2009978-1-4200-6718-7Stephen MarslandMachine Learning: An Algorithmic Perspective (Chapman & Hall/Crc Machine Learning & Pattern Recognition)
2011978-1-4200-6720-0Gareth W. RobertsForensic Crime Scenes: Health and Safety (International Forensic Science and Investigation)
2017978-1-4200-6721-7Aman KhanCost and Optimization in Government: An Introduction to Cost Accounting, Operations Management, and Quality Control, Second Edition (Public Administration and Public Policy)
2008978-1-4200-6723-1Christopher WestphalData Mining for Intelligence, Fraud & Criminal Detection: Advanced Analytics & Information Sharing Technologies
2009978-1-4200-6730-9Donna M. Garbacz Bader · L. Sue GabrielForensic Nursing: A Concise Manual
2010978-1-4200-6732-3Agustin Sanchez-LavegaAn Introduction to Planetary Atmospheres
2009978-1-4200-6733-0Donald L. Fisher · Richard Schweickert · Colin G. DruryHuman Performance Modeling: Design for Applications in Human Factors and Ergonomics
2008978-1-4200-6736-1Timothy Joseph Gallwey · Leonard O'SullivanErgonomics Laboratory Exercises
2007978-1-4200-6744-6David Elizandro · Hamdy TahaSimulation of Industrial Systems: Discrete Event Simulation Using Excel/VBA (Resource Management)
  ''978-1-4200-6746-0Margaret A. Lloyd · Joseph G. MurphyMayo Clinic Cardiology: Board Review Questions and Answers
  ''978-1-4200-6748-4Joseph G. Murphy · Margaret A. LloydMayo Clinic Cardiology Concise Textbook and Mayo Clinic Cardiology Board Review Questions & Answers: (TEXT AND Q&A SET) (Murphy, Mayo Clinic ... w/ Mayo Clinic Cardiology Board Review Q & A)
2007978-1-4200-6749-1Thomas M. Habermann · Amit K. GhoshMayo Clinic Internal Medicine Concise Textbook
2009978-1-4200-6750-7Yezid DonosoNetwork Design for IP Convergence
2008978-1-4200-6753-8Jitendra R. Raol · Jatinder SinghFlight Mechanics Modeling and Analysis
2009978-1-4200-6756-9Richard C. Farmer · Ralph W. Pike · Gary C. Cheng · Yen-Sen ChenComputational Transport Phenomena for Engineering Analyses
  ''978-1-4200-6758-3Amitava DasguptaAdvances in Chromatographic Techniques for Therapeutic Drug Monitoring
  ''978-1-4200-6762-0Ingrid KohlstadtFood and Nutrients in Disease Management
  ''978-1-4200-6763-7   ''Food and Nutrients in Disease Management
  ''978-1-4200-6764-4James Breckenridge · Dawn WozneakIntroduction to U.S. Intelligence: Theory and Practice
2009978-1-4200-6766-8Lizhe Wang · Wei Jie · Jinjun ChenGrid Computing: Infrastructure, Service, and Applications
2008978-1-4200-6767-5Brian L. PortoMay It Please the Court: Judicial Processes and Politics in America, Second Edition
2009978-1-4200-6770-5Philip A. Schweitzer P.E.Fundamentals of Corrosion: Mechanisms, Causes, and Preventative Methods (Corrosion Technology)
2019978-1-4200-6772-9Niamh Nic Daeid · Sue BlackForensic Science: An Introduction to Scientific and Investigative Techniques, UK Edition
2007978-1-4200-6774-3Dale R. Patrick · Stephen W. Fardo · Vigyan ChandraElectronic Digital System Fundamentals
2009978-1-4200-6777-4Huafei Liao · Yinni Guo · April Savoy · Gavriel SalvendyContent Preparation Guidelines for the Web and Information Appliances: Cross-Cultural Comparisons (Human Factors and Ergonomics)
  ''978-1-4200-6780-4Dave Birtalan · William NunleyOptoelectronics: Infrared-Visable-Ultraviolet Devices and Applications, Second Edition (Optical Science and Engineering)
  ''978-1-4200-6782-8M. Meyyappan · Mahendra K. SunkaraInorganic Nanowires: Applications, Properties, and Characterization (Nanomaterials and their Applications)
  ''978-1-4200-6784-2Gabriela Nicolescu · Pieter J. MostermanModel-Based Design for Embedded Systems (Computational Analysis, Synthesis, and Design of Dynamic Systems)
2008978-1-4200-6786-6Robert ThomasPractical Guide to ICP-MS: A Tutorial for Beginners, Second Edition (Practical Spectroscopy)
2007978-1-4200-6791-0Albert Thumann · Terry Niehus · William J. YoungerHandbook of Energy Audits, Seventh Edition
  ''978-1-4200-6800-9Shirley A. Bayer · Joseph AltmanAtlas of Human Central Nervous System Development -5 Volume Set
2008978-1-4200-6802-3John W. Wilson · Lynn EstesMayo Clinic Antimicrobial Therapy
2009978-1-4200-6805-4Hassan A. Karimi · Burcu AkinciCAD and GIS Integration
2008978-1-4200-6807-8Randall I. Atlas21st Century Security and CPTED: Designing for Critical Infrastructure Protection and Crime Prevention
2008978-1-4200-6808-5Randall I. Atlas21st Century Security and CPTED: Designing for Critical Infrastructure Protection and Crime Prevention
2007978-1-4200-6809-2Norton PaleyMastering the Rules of Competitive Strategy: A Resource Guide for Managers
2012978-1-4200-6813-9Patrick ArgiroOutside Plant Handbook
2008978-1-4200-6817-7Denis Weaire · Tomaso AsteThe Pursuit of Perfect Packing, Second Edition
2010978-1-4200-6821-4Jane Moira Taupin · Chesterene CwiklikScientific Protocols for Forensic Examination of Clothing (Protocols in Forensic Science)
2009978-1-4200-6822-1Franklin SchellenbergComputational Semiconductor Processing: Lithography for an Ic Dfm (Electronic Design Automation for Integrated Circuits)
2008978-1-4200-6825-2Ken J. Ishii · Shizuo AkiraNucleic Acids in Innate Immunity
  ''978-1-4200-6827-6Enrique Macia BarberAperiodic Structures in Condensed Matter: Fundamentals and Applications (Condensed Matter Physics)
  ''978-1-4200-6831-3James H. SvaraThe Facilitative Leader in City Hall: Reexamining the Scope and Contributions (ASPA Series in Public Administration and Public Policy)
  ''978-1-4200-6833-7Geert De Schutter · Peter J.M. Bartos · Peter Domone · John GibbsSelf-Compacting Concrete
  ''978-1-4200-6835-1Tyson MacaulayCritical Infrastructure: Understanding Its Component Parts, Vulnerabilities, Operating Risks, and Interdependencies
2012978-1-4200-6837-5Habib Zafarullah · Ahmed Shafiqul HuqueManaging Development in a Globalized World: Concepts, Processes, Institutions (Public Administration and Public Policy)
2009978-1-4200-6839-9Paris KitsosSecurity in RFID and Sensor Networks (Wireless Networks and Mobile Communications)
2009978-1-4200-6841-2Kyo C. Kang · Vijayan Sugumaran · Sooyong ParkApplied Software Product Line Engineering
2003978-1-4200-6845-0Shmuel YannaiDictionary of Food Compounds with CD-ROM: Additives, Flavors, and Ingredients
2010978-1-4200-6847-4Michael C. AsheImage Acquisition and Processing with LabVIEW, Second Edition (Image Processing Series)
2009978-1-4200-6849-8Ralph E. WilliamsVeterinary Entomology: Livestock and Companion Animals
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2008978-1-4200-6854-2Ken BaratLaser Safety: Tools and Training (Optical Science and Engineering)
  ''978-1-4200-6855-9   ''Laser Safety: Tools and Training
2014978-1-4200-6856-6Gottfried KonecnyGeoinformation: Remote Sensing, Photogrammetry and Geographic Information Systems, Second Edition
2009978-1-4200-6859-7Vladislav V. YakovlevBiochemical Applications of Nonlinear Optical Spectroscopy (Optical Science and Engineering)
2010978-1-4200-6862-7Andy Hwang · Lihan HuangReady-to-Eat Foods: Microbial Concerns and Control Measures
2008978-1-4200-6864-1Mark HawthorneFingerprints: Analysis and Understanding
2010978-1-4200-6869-6SK. GuhaPredicting Earthquakes, Rockbursts, and Volcanic Eruptions
2009978-1-4200-6872-6Owen Jones · Robert Maillardet · Andrew RobinsonIntroduction to Scientific Programming and Simulation Using R (Chapman & Hall/CRC The R Series)
  ''978-1-4200-6874-0Owen Jones · Robert Maillardet · Andrew RobinsonIntroduction to Scientific Programming and Simulation Using R
2008978-1-4200-6875-7S. Anantha Ramakrishna · Tomasz M. GrzegorczykPhysics and Applications of Negative Refractive Index Materials
2009978-1-4200-6877-1Robert B. Pickering · David BachmanThe Use of Forensic Anthropology
2008978-1-4200-6879-5James William MartinLean Six Sigma for the Office (Resource Management)
2013978-1-4200-6882-5D.V. Reddy · A. S. J. SwamidasEssentials of Offshore Structures: Framed and Gravity Platforms
  ''978-1-4200-6883-2D.V. Reddy · A.S.J. SwamidasEssentials of Offshore Structures: Theory and Applications
2012978-1-4200-6888-7Roy Henderson · Karl SchulmeisterLaser Safety, Second Edition: For Users and Manufacturers of Laser Equipment
2008978-1-4200-6890-0Wieslaw M. Grudzewski · Irena K. Hejduk · Anna Sankowska · Monika WantuchowiczTrust Management in Virtual Work Environments: A Human Factors Perspective (Ergonomics Design & Mgmt. Theory & Applications)
2009978-1-4200-6892-4Kenneth ChristopherPort Security Management
2008978-1-4200-6903-7Ken Dunham · Jim MelnickMalicious Bots: An Inside Look into the Cyber-Criminal Underground of the Internet
2008978-1-4200-6907-5Kim H. TanSoils in the Humid Tropics and Monsoon Region of Indonesia (Books in Soils, Plants, and the Environment)
2012978-1-4200-6908-2Robert W. BruceHandbook of Lubrication and Tribology, Volume II: Theory and Design, Second Edition
2010978-1-4200-6911-2Andreas Elschner · Stephan Kirchmeyer · Wilfried Lovenich · Udo Merker · Knud ReuterPEDOT: Principles and Applications of an Intrinsically Conductive Polymer
2008978-1-4200-6913-6Lynn E. JohnsonGeographic Information Systems in Water Resources Engineering
2010978-1-4200-6915-0N.C. AeryManual of Environmental Analysis
2007978-1-4200-6921-1Craig DiLouieLighting Controls Handbook
2009978-1-4200-6923-5Jane E. Freedman · Joseph LoscalzoNew Therapeutic Agents in Thrombosis and Thrombolysis, Third Edition (Fundamental and Clinical Cardiology)
2013978-1-4200-6925-9Emilio Esposito · Anton J. HopfingerMulti-dimensional QSAR: Methods and Applications for Drug Discovery and Polymer Science
2008978-1-4200-6926-6Alfred Stein · Wenzhong Shi · Wietske BijkerQuality Aspects in Spatial Data Mining
2011978-1-4200-6929-7Brian C. SmithFundamentals of Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy, Second Edition
2009978-1-4200-6933-4Ann Van Eeckhaut · Yvette Michotte100: Chiral Separations by Capillary Electrophoresis (Chromatographic Science Series)
2008978-1-4200-6935-8Raul Sutton · Bernard Rockett · Peter G. SwindellsChemistry for the Life Sciences, Second Edition (Lifelines)
  ''978-1-4200-6937-2Peter SchneiderEndovascular Skills: Guidewire and Catheter Skills for Endovascular Surgery, Third Edition
2011978-1-4200-6938-9Leland J. Cseke · Ara Kirakosyan · Peter B. Kaufman · Margaret V. WestfallHandbook of Molecular and Cellular Methods in Biology and Medicine, Third Edition
2014978-1-4200-6943-3Tiravat Assavapokee · Gino J. Lim · Ali K. Kamrani · Hamid R. ParsaeiHandbook of Production Systems and Productivity Improvement (Engineering and Management Innovation)
2010978-1-4200-6945-7Caroline C. Hayes · Christopher A. MillerHuman-Computer Etiquette: Cultural Expectations and the Design Implications They Place on Computers and Technology (Supply Chain Integration Modeling, Optimization and Application)
  ''978-1-4200-6951-8Anthony Furness · John Griffiths · Paul ChartierObject-Connected ICT: Exploiting the Power of Smart Identification
2009978-1-4200-6955-6Charles RobertsIntroduction to Mathematical Proofs: A Transition (Textbooks in Mathematics)
2014978-1-4200-6959-4Rudolf Seracino · Michael C. GriffithFRP-Strengthened Masonry Structures
2009978-1-4200-6963-1André O. Barel · Marc Paye · Howard I. MaibachHandbook of Cosmetic Science and Technology, Third Edition
  ''978-1-4200-6964-8Gary Ackerman · Jeremy TamsettJihadists and Weapons of Mass Destruction
2008978-1-4200-6966-2James Smyth WallaceChemical Analysis of Firearms, Ammunition, and Gunshot Residue (International Forensic Science and Investigation)
2010978-1-4200-6968-6André O. BarelHandbook of Cosmetic Science and Technology
2008978-1-4200-6969-3Dennis P. MillerBuilding a Project Work Breakdown Structure: Visualizing Objectives, Deliverables, Activities, and Schedules (ESI International Project Management Series)
  ''978-1-4200-6972-3Sergey Edward LyshevskiElectromechanical Systems and Devices
2009978-1-4200-6973-0Gabriel ValienteCombinatorial Pattern Matching Algorithms in Computational Biology Using Perl and R (Chapman & Hall/CRC Mathematical and Computational Biology)
2011978-1-4200-6976-1Mohammed A. KalkhanSpatial Statistics: GeoSpatial Information Modeling and Thematic Mapping
2009978-1-4200-6980-8Arie Shoshani · Doron RotemScientific Data Management: Challenges, Technology, and Deployment (Chapman & Hall/CRC Computational Science)
2008978-1-4200-6982-2Vladimir GurevichElectronic Devices on Discrete Components for Industrial and Power Engineering
2009978-1-4200-6984-6Patricia A. RobinsonWriting and Designing Manuals and Warnings 4e
2009978-1-4200-6987-7John E. AyersDigital Integrated Circuits: Analysis and Design, Second Edition
2011978-1-4200-6989-1Gregor HoogersFuel Cell Technology Handbook, Second Edition (Handbook Series for Mechanical Engineering)
2008978-1-4200-6991-4Mark Tibbett · David O. CarterSoil Analysis in Forensic Taphonomy: Chemical and Biological Effects of Buried Human Remains
2009978-1-4200-7002-6Antoine JouxAlgorithmic Cryptanalysis (Chapman & Hall/CRC Cryptography and Network Security Series)
2007978-1-4200-7004-0Stefan Dimov · Wolfgang Menz · Yuli Toshev4m 2007: Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Multi-Material Micro Manufacture
2009978-1-4200-7005-7Ruth Nussinov · Gideon SchreiberComputational Protein-Protein Interactions
2008978-1-4200-7011-8Robert M. BohmThe Death Penalty Today
2009978-1-4200-7013-2William E. Silver · Richard R. SouvironDental Autopsy
2019978-1-4200-7014-9Dilip K. Das · Osman Dolu · Bonnie MihalkaCross-Cultural Profiles of Policing
2008978-1-4200-7020-0Syed A. Ahson · Mohammad IlyasVoIP Handbook: Applications, Technologies, Reliability, and Security
2009978-1-4200-7023-1Adelinde M. Uhrmacher · Danny WeynsMulti-Agent Systems: Simulation and Applications (Computational Analysis, Synthesis, and Design of Dynamic Systems)
2008978-1-4200-7025-5Bela G. LiptakPost-Oil Energy Technology: The World's First Solar-Hydrogen Demonstration Power Plant
  ''978-1-4200-7027-9David Marshall · Stephen S. Beaver · Jason McCartyVMware ESX Essentials in the Virtual Data Center
2009978-1-4200-7029-3Bartholomew EliasAirport and Aviation Security: U.S. Policy and Strategy in the Age of Global Terrorism
  ''978-1-4200-7033-0Wing-Kin SungAlgorithms in Bioinformatics: A Practical Introduction (Chapman & Hall/CRC Mathematical and Computational Biology)
2010978-1-4200-7035-4Aman Ullah · David E. A. GilesHandbook of Empirical Economics and Finance (Statistics: A Series of Textbooks and Monographs)
2009978-1-4200-7037-8Jay HersonData and Safety Monitoring Committees in Clinical Trials (Chapman & Hall/CRC Biostatistics Series)
2008978-1-4200-7038-5John PineNatural Hazards Analysis: Reducing the Impact of Disasters
  ''978-1-4200-7040-8John PineNatural Hazards Analysis: Reducing the Impact of Disasters
  ''978-1-4200-7041-5Jonathan IIiffe · Roger LottDatums and Map Projections: For Remote Sensing, GIS and Surveying, Second Edition
2008978-1-4200-7042-2Ira R. Berry · Robert P. MartinThe Pharmaceutical Regulatory Process, Second Edition (Drugs and the Pharmaceutical Sciences)
  ''978-1-4200-7045-3Brane Sirok · Bogdan Blagojevic · Peter BullenMineral Wool: Production and Properties (Woodhead Publishing in Materials)
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  ''978-1-4200-7047-7D.K. SinghFundamentals of Manufacturing Engineering
2014978-1-4200-7048-4Vijay Kumar KhuranaProduction and Operations Management
2009978-1-4200-7050-7Taosheng ChenA Practical Guide to Assay Development and High-Throughput Screening in Drug Discovery (Critical Reviews in Combinatorial Chemistry)
  ''978-1-4200-7054-5Xue-wen Chen · George C. Tseng · Xinkun Wang · Ya ZhangComputational and Statistical Methods in Bioinformatics
2010978-1-4200-7055-2Brenda McComb · Benjamin Zuckerberg · David Vesely · Christopher JordanMonitoring Animal Populations and Their Habitats: A Practitioner's Guide
2009978-1-4200-7057-6Ken Kleinman · Nicholas J HortonSAS and R: Data Management, Statistical Analysis, and Graphics
2009978-1-4200-7059-0Ken Kleinman · Nicholas J. HortonSas and R: Data Management, Statistical Analysis, and Graphics
  ''978-1-4200-7060-6Edward B. Magrab · Satyandra K. Gupta · F. Patrick McCluskey · Peter SandbornIntegrated Product and Process Design and Development: The Product Realization Process, Second Edition (Environmental & Energy Engineering)
2008978-1-4200-7062-0Krzysztof IniewskiCircuits at the Nanoscale: Communications, Imaging, and Sensing (Devices, Circuits, and Systems)
2009978-1-4200-7071-2Thierry Verbiest · Koen Clays · Vincent RodriguezSecond-order Nonlinear Optical Characterization Techniques: An Introduction
2012978-1-4200-7074-3Chandra P. GiriRemote Sensing of Land Use and Land Cover: Principles and Applications (Remote Sensing Applications Series)
2008978-1-4200-7078-1Elsa LeeHomeland Security and Private Sector Business: Corporations' Role in Critical Infrastructure Protection
  ''978-1-4200-7079-8   ''Homeland Security and Private Sector Business: Corporations' Role in Critical Infrastructure Protection
2005978-1-4200-7081-1M E Noordeloos · Th. W. Kuyper · E.C. VellingaFlora Agaricina Neerlandica - Volume 6
2008978-1-4200-7085-9Z. YeHandbook of Advanced Dielectric, Piezoelectric and Ferroelectric Materials: Synthesis, Properties and Applications
2009978-1-4200-7090-3Johnson I AgbinyaIP Communications and Services for NGN
  ''978-1-4200-7094-1Anthony V. Rawlings · James J. LeydenSkin Moisturization, Second Edition (Basic and Clinical Dermatology)
2010978-1-4200-7101-6Wenwu ZhangIntelligent Energy Field Manufacturing: Interdisciplinary Process Innovations
2013978-1-4200-7104-7Luis Manuel Braga de Costa CamposContinuum Electromechanics with Variational Calculus (Mathematical and Physics for Science and Technology)
  ''978-1-4200-7106-1   ''Classical Mechanics including Tensor Geometry (Mathematical and Physics for Science and Technology)
2008978-1-4200-7112-2James S. Cawood CPP · Michael H. CorcoranViolence Assessment and Intervention: The Practitioner's Handbook, Second Edition
2016978-1-4200-7114-6Luis Manuel Braga de Costa CamposSeries and Transforms with Applications to Probabilities and Diffusion (Mathematics and Physics for Science and Technology)
2014978-1-4200-7115-3Luis Manuel Braga de Costa CamposGeneralized Calculus with Applications to Matter and Forces (Mathematics and Physics for Science and Technology)
2010978-1-4200-7118-4Luis Manuel Braga da Costa CamposComplex Analysis with Applications to Flows and Fields (Mathematics and Physics for Science and Technology)
  ''978-1-4200-7121-4Olga Martin-Belloso · Robert Soliva FortunyAdvances in Fresh-Cut Fruits and Vegetables Processing (Food Preservation Technology)
  ''978-1-4200-7126-9Christopher Koliba · Jack W. Meek · Asim Zia · Russell MillsGovernance Networks in Public Administration and Public Policy
2009978-1-4200-7142-9Darel W. Hardy · Fred Richman · Carol L. WalkerApplied Algebra: Codes, Ciphers and Discrete Algorithms, Second Edition (Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications)
2010978-1-4200-7144-3Zahid AmjadThe Science and Technology of Industrial Water Treatment
2008978-1-4200-7146-7Lawrence C. WashingtonElliptic Curves: Number Theory and Cryptography, Second Edition (Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications)
2009978-1-4200-7151-1Heinz P. BlochPractical Lubrication for Industrial Facilities, Second Edition
  ''978-1-4200-7152-8Charles B. Whitlow · David E. Beck · David A. Margolin · Terry C. HicksImproved Outcomes in Colon and Rectal Surgery
2008978-1-4200-7155-9H.E. Burroughs · Shirley J. HansenManaging Indoor Air Quality, Fourth Edition
2012978-1-4200-7157-3Richard ItteilagElectricity Load Leveling Guidebook
2008978-1-4200-7158-0Albert Thumann · D. Paul MehtaHandbook of Energy Engineering, Sixth Edition
2009978-1-4200-7161-0Bei Gou · Woonki Na · Bill DiongFuel Cells: Modeling, Control, and Applications (Power Electronics and Applications Series)
2010978-1-4200-7163-4Rose A. Ryntz · Philip V. YaneffDurable Coated Plastics
2008978-1-4200-7164-1Shayne C. Gad · Marian G. McCordSafety Evaluation in the Development of Medical Devices and Combination Products, Third Edition
2014978-1-4200-7167-2Luis Manuel Braga de Costa CamposNon-Linear and Variable Systems with Aerospace Applications (Mathematical-Physics for Science and Technology)
2009978-1-4200-7169-6Harriet Black Nembhard · Mehmet AktanReal Options in Engineering Design, Operations, and Management
2016978-1-4200-7171-9Luis Manuel Braga de Costa CamposHigher Transcendental Functions with Applications to Acoustics (Mathematics and Physics for Science and Technology)
  ''978-1-4200-7173-3   ''Macroscopic Matter plus Quanta and Relativity (Mathematics and Physics for Science and Technology)
2009978-1-4200-7175-7Philip O. Anderson · Susan M. McGuinness · Philip E. BournePharmacy Informatics
2018978-1-4200-7179-5Kevin GovernNational and Homeland Security Law: Policy and Procedure
2017978-1-4200-7180-1Kevin GovernNational and Homeland Security Law: Policy and Procedure
2009978-1-4200-7181-8Tushar K. Ghosh · Mark A. Prelas · Dabir S. Viswanath · Sudarshan K. LoyalkaScience and Technology of Terrorism and Counterterrorism, Second Edition (Public Administration and Public Policy)
2008978-1-4200-7183-2Malcolm W. NanceTerrorist Recognition Handbook: A Practitioner's Manual for Predicting and Identifying Terrorist Activities, Second Edition
2008978-1-4200-7184-9Malcolm W. NanceTerrorist Recognition Handbook: A Practitioner's Manual for Predicting and Identifying Terrorist Activities
2009978-1-4200-7185-6Thomas WilliamsThermal Imaging Cameras: Characteristics and Performance
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