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2019978-0-7503-2302-4Professor David ElliottRenewables, Second Edition: A Review of Sustainable Energy Supply Options (IOP Series in Renewable and Sustainable Power)
978-0-7503-2303-1BERLINGOT Baby Hooded Jacket (12 Months, Cream)
2019978-0-7503-2306-2Professor Farhan Saif · Professor Shinichi WatanabeOptical Forces on Atoms (IOP Expanding Physics)
2020978-0-7503-2310-9Vinithasree SubbhuraamPredictive Analytics in Healthcare and Chronic Disease Management Vol 1: Transforming the future of medicine (IOP Expanding Physics)
2021978-0-7503-2314-7   ''Predictive Analytics in Healthcare and Chronic Disease Management Vol 2: Transforming the future of medicine (IOP Expanding Physics)
2019978-0-7503-2318-5Professor Cloves Goncalves Rodrigues · Professor Aurea Rosas Vasconcellos · Professor Roberto LuzziSemiconductor Nonequilibrium Statistics (IOP Expanding Physics)
  ''978-0-7503-2322-2Ashutosh Kumar ShuklaSpectroscopic Tools for Food Analysis (IOP Expanding Physics)
  ''978-0-7503-2326-0Masatoshi KajitaMeasurement, Uncertainty and Lasers (IOP Expanding Physics)
  ''978-0-7503-2330-7John Richard Saunderson · William Mairs · Professor W Philip M Mayles · Lisa Rowley · Mark WorrallMedical and Dental Guidance Notes: A good practice guide on all aspects of ionising radiation protection in the clinical environment (IOP Expanding Physics)
2021978-0-7503-2334-5Yuriy Rapoport · Professor Vladimir GrimalskyElectromagnetic Waves in Nonlinear Metamaterials: Gyrotropic, plasmonic and layered media (IOP Expanding Physics)
2020978-0-7503-2338-3Professor Miroslav Filipovic · Nicholas TothillPrinciples of Multimessenger Astronomy (IOP Expanding Physics) (AAS-IOP Astronomy)
  ''978-0-7503-2342-0Nicholas TothillMultimessenger Astronomy in Practice (AAS-IOP Astronomy)
2021978-0-7503-2346-8Professor David RileyWarm Dense Matter: Laboratory generation and diagnosis (IOP Expanding Physics)
2020978-0-7503-2350-5Professor Mainak Biswas · Jasjit SuriMultimodality Imaging of the Heart, Lungs and Peripheral Organs: Deep learning applications (IOP Expanding Physics)
2020978-0-7503-2354-3Stefaan VandenberghePET-MRI (IPEM-IOP Series in Physics and Engineering in Medicine and Biology)
  ''978-0-7503-2358-1Professor Ismail Rafatov · Professor Anatoly KudryavtsevIntroduction to Simulation Methods for Gas Discharge Plasmas: Accuracy, reliability and limitations (IOP Expanding Physics)
  ''978-0-7503-2362-8Murukeshan Vadakke MathamDiagnostic Biomedical Optics: Fundamentals and applications (IOP Series in Advances in Optics, Photonics and Optoelectronics)
2021978-0-7503-2366-6Professor Ching-Cherng Sun · Professor Tsung-Xian LeeOptical Design for LED Solid State Lighting: A guide (IOP Expanding Physics)
2019978-0-7503-2370-3Mikhail N Shneider · Mikhail PekkerLiquid Dielectrics in an Inhomogeneous Pulsed Electric Field, Second Edition (IOP Expanding Physics)
2020978-0-7503-2374-1Karl WhittleNuclear Materials Science, Second Edition (IOP Expanding Physics)
  ''978-0-7503-2378-9Jessica James · Ken P ZetieMathematical Finance for Scientists: An introduction (IOP Expanding Physics)
2019978-0-7503-2382-6Caide XiaoSuper Optical Biosensors (IOP Series in Sensors and Sensor Systems)
2021978-0-7503-2386-4David YueIon Channel Gating and Mechanisms (IOP Expanding Physics)
2020978-0-7503-2390-1Swetlana Hubrig · Markus SchoellerMagnetic Fields in O, B, and A Stars (AAS-IOP Astronomy)
  ''978-0-7503-2394-9Professor Erno Sajo · Professor Piotr ZygmanskiNanoparticle-Aided Radiotherapy: Principles, methods and applications (IOP Series in Cancer Research for Global Radiation Oncology) (IOP Series in Global Health and Radiation Oncology)
2021978-0-7503-2398-7Cynthia M FurseTime Domain Electromagnetics: Reflectometry and its applications (IOP Expanding Physics)
2019978-0-7503-2402-1G R Sinha · Ahmed Sirajuddin · Chamorshikar Rajesh · Choubey Siddharth · Choubey Abha · Deng Sien · Desai Santosh R · Dewangan Somesh KumarModern Optimization Methods for Science, Engineering and Technology (IOP Expanding Physics)
2020978-0-7503-2406-9David L BeveridgeA Biophysical Research Primer (IOP Expanding Physics) (BPS-IOP Biophysical Society)
2019978-0-7503-2410-6Professor Harold P EricksonPrinciples of Protein-protein Association (BPS-IOP Biophysical Society)
2019978-0-7503-2414-4Nanasaheb D Thorat · Professor Joanna Bauer · Rohini Kitture · Sachin Otari · Vijaykumar Jadhav · Niroj Kumar Sahu · Abdul Parchur · Madhuri AnujeExternal Field and Radiation Stimulated Breast Cancer Nanotheranostics (IOP Expanding Physics)
  ''978-0-7503-2418-2Omoruyi Credit Irabor · Sarwat HussainUltrasound-Guided Interventions in Low Resource Settings (IOP Series in Global Health and Radiation Oncology)
2020978-0-7503-2422-9Professor Michael Charles ThornePrinciples and Techniques of Radiological Protection (IOP Expanding Physics)
2019978-0-7503-2426-7Usama Al Khawaja · Laila Al SakkafHandbook of Exact Solutions to the Nonlinear Schroedinger Equations (IOP Expanding Physics)
2020978-0-7503-2430-4Hugo FortEcological Modelling and Ecophysics: Agricultural and environmental applications (IOP Expanding Physics)
  ''978-0-7503-2434-2Carlo MassobrioMolecular Dynamics for Amorphous Materials: Methodology and applications (IOP Expanding Physics)
2021978-0-7503-2438-0Wei LuoHigh-Pressure Materials Science: Basic concepts, material design and applications (IOP Expanding Physics)
  ''978-0-7503-2442-7Martin White · Andy Buckley · Chris WhitePractical Hadron Collider Physics (IOP Expanding Physics)
  ''978-0-7503-2446-5Dr Yingqian (Ada) Zhan · Professor David C SchwartzGenome Biophysics (IOP Expanding Physics)
2019978-0-7503-2450-2Vinod Kumar KhannaFlexible Electronics, Volume 2: Thin film transistors (IOP Expanding Physics)
2019978-0-7503-2454-0Vinod Kumar KhannaFlexible Electronics, Volume 3: Energy devices and applications (IOP Expanding Physics)
2020978-0-7503-2458-8Martin BojowaldFoundations of Quantum Cosmology (AAS-IOP Astronomy)
  ''978-0-7503-2462-5Giuseppe Dattoli · Emanuele Di Palma · Svilen Petrov Sabchevski · Ivan Panov SpassovskyHigh Frequency Sources of Coherent Radiation for Fusion Plasmas (IOP Expanding Physics)
  ''978-0-7503-2466-3Yu KuangPrinciples and Practice of Image-Guided Abdominal Radiation Therapy (IOP Expanding Physics)
2021978-0-7503-2470-0Krishnamurthi RameshDevelopments in Photoelasticity: A renaissance (IOP Expanding Physics)
  ''978-0-7503-2474-8Hiroshi YamadaPlasma Confinement in a Stellarator-Heliotron (IOP Expanding Physics)
2020978-0-7503-2478-6David K FerrySemiconductors, Second edition: Bonds and bands (IOP Expanding Physics)
2021978-0-7503-2482-3Luca SabaVascular Imaging Volume 1: Basic principles and intracranial vascular imaging (IPEM-IOP Series in Physics and Engineering in Medicine and Biology)
  ''978-0-7503-2486-1Luca SabaVascular Imaging Volume 2: Supra-aortic vessels and veins of the neck (IPEM-IOP Series in Physics and Engineering in Medicine and Biology)
2021978-0-7503-2490-8Luca SabaVascular Imaging Volume 3: Aorta, visceral, peripheral arteries and spine vascular imaging (IOP Expanding Physics)
  ''978-0-7503-2494-6   ''Vascular Imaging Volume 4: Heart: coronary imaging and valvular heart disease (IOP Expanding Physics)
  ''978-0-7503-2498-4   ''Vascular Imaging Volume 5: Heart: non coronary imaging (IOP Expanding Physics)
2020978-0-7503-2502-8Bruce ScottTurbulence and Instabilities in Magnetised Plasmas (IOP Series in Plasma Physics)
2021978-0-7503-2506-6Ashok K BatraAdvanced Nuclear Radiation Detectors: Materials, processing, properties and applications (IOP Series in Emerging Technologies in Optics and Photonics)
  ''978-0-7503-2510-3Eugene OksAnalytical Advances in Quantum and Celestial Mechanics: Separating rapid and slow subsystems (IOP Expanding Physics)
2020978-0-7503-2514-1Fan Ren · Stephen J PeartonWide Bandgap Semiconductor-Based Electronics (IOP Expanding Physics)
  ''978-0-7503-2518-9Sam Illingworth · Grant AllenEffective Science Communication: Second edition: A practical guide to surviving as a scientist (IOP Expanding Physics)
2021978-0-7503-2522-6Richard LeachAdvances in Optical Form and Coordinate Metrology (IOP Series in Emerging Technologies in Optics and Photonics)
2021978-0-7503-2526-4Richard LeachAdvances in Surface Texture Metrology (IOP Series in Emerging Technologies in Optics and Photonics)
2020978-0-7503-2530-1Frances Separovic · Marc-Antoine SaniSolid-State NMR: Applications in biomembrane structure (BPS-IOP Biophysical Society)
2021978-0-7503-2534-9Francois LegareEmerging Laser Technologies for High-Power and Ultrafast Science (IOP Series in Coherent Sources and Applications)
2019978-0-7503-2538-7Ayman El-Baz · Jasjit SuriLung Cancer and Imaging (IOP Expanding Physics)
2020978-0-7503-2542-4Raghvendra BoharaMolecular Insights for Drug-Delivery System Design for Multiple Myeloma: A nano/micro approach (IPEM-IOP Series in Physics and Engineering in Medicine and Biology)
  ''978-0-7503-2546-2Anne MooreTranslational Biophotonics: Techniques, systems and applications (IOP Expanding Physics)
  ''978-0-7503-2550-9Emma Harris · Davide Fontanarosa · Frank VerhaegenModern Applications of 3/4D Ultrasound Imaging in Radiotherapy (IOP Expanding Physics)
2021978-0-7503-2554-7Ye ZhouSemiconducting Metal Oxide Thin-Film Transistors (IOP Expanding Physics)
2020978-0-7503-2559-2Andy RowlandsPhysics of Digital Photography, 2nd Edition (IOP Expanding Physics)
2019978-0-7503-2562-2Xiao-Zhang ZhangFlow Measurement by Electromagnetic Induction: Theory and Numerical Methods (IOP Series in Sensors and Sensor Systems)
2020978-0-7503-2566-0Susanne Klein · Carinna ParramanPrinting Technologies and Applications: A Multidisciplinary Roadmap (IOP Expanding Physics)
2019978-0-7503-2570-7Minoru FujimotoSolitons in Crystalline Processes, 2nd Edition: Irreversible Thermodynamics of Structural Phase Transitions and Superconductivity (IOP Expanding Physics)
2020978-0-7503-2574-5Sergey LeblePractical Electrodynamics with Advanced Applications (IOP Expanding Physics) (IOP Series in Emerging Technologies in Optics and Photonics)
2021978-0-7503-2578-3James MoffatA Mathematically Coherent Loop Quantum Gravity (IOP Expanding Physics)
2020978-0-7503-2586-8Andy LiWangMechanisms of Circadian Clocks (BPS-IOP Biophysical Society)
2021978-0-7503-2590-5Hardik N Patel · Deepak K Ghodgaonkar · Jasjit SuriBreast Image Reconstruction and Cancer Detection Using Microwave Imaging (IOP Expanding Physics)
2020978-0-7503-2594-3Megan PoveyPhysics in Food Manufacturing: Case studies in fundamental and applied research (IOP Expanding Physics)
2019978-0-7503-2602-5P K ThiruvikramanA Course on Digital Image Processing with MATLAB (R) (IOP Expanding Physics)
2020978-0-7503-2606-3Jose Maria De TeresaNanfabrication: Nanolithography techniques and their applications
2021978-0-7503-2610-0William WolfeRays, Waves and Photons: A compendium of foundations and emerging technologies of pure and applied optics (IOP Expanding Physics)
2020978-0-7503-2614-8Ashutosh Kumar ShuklaMagnetic Resonance Techniques for Archaeological and Cultural Heritage Research (IOP Expanding Physics)
2021978-0-7503-2618-6Russell Thomas · Richard A AmosDosimetry, QA and Auditing of Proton- and Ion-Beam Therapy Facilities (IOP Expanding Physics)
  ''978-0-7503-2622-3Robert J BrechaOptical Radiation and Matter (IOP Expanding Physics)
  ''978-0-7503-2626-1Nikola Sibalic · Charles S AdamsAn Interactive Guide to Quantum Optics (IOP Expanding Physics)
2021978-0-7503-2630-8James FoadiComputational Physics with R (IOP Expanding Physics)
  ''978-0-7503-2634-6Robert CreasePhilosophy of Physics: A new introduction (IOP Expanding Physics)
  ''978-0-7503-2638-4Sean D DevineAlgorithmic Information Theory for Physicists and Natural Scientists (IOP Expanding Physics)
  ''978-0-7503-2658-2Professor Alberto TagliaferroBiochar: Emerging Applications (IOP Expanding Physics)
  ''978-0-7503-2668-1Professor Christopher J. ConseliceThe Structural Evolution of Galaxies through Cosmic Time (AAS-IOP Astronomy)