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ISBN 978-1-223-00000-8 to 978-1-223-00513-3 < ISBN 978-1-223-00514-0 to 978-1-223-00932-2 > ISBN 978-1-223-00933-9 to 978-1-223-01401-2

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2010978-1-223-00514-0John H. HumphreyJournal of Roman Archaeology 2010
  ''978-1-223-00515-7Carroll PublishingMunicipal Directory 2010 (Carroll's Municipal Directory)
  ''978-1-223-00516-4Nashville Business JournalBusiness Journal Book of Lists 2010
  ''978-1-223-00517-1Thomas W. Hutchison · Peter B. Hoffman · Deborah Young · Sigmund G. PopkoFederal Sentencing Guidelines Manual
2011978-1-223-00518-8Not AvailableSRC Green Book of 50-Year Charts
2010978-1-223-00519-5Edward A. GoldmanHebrew Union College Annual 2008
2011978-1-223-00520-1Ted GoebelCurrent Research in the Pleistocene 2010
2010978-1-223-00521-8University of Hawaii. Center for Korean StudiesKorean Studies 2010
  ''978-1-223-00522-5A. Van Ginkel · Richard K. Olsson · Brian T. Huber · Christopher Hemleben · William A. BerggrenSystematics of the Eostaffellidae (SPECIAL PUBLICATION (CUSHMAN FOUNDATION FOR FORAMINIFERAL RESEARCH))
2009978-1-223-00523-2Department of General ServicesThe Lutheran Annual 2010: Of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod
2011978-1-223-00524-9Individual Investor's Guide to the Top Mutual Funds
2011978-1-223-00526-3Federation of American Hospitals2011 Directory of Investor-Owned Community Hospitals, Hospital Management Companies and Health Systems, Residential Treatment Facilities and Centers, ... (Directory of Investor-owned Hospitals)
  ''978-1-223-00527-0Beverage Marketing Corp.The Beverage Marketing Directory 2011
2010978-1-223-00528-7NAAB 64th Annual Convention 2010 (National Association of Animal Breeders Proceedings)
  ''978-1-223-00530-0United States Supreme CourtDecisions of the United States Supreme Court: 2009-2010 Term: Lawyers' Edition / 1963-64 Term Through 2009-10 Term: Cumulative Case Table
2011978-1-223-00531-7U. S. Pharmacopeial ConventionU.S. Pharmacopeia National Formulary 2011: USP 34 NF 29 (United States Pharmacopeia/National Formulary)
  ''978-1-223-00532-42011 USP NF Supplement (United States Pharmacopeia/National Formulary)
2010978-1-223-00533-1Not AvailableArchives of Asian Art 2010
2011978-1-223-00535-5Patricia WickhamStatistical Abstract of Oklahoma 2010
2010978-1-223-00536-2Not Available2010 Journal of the Association of Asphalt Paving Technologists (Asphalt Paving Technology)
  ''978-1-223-00537-9   ''Musica Disciplina: A Yearbook of the History of Music
2010978-1-223-00539-32010 Uker's International Tea and Coffee Buyer's Guide (Ukers' Tea and Coffee Global Directory and Buyers Guide)
2010978-1-223-00540-9Not AvailableContractors: Apparel Production Sourcebook: American Edition
  ''978-1-223-00541-6   ''Bank Financial Quarterly
  ''978-1-223-00542-3Inc. IDC Financial PublishingBank Financial Quarterly: Second Quarter 2010 Report: October/November 2010
  ''978-1-223-00543-0Fire Resistance Directory 2010
  ''978-1-223-00544-7Law Bulletin Publishing Co.Sullivan's Law Directory: The Illinois Attorney's Directory Since 1876: 2010-2011 (Sullivan's Law Directory for the State of Illinois)
2010978-1-223-00545-4Not AvailableS&L Savings Bank Financial Quarterly
  ''978-1-223-00546-1   ''S&L Savings Bank Financial Quarterly: Second Quarter 2010 Report
2011978-1-223-00548-5Recycling Today Media GroupRecycling Today 2011 Equipment and Services Buyers' Guide (Recycling Today's Equipment & Services Buying Guide)
  ''978-1-223-00549-2Not Available2011 Private Label Directory
2010978-1-223-00550-8Harold E., Jr. Hinds · Charles M. TatumStudies in Latin American Popular Culture 2010
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2011978-1-223-00552-2Matt BakerChicago Area Banks 2011
2007978-1-223-00574-4The 2007 Entertainment Media & Advertising Research Handbook
2011978-1-223-00575-1American Association of Textile Chemists and ColoristsAATCC Technical Manual
2010978-1-223-00576-8Jonathan A. Campbell · Eric N. Smith · Jeffrey Streicher · Manuel E. Acevedo · Edmund D., Jr. BrodieNew Salamanders Caudata: Plethodontidae from Guatemala, With Miscellaneous Notes on Known Species (Miscellaneous Publications: Museum of Zoology, University of Michigan)
1993978-1-223-00577-5John R. Jagoe1993 Export Sales and Marketing Manual
2010978-1-223-00578-2Claitors Pub. DivisionCatalog of Federal Domestic Assistance 2010 Binder Only
2011978-1-223-00579-9CorfactsNew Jersey's Premier Business to Business Directory 2011 (New Jersey's Business to Business Directory)
  ''978-1-223-00580-5Susan R. BoatrightGeorgia 2011 County Guide (Georgia County Guide)
2011978-1-223-00581-2Chris BeazleyBlue Book of College Athletics 2010-2011: For Senior, Junior & Community Colleges (Blue Book of College Athletics for Senior, Junior and Community Colleges)
2009978-1-223-00582-9Not AvailableThe 2009-2010 Directory of Legal Aid and Defender Offices and Resources (Directory of Legal Aid and Defender Offices in the United States)
2010978-1-223-00583-6Rutgers Continuing Studies Center2008 New Jersey Legislative District Data Book
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  ''978-1-223-00586-7Not AvailablePharmaceutical Marketers Directory 2010 2011
2011978-1-223-00587-4Shoe Trades PublicationsRetail Buyer's Guide 2011
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2011978-1-223-00590-4Not AvailableS&L Savings Bank Financial Quarterly: Fourth Quarter 2010 Report
  ''978-1-223-00592-8Robert BoulangerAmerican Recycling Market Directory 2011: Reference Manual (American Recycling Market Directory/Reference Manual)
  ''978-1-223-00593-5National Association of Schools of Art and Design Handbook 2010/11
  ''978-1-223-00594-2National Association of Schools of MusicNational Association of Schools of Music Handbook 2010-11
2009978-1-223-00595-9Epm CommunicationsTLL Licensing Letter Sourcebook 2010
2011978-1-223-00596-6Medical Society of the State of New York · Annette DobsonMedical Directory of New York State 2011-2012
  ''978-1-223-00597-3Not Available2011 Glass Factory Directory
2011978-1-223-00599-7International Franchise AssociationFranchise Opportunities Guide: Spring/Summer 2011
2010978-1-223-00600-0U. S. Department of the InteriorMinerals Yearbook Area Reports: International Review 2008: Africa and the Middle East (MINERALS YEARBOOK VOLUME 3: AREA REPORTS: INTERNATIONAL REVIEW, AFRICA AND THE MIDDLE EAST)
2009978-1-223-00601-7Ken Fisher25 Money Killing Myths and How to Avoid Them: Your Guide to Not Repeating the Mistakes Everyone Else Makes
1969978-1-223-00604-8Minoru TsutsuiInternet Addiction: A Handbook and Guide to Evaluation and Treatment
1980978-1-223-00609-3Emily DickinsonActs of Light: Emily Dickinson
1973978-1-223-00610-9Wanda M. CornArt of Andrew Wyeth
2005978-1-223-00612-3Gladys Rosa-MendozaThe Alphabet
  ''978-1-223-00613-0Gladys Rosa-MendozaNumbers
2007978-1-223-00622-2Dani RodrikOne Economics, Many Recipes: Globalization, Institutions & E
1962978-1-223-00631-4Fyodor DostoyevskyIdiot
1975978-1-223-00632-1Frank WebbLet's Draw
1997978-1-223-00639-0Survey of Predecessor and Defunct Companies 1997
2010978-1-223-00640-6CQ Researcher January-December 2009
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1991978-1-223-00649-9Dinosaur Books
1995978-1-223-00651-2Mercer MayerLittle Look-look Books
1979978-1-223-00652-9VenutoFluid Catalytic Cracking With Zeplite Catalysts (Chemical Industries Ser, Vol 1)
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2008978-1-223-00675-8Martin SheenDinosaur (Eyewitness Videos)
2011978-1-223-00676-5Inc. Dorling KindersleyFlight
2006978-1-223-00677-2Martin SheenVolcano (Eyewitness Videos)
  ''978-1-223-00678-9   ''Rock and Mineral
2006978-1-223-00680-2Martin SheenWeather (Eyewitness Videos)
2011978-1-223-00681-9Inc. Dorling KindersleyElephant
  ''978-1-223-00683-3   ''Life (Eyewitness Videos)
2010978-1-223-00685-7   ''Dog (Eyewitness Videos)
  ''978-1-223-00687-1   ''Desert (Eyewitness Videos)
2008978-1-223-00688-8   ''Amphibian (Eyewitness Videos)
2008978-1-223-00689-5Inc. Dorling KindersleyHuman Machine (Eyewitness Videos)
2009978-1-223-00690-1   ''Prehistoric Life
  ''978-1-223-00691-8   ''Horse
2006978-1-223-00693-2Martin SheenBird (Eyewitness Videos)
  ''978-1-223-00695-6   ''Skeleton (Eyewitness Videos)
2007978-1-223-00696-3   ''Reptile (Eyewitness Videos)
  ''978-1-223-00697-0Andrew SachsPlanets (Eyewitness Videos)
2006978-1-223-00698-7Martin SheenShark (Eyewitness Videos)
2006978-1-223-00700-7Martin SheenButterfly and Moth (Eyewitness Videos)
  ''978-1-223-00701-4   ''Mammal (Eyewitness Videos)
  ''978-1-223-00702-1   ''Pond and River (Eyewitness Videos)
2003978-1-223-00720-5Leslie SteinThe Hope Fulfilled: The Rise Of Modern Israel (Praeger Series on Jewish and Israeli Studies)
  ''978-1-223-00723-6Stephen D. WrageImmaculate Warfare: Participants Reflect On The Air Campaigns Over Kosovo, Afghanistan, And Iraq
  ''978-1-223-00729-8Claudia Durst Johnson · Vernon E. JohnsonUnderstanding The Odyssey: A Casebook To Issues, Sources, And Historic Documents (Literature in Context)
2006978-1-223-00736-6Andrew SachsOcean (Eyewitness Videos)
2006978-1-223-00737-3Martin SheenRock and Mineral (Eyewitness Videos)
  ''978-1-223-00739-7   ''Volcano (Eyewitness Videos)
  ''978-1-223-00741-0   ''Fish (Eyewitness Videos)
2006978-1-223-00742-7Martin SheenInsect (Eyewitness Videos)
  ''978-1-223-00743-4   ''Mammal (Eyewitness Videos)
  ''978-1-223-00744-1   ''Pond and River (Eyewitness Videos)
  ''978-1-223-00745-8   ''Shark (Eyewitness Videos)
  ''978-1-223-00746-5   ''Skeleton (Eyewitness Videos)
2008978-1-223-00747-2Martin SheenArctic and Antarctic (Eyewitness Videos)
2007978-1-223-00748-9Andrew SachsPlanets
2008978-1-223-00750-2Martin SheenDinosaur (Eyewitness Videos)
  ''978-1-223-00765-6Sharon StilesHuman Machine
2009978-1-223-00767-0Bill ButtJungle (Eyewitness Videos)
2011978-1-223-00768-7Inc. Dorling KindersleyLife (Dk Eyewitness Videos)
2006978-1-223-00769-4Martin SheenMammal
2009978-1-223-00770-0Inc. Dorling KindersleyNatural Disasters (Eyewitness Videos)
2007978-1-223-00772-4David StaffordPlanets (Eyewitness DVD)
2006978-1-223-00773-1Inc. Dorling KindersleyPlant (Dk Eyewitness)
  ''978-1-223-00774-8Martin SheenPond and River (Dk Eyewitness Books)
2009978-1-223-00775-5Inc. Dorling KindersleyPrehistoric Life (Eyewitness Videos)
2006978-1-223-00777-9Martin SheenRock and Mineral (Dk Eyewitness Books)
  ''978-1-223-00779-3Bill ButtShark
  ''978-1-223-00780-9Martin SheenSkeleton
2006978-1-223-00783-0Inc. Dorling KindersleyWeather (Eyewitness Books)
2010978-1-223-00839-4Lewis E. LosoncyEarly Poppers: People Who 'Get It' and 'Make the Most of It!'
2002978-1-223-00844-8Peter Liddle · Ian Whitehead · John BourneThe Great World War 1914-1945: Lighting Strikes Twice
2011978-1-223-00846-2Loops & ThreadsHo Ho Celebrations: 22 Holiday Projects to Knit or Crochet
2004978-1-223-00855-4Sandra S. Eaton · Gareth R. Eaton · Lawrence J. BerlinerBiomedical Epr / Edited By Sandra S. Eaton, Gareth R. Eaton, Lawrence J. Berliner (Biological Magnetic Resonance)
2010978-1-223-00862-2Clark NortonCruising Alaska: A Guide to the Ships & Ports of Call
2008978-1-223-00864-6Keith L. WhitingHunter Adventure Guide Barbados (Hunter Adventure Guides)
1987978-1-223-00865-3Hilary BradtBackpacking and Trekking in Peru and Bolivia
2011978-1-223-00866-02011 Apparel Production Sourcebook: American Edition
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2012978-1-223-00868-4   ''Franchise and Business Opportunities: The Key to Independence, Economic Growth, Stability (Franchise and Business Opportunities Directory)
2011978-1-223-00869-1Mike McCueCotton International 2011: The Voice of the Global Cotton Community
  ''978-1-223-00870-7Not AvailableTop 500 Design Sourcebook 2011 (Top 500 Design Firms Sourcebook)
  ''978-1-223-00871-4John GreenfieldtShort Story Index 2010: An Index to Stories in Collections and Periodicals
  ''978-1-223-00873-8Not AvailableGetting On Air, Online and into Print 2011: A Guide to Chicago-area Media and Beyond
2011978-1-223-00874-5American Zoo and Aquarium AssociationAssociation of Zoos and Aquariums Membership Directory 2011
  ''978-1-223-00875-2Diesel & Gas Turbine PulicationsGlobal Sourcing Guide 2011 (Diesel & Gas Turbine Sourcing Guide)
  ''978-1-223-00876-9Health Industry Buyers GuideHealth Industry Buyers Guide 2011
2010978-1-223-00878-3Igor I. KavassKavass' s Guide to the United States Treaties in Force 2009
2011978-1-223-00879-0National Association of Schools of Art and Design Directory 2011
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2006978-1-223-00881-3Marguerite BarrettThe Rutgers Art Review, 2006
2007978-1-223-00882-0Marguerite BarrettThe Rutgers Art Review, 2007
2009978-1-223-00883-7   ''The Rutgers Art Review, 2008
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  ''978-1-223-00895-0   ''Players Directory: July 2011, Issue 229
2010978-1-223-00896-7American Music Research Center Journal
2011978-1-223-00897-4Not AvailableProceedings of the Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies 2010 (Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies Proceedings)
2013978-1-223-00900-1United State Trade RepresentativeTrade Policy Agenda 2010 and Annual Report 2009: Of the President of the United States on the Trade Agreements Program (TRADE POLICY AGENDA AND ANNUAL ... STATES ON THE TRADE AGREEMENTS PROGRAM)
2011978-1-223-00901-8CongressUnited States Code 2006: Supplement 3
  ''978-1-223-00902-52009 Voluntary Support of Education
  ''978-1-223-00903-2The Geophysical Directory 2011
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2011978-1-223-00905-6Hat Life Directory 2011
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2011978-1-223-00910-0Government Publications OfficeCongressional Directory (Pictorial): 112th Congress
  ''978-1-223-00911-7Charles E. SchumerCongressional Pictorial Directory June 2011: 112th Congress (OFFICIAL CONGRESSIONAL DIRECTORY PICTORIAL)
  ''978-1-223-00912-4Not AvailableGlobal Stock Markets Factbook 2011
  ''978-1-223-00913-1Epm CommunicationsTLL Licensing Letter Sourcebook 2011
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2011978-1-223-00915-5Not AvailableThe 2011-2012 Directory of Legal Aid and Defender Offices and Resources (Directory of Legal Aid and Defender Offices in the United States)
  ''978-1-223-00916-2Carroll PublishingState Directory: Executive, Legislative, Judical: 2011 Annual Edition (CARROLL'S STATE DIRECTORY)
  ''978-1-223-00917-9Collegiate DirectoriesThe 2011-2012 National Directory of College Athletics: Combined Men's and Women's Edition
  ''978-1-223-00918-6Inc. James PublishingRainbow Resources Directory Social Service 2011-2012: Orange County (Rainbow Resources Directory: Orange County)
2012978-1-223-00919-3Lippincott and Peto Inc.Rubber Red Book 2012: The Buyer's Guide for the Rubber Industry
2011978-1-223-00920-9Edward NeilesThe New York Red Book 2011
  ''978-1-223-00921-6Not AvailablePhilosophy and Language (Proceedings of the American Catholic Philosophical Association)
2012978-1-223-00922-3Epm CommunicationsResearch Alert Yearbook 2012
2011978-1-223-00923-0Not AvailableMSA Profile 2012: Metropolitan Area Projections
2011978-1-223-00924-7Inc. Woods & Poole EconomicsState Profile New York and New Jersey 2012: State and County Projections to 2040
  ''978-1-223-00925-4Not AvailableBaking Snack Directory and Buyer's Guide 2011
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2011978-1-223-00927-8John H. Humphrey · Mark LandonJournal of Roman Archaeology 2011
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  ''978-1-223-00929-22011 Human Services Directory of Massachuttes (Human Service Referral Directory of Massachusetts)
2010978-1-223-00930-8Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers American Society of HeatingASHRAE Transactions 2010: Papers Presented at the 2010 Winter Conference in Orlando, Florida of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers, Inc.
  ''978-1-223-00931-5American Society of Heating Refrigerating and Air-conditioning EngineeASHRAE Transactions 2010: Papers Presented at the 2010 Annual Conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Condtitioning Engineers, Inc.
2011978-1-223-00932-2Not AvailableASHRAE Transactions 2011: Papers Presented at the 2011 Winter Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-conditioning Engineers, Inc.