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2014978-0-646-91432-9Jessica Cottis · JG Montgomery · Peter Holland · Joel Pea · Mark Mason · Brian Rosenberg · Shedea · Chris CarlsenCapital Reflections
2013978-0-646-91463-3Angelo DagnelloThe Long Ride
  ''978-0-646-91472-5Amanda BattleyOrganic Fusion - Conscious Food for the Mind, Body and Soul
  ''978-0-646-91480-0Alexandra StuartLily the Pug- Lily and the Monster Under the House
  ''978-0-646-91485-5F. T. BearConnor Finn: The Secret of Snow
  ''978-0-646-91494-7Sean KenanTwo Fiddles
2014978-0-646-91503-6Wayne HarrisonFrom Hope to Strategy
2014978-0-646-91505-0Blakston AngelaNow I See: The Enriching Journey of Raising Children with Down Syndrome
  ''978-0-646-91535-7Dianne Salvador · Rachel CollingsMentoring Doctors: How to Design and Implement a Junior Doctor Mentoring Program
  ''978-0-646-91553-1Daniel WeberBotanical Oncology; Isolates
  ''978-0-646-91570-8Terry SpringA Tambo Girl: Hester Jane's Story
  ''978-0-646-91592-0Fern LevackAloha to Zen: The Art of Surfing & Living on Earth
2014978-0-646-91603-3Lizzie MidgleyMy secret dinosaur
  ''978-0-646-91604-0Maxine RennardThe Snail ate the mail postcards
  ''978-0-646-91619-4Irene BarreraWhat if the End is not the End?
  ''978-0-646-91625-5Jaman TreeI Crow River - Jaman Tree
  ''978-0-646-91645-3Rod StrachanThe Making of the Cow Tit Warrior
2014978-0-646-91652-1Michael HeffernanBury my Mare at Glenrowan
  ''978-0-646-91659-0Elaine WestleyAnnie's Way
  ''978-0-646-91663-7Elizabeth G. ArthurThe Women's Den
  ''978-0-646-91670-5Robert RyanRenown of the Raithlin: Book One of the Raithlindrath Series
  ''978-0-646-91681-1Kate LovedayA Modern Woman: Book Three of the Redwood Trilogy
2011978-0-646-91699-6Nantah EnsomWhen Spirit Stepped In - A journey of a healer
2013978-0-646-91716-0Sean MuirHamburger Highways
2014978-0-646-91742-9Holly GreenHealthy Mumma Healthy Bubba Cookbook & Wellbeing Guide for Toddlers
2015978-0-646-91800-6Phillip Gwynne · Eliza McCannMy Awesome Bali Adventure
2014978-0-646-91815-0Little Miracle
2014978-0-646-91818-1Wendy MiltonSophie's Return: Book Two of Zach's Story
  ''978-0-646-91819-8Wendy MiltonNemesis: Book Three of Zach's Story (First Edition)
  ''978-0-646-91851-8Shirley Hardy-Rix · Brian RixTwo for the Road
  ''978-0-646-91874-7Sherrie Ann WoutersLife Lived Twice
  ''978-0-646-91882-2A M BarlowCall Of The Jungle: How a Camping-Hating City-Slicker Mum Survived an Ultra Endurance Race through the Amazon Jungle
2014978-0-646-91911-9Jane E. HuntMultisport Dreaming: The Foundations of Triathlon in Australia
  ''978-0-646-91929-4Sue CroftPelvic Floor Essentials
  ''978-0-646-91933-1Elizabeth 'Lish' SkecBreath
  ''978-0-646-91941-6Beate Maria SommerHorses and Nature as a Path to Awakening -31 Authentic Voice Cards for Heart Centered Emotional Intelligence
  ''978-0-646-91962-1Shirley a. Westaway · Marge a. Arnup · Gavin J. WestawayFamily, Community, Philanthropy: The Story of Aged Care in Prom Country
2014978-0-646-91999-7Talia Eilon · Lorna Hendry · Mark Russell DeanA Storytelling of Ravens: The Best of Little Raven Publishing 2011-2014
  ''978-0-646-92024-5P. S. ClinenTenebrae Manor
  ''978-0-646-92111-2Jen Appreneur · Trish RockYour Awesome Life!: 90 Ways To Add More Awesome Every Day (Volume 1)
  ''978-0-646-92122-8Ilana HoffmanLicence To Krill
  ''978-0-646-92126-6Jaquelyn MullerElizabeth Rose on Parade
2014978-0-646-92142-6Catriona PollardFrom Unknown To Expert
  ''978-0-646-92167-9Lisa ConwayNaked Salon: An Essential Guide to Time, Team and Money for Salon Owners
  ''978-0-646-92187-7Janis CookThe Rest for Pianists: essential keyboard excerpts from great ensemble literature
  ''978-0-646-92188-4Michelle LowbeerWhat Hannah Found
  ''978-0-646-92190-7Uzi WieselJ.S. Bach Cello Suites: Edited by Uzi Wiesel
2014978-0-646-92202-7Iwan SunitoIwan Sunito: From Borneo to Bloomberg: A comeback story & 13 principles for success
  ''978-0-646-92214-0Lea RebaneIt Could Be Forever
  ''978-0-646-92241-6Rosemary OsborneAqueous
  ''978-0-646-92258-4Wilson McOristThe Scruffy Martyr and the Resplendent Gentleman
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2014978-0-646-92334-5Rose Petch · Jeff PetchA LOVE GUIDE OUT OF THE BLUE: ROMANCE AND MARRIAGE TOO
  ''978-0-646-92341-3Joel J Nathan OAMDamn the diagnosis: How I survived cancer
  ''978-0-646-92345-1Elemer Ferenc SzaboWinning Revolution
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2015978-0-646-92371-0Julie HackMaxi Sensory Play: Birth to 24 Months
2014978-0-646-92382-6Geoff MacDonald · Graeme Wright · Hans BossertWoodleigh Bullets Loading Manual
2014978-0-646-92384-0S. Collins · E. CollinsThe Time Travellers Go to War
  ''978-0-646-92433-5Bernadette McLean UK · Jodi Clements AU · Managing Editor Jillian ZocherThe Australian Dyslexia Learning Difference Handbook
  ''978-0-646-92441-0Clare November MilesPainted Ladies
  ''978-0-646-92459-5Marshall Paul103 Golden Tips to Turbo Charge Your Employees, Skyrocket Productivity and Get More Output
  ''978-0-646-92467-0Adrian HanksWhere Am 'I' Right Now?: Physically - Emotionally - Mentally - Spiritually
2014978-0-646-92484-7Mitchell WaltonMy Distant Shadow
  ''978-0-646-92498-4Robert RyanLore of the Letharn (The Raithlindrath Series) (Volume 2)
  ''978-0-646-92505-9Irene CarboneThe Lulus - Magic Blue Canoe
2015978-0-646-92507-3Ray CollinsFound At Sea - The Photography of Ray Collins
2014978-0-646-92524-0Daniel WhiteRepublic Earth
  ''978-0-646-92526-4Courtney TaylorSaint Wally
  ''978-0-646-92530-1Terri CracknellGoats in Boats
978-0-646-92536-3Nibbles for Bubbles
2014978-0-646-92580-6L T GibbonsProject Ark (Volume 1)
2014978-0-646-92581-3Lea The HealerAcceptance
2015978-0-646-92589-9Leonie Dawson2015 Create Your Shining Year in Life & Business Workbook
2014978-0-646-92634-6Michael WilliamsThe Tasmanian Tiger: Extinct or Extant?
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978-0-646-92690-2Rise to Power Card Game
2014978-0-646-92708-4Bishops Commission for Pastoral LifeAnointed and Sent: Australian Vision for Youth Catholic Ministry
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2013978-0-646-92760-2Sara Austin Corbett · Robin Geradts-Gill"All About The Ukulele And How To Do It"
2015978-0-646-92764-0Ms Benita Kelly · Laurie KellyI've inherited my parents!: Practical ideas to keep you and your loved ones engaged with life
2014978-0-646-92768-8Miss Lisa C SperringAffinity: The Soul Keeper (The Soul Series) (Volume 1)
2014978-0-646-92776-3Margaret MorrellTowards Gold-Standard Supervision: A Guide for Supervisors
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2015978-0-646-92812-8N.N. TrakakisAppearance and Reality
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2015978-0-646-92872-2LT GibbonsOperation Earth (Project Ark) (Volume 2)
2014978-0-646-92879-1Brenda Irene ArberHEAR MY WORDS The Understanding Will Follow: The Teachings of Brother John Through the Trance Mediumship of Brenda Arber
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2014978-0-646-92945-3Simon K MilneBreakfast With A Business Coach: 5 Simple Steps To Transform Your Career And Your Life
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2015978-0-646-92963-7Lambe ChrisWhat They Didn't Tell Me About Suffering: The Unseen Road To Recovery
2014978-0-646-92964-4Brita LeeThe Panopticon Deception (The Chimera Trilogy)
2015978-0-646-93004-6Nick BetarTime Vault series
2014978-0-646-93025-1Mathias HengFinding Hope
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  ''978-0-646-93080-0Sabine NielsenMemories in my Luggage Literary Portraits of German Migrants to Australia
2014978-0-646-93085-5Peace M Mitchell · Katy GarnerHow to create your own successful and profitable business from home
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  ''978-0-646-93133-3Andrew R BlachutGet More For Your Home: Join the real estate revolution! Save thousands with your Agent Assisted Private Sale!
2015978-0-646-93141-8Ron Fellowes · Lynne FellowesNo Room for Watermelons
2014978-0-646-93145-6Natasha StricklandZecharia
2015978-0-646-93156-2Maggie SydenhamGetting Older, Getting Better: Your retirement can be a time of achievement and fulfilment
2014978-0-646-93181-4Andrea N DrewGypsy Hunted (Gypsy Medium)
2015978-0-646-93191-3Poliness GraniaPlating Up History: The Story of Australian Souvenir China
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2014978-0-646-93197-5Sally Waters86 Dumplings Of Insight Into China: Stories About China, China's People And The Chinese Way Of Life
2015978-0-646-93204-0Will BrodieReality Check: Travels in the Australian Ice Hockey League
2015978-0-646-93208-8Glenda May52 Ways to Steer your Career
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2014978-0-646-93313-9John PetersonThe Entrepreneurs Guide to Business Mastery
2015978-0-646-93337-5Endre Vadasz · Esther GyorkiEx Libris Ad Perpetuum
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  ''978-0-646-93376-4Mick Kenny.How To Sell Aan Igloo In The Outback! The Tightly Kept Marketing Secrets Every Small Business Owner Should Know.
  ''978-0-646-93379-5Tegan Lee SPinkUpside Down Ava
2015978-0-646-93401-3Kaye McFarlaneHere Come the Girls
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2015978-0-646-93428-0Julie HackMaxi Toddler Play 2 years to 3 years
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2015978-0-646-93451-8Angelo Raffaele DagnelloA Journey Called Speranza
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  ''978-0-646-93465-5Bettina MelherDecide
2015978-0-646-93487-7Emma Franklin BellHow to Run a Preschool Dance Studio: The 7 Step System to Create, Grow and Expand Your Preschool Dance Classes
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2015978-0-646-93648-2Brett JonesAwaken - Your Ultimate Spiritual Journey
2014978-0-646-93653-6Toni Lamond · Ron Creager at the PianoToni Lamond Invites You To; the Ultimate Anzac Sing-a-long
2016978-0-646-93656-7The Worm is Turning
2015978-0-646-93657-4Robert LawlorThe Geometry of the End of Time
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  ''978-0-646-93738-0Marc LindsayPerigord
2015978-0-646-93771-7Karen J MorleyGender Balanced Leadership: An Executive Guide
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2015978-0-646-93959-9John Sharpe · Betty SharpeThe Tugutil: The true story of God's life-changing work among the Tugutil people of Indonesia
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2016978-0-646-95190-4Rafael AraujoGolden Ratio Coloring Book by Artist Rafael Araujo
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2018978-0-646-98856-6Mellissa Christie2019 PCOS Journal: Supporting women to nurture their health and fertility
  ''978-0-646-98945-7Bill WilsonCastieau's Castle: A Short History of the Beechworth Gaol 1853 to 1900