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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2009978-1-223-00000-8Not Available2009 Journal of the Association of Asphalt Paving Technologists (Asphalt Paving Technology)
  ''978-1-223-00001-5John V. FlaconieriTheatre Annual: A Journal of Performance Studies
  ''978-1-223-00002-2Edward A. GoldmanHebrew Union College Annual 2007
2010978-1-223-00003-9Data Financial PressWho Audits America: Corporations & Accountants: A Directory of Publicly Traded Companies & the Accounting Firms Who Audit Them, December 2009
2011978-1-223-00004-6Texas Lakes & Bays 2010 Fishing Atlas (Texas Lakes and Bays Fishing Atlas)
2009978-1-223-00005-3James L. SwansonFirst Amendment Law Handbook 2009-2010
  ''978-1-223-00006-0Ted GoebelCurrent Research in the Pleistocene 2009
2010978-1-223-00007-7Not AvailableNew Jersey Business-To-Business Directory 2010 (NEW JERSEY'S BUSINESS TO BUSINESS DIRECTORY)
2009978-1-223-00008-4John GreenfieldtShort Story Index 2005-2009: An Index to Stories in Collections and Periodicals (Permanent Cumulations)
2010978-1-223-00009-1International Directory of Importers 2010
  ''978-1-223-00010-7InterdataThe International Directory of Importers Africa 2010
2010978-1-223-00011-4Not AvailableThe International Directory of Importers: ASIA/ PACIFIC 2010
  ''978-1-223-00012-1   ''The International Directory of Importers Middle East 2010
  ''978-1-223-00013-8InterdataThe International Directory of Agents, Distributors & Wholesalers
  ''978-1-223-00014-5Chris BeazleyBlue Book of College Athletics 2009-2010: For Senior, Junior & Community Colleges (Blue Book of College Athletics for Senior, Junior and Community Colleges)
  ''978-1-223-00016-9AATCC Technical Manual 2010
2010978-1-223-00017-6Architectural Index for 2009
  ''978-1-223-00018-3Inc. Key MapsHouston Harris County Atlas
  ''978-1-223-00019-0Not AvailableRV Buyers Guide 2010
  ''978-1-223-00020-6Newsclip's Illinois Media 2010
  ''978-1-223-00021-3Not AvailableStandard & Poor's Register of Corporations, Directors and Executives 2010 (STANDARD AND POOR'S REGISTER OF CORPORATIONS, DIRECTORS AND EXECUTIVES)
2010978-1-223-00022-0Susan R. BoatrightGeorgia County Guide 2010
2009978-1-223-00023-7Not AvailablePhotonics Directory 2009
2010978-1-223-00024-4   ''Photonics Buyers Guide 2010 (Photonics Directory)
  ''978-1-223-00025-12008 Proceedings of the Annual Conference on Taxation
2009978-1-223-00026-8Consumer Reports MagazineConsumer Reports Buying Guide 2010
2010978-1-223-00027-5National Association of Schools of Art and Design Directory 2010
  ''978-1-223-00028-2National Association of Schools of Music 2010 Directory (National Association of Schools of Music Directory)
  ''978-1-223-00029-9New York American Marketing AssociationGreenBook Worldwide Directory of Marketing Research Companies and Services, 2010/2011
  ''978-1-223-00030-5Top 500 Design Sourcebook 2010 (Top 500 Design Firms Sourcebook)
2010978-1-223-00031-2LACUS Forum 35
  ''978-1-223-00032-9LACUS Forum 36
2011978-1-223-00033-6Not AvailablePhotonics Buyers Guide 2011 (Photonics Directory)
2009978-1-223-00034-3Igor I. KavassKavass' s Guide to the United States Treaties in Force 2008
2010978-1-223-00035-0Frank Heidlberger · Thomas R. Dunlap · Annie ProulxTheoria: Historical Aspects of Music Theory
  ''978-1-223-00036-7Not AvailableSmall Business Economy 2009 (Small Business in the Economy)
  ''978-1-223-00037-4Inc. Woods & Poole EconomicsMSA Profile 2011: Metropolitan Area Projections to 2040
2011978-1-223-00038-1Not AvailableProceedings of the Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies (Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies Proceedings)
2010978-1-223-00039-82010 Editor and Publisher Syndicate Directory
  ''978-1-223-00040-4Not AvailableThe Almanac of the Canning, Freezing, Preserving Industries 2010-2011: 91th Compilation of Basic References for the Canning, Freezing, Preserving and Allied Industries
2010978-1-223-00041-12010 Metropolitan Washington Regional Directory
  ''978-1-223-00042-8Data Financial PressWho Audits America: Corporations & Accountants: A Directory of Publicly Traded Companies & the Accounting Firms Who Audit Them, June 2010
  ''978-1-223-00043-5NCAA Baseball Rules 2011-2012
2009978-1-223-00044-2Scott DeitchNcaa Football Rules and Interpretations 2009-2010
  ''978-1-223-00045-9Paul J. DuffyNcaa Men's and Women's Ice Hockey Rules and Interpretations 2008-2010
  ''978-1-223-00046-6Marty BensonNcaa Men's and Women's Skiing Rules 2010-2011
2009978-1-223-00047-3C. Cliff McCrath · Christina M. SchluepNcaa Men's and Women's Soccer Rules 2008-2009
  ''978-1-223-00048-0Susan Petersen LubowNcaa Men's and Women's Swimming and Diving Rules 2008-2009
2010978-1-223-00049-7Barbara KalbusNcaa Water Polo Rules 2010-2012
2003978-1-223-00050-3Franciscan Studies 2002
2009978-1-223-00052-7Not AvailableDr. Seuss Bundle
  ''978-1-223-00056-5LoftRenovating Your Home: Sofas and Beds
2010978-1-223-00057-2Marta SerratsColor & Texture
1995978-1-223-00058-9Not AvailableCzech Republic and Slovakia (AMERICAN GEOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY AROUND THE WORLD PROGRAM SERIES)
2010978-1-223-00059-6Radio Amateur Callbook 2010
  ''978-1-223-00062-6Inc. Dorling KindersleyDesert
2006978-1-223-00065-7Eyewitness Butterfly & Moth (Dk Eyewitness Books)
  ''978-1-223-00066-4Inc. Dorling KindersleyOcean
2006978-1-223-00067-1Inc. Dorling KindersleyPlant
  ''978-1-223-00068-8   ''Eyewitness Skeleton (Dk Eyewitness Books)
  ''978-1-223-00069-5Not AvailableFish
2008978-1-223-00071-8Inc. Dorling KindersleyHuman Machine (Eyewitness Videos)
  ''978-1-223-00072-5Martin SheenDinosaur (Dk Eyewitness DVD)
2006978-1-223-00073-2Bill ButtMammal (Dk Eyewitness Books)
2007978-1-223-00075-6David Stafford · Bill ButtPlanets
2006978-1-223-00076-3Inc. Dorling KindersleyPond & River (Dk Eyewitness Books)
2009978-1-223-00077-0   ''Prehistoric Life
2006978-1-223-00082-4Martin SheenRock and Mineral (Dk Eyewitness Books)
2009978-1-223-00084-8American Statistical AssociationJSM Proceedings 2009: Papers Presented at the Joint Statistical Meetings Washington, DC, August 1-6, 2009 and other ASA-Sponsored Conferences
2008978-1-223-00085-5Inc. Dorling KindersleyAmphibian (Eyewitness Videos)
1982978-1-223-00087-9Time-Life BooksThe Prairie Traveler
2006978-1-223-00088-6Chris ClarkNutritional Supplements
2010978-1-223-00089-3Cat Sitter DVD Trilogy - Vol 1, Vol 2 and Vol 3
2008978-1-223-00090-9Rosemary DayCommunity Radio in Ireland: Participation and Multi-flows of Communication
1984978-1-223-00091-6Enzo AngelucciWorld War II Airplanes (English and Italian Edition)
2010978-1-223-00093-0Church History 2011 Calendar
2008978-1-223-00094-7Eugene McnultyThe Ulster Literary Theatre and the Northern Revival
2009978-1-223-00096-1Geotermal Resources CouncilGeothermal 2009: Making Renewable Energy Hot! (Transactions)
1998978-1-223-00114-2Irma Munguia ZatarainLarousse Gramatica De LA Lengua Espanola Relgas Y Ejercicios/Grammer for Spanish Speakers: Spanish Language Grammar: Rules and Exercises (Spanish Edition)
2006978-1-223-00116-6Eyeiwitness Rock & Mineral
2001978-1-223-00207-1Llp Arthur AndersonBest Practices: Building Your Business With Customer Based Solutions
1994978-1-223-00214-9Minerals Yearbook: Domestic, 1990 (MINERALS YEARBOOK VOLUME 2: DOMESTIC)
1992978-1-223-00215-6David R. SmithA Synopsis on the Sawflies (MEMOIRS OF THE AMERICAN ENTOMOLOGICAL SOCIETY)
1991978-1-223-00217-0G. BarnaWithout a Vision the People Perish
1992978-1-223-00219-4Minerals Yearbook, 1990: International, Part 5: Mineral Industries of Europe and U.S.S.R. (MINERALS YEARBOOK VOLUME 3: INTERNATIONAL MINERAL INDUSTRIES OF EUROPE AND CENTRAL EURASIA)
1982978-1-223-00220-0George Verbeck Symposium on Sulfate Resistance of Concrete (American Concrete Institute Special Publication)
1985978-1-223-00221-7Isabella Aiona AbbottTaxonomy of Economic Seaweeds With Reference to Some Pacific and Caribbean Species
1990978-1-223-00222-4Jeff SorgSongs Say So Much/Cassette
2010978-1-223-00223-1James Patterson · Ned RustDaniel X: Watch the Skies
1977978-1-223-00268-2William ShakespeareHamlet
2010978-1-223-00300-9Not AvailableGlobal Sourcing Guide 2010
2009978-1-223-00301-6American Gas AssociationGas Facts 2008: 2007 Data: A Statistical Record of the Gas Industry
2010978-1-223-00302-3American Gas AssociationGas Facts 2009: 2008 Data: A Statistical Record of the Gas Industry
2009978-1-223-00303-0Asian Development BankKey Indicators for Asia and the Pacific 2009
2010978-1-223-00304-72010 Human Services Directory of Massachuttes (HUMAN SERVICE REFFERAL DIRECTORY OF MASSACHUSETTS)
  ''978-1-223-00305-4Inc. Woods & Poole EconomicsState Profile 2011: New York and New Jersey (State Profile New York and New Jersey)
2010978-1-223-00306-1Not AvailableYearbook of Comparative and General Literature
2011978-1-223-00308-5Air Transport AssociationAir Transport Association Economic Report 2010
2003978-1-223-00309-2Aerospace Facts & Figures 2002/2003
2010978-1-223-00310-8Collegiate DirectoriesThe National Directory of College Athletics 2010-2011: Combined Men's and Women's Edition (National Directory of College Athletics (Men's & Women's Edition))
  ''978-1-223-00311-5Nuclear News Buyers Guide 2010
  ''978-1-223-00312-2Chris BeazleyBlue Book of College Athletics 2010-2011: For Senior, Junior & Community Colleges (Blue Book of College Athletics for Senior, Junior and Community Colleges)
  ''978-1-223-00313-9Illinois Association of School BoardsIllinois School Code 2010
2009978-1-223-00314-6Fraser's 2009 (FRASER'S CANADIAN TRADE DIRECTORY)
2010978-1-223-00315-3David M. Robinson · Andrew M. Smith · Elizabeth J. Wright · Dennis BertholdAmerican Literary Scholarship 2008
2009978-1-223-00316-0Forgiveness (Proceedings of the American Catholic Philosophical Association)
2010978-1-223-00317-7R. Edward Houser · C. F. J. Martin · Christopher Kaczor · Bonnie KentReason in Context (Proceedings of the American Catholic Philosophical Association, Vol. 83)
  ''978-1-223-00318-4Not AvailableThe National Directory of High School Coaches 2010-2011
2010978-1-223-00319-1American Zoo and Aquarium AssociationAssociation of Zoos and Aquariums Membership Directory 2010
  ''978-1-223-00320-7Alan ArmstrongArmstrong Oil Directory 2011 Texas and Southeastern New Mexico (Armstrong Oil Directory: Texas and Southeastern New Mexico)
  ''978-1-223-00321-4Armstrong Oil DirArmstrong Oil Directory 2011 Rocky Mountain Regional (Armstrong Oil Directory: Rocky Mountain and Central United States)
  ''978-1-223-00322-1Not AvailableArmstrong Oil Directory 2011 Louisiana, Gulf Coast Regional: East Texas, Arkansas and Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and Floida: Now Including ... Texas Gulf Coast, East Texas, Ark and Miss)
  ''978-1-223-00323-8ALISE Statistical Report
2010978-1-223-00324-5Building Materials Directory 2010
  ''978-1-223-00325-2Chicago Creative Directory 2010
  ''978-1-223-00326-9Highlights of State Unemployment Compensation Laws 2010
  ''978-1-223-00327-6Marcia E. VetrocqArt in America Guide to Galleries, Museums and Artists 2010-2011
  ''978-1-223-00328-3Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers American Society of HeatingASHRAE Transactions 2009: Papers Presented at the 2009 Winter Conference in Chicago, Illinois of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers, Inc.
2010978-1-223-00329-0Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers American Society of HeatingASHRAE Transactions 2009: Papers Presented at the 2009 Annual Conference in Louisville, Kentucky of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers, Inc.
  ''978-1-223-00330-6The Geophysical Directory 2010
  ''978-1-223-00331-3Resource DirectoriesRainbow Resources Directory 2010-2011: Orange County (Rainbow Resources Directory: Orange County)
  ''978-1-223-00332-0Blood-Horse PublicationsThe Blood-Horse: Stallion Register for 2011
  ''978-1-223-00333-7International Franchise AssociationFranchise Opportunities Guide: Spring/Summer 2010
2010978-1-223-00334-4International Franchise AssociationFranchise Opportunities Guide: Fall/Winter 2010
2011978-1-223-00337-5Susan Boynton · Martin Chase · Carmela Vircillo Franklin · William E. Klingshirn · Joseph T. LienhardTraditio: Studies in Ancient and Medieval History, Thought, and Religion
  ''978-1-223-00338-2Not AvailableYear's Work in English Studies/Years Work in Critical and Cultural Theory 2010
2015978-1-223-00340-5AciACI Manual of Concrete Practice 2015: With Index
2010978-1-223-00341-2Hat Life Directory 2010
  ''978-1-223-00343-6Not AvailableGlobal Stock Markets Factbook 2010
  ''978-1-223-00345-0Keith W. GonzalesPlayers Directory
  ''978-1-223-00346-7Federation of American Hospitals2010 Directory of Investor-Owned Community Hospitals, Hospital Management Companies and Health Systems, Residential Treatment Facilities and Centers, ... (Directory of Investor-owned Hospitals)
2010978-1-223-00347-42009 Directory of Plastics Recyclers
  ''978-1-223-00348-1Getting On Air, Online and into Print: A Guide to Chicago-area Media and Beyond
  ''978-1-223-00349-82010 Glass Factory Directory
  ''978-1-223-00350-4Marilyn BurnsThe Marilyn Burns Fraction Kit, Grades 4-6
2009978-1-223-00351-1Dance College Guide 2009 / 10: State-by-state Guide to More Than 600 College & University Dance Programs (Dance Magazine College Guide)
1960978-1-223-00352-8John C. MaherStratigraphic Cross Section of Paleozoic Rocks: West Texas to Northern Montana
1999978-1-223-00353-5Joan SlonczewskiThe Children Star
  ''978-1-223-00354-2Terence M. GreenBlue Limbo
1999978-1-223-00355-9Don WrightGone to Texas
1983978-1-223-00356-6John BrillhartFactorizations of Bn 1 B = 2 3 4 5 6 10 11 12 Up to Higher Powers
1988978-1-223-00359-7James A. ParrDon Quixote: An Anatomy of Subversive Discourse (Juan De LA Cuesta Hispanic Monographs. Series Documentacion Cervantina, No. 8)
2002978-1-223-00362-7Carrie E. SpagnolaJournal to Fulfillment
2010978-1-223-00367-2Mandy MacdonaldCuba: The Essential Guide to Customs & Culture (Culture Smart)
  ''978-1-223-00370-2HatherleighThe Handbook for Americans: Out of Many, One
1977978-1-223-00371-9Ellery Queen's MagazineEllery Queen's Searches and Seizures: 27 Stories from Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine
2006978-1-223-00398-6Berkshire Encyclopedia of World Cultures
2002978-1-223-00415-0Peg JordanFitness: Theory and Practice: The Comprehensive Resource for Fitness Instruction
2008978-1-223-00446-4Jack HigginsRough Justice
  ''978-1-223-00450-1Robert CraisChasing Darkness
2010978-1-223-00451-8Kathleen McGowanThe Poet Prince
2005978-1-223-00452-5Candace BushnellLipstick Jungle
2007978-1-223-00454-9Cassandra KingQueen of Broken Hearts
  ''978-1-223-00456-3Javier SierraThe Lady in Blue
2010978-1-223-00457-0Jennifer ChiaveriniThe Aloha Quilt
2008978-1-223-00459-4Stephen FreyForced Out
  ''978-1-223-00461-7Denise HamiltonThe Last Embrace
2009978-1-223-00463-1Pam JenoffAlmost Home
2010978-1-223-00464-8Pam JenoffA Hidden Affair
2010978-1-223-00465-5Lori ArmstrongNo Mercy
2009978-1-223-00466-2Joan Rivers · Jerrilyn FarmerMurder at the Academy Awards
  ''978-1-223-00468-6Jude DeverauxDays of Gold
  ''978-1-223-00469-3Jed MercurioAmerican Adulterer
  ''978-1-223-00470-9Kresley Cole · Gena ShowalterDeep Kiss of Winter
2010978-1-223-00471-6Thomas SteinbeckIn the Shadow of the Cypress
2009978-1-223-00472-3Colleen McCulloughToo Many Murders
2008978-1-223-00473-0Iris JohansenDark Summer
2007978-1-223-00477-8Vikram ChandraSacred Games
2009978-1-223-00479-2Nancy Taylor RosenbergThe Cheater
  ''978-1-223-00481-5Patricia-Anne PhillipsNo Turning Back
2009978-1-223-00483-9Fan WuBeautiful As Yesterday
1988978-1-223-00484-6Mercer MayerGolden Easy Readers
1992978-1-223-00485-3Sesame Street Growing Up Books
2007978-1-223-00486-0Marta AltoLearn to Sew a Shirt or Blouse
2006978-1-223-00487-7Martin SheenVolcano
2010978-1-223-00491-4Inc. Dorling KindersleyDesert
2011978-1-223-00493-8Inc. Dorling KindersleyElephant
2008978-1-223-00494-5David HansonEyewitness Amphibian
2006978-1-223-00495-2Inc. Dorling KindersleyBird
2008978-1-223-00496-9Brian MeehlEyewitness Dinosaur
2011978-1-223-00498-3Inc. Dorling KindersleyFlight
2009978-1-223-00499-0   ''Horse
2008978-1-223-00500-3Aci Committee318-08: Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete and Commentary
2010978-1-223-00501-0Directory of City Policy Officials & Resource Guide 2010 (Directory of City Policy Officials and Resource Guide)
  ''978-1-223-00502-7Florida News Media Directory 2011
  ''978-1-223-00503-4Michele CaprezRubber Red Book 2010: The Buyer's Guide for the Rubber Industry
2004978-1-223-00504-1Gordon GriceArchitecture in Perspective 19 Catalogue
2005978-1-223-00505-8Gordon Grice · Richard ChenowethArchitecture in Perspective 20 Catalogue
2007978-1-223-00506-5David R. Csont · Tamara Horch-PreziosoArchitecture in Perspective 22 Catalogue
2008978-1-223-00507-2Thomas Bros. MapsLos Angeles & Orange Counties Street Guide
2010978-1-223-00508-9Directory of Top Computer Executives, Eastern Edition
  ''978-1-223-00511-9Directory of Top Computer Executives, Western Edition: Fall 2010
2011978-1-223-00512-6Not AvailableCatholic Press Directory 2010
2010978-1-223-00513-3   ''Annual Energy Review 2009

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