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2007978-1-4067-5565-7HesperidesBooks To Read - A Classified And Annotated Catalogue Being A Guide For Young Readers (1930)
  ''978-1-4067-5599-2Viardot Louis Viardot · Louis ViardotA Brief History of the Painters of All Schools
  ''978-1-4067-5609-8W. H. KoebelBritish Exploits In South America
  ''978-1-4067-5618-0W. J. Sparrow SimpsonBroad Church Theology
  ''978-1-4067-5671-5George HoweCall It Treason - A Novel
2007978-1-4067-5694-4Eric WilliamsCapitalism And Slavery
  ''978-1-4067-5702-6Francis Ernest LloydThe Carnivorous Plants
  ''978-1-4067-5818-4H. H. ChangChiang Kai Shek - Asia's Man of Destiny
2015978-1-4067-5821-4Ian ColvinAdmiral Canaris - Chief of Intelligence
2007978-1-4067-5827-6Arthur T. JersildChildren's Fears
  ''978-1-4067-5840-5Meng Chih Meng · Chih MengChina Speaks - On the Conflict Between China and Japan
  ''978-1-4067-5847-4Verna ArveyChoreographic Music For The Dance
2007978-1-4067-5905-1Berthold LitzmannClara Schumann: An Artist's Life Based on Material Found in Diaries and Letters - Vol II: 2
  ''978-1-4067-5906-8Berthold LitzmannClara Schumann: An Artist's Life Based on Material Found in Diaries and Letters - Vol I: 1
  ''978-1-4067-5914-3G. B. F. HallockEncyclopedia Of Sermon Outlines For Special Days And Occasions
  ''978-1-4067-5917-4C. E. P. BrooksClimate Through the Ages
  ''978-1-4067-5938-9Richard ZsigmondyColloids And The Ultramicroscope
2007978-1-4067-5971-6Paul BlanshardCommunism, Democracy and Catholic Power
  ''978-1-4067-6003-3W. H. R. RiversConflict and Dream
  ''978-1-4067-6006-4Stefan ZweigConqueror Of The Seas - The Story Of Magellan
  ''978-1-4067-6013-2Clinton L. RossiterConstitutional Dictatorship - Crisis Government in the Modern Democracies
  ''978-1-4067-6021-7Charles GideConsumers' Cooperative Societies
2007978-1-4067-6023-1William Harrison BarnesThe Contemporary American Organ - Its Evolution, Design and Construction
  ''978-1-4067-6054-5Henrik F. InfieldCo-Operative Communities At Work
  ''978-1-4067-6056-9BronislawCoral Gardens and Their Magic - A Study of the Methods of Tilling the Soil and of Agricultural Rites in the Trobriand Islands - Vol II: The Language O: 2
  ''978-1-4067-6059-0Henry A. WallaceCorn and Corn Growing
  ''978-1-4067-6087-3Carl R. RogersCounseling and Psychotherapy
2007978-1-4067-6113-9F.W. WestawayCraftsmanship In The Teaching Of Elementary Mathematics
  ''978-1-4067-6120-7Henri Louis BergsonCreative Evolution
  ''978-1-4067-6132-0Robert Henry Charles · R. H. CharlesA Critical and Exegetical Commentary on the Revelation of St John Vol I: 1
  ''978-1-4067-6135-1Jabez BurnsEncyclopedia Of Sermons: Containing Sketches Of Sermons Of The Parables And Miracles Of Christ, On Christian Missions, On Scripture Characters And Incidents (1917)
  ''978-1-4067-6146-7Emil LengyelDakar - Outpost Of Two Hemispheres
2007978-1-4067-6178-8Jacques BarzunDarwin - Marx - Wagner - Critique of a Heritage
  ''978-1-4067-6230-3HesperidesDelaware - A Guide to the First State
  ''978-1-4067-6247-1Earle F. WattsDescriptive Geometry
  ''978-1-4067-6274-7Arthur KoestlerDialogue with Death
  ''978-1-4067-6281-5Gouverneur MorrisA Diary of the French Revolution
2007978-1-4067-6292-1Th BakerA Dictionary of Musical Terms
  ''978-1-4067-6311-9Andrew RothDilemma in Japan
  ''978-1-4067-6313-3James RianDining In New York
  ''978-1-4067-6314-0Thomas Little HeathDiophantus of Alexandria - A Study in the History of Greek Algebra
  ''978-1-4067-6339-3Hugh LoftingDoctor Dolittle and the Green Canary
2007978-1-4067-6369-0James LaverDrama - Its Costume and Decor
2014978-1-4067-6390-4Kurt. LewinA Dynamic Theory Of Personality - Selected Papers
2007978-1-4067-6413-0Fred L. WhippleEarth Moon and Planets
  ''978-1-4067-6425-3Max HorkheimerEclipse of Reason
  ''978-1-4067-6505-2E. P. LewisThe Effects of a Magnetic Field on Radiation -Memoirs by Faraday Kerr and Zeeman
  ''978-1-4067-6506-9Vaclav VytlacilEgg Tempera Painting - Tempera, Underpainting, Oil, Emulsion, Painting - A Manual Of Technique
  ''978-1-4067-6555-7S.P. LinnGolden Gleams Of Thought
2007978-1-4067-6566-3Charles HolmesA Grammar of the Arts
  ''978-1-4067-6601-1John BurnetGreek Philosophy - Thales to Plato
  ''978-1-4067-6618-9Jonathan NieldA Guide To The Best Historical Novels And Tales
  ''978-1-4067-6626-4Vali Mohammed ChhaganbhaiHadis I Halila Or Confutation Of Atheism
  ''978-1-4067-6632-5A. MelderisA Handbook Of British Flowering Plants
2007978-1-4067-6636-3Edward Maunde ThompsonHandbook of Greek and Latin Palaeography
  ''978-1-4067-6637-0HesperidesHandbook of Indian Universities
  ''978-1-4067-6642-4   ''Handbook Of Indian Universities
  ''978-1-4067-6651-6Heber DruryHand Book Of The Indian Flora Vol I
  ''978-1-4067-6654-7H HargreavesHandbook To The Sculptures In The Peshawar Museum
2007978-1-4067-6662-2Max MillerHarbor Of The Sun - The Story Of The Port Of San Diego
  ''978-1-4067-6672-1George Fielding EliotHate, Hope, And High Explosives - A Report On The Middle East
  ''978-1-4067-6673-8A.J. CroninHatter's Castle
  ''978-1-4067-6699-8C. E. RobinsonHellas - A Short History of Ancient Greece
  ''978-1-4067-6707-0George HarveyHenry Clay Frick - The Man
2007978-1-4067-6712-4Roland BaintonHere I Stand - A Life Of Martin Luther
  ''978-1-4067-6764-3Jesse Leonard RosenbergerRochester And Colgate - Historical Backgrounds Of The Two Universities
  ''978-1-4067-6770-4Frederick. SoddyThe Role Of Money
  ''978-1-4067-6827-5C. F. AndrewsSadhu Sundar Singh - A Personal Memoir
  ''978-1-4067-6843-5Margaret MatchesSavage Paradise
2007978-1-4067-6853-4Michael PolanyiScience, Faith And Society
2014978-1-4067-6864-0Alfred AdlerThe Science of Living
  ''978-1-4067-6914-2James Henry DuveenSecrets Of An Art Dealer
2007978-1-4067-6934-0Serge LifarSerge Diaghilev
  ''978-1-4067-6994-4Gerald Dr MooreSinger and Accompanist - The Performance of Fifty Songs
  ''978-1-4067-7062-9PlatoSocratic Discourses - Plato & Xenophon
  ''978-1-4067-7104-6Emile BorelSpace And Time
2007978-1-4067-7134-3Joachim JoestenStalwart Sweden
  ''978-1-4067-7135-0Hubert WhelbournStandard Book Of Celebrated Musicians Past And Present
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  ''978-1-4067-7172-5Arthur W. JudgeStereoscopic Photography
  ''978-1-4067-7295-1Robin EstridgeSword Without Scabbard
2007978-1-4067-7302-6Don. M YostSystematic Inorganic Chemistry
  ''978-1-4067-7319-4Charles Earle FunkThereby Hangs a Tale - Stories of Curious Word Origins
  ''978-1-4067-7401-6Roy Chapman AndrewsUnder a Lucky Star - A Lifetime of Adventure
  ''978-1-4067-7425-2Arthur ElsonUniversity Musical Encyclopedia - Volume V - Religious Music Of The World: 5
  ''978-1-4067-7465-8S. TimoshenkoVibration Problems in Engineering
2007978-1-4067-7480-1Donald BrookViolinists Of To-Day
  ''978-1-4067-7481-8Joseph MichelmanViolin Varnish
  ''978-1-4067-7530-3Thomas G. FrothinghamWashington - Commander In Chief
  ''978-1-4067-7584-6Corporal Ashihei HinoWheat And Soldiers
  ''978-1-4067-7620-1John P. MarquandWickford Point
2007978-1-4067-7755-0Alex OsbornYour Creative Power
  ''978-1-4067-7995-0Maurice ThompsonBy-Ways and Bird Notes
  ''978-1-4067-8113-7Fred IbbotsonThe Chemical Analysis Of Steel-Works' Materials
  ''978-1-4067-8188-5Arthur W. KnappCocoa and Chocolate - Their History from Plantation to Consumer
  ''978-1-4067-8262-2Ralph C. DavisonConcrete Pottery and Garden Furniture
2007978-1-4067-8337-7F. W. PeekDielectric Phenomena in High Voltage Engineering
  ''978-1-4067-8347-6Rian JamesDining In New York
  ''978-1-4067-8455-8Don Hurdman BarkDuty Of Water Investigations
  ''978-1-4067-8471-8Henri MoissanThe Electric Furnace
  ''978-1-4067-8482-4Paul FevalJesuits!
2007978-1-4067-8751-1R.G. KirkWhite Monarch and the Gas-House Pup - A Story of Pit Bull Dogs
  ''978-1-4067-8766-5VariousThe Whippet - A Dog Anthology (A Vintage Dog Books Breed Classic)
  ''978-1-4067-8771-9VariousThe Irish Wolfhound - A Dog Anthology (A Vintage Dog Books Breed Classic)
  ''978-1-4067-8775-7   ''The Deerhound - A Dog Anthology (A Vintage Dog Books Breed Classic)
  ''978-1-4067-8835-8Rev. James Mortimer SangarThe Redeemed: Who Are They?
2007978-1-4067-8840-2Aurelius Marcus · Marcus AureliusThe Meditations of the Emperor Marcus Aurelius Antoninus
  ''978-1-4067-8862-4AnonOld Time and Sequence Dances - Descriptions Standardised by the Official Board of Ballroom Dancing
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  ''978-1-4067-8912-6Jean Baptiste Poquelin De MoliereComedies - Vol II: 2
  ''978-1-4067-8913-3Joseph ConradVictory - An Island Tale
2007978-1-4067-8914-0Joseph ConradThe Rover
  ''978-1-4067-8941-6Richard B. B. GreggThe Power of Non-Violence
  ''978-1-4067-8948-5John W. W. WaterhouseZoroastrianism
  ''978-1-4067-8951-5Paul HenningOxford Renowned
2014978-1-4067-8983-6C. A. E. OsmanThe Widowhood Book - A Complete Guide to the Best Methods of Racing Pigeons on the Widowhood System as Described by the Foremost Experts in Britain, Belgium and U.S.A
  ''978-1-4067-8984-3H. NormanAviaries, Bird-Rooms and Cages - Their Construction and Furnishing
2007978-1-4067-8989-8Rene GuyonSexual Freedom
2007978-1-4067-9010-8Henrik IbsenBrand
  ''978-1-4067-9013-9Jean Baptiste Poquelin De MoliereComedies - Vol II: 2
  ''978-1-4067-9024-5VoltaireCandide, and Other Tales
  ''978-1-4067-9027-6John LockeAn Essay Concerning Human Understanding
2006978-1-4067-9062-7Arthur WaughThe Poems of George Herbert
  ''978-1-4067-9113-6G. H. BaillieWatchmakers and Clockmakers of the World
2007978-1-4067-9114-3Emil LuckaThe Evolution of Love
2007978-1-4067-9115-0VariousBorzoi: The Russian Wolfhound - A Dog Anthology (A Vintage Dog Books Breed Classic)
2006978-1-4067-9124-2Rudyard KiplingDebits and Credits
2015978-1-4067-9143-3W. B. WebsterThe Book of Bee-Keeping - A Practical and Complete Manual on the Proper Management of Bees
2019978-1-4067-9225-6Walt WhitmanLeaves of Grass
2006978-1-4067-9239-3Virginia WoolfTo the Lighthouse (1927)
2014978-1-4067-9329-1Makereti PapakuraThe Old-Time Maori
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2006978-1-4067-9366-6Robert RobertsRoberts' Guide for Butlers and Other Household Staff - The House Servant's Directory
2015978-1-4067-9367-3Marcus AureliusMeditations
2006978-1-4067-9373-4Alex MooreBallroom Dancing
2014978-1-4067-9377-2Rupert BrookeThe Complete Poems of Rupert Brooke
  ''978-1-4067-9391-8Jean HugardThe Royal Road to Card Magic
2006978-1-4067-9409-0Willa CatherThe Song of the Lark
  ''978-1-4067-9416-8W. H. DaviesLater Days
2014978-1-4067-9493-9Hugh de SelincourtThe Cricket Match
2006978-1-4067-9495-3Liam O'FlahertyThe Informer
  ''978-1-4067-9524-0Charles LambThe Essays of Elia
2006978-1-4067-9539-4Robert StroudDiseases of Canaries
2014978-1-4067-9568-4Frank HudsonSea Fishing for Amateurs - A Practical Book on Fishing from Shore, Rocks or Piers, with a Directory of Fishing Stations on the English and Welsh Coasts
2006978-1-4067-9574-5Margaret SangerHappiness in Marriage
  ''978-1-4067-9598-1Rosslyn ManneringEverybody's Animal Doctor
  ''978-1-4067-9601-8Ida B. PrangleyFortune Telling by Cards
2014978-1-4067-9603-2Robert GanthonyPractical Ventriloquism - Being a Thoroughly Reliable Guide to the Art of Voice Throwing and Vocal Mimicry by an Entirely Novel System of Graded Exercises
2015978-1-4067-9629-2Reginald A. BrownThe History and Origin of Horse Brasses
2006978-1-4067-9631-5J. Arthur FindlayOn the Edge of the Etheric, Or Survival After Death Scientifically Explained
  ''978-1-4067-9638-4F. J. GarrardClock Repairing and Making - A Practical Handbook Dealing with the Tools, Materials and Methods Used in Cleaning and Repairing All Kinds of English an
  ''978-1-4067-9640-7Sarah BradfordHarriet Tubman - The Moses of Her People
2006978-1-4067-9642-1Sarah Kemble KnightThe Journal of Madam Knight
  ''978-1-4067-9647-6Alice Morse EarleCurious Punishments of Bygone Days
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  ''978-1-4067-9665-0H. V. MortonIn Search of South Africa
2006978-1-4067-9691-9T. W. H. CroslandThe English Sonnet
  ''978-1-4067-9692-6H. V. MortonIn Search of Scotland
  ''978-1-4067-9714-5Li Chih-Ch'angThe Travels of an Alchemist - The Journey of the Taoist Ch'ang-Ch'un from China to the Hindukush at the Summons of Chingiz Khan (Broadway Travellers)
2014978-1-4067-9716-9Dudley Courtenay F.The Losing Trick Count - A Book of Bridge Technique
2006978-1-4067-9729-9Samuel Jr. SmilesThe Huguenots - Their Settlements, Churches and Industries in England and Ireland
  ''978-1-4067-9740-4Waldo S. LanchesterHand Puppets and String Puppets
2014978-1-4067-9753-4Cass A. HarrisSea-Fishing from the Shore
2006978-1-4067-9754-1William AndrewsHistoric Byways and Highways of Old England
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2006978-1-4067-9770-1J. S. R. ChardBritish Animal Tracks
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  ''978-1-4067-9795-4Harry EdwardsA Guide to Spirit Healing
2006978-1-4067-9807-4J.R. CampbellSoviet Policy And Its Critics
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  ''978-1-4067-9871-5B. CollardA Text-Book of Netting and Net Making
2015978-1-4067-9874-6Bronislaw MalinowskiCrime and Custom in Savage Society - An Anthropological Study of Savagery
2006978-1-4067-9887-6A. Leon HatzanThe True Story of Hiawatha and History of the Six Nation Indians
2014978-1-4067-9919-4Arthur B. AllenPuppetry for Beginners (Puppets & Puppetry Series)
2006978-1-4067-9925-5James BradyStrange Encounters: Tales Of Famous Fights And Famous Fighters - A Complete History of Bareknuckle Pugilism & Boxing
2006978-1-4067-9927-9W. Lewis RenwickThe Whippet Handbook - Giving the Early and Contemporary History of the Breed, Its Show Career, Its Points and Breeding (a Vintage Dog Books Breed Cla (A Vintage Dog Books Breed Classic)
  ''978-1-4067-9934-7H. W. WhanslawEverybody's Marionette Book (Puppets and Puppetry Series)
  ''978-1-4067-9945-3NimrodMemoirs of the Life of the Late John Mytton, Esq. - With Notices of His Hunting, Shooting, Driving, Racing, Eccentric and Extravagant Exploits
2014978-1-4067-9946-0H. S. PeglerThe Book of the Goat - Containing Full Particulars of the Various Breeds of Goats and Their Profitable Management
2006978-1-4067-9949-1Hubert PhillipsThe Complete Book of Card Games
2014978-1-4067-9960-6Dugald MacintyreRound the Seasons on a Grouse Moor - With Additional Chapters on Grouse Disease and Vermin and Grouse Shooting
2006978-1-4067-9974-3Gladys J. ShawLeather Craft and Design
2015978-1-4067-9975-0Betty DoughertyYour Leatherwork - With Plates and Diagrams by the Author
2006978-1-4067-9985-9A. AbbeyPractical Goat Keeping and Farming
2015978-1-4067-9991-0Robert G HodgsonRaising Rabbits For Fur, Meat And Profit