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2011978-1-4507-9616-3RELAX.calm: Attitudes & Asset Development
  ''978-1-4507-9617-0RELAX.calm: Goal Setting & Academic Achievement
  ''978-1-4507-9618-7RELAX.calm: Self Confidence & Bully Resistance
  ''978-1-4507-9619-4Tony RobertsCASCA: The Minuteman (Casca: The Eternal Mercenary, #36)
2012978-1-4507-9620-0The InstitutesCPCU 530 Big Daddy Study Aid and DVD
2011978-1-4507-9621-7Roots, Stems and Branches: A Recollection
  ''978-1-4507-9626-2Miriam NenningerYa Deja de hacerme Bulling! (Spanish Edition)
2012978-1-4507-9635-4Members of the International Association of Astronomical ArtistsThe Beauty of Space - Space Art from the International Association of Astronomical Artists
2011978-1-4507-9638-5Tony Powell1000 Silhouettes Images By Tony Powell
2012978-1-4507-9646-0Frank P MuzopappaPenowa
2011978-1-4507-9648-4Jessica RajsGorgeous & Gory 2012 Zombie Pinup Calendar
2011978-1-4507-9649-1Elicia CleggCastigate My Sins
  ''978-1-4507-9652-1Afghans and Americans United (Afghans and Americans United: Telling the stories of Transforming Lives Halfway Around the World)
2012978-1-4507-9654-5Willie F. HughesHow To Get Married
2011978-1-4507-9663-7Tom ErvinSixty Counterparts: Duet Accompaniments to the Voxman Selected Studies for Trombone
2006978-1-4507-9664-4   ''Twenty Counterparts (Duet Accompaniments to the Bordogni-Rochut "Melodious Etudes for Trombone" #1-20)
1993978-1-4507-9665-1   ''Rangebuilding on the Trombone
2011978-1-4507-9669-9Judie BrownThe Broken Path: How Catholic Bishops Got Lost in the Weeds of American Politics
  ''978-1-4507-9681-1Karen LoBlessed to Serve
2012978-1-4507-9684-2Hoyt R. HilsmanThe Chaklala Codes
  ''978-1-4507-9685-9Deer Isle Sunset Congregational ChurchDelicious Deer Isle Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Sunset Congregational Church Sunset Maine
2011978-1-4507-9696-5Adria N Torrez · Alan J HarpFresh Wood volume 5: Student Talent in Woodworking
  ''978-1-4507-9697-2Frankie LonsThe Best Years I Never Had: Keyshia Cole's Mom
2011978-1-4507-9700-9Sharon Michele WilliamsTwo Truths Wise
  ''978-1-4507-9709-2Yolanda Gary-DarbyGrown Before My Time
2012978-1-4507-9711-5Mónica Ramírez MontagutBarrão: Mashups
  ''978-1-4507-9712-2Carlos R. LagunaJonathan and Adolf Hitler
2011978-1-4507-9715-3Travis Hansonthe Bean: Riddles and Shrooms
2012978-1-4507-9716-0   ''The Bean The Lost Prince
2013978-1-4507-9717-7   ''The Bean Broken Souls
2014978-1-4507-9718-4Travis Hanson · Catherine HansonTanner Jones and the Quest for the Monkey Stone
2015978-1-4507-9719-1Travis HansonThe Bean The Dark Road
  ''978-1-4507-9720-7Carmen J. ViolaThe Heart of Discipleship
2012978-1-4507-9728-3The Wellspring Story The First Thirty Years
2011978-1-4507-9735-1Jr. Roy W. GilbertTokens of Gratitude
  ''978-1-4507-9736-8Anne FolandLong Ago But Near at Heart
2011978-1-4507-9758-0George E. Moore Jr.King in You "Beyond a Reasonable Doubt" (King In You)
2012978-1-4507-9764-1Carl L. Jones SrA Part of Me, a Love Story
2011978-1-4507-9773-3Norbert J. StPierreTennessee Wines, New York Politics - My odyssey through the minefield of organic grape growing and wine making.
  ''978-1-4507-9777-1Merritt A. JohnsonThe Gift... That Keeps on Giving
  ''978-1-4507-9778-8Joseph E. PerkinsWhat's In Your Spirit?
  ''978-1-4507-9779-5Michael CantorThe Magician's New Hat: On Art or Illusion
  ''978-1-4507-9785-6UFO Highway
2011978-1-4507-9786-3Jamila GomezBirthday Girl (1)
2012978-1-4507-9789-4John J. GrattonReturning to Perdition
2011978-1-4507-9802-0Jagdish N ShethChindia Rising: Implications for Global Competitiveness
2012978-1-4507-9807-5Always Wash Your Hands
2011978-1-4507-9822-8Fundamental Christian Doctrines (Chinese Language)
  ''978-1-4507-9826-6Dororthy MikatHeaven on Hold
2012978-1-4507-9829-7Middleton Place FoundationMiddleton Place: A Phoenix Still Rising
2011978-1-4507-9830-3D L WarnerEnsnared
  ''978-1-4507-9834-1Strangers in a Strange Land: Maudie and Wilson Fielder in China 1912-1950
  ''978-1-4507-9835-8Darnell Lamont WalkerCreep
  ''978-1-4507-9844-0Gordon Ernest JohnsonLiderazgo Desde la Cruz (Spanish Edition)
2011978-1-4507-9853-2Terry T. Brown · Sally Ann Brown [Illustrator]The Arms Of Venus (Introducing...Upham and Punswell)
  ''978-1-4507-9863-1Jodi Stauffer · Ellen WhiteBrilliant
  ''978-1-4507-9875-4Janet MarcotteTogether We Thrive
  ''978-1-4507-9880-8Karen Warren-SeversonMending your Heart: An activity book for bringing your inside feelings out
2010978-1-4507-9885-3The Problem with Unicorns
2011978-1-4507-9886-0Oxford Sermons Volume IV
2012978-1-4507-9891-4Dave DwonchSpace Time Condominium Season 1 Volume 1
  ''978-1-4507-9892-1Shawn Pryor · Adam BesenyodiEXO-1 and the Rocksolid Steelbots Volume 1 (Exo 1 and the Rocksolid Steelbots Gn)
2012978-1-4507-9893-8Shawn GabborinFracture Volume 1
  ''978-1-4507-9894-5Jeremy WhitleyPrinceless Book 1: Save Yourself
  ''978-1-4507-9896-9Brandon BarrowsJack Hammer: Book One: Political Science
  ''978-1-4507-9899-0Jane Cardinal and Connie CobbThe Place Where the Crooked Tree Stood: A History of L'Arbre Croche, Focusing on the Settlements of Good Hart and Middle Village, from the recollections of those who came this way and stayed a while.
2011978-1-4507-9900-3Mandy DavisWildheart meanderings of an untamed woman
  ''978-1-4507-9902-7Elizabeth LaShaunIn His Absence
2011978-1-4507-9903-4Susan HarrisDuxbury in Bloom
2012978-1-4507-9906-5Leroy McmathChasing Your Dream
2011978-1-4507-9912-6Luvenia AllenChanged and Not Ashamed
  ''978-1-4507-9920-1Ideally, Mr. Fish
  ''978-1-4507-9921-8Gina von EsmarchTaste This! The Delicious Sequel
2012978-1-4507-9925-6Bitter Sweet Lies & Soul Ties (Looking for Me)
2011978-1-4507-9926-3Cassandra HarveyThirsting For His Glory: Declarations of a Woman Blessed
  ''978-1-4507-9936-2Susan · Mahoney, Joella Jean · Fazio, Vince · Caldwell, Libby · Doig, Pegg PitcairnOneness: Art and the Spiritual Journey
  ''978-1-4507-9944-7Sheri KayHineni: Here I Am
2013978-1-4507-9947-8Ricardo H CorreiaBelieving To Achieve: The Path To Personal and Professional Success
2011978-1-4507-9959-1Sean Daly FerrisInside the Union
2011978-1-4507-9969-0Lee HeywardSimply Effortless Style
  ''978-1-4507-9970-6Christopher Paul CarterCaught Up in the Spirit
  ''978-1-4507-9971-3Timothy ShorterThe Adventures of Breakdance Boy
  ''978-1-4507-9973-7Ty Bollinger · Andrew ScholbergThe 31-Day Home Cancer Cure
2012978-1-4507-9978-2Michael MillerWest Coast Hip Hop A History in Pictures
  ''978-1-4507-9986-7CFP®, CEP® Brad FortierDear Kate: Reflections on Risk and Rewards after the Storm
2013978-1-4507-9988-1Gary WeuveClose More Sales in Financial Institutions; 12 Keys to Success
2011978-1-4507-9996-6Joyce KesselSecret Lives
  ''978-1-4507-9999-7James RosinAdventures in Paradise: The Television Series (Revised Edition)