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2019978-0-578-57696-1Stephen GencoIntuitive Marketing: What Marketers Can Learn from Brain Science
  ''978-0-578-57739-5John C. RickerDictionary of Saksen: a constructed Pan-Germanic language
  ''978-0-578-57813-2W Eddie SpeedIt's a Whole New Ball Game With Creative Financing
  ''978-0-578-57954-2Chris a KnobbeAncestral Dietary Strategy to Prevent and Treat Macular Degeneration: Full-Color Hardcover Edition
  ''978-0-578-58005-0Johannah BirneyThe Goddaughter
2019978-0-578-58019-7Kathleen DamesI Knit San Francisco
2020978-0-578-58236-8Greg AmundsonThe Good Soldier: How to Fight Well, Finish the Race, and Keep the Faith
2019978-0-578-58387-7Melinda KaporThis Time, Another Place: a book of poems
2020978-0-578-58426-3Delaware Genealogical SocietyDelaware Genealogical Research Guide
2019978-0-578-58672-4Nick EspositoThe Elephant in the Classroom: A Fable for the Wellness of Educators
  ''978-0-578-59538-2inquirEDinquirED's Inquiry Field Guide: 20+ Practical Strategies and Protocols to Prompt Questions and Facilitate Investigations
  ''978-0-578-59655-6James L Stoddard JrLa Navaja Multiusos Financiera: Una Herramienta Para Vencer Los Mata Suenos (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-0-578-59691-4Mark GebbieGebbie Press All-in-one Media Directory 2020 (Gebbbie Press All-In-One Directory)
  ''978-0-578-59701-0Emily TaylorCollage Quilter: Essentials for Success with Collage Quilts
2019978-0-578-59928-1Matt MocharyThe Great CEO Within: The Tactical Guide to Company Building
  ''978-0-578-60043-7James WeberThis is Why: "Insight into the Mind of an Officer"
  ''978-0-578-60185-4Carol Marriam MulumbaI Am a Sickle Cell Survivor: Ten Years and Still Counting
  ''978-0-578-60311-7Kristin WhiteThe Complete Guide to the Gap Year: The Best Things to Do Between High School and College
  ''978-0-578-60466-4Valerie Seyforth ClaytonThe Bald Eagles of Money Bayou: An Almost True Story
2019978-0-578-60538-8Teresa HolmanThe Choosing: Finding Truth In The Dark
  ''978-0-578-60789-4Oriol R. Gutierrez Jr.POZ at 25: Empowering the HIV Community Since 1994
  ''978-0-578-60865-5Alex FerrariRise of the Filmtrepreneur: How to Turn Your Independent Film into a Profitable Business
2020978-0-578-60961-4EW WootenAn Encyclopedia Of Concepts In MRI Safety: A Reference For The MRSO, MRMD, and MRSE
2019978-0-578-61056-6Susan HitchlerHey Dad... Is Grandma a Criminal?
  ''978-0-578-61063-4   ''Hey Dad... Is Grandma a Criminal?
2020978-0-578-61111-2Ludovic TendronThe Master Key: Unlock Your Influence & Succeed in Negotiation
2019978-0-578-61308-6Ashley Shawn WilkesThe Pros and Cons: 25 Engaging Topics for Adult ESL Students
2020978-0-578-61383-3Amir MarashiA Woman's Right to Pleasure
2019978-0-578-61604-9Dan WosGood Gun Bad Guy 3: Exposing Anti-Gun Politics
  ''978-0-578-61682-7Hamza E. AlsamraeeAdvanced Calculus Explored: With Applications in Physics, Chemistry, and Beyond
2020978-0-578-62047-3Todd Herman · Eevi JonesMy Super Me: Finding The Courage For Tough Stuff
2020978-0-578-62071-8Kevin Urbatsch · Michele FullerAdministering the California Special Needs Trust: A Guide for Trustees and Those Who Advise Them
  ''978-0-578-62192-0Kevin J MartinezSight, Sound, and Sunshine.: Tampa, Hell Harbor, and the Making of Modern Cinema
2019978-0-578-62288-0Baritus Catholic IllustrationThe How to Pray Handbook
  ''978-0-578-62401-3Maria FloresGod is Real: Faith, Hope, and Relief During Hurricane Harvey
  ''978-0-578-62446-4Paul E BurkeThe Encyclopedia of Community Engagement: Rallying momentum for your organizational needs
2020978-0-578-62693-2Ilene Winn-LedererA Visual Amidah: An Essence Of Prayers & Blessings
  ''978-0-578-62731-1Jordan MechnerThe Making of Prince of Persia: Journals 1985-1993--Illustrated Edition
2019978-0-578-62756-4Andrew RogersonSuccessfully Selling a Business: Expert Advice from a Certified Business Broker
2019978-0-578-62815-8David L. AndersonGadlynn Wayfare and the Great Hunt: A First Ranger of the King Story (color edition)
2020978-0-578-62896-7Ashley MillerSweet Things
  ''978-0-578-62922-3Ronald GerstlThe Super Achievers: The Remarkable Jewish Contribution to Science and Human Well-being Highlighted by Nobel Prize Winners
  ''978-0-578-63095-3Anfernee RobinsonAkai - Chapter 0 "How To Become Strong"
  ''978-0-578-63178-3Inc. Garden ConservancyThe Garden Conservancy's Open Days Directory 2020: Visit America's Best Private Gardens (Garden Conservancy's Days Directory)
  ''978-0-578-63197-4Jeff RubyRedRock Leadership: Transform Your Company Culture and Unleash the Potential for Exponential Growth!
2020978-0-578-63483-8Connie-Vee HawkinsMia and Zola-Adventure One: Up and Out a Night Without the TV
  ''978-0-578-63617-7Beth CaldwellWomen, LEAD!: Influential & Effective Strategies for Women Who Lead at Work, at Home, and in the Community
2019978-0-578-63630-6Valerie Seyforth ClaytonThe Bald Eagles of Money Bayou: An Almost True Story
2020978-0-578-63803-4Lindsay Tatiana JimenezJAPANESE KANJI MNEMONICS JLPT N5: 103 Kanji used in the Japanese Language Exam N5
  ''978-0-578-63919-2Angelina GalassiThe Tree of Life: The Mystery of The Holy Eucharist Unveiled
  ''978-0-578-64239-0Christopher CameronNorth Carolina Projectile Points: Identification & Geographic Range (North American Projectile Point Identification Guides)
  ''978-0-578-64288-8Rebecca OggenfussThe Personal Brand Project: How to uncover your purpose, achieve your goals, and communicate with confidence
2020978-0-578-64301-4William J. MarohnicWhen a Mustard Seed Grows: From and act of Faith to an act of Congress
  ''978-0-578-64414-1Kimberley Ann BrownCollege Planning Made Simple: 5 Steps to a Debt Free Degree
  ''978-0-578-64505-6Shawna Robison YoungThe Unsuspecting Heather Meyers: A Redemptive Love Story
  ''978-0-578-64556-8James Todd DulkerianThe Pioneer PT Prototype: The Ultimate Guide to Building Your Mobile Health & Wellness Studio
  ''978-0-578-64832-3Kristen S DavidUplevel Your Business, Uplevel Your Life!: 4 Pillars of Successful Business Management
2020978-0-578-65360-0Sarah SiedentopfPeace of Mind Through Estate Planning: A Guide for Georgia Residents - Protecting Yourself and Your Family
  ''978-0-578-65535-2Rick SolofskyMedicare Decoded: Shocking Facts to Help You Save Money and Get the Most From Medicare
  ''978-0-578-65552-9Carolyn O'Gorman-FazzolariBorderlands: A Collective History
  ''978-0-578-65562-8Anfernee RobinsonAkai - Chapter 1 "Akai"
  ''978-0-578-65893-3Daryl D Jones SrWhen In The Black: How to Achieve Security Through Mental and Financial Wealth