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1996978-0-614-96771-5Steve PerryStar Wars: Shadows of the Empire
  ''978-0-614-96776-0Michael J. FreidmanStar Trek: The Next Generation: Kahless
978-0-614-96777-7The Immortals
1996978-0-614-96792-0Ruan Jin ZhaoChinese Medicine: Its History & Impact on Western Healthcare
  ''978-0-614-96796-8Lissa DeangelisRecipes for Change: Wholefood Gourmet Cooking for Health and Vitality at Memonpause
1997978-0-614-96797-5Andrew, M.D. WeilEight Weeks To Optimum Health - A Proven Program For Taking Full Advantage Of Your Body's Natural Healing Power
1996978-0-614-96804-0Mary J. MinkinWhat Every Woman Needs to Know About Menopause: The Years Before, During, and After
  ''978-0-614-96828-6Paul TippettTeapots (Christie's Collectibles Ser.))
  ''978-0-614-96840-8Mordecai SiegalUc Davis Book of Horses
1996978-0-614-96848-4UnkStorytelling in the Oral & Print Traditions
  ''978-0-614-96849-1Paula G. AllenSong of the Turtle: American Indian Literature, 1974-1994
  ''978-0-614-96853-8James McConkeyOxford Book of Memory
  ''978-0-614-96867-5Gregory E. PennThe Love of Your Life
  ''978-0-614-96871-2Alan RichGeorge Frideric Handel: The Complete Water Music (Play by Play Ser.)
1996978-0-614-96896-5E. E. CummingsAnother Cummings
  ''978-0-614-96904-7Rosalind Barnett · Caryl RiversHe Works She Works: How the New American Familty Is Making It Work
1997978-0-614-96908-5George W. BushAmerican Foreign Policy
1996978-0-614-96928-3Harlan LevyAnd the Blood Cried Out: A Prosecutor's Spellbinding Account of the Paower of DNA
  ''978-0-614-96931-3Matthew D'AnconaEye Witness to Jesus
  ''978-0-614-96941-2Steve PerryStar Wars: Shadows of the Empire
  ''978-0-614-96963-4Mordecai SiegalUc Davis Book of Horses
1996978-0-614-96966-5Matthew HoffmanThe Doctor's Book of Home Remedies for Dogs & Cats
  ''978-0-614-96995-5Steven M. StanleyChildren of the Ice Age: How a Global Catastrophe Allowed Humans to Evolve
  ''978-0-614-97001-2Joseph McCormickThe Virus Hunters: A Dual Memoir from the Frontiers of Disease
  ''978-0-614-97015-9Reynolds FarleyAmerica Revealed: Who We Are, How We Got Here and Where We Are Going
978-0-614-97021-0Phil SIMMs on Passing: Fundamentals of Throwing the Football
1996978-0-614-97035-7Alberto SiliottiEgypt: Splendors of an Ancient Civilization
  ''978-0-614-97071-5Justin RichardsThe Sands of Time
1990978-0-614-97104-0Analyzing the Photochemotherapeutical Principle in the Treatment of Psoriasis
1994978-0-614-97135-4Edward R. RossetGuide to Phrasal Verbs: English to Spanish
978-0-614-97158-3Charles DickensA Tale of Two Cities
978-0-614-97159-0Oscar WildeThe Picture of Dorian Gray
978-0-614-97161-3Louisa May AlcottLittle Women
1999978-0-614-97205-4Karen V. Kole · Karen B. BrownInternational Tax Transactions
1993978-0-614-97431-7C. H. WendelPower in the Past
1963978-0-614-97638-0D. DefoeMoll Flanders
978-0-614-97639-7Under the Blood Red Sun
978-0-614-97642-7Grimmy: Friends Don't Let Friends Own Cats
1996978-0-614-97659-5Keay DavidsonTornadoes: Chaos from the Sky
  ''978-0-614-97673-1William · G. A. Wilkes ShakespeareThe Tempest
  ''978-0-614-97675-5William ShakespeareJulius Caesar.: With an introduction, a list of further reading, commentary and a short account of the textual problems of the play. Used and recommended by the Royal Shakespeare Company.
1998978-0-614-97684-7Murray BookchinRe-enchanting Humanity: A Defense of the Human Spirit Against Antihumanism, Misanthropy, Mysticism and Primitivism
1999978-0-614-97753-0Michael McNierneyVenus: The Myth, History, and Science of the Second Planet
978-0-614-97796-7R.L.'s Dream
978-0-614-97800-1Unusual Suspects
1996978-0-614-97803-2Jack L. ChalkerThe March Hare Network
  ''978-0-614-97810-0Joseph ConradThe Collected Stories.
978-0-614-97812-4The Age of Miracles
1996978-0-614-97836-0Miriam FreedmanYoga at Work: 10-Minute Yoga Workouts
978-0-614-97847-6150 Most-Asked Questions about Midlife Sex, Love & Intimacy: What Women & Their Partners Really Want to Know
1996978-0-614-97849-0Ruth S. JacoowitzAbout Osteoporosis
1995978-0-614-97880-3Folk Art: Style & Design
1996978-0-614-97882-7Meredith EditorsDecks (Do It Yourself Ser.))
  ''978-0-614-97944-2The Great Lakes: Ohio Indiana Michigan Wisconsin
1996978-0-614-97953-4Alfred J. Kahn · Sheila B. KamermanChildren and Their Families in Big Cities: Strategies for Service Reform
978-0-614-97971-8Le Rhin, Set
1993978-0-614-97993-0G. William SkinnerMarketing and Social Structure in Rural China
1996978-0-614-98100-1Greg BearLegacy
  ''978-0-614-98103-2Dave HagbergHigh Flight
1999978-0-614-98647-1ProutyMore Helicopter Aerodynamics
1992978-0-614-98733-1W. HendersonFrom China Burma India to the Kwai