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2006978-0-19-000000-4Oxford Preparation Course for the Toeic Test Pack Autoapprentissage
2013978-0-19-000003-5Michael SwanOxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary & Oxford English Grammar Course Advanced
2014978-0-19-000007-3Grammar Friends 1 + Reader Pack 2014
  ''978-0-19-000008-0Grammar Friends 2 + Reader Pack 2014
2006978-0-19-002100-9Cases and Materials on International Law and Textbook on International Law: Valve Pack
2019978-0-19-005212-6Professor of Art History Scott MacDonaldThe Sublimity of Document: Cinema as Diorama
  ''978-0-19-005213-3   ''The Sublimity of Document: Cinema as Diorama
978-0-19-005256-0Asa Handbook
2019978-0-19-005266-9Sergio Gamonal C. · César F. Rosado MarzánPrincipled Labor Law: U.S. Labor Law through a Latin American Method
  ''978-0-19-005443-4Susan D. FranckArbitration Costs: Myths and Realities in Investment Treaty Arbitration
  ''978-0-19-005447-2Robert KlitzmanDesigning Babies: How Technology is Changing the Ways We Create Children
2019978-0-19-005517-2Atalia Omer · R. Scott Appleby · David LittleThe Oxford Handbook of Religion, Conflict, and Peacebuilding (Oxford Handbooks)
  ''978-0-19-005551-6Associate Professor of History Anya ZilbersteinA Temperate Empire: Making Climate Change in Early America
  ''978-0-19-005560-8David BrundageIrish Nationalists in America: The Politics of Exile, 1798-1998
  ''978-0-19-005562-2Professor of History Virginia DeJohn AndersonThe Martyr and the Traitor: Nathan Hale, Moses Dunbar, and the American Revolution
  ''978-0-19-005657-5Alexander SarchCriminally Ignorant
2019978-0-19-005669-8Colin G. CallowayThe Indian World of George Washington: The First President, the First Americans, and the Birth of the Nation
  ''978-0-19-005884-5Moscow Correspondent Shaun WalkerThe Long Hangover: Putin's New Russia and the Ghosts of the Past
2009978-0-19-005890-6UnknownPERIODICO ARCADIA #40 ENERO 2009
2019978-0-19-006597-3Centers for Disease Control and PreventionCDC Yellow Book 2020: Health Information for International Travel
2002978-0-19-011002-4Len ( Editor ). BellHORSES IN TRAINING 2002.
2007978-0-19-014598-9Hugh BallantyneSomerset and Dorset Remembered: Part 2 - Highbridge To Bournemouth
  ''978-0-19-014599-6Keith R. PirtKeith Pirt's Colour Portfolio
1998978-0-19-015165-2Rona Patey · Nigel WebsterClinical Scenarios in Intensive Care
1985978-0-19-019251-8Eleanor BurnsOhio Star Quilt
978-0-19-019910-4Vintage Precious Moments - Baby Days - 1975
2015978-0-19-020004-6Professor Emeritus Maxine Baca Zinn · Professor and Director of Graduate Studies Pierrette Hondagneu-Sotelo · Professor Michael A Messner · Professor of Sociology Amy M DenissenGender Through the Prism of Difference
  ''978-0-19-020006-0Regents Professor of History Michael SchallerThe United States and China: Into the Twenty-First Century
  ''978-0-19-020007-7Masanori Kaji · Helge Kragh · Gabor PalloEarly Responses to the Periodic System
2014978-0-19-020022-0John Bengson · Marc A. MoffettKnowing How: Essays On Knowledge, Mind, And Action
2015978-0-19-020023-7John Perry · Michael Bratman · John Martin FisherIntroduction to Philosophy: Classical and Contemporary Readings
2015978-0-19-020024-4John Perry · Michael Bratman · John Martin FisherIntroduction to Philosophy: Classical and Contemporary Readings Instructor's Edition
2018978-0-19-020058-9Eric AvilaAmerican Cultural History: A Very Short Introduction (Very Short Introductions)
2014978-0-19-020065-7Chief Consultant Michael TanseyIntelligent Drug Development
  ''978-0-19-020072-5Jeffrey L. BroughtonThe Chan Whip Anthology: A Companion To Zen Practice
2015978-0-19-020079-4Douglass F. Taber · Tristan LambertOrganic Synthesis: State of the Art 2011-2013
2014978-0-19-020086-2Kevin T Larkin Elizabeth a KlonoffSpecialty Competencies in Clinical Health Psychology
2015978-0-19-020088-6John R. Bender · Lucinda D. Davenport · Michael W. DragerWriting and Reporting for the Media
978-0-19-020093-0Writing and Reporting for the Media
2015978-0-19-020094-7Paul K. Saint-AmourTense Future: Modernism, Total War, Encyclopedic Form
  ''978-0-19-020095-4Paul K. Saint-AmourTense Future: Modernism, Total War, Encyclopedic Form
  ''978-0-19-020105-0Kenneth Yeager · Albert RobertsCrisis Intervention Handbook: Assessment, Treatment, and Research
  ''978-0-19-020108-1Steven CahnPolitical Philosophy: The Essential Texts
2015978-0-19-020115-9Alison L. GashBelow the Radar: How Silence Can Save Civil Rights (Studies in Postwar American Political Development)
  ''978-0-19-020117-3Ann LarabeeThe Wrong Hands: Popular Weapons Manuals and Their Historic Challenges to a Democratic Society
  ''978-0-19-020127-2Jon R. Lindsay · Tai Ming Cheung · Derek S. ReveronChina and Cybersecurity: Espionage, Strategy, and Politics in the Digital Domain
2017978-0-19-020134-0Brian H. BornsteinThe Jury Under Fire (American Psychology-Law Society Series)
2014978-0-19-020139-5Christopher PincockMathematics and Scientific Representation (Oxford Studies in Philosophy of Science)
2010978-0-19-020145-6R. W. Adamchak Pamela C. RonaldTOMORROW'S TABLE >CUSTOM<
2017978-0-19-020147-0Tom KelleherPublic Relations, 1st Edition
2015978-0-19-020170-8Elaine Wittenberg · Betty R. Ferrell · Joy Goldsmith · Thomas Smith · Myra Glajchen · George F. Handzo · Sandra L. RaganTextbook of Palliative Care Communication
2014978-0-19-020189-0Professor Jean-Pierre FiliuGaza: A History (Comparative Politics and International Studies)
2015978-0-19-020210-1Chad M. BaumanPentecostals, Proselytization, and Anti-Christian Violence in Contemporary India (Global Pentecostalism and Charismatic Christianity)
  ''978-0-19-020224-8Walter ScheidelState Power in Ancient China and Rome (Oxford Studies in Early Empires)
  ''978-0-19-020236-1Esther Jacobson-TepferHunter, the Stag, and the Mother of Animals: Image, Monument, and Landscape in Ancient North Asia
2015978-0-19-020239-2Bishop Michael Bland SimmonsUniversal Salvation in Late Antiquity: Porphyry of Tyre and the Pagan-Christian Debate (Oxford Studies in Late Antiquity)
  ''978-0-19-020242-2W. H. ShearinThe Language of Atoms: Performativity and Politics in Lucretius' De rerum natura
  ''978-0-19-020245-3Barry LevyClimate Change and Public Health
  ''978-0-19-020249-1Thomas R TrautmannIndia: Brief History of a Civilization
  ''978-0-19-020259-0Journalist Chris WoodsSudden Justice: America's Secret Drone Wars (Terrorism and Global Justice)
2015978-0-19-020262-0Colin DueckThe Obama Doctrine: American Grand Strategy Today
2016978-0-19-020271-2Provost and Professor of Sociology Michael O Emerson · Associate Professor of Sociology Jenifer L Bratter · Assistant Professor of Sociology Sergio ChavezUnmaking Race and Ethnicity: A Reader
2014978-0-19-020275-0Flora of North America Editorial CommitteeFlora of North America North of Mexico, vol. 28: Bryophyta, part 2
  ''978-0-19-020277-4Professor Emeritus of Sociology D Stanley EitzenSport in Contemporary Society: An Anthology
2015978-0-19-020299-6Raymond NickersonConditional Reasoning: The Unruly Syntactics, Semantics, Thematics, and Pragmatics of "If"
2018978-0-19-020311-5Mark W. HamiltonA Theological Introduction to the Old Testament
2014978-0-19-020322-1Professor Emeritus of Linguistics Roger W ShuyThe Language of Murder Cases: Intentionality, Predisposition, and Voluntariness
2017978-0-19-020340-5Professor of History and Foreign Policy John BewClement Attlee: The Man Who Made Modern Britain
2016978-0-19-020343-6Sarah ConlyOne Child: Do We Have a Right to More?
2018978-0-19-020354-2Kevin R. ReitzAmerican Exceptionalism in Crime and Punishment
2015978-0-19-020362-7Chris WellsThe Civic Organization and the Digital Citizen: Communicating Engagement In A Networked Age (Oxford Studies In Digital Politics)
  ''978-0-19-020367-2David RickardPyrite: A Natural History of Fool's Gold
2014978-0-19-020379-5Andreas LitrasThe Odyssey
2015978-0-19-020382-5Bart D. EhrmanThe New Testament: A Historical Introduction to the Early Christian Writings
  ''978-0-19-020399-3Deva R. WoodlyThe Politics of Common Sense: How Social Movements Use Public Discourse to Change Politics and Win Acceptance
2014978-0-19-020414-3Glenn DynnerYankel's Tavern: Jews, Liquor, And Life In The Kingdom Of Poland
  ''978-0-19-020415-0Cary NelsonThe Oxford Handbook of Modern and Contemporary American Poetry (Oxford Handbooks)
2015978-0-19-020430-3James KreinesReason in the World: Hegel's Metaphysics and Its Philosophical Appeal
2015978-0-19-020434-1Jay L. GarfieldEngaging Buddhism: Why It Matters To Philosophy
  ''978-0-19-020438-9Hal A. LawsonParticipatory Action Research (Pocket Guides to Social Work Research Methods)
  ''978-0-19-020441-9Steven M. CahnExploring Philosophy: An Introductory Anthology
  ''978-0-19-020452-5Robert M. SadeThe Ethics of Surgery: Conflicts and Controversies
  ''978-0-19-020456-3Todd HartchThe Prophet of Cuernavaca: Ivan Illich and the Crisis of the West
2015978-0-19-020463-1Elizabeth HarveyParenting Hyperactive Preschoolers (Programs That Work)
2016978-0-19-020468-6Michael TonrySentencing Fragments: Penal Reform in America, 1975-2025 (Studies in Crime and Public Policy)
  ''978-0-19-020474-7Constance Dahlin · Patrick Coyne · Betty FerrellAdvanced Practice Palliative Nursing
2015978-0-19-020479-2Brandon Valeriano · Ryan C. ManessCyber War versus Cyber Realities: Cyber Conflict in the International System
  ''978-0-19-020483-9Gary B. GortonThe Maze of Banking: History, Theory, Crisis
978-0-19-020491-4Association of PhotographersThe 17th Awards
2015978-0-19-020495-2Barry B. PowellThe Aeneid
  ''978-0-19-020496-9Barry B. PowellVergil's Aeneid: The Essential Books
  ''978-0-19-020500-3Julia G. YoungMexican Exodus: Emigrants, Exiles, and Refugees of the Cristero War
2015978-0-19-020529-4Marit Skivenes · Ravinder Barn · Katrin Kriz · Tarja PÖsÖChild Welfare Systems and Migrant Children: A Cross Country Study of Policies and Practice (International Policy Exchange Series)
2014978-0-19-020532-4Charles GoodmanConsequences of Compassion: An Interpretation And Defense Of Buddhist Ethics
2015978-0-19-020535-5Sean McCloudAmerican Possessions: Fighting Demons in the Contemporary United States
  ''978-0-19-020543-0Gary J. AdlerSecularism, Catholicism, and the Future of Public Life: A Dialogue with Ambassador Douglas W. Kmiec
  ''978-0-19-020553-9Melynda J. PriceAt the Cross: Race, Religion, and Citizenship in the Politics of the Death Penalty
  ''978-0-19-020554-6   ''At the Cross: Race, Religion, And Citizenship In The Politics Of The Death Penalty
  ''978-0-19-020556-0Benjamin H. BartonGlass Half Full: The Decline and Rebirth of the Legal Profession
2015978-0-19-020563-8Dominic JanesPicturing the Closet: Male Secrecy and Homosexual Visibility in Britain (The Natural History of the Cru)
  ''978-0-19-020564-5Kristin Kobes DuMezA New Gospel for Women: Katharine Bushnell and the Challenge of Christian Feminism
  ''978-0-19-020618-5Stephen StrakowskiMajor Depressive Disorder (Oxford American Psychiatry Library)
2014978-0-19-020639-0James KellerChamber Music: A Listener's Guide
  ''978-0-19-020640-6Kofi AgawuMusic as Discourse: Semiotic Adventures In Romantic Music (Oxford Studies In Music Theory)
  ''978-0-19-020641-3Patricia Shehan Campbell · Trevor WigginsThe Oxford Handbook of Children's Musical Cultures (Oxford Handbooks)
2014978-0-19-020644-4Michael J. GlennonNational Security and Double Government
  ''978-0-19-020651-2Colin G. CallowayPen and Ink Witchcraft: Treaties And Treaty Making In American Indian History
  ''978-0-19-020652-9Leigh Ann WheelerHow Sex Became a Civil Liberty
2016978-0-19-020659-8Anya ZilbersteinA Temperate Empire: Making Climate Change in Early America
2014978-0-19-020663-5Ethical Dilemmas in Genetics and Genetic Counseling: Principles Through Case Scenarios
2015978-0-19-020667-3Deep Datta-RayThe Making of Indian Diplomacy: A Critique of Eurocentrism
2014978-0-19-020668-0Anna GreenspanShanghai Future: Modernity Remade
  ''978-0-19-020669-7   ''Shanghai Future: Modernity Remade
  ''978-0-19-020687-1Asif EfratGoverning Guns, Preventing Plunder: International Cooperation Against Illicit Trade
2016978-0-19-020714-4Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice Krista S Gehring · Michael R BatistaCrimcomics Issue 1: Origins of Criminology
2016978-0-19-020715-1Associate Professor Krista S Gehring · Michael R BatistaCrimcomics Issue 2: Biology and Criminality
2019978-0-19-020721-2   ''Crimcomics Issue 8: Social Learning Theories
2015978-0-19-020731-1Jonathan Anomaly · Professor of Social and Political Theory Geoffrey Brennan · Michael C Munger · Professor of Philosophy Geoffrey Sayre-McCordPhilosophy, Politics, and Economics: An Anthology
2014978-0-19-020734-2Lisi SchoenbachPragmatic Modernism (Modernist Literature and Culture)
978-0-19-020747-2Making Minds: How Theory of Mind Develops (Oxford Series in Cognitive Development)
2016978-0-19-020906-3Paul StephensonThe Serpent Column: A Cultural Biography (Onassis Series in Hellenic Culture)
2015978-0-19-020924-7Michael A. Stoto · Melissa A. HigdonThe Public Health Response to 2009 H1N1: A Systems Perspective
2014978-0-19-020929-2Allan BarskyConflict Resolution for the Helping Professions
  ''978-0-19-020932-2Zoe BurkholderColor in the Classroom: How American Schools Taught Race, 1900-1954
  ''978-0-19-020955-1Marder: Schizophrenia Oapsyl P: Schizophrenia Oapsyl P
2015978-0-19-020966-7Dean Emeritus Braja DasSoil Mechanics Laboratory Manual
  ''978-0-19-020988-9Janam MukherjeeHungry Bengal: War, Famine and the End of Empire
  ''978-0-19-020989-6Trudy McKee · James R McKeeBiochemistry: The Molecular Basis of Life
2016978-0-19-020995-7Trudy McKee · James R. McKeeBiochemistry: The molecular basis of life, International edition
2015978-0-19-021012-0John Alba CutlerEnds of Assimilation: The Formation of Chicano Literature
2015978-0-19-021024-3Baudouin Dupret · Michael Lynch · Tim BerardLaw at Work: Studies in Legal Ethnomethods (Oxford Studies in Language and Law)
2016978-0-19-021027-4Brigitta Dóczi · Judit KormosLongitudinal Developments in Vocabulary Knowledge and Lexical Organization
2015978-0-19-021036-6Erez Levon · Ronald Beline MendesLanguage, Sexuality, and Power: Studies in Intersectional Sociolinguistics (Studies in Language Gender and Sexuality)
  ''978-0-19-021040-3Fei-wen LiuGendered Words: Sentiments and Expression in Changing Rural China
  ''978-0-19-021043-4Stela ManovaAffix Ordering Across Languages and Frameworks
2016978-0-19-021049-6Olivier MorinHow Traditions Live and Die (Foundations of Human Interaction)
2015978-0-19-021059-5Ur ShlonskyBeyond Functional Sequence: The Cartography of Syntactic Structures, Volume 10 (Oxford Studies in Comparative Syntax)
  ''978-0-19-021069-4Wei-Tien Dylan TsaiThe Cartography of Chinese Syntax: The Cartography Of Syntactic Structures, Volume 11 (Oxford Studies In Comparative Syntax)
  ''978-0-19-021075-5Andrew SmallThe China-Pakistan Axis: Asia's New Geopolitics
2015978-0-19-021076-2Taline Ter MinassianMost Secret Agent of Empire: Reginald Teague-Jones, Master Spy of the Great Game
2014978-0-19-021084-7Professor of Anthropology Robert H LavendaAnthropology: What Does It Mean to Be Human?
2015978-0-19-021096-0Peter Cole Chfc LcswThe Libyan Revolution and Its Aftermath
2014978-0-19-021097-7Research Fellow Kristian Coates UlrichsenQatar and the Arab Spring
2015978-0-19-021103-5Mary Looman · John CarlA Country Called Prison: Mass Incarceration and the Making of a New Nation
  ''978-0-19-021112-7Luis ZayasForgotten Citizens: Deportation, Children, and the Making of American Exiles and Orphans
2014978-0-19-021116-5William W. EatonPublic Mental Health
2015978-0-19-021117-2Feryal M. CherifMyths about Women's Rights: How, Where, and Why Rights Advance
  ''978-0-19-021157-8David George SurdamCentury of the Leisured Masses: Entertainment And The Transformation Of Twentieth-Century America
  ''978-0-19-021161-5Keith TribeThe Economy of the Word: Language, History, and Economics (Oxford Studies in History of Economics)
2014978-0-19-021174-5Erik ParensShaping Our Selves: On Technology, Flourishing, and a Habit of Thinking
2015978-0-19-021189-9John EssickHands-On Introduction to LabVIEW for Scientists and Engineers
  ''978-0-19-021204-9Adam PloydAugustine, the Trinity, and the Church: A Reading of the Anti-Donatist Sermons (Oxford Studies in Historical Theology)
2018978-0-19-021221-6Judith H. NewmanBefore the Bible: The Liturgical Body and the Formation of Scriptures in early Judaism
2015978-0-19-021233-9M. Ryan Bochnak · Lisa MatthewsonMethodologies in Semantic Fieldwork
2018978-0-19-021243-8Donn F. MorganThe Oxford Handbook of the Writings of the Hebrew Bible (Oxford Handbooks)
2015978-0-19-021249-0Daniel GoldProvincial Hinduism: Religion and Community in Gwalior City
2015978-0-19-021252-0Baird TipsonHartford Puritanism: Thomas Hooker, Samuel Stone, and Their Terrifying God (Oxford Studies in Historical Theology)
2014978-0-19-021258-2Jay Sexton · J. SextonDebtor Diplomacy: Finance and American Foreign Relations in the Civil War Era 1837-1873 (Oxford Historical Monographs)
2015978-0-19-021268-1Virginia Leigh Hatch · Professor of Criminal Justice Anthony WalshCapital Punishment: Theory and Practice of the Ultimate Penalty
  ''978-0-19-021269-8Steve A. YetivMyths of the Oil Boom: American National Security in a Global Energy Market (Studies in Postwar American Po)
2016978-0-19-021277-3Martin RavallionThe Economics of Poverty
2014978-0-19-021281-0William B. MeyerAmericans and Their Weather: Updated Edition
2015978-0-19-021295-7Geoffrey HuckWhat Is Good Writing?
  ''978-0-19-021302-2Beata StawarskaSaussure's Philosophy of Language as Phenomenology: Undoing the Doctrine of the Course in General Linguistics
  ''978-0-19-021305-3James CanfieldSchoolbased Practice with Children and Youth Experiencing Homelessness (Sswaa Workshop Series)
  ''978-0-19-021314-5The Little Book of Child and Adolescent Development
2014978-0-19-021326-8Samuel A. ChambersThe Lessons of Ranciere
2014978-0-19-021327-5Yonatan MalinSongs in Motion: Rhythm And Meter In The German Lied (Oxford Studies In Music Theory)
  ''978-0-19-021328-2Kevin BartigComposing for the Red Screen: Prokofiev And Soviet Film (Oxford Music/Media) (Oxford Music/Media Series)
2015978-0-19-021392-3Christopher MeckstrothThe Struggle for Democracy: Paradoxes of Progress and the Politics of Change
2014978-0-19-021410-4Robert B. ArchibaldWhy Does College Cost So Much?
2015978-0-19-021434-0Roger White · Judith Wolfe · Brendan WolfeC. S. Lewis and His Circle: Essays and Memoirs from the Oxford C.S. Lewis Society
2016978-0-19-021479-1Victoria Maizes · Tieraona Low DogIntegrative Women's Health (Weil Integrative Medicine Library)
2015978-0-19-021488-3Kelly D. Flemming · Lyell K. Jones Jr.Mayo Clinic Neurology Board Review (Mayo Clinic Scientific Press)
2016978-0-19-021513-2Pablo LapegnaSoybeans and Power: Genetically Modified Crops, Environmental Politics, and Social Movements in Argentina (Global and Comparative Ethnography)
2015978-0-19-021519-4Harry Knoors · Marc MarscharkEducating Deaf Learners: Creating a Global Evidence Base (Perspectives on Deafness)
2016978-0-19-021524-8Malcolm KleinChasing After Street Gangs: A Forty-Year Journey (Keynotes in Criminology and Criminal Justice)
2015978-0-19-021528-6Stephen SpectorMay I Quote You on That?: A Guide to Grammar and Usage
  ''978-0-19-021538-5Nathaniel Jason GoldbergKantian Conceptual Geography
2016978-0-19-021542-2Israel Liberzon · Kerry ResslerNeurobiology of PTSD: From Brain to Mind
2015978-0-19-021551-4Lee DrutmanThe Business of America is Lobbying: How Corporations Became Politicized and Politics Became More Corporate (Studies in Postwar American Political Development)
2014978-0-19-021557-6Sandra Koffler · Joel Morgan · Bernice Marcopulos · Manfred F. GreiffensteinNeuropsychology: A Review Of Science And Practice, Vol. 2 (Science And Practice Of Neuropsychology): Volume 2
2016978-0-19-021565-1Timothy J. HoffThe Healthcare Professional Workforce
  ''978-0-19-021570-5João SilvaEntertaining Lisbon: Music, Theater, and Modern Life in the Late 19th Century (Currents in Latin American and Iberian Music)
2015978-0-19-021578-1Alejandro MadridIn Search of Julián Carrillo and Sonido 13 (Currents in Latin American and Iberian Music)
2014978-0-19-021589-7C. Dallett HemphillSiblings: Brothers And Sisters In American History
2019978-0-19-021592-7Scott L. CummingsAn Equal Place: Lawyers in the Struggle for Los Angeles
2014978-0-19-021603-0Professor of Political Science Professor of Public Policy Dean of the Graduate School Vice Provost for Graduate Education and Co-Director of the Center for the Study of Race Ethnicity and Gender Paula D McClain · Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Government and International Affairs Steven C TauberAmerican Government in Black and White
2015978-0-19-021625-2Ashbel Smith Chair in History Stephen G RabeThe Killing Zone: The United States Wages Cold War in Latin America
2017978-0-19-021628-3Joseph LockeMaking the Bible Belt: Texas Prohibitionists and the Politicization of Southern Religion
2015978-0-19-021637-5Heather Streets-Salter · Professor Trevor R GetzEmpires and Colonies in the Modern World: A Global Perspective
2014978-0-19-021640-5Professor of Sociology Michael SchwalbeRigging the Game: How Inequality Is Reproduced in Everyday Life
  ''978-0-19-021673-3Professor of Political Science James A Morone · Provost and Professor of Political Science Rogan KershBy the People: Debating American Government
978-0-19-021689-4Retirement and the Hidden Epidemic: The Complex Link Between Aging, Work Disengagement, and Substance Misuse -- and What To Do About It
2016978-0-19-021701-3Andy ClarkSurfing Uncertainty: Prediction, Action, and the Embodied Mind
2015978-0-19-021713-6Houston WoodInvitation to Peace Studies
2015978-0-19-021715-0Professor Kama MacLeanA Revolutionary History of Interwar India: Violence, Image, Voice and Text
  ''978-0-19-021717-4University Rebecca EdwardsNew Spirits: Americans in the Gilded Age: 1865-1905
  ''978-0-19-021718-1William R Kenan Jr Professor of History Maurice Isserman · Professor of History Michael KazinAmerica Divided: The Civil War of the 1960s
  ''978-0-19-021722-8Deborah L. RhodeThe Trouble with Lawyers

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