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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1988978-0-14-778249-6Howard ReynoldsThe Defector counter display
  ''978-0-14-778266-3Joan SilberIn the City counter display
  ''978-0-14-778274-8Robert J. RayMurdock for Hire
  ''978-0-14-778275-5Manila Bay
  ''978-0-14-778283-0Bob Glover · Pete SchuderCompetitive Runner's Counter Display
1989978-0-14-778288-5SidelinesPeriscope Booklight for Mass Market Paperbacks-Black
1988978-0-14-778302-8Isabel HugganElizabeth Stories counter display
1988978-0-14-778310-3Rex BurnsSuicide Season
  ''978-0-14-778316-5Marian ThurmFloating counter display
  ''978-0-14-778333-2Thomas BergerBeing Invisible counter display
  ''978-0-14-778350-9Bruce ChatwinIn Patagonia counter display
  ''978-0-14-778358-5Julian RathboneGreen-finger
1988978-0-14-778359-2Frank McConnellBlood Lake
  ''978-0-14-778384-4H R F KeatingThe Body in the Billiard Room
  ''978-0-14-778385-1T.C. BoylePost-mortem Effects
  ''978-0-14-778395-0Magdalen NabbMarshal and the Murderer counter display
  ''978-0-14-778400-1Barry UnsworthPascali's Island counter display
1989978-0-14-778414-8Lynne Sharon SchwartzThe Melting Pot
1989978-0-14-778426-1Jane LangtonMurder at the Gardner 10-copy
  ''978-0-14-778437-7William Leonard MarshallWhisper
  ''978-0-14-778459-9Elspeth HuxleyAfrica Poison Murders Counter Display
  ''978-0-14-778462-9Rex BurnsThe Killing Zone counter display
  ''978-0-14-778502-2Joseph HansenBohannon's 10-copy counter siaplay
1989978-0-14-778515-2Marci BiedermanPost No Bonds 10-copy
  ''978-0-14-778529-9Magdalen NabbMarshal and the Madwoman 10-copy
  ''978-0-14-778539-8James ColbertNo Special Hurry 10-copy
  ''978-0-14-778543-5Fred WaitzkinSearching for Bobby Fischer 10-copy
1990978-0-14-778548-0Laurence GoughGoldfish Bowl 10-copy
  ''978-0-14-778557-2Tying the Knot 10-copy
1990978-0-14-778558-9Dick ClusterReturn to Sender 10-copy
  ''978-0-14-778567-1Robert WinderNo Admission 10-copy
  ''978-0-14-778581-7Gar Anthony HaywoodFear of the Da 10cpy
  ''978-0-14-778585-5Tommy HallowellAlden Allstar 1 12-copy
  ''978-0-14-778587-9Barthe DeClementsFourth Grade Wizards 12-Copy Mix
1990978-0-14-778590-9Tommy HallowellAlden Allstar 2 12-copy
  ''978-0-14-778595-4Paul BenjaminSQUEEZE PLAY
  ''978-0-14-778596-1Laurence GoughSilent Knives 10-copy
  ''978-0-14-778600-5Richard AbshireDallas Drop 10-copy
  ''978-0-14-778605-0Minette MarrinEye of the Beholder 10-copy
1990978-0-14-778607-4Witold RybczynskiMost Beautiful 10_copy
  ''978-0-14-778624-1Mother Shadow 10-copy
  ''978-0-14-778625-8John BradyStone of the Heart 10-copy
  ''978-0-14-778635-7Barthe DeClementsFourth Grade Wizards 12-Copy Display
  ''978-0-14-778641-8T.C. BoyleDescent of Man 11-copy
1990978-0-14-778649-4Mickey FriedmanA TEMPORARY GHOST
  ''978-0-14-778658-6Just Enough Is Plenty 10-copy
  ''978-0-14-778660-9David HalecroftAlden Allstar 3 12-copy
  ''978-0-14-778665-4Sheila RadleyThis Way Out
  ''978-0-14-778669-2Anne BernaysProfessor Romeo
1990978-0-14-778671-5Paco Ignacio TaiboAn Easy Thing 10-copy
  ''978-0-14-778672-2Man Who Murdered 10-copy
  ''978-0-14-778673-9Harriet ZiefertHello Reading
  ''978-0-14-778678-4Jean Van LeeuwenTitle: Dear Mom Youre Ruining My Life 10copy
1991978-0-14-778680-7WeissAlden Allstar 4 12-copy
  ''978-0-14-778686-9Robert EverszFalse Profit 10-copy
1981978-0-14-778688-3Jane LangtonMemorial Hall Murders 10-copy
1989978-0-14-778689-0   ''Good and Dead 10-copy
1991978-0-14-778695-1B. M. GillTime and Time Again 10-copy
1991978-0-14-778717-0Jean Craighead Craighead GeorgeOn the Far Side of 10-copy
  ''978-0-14-778797-2Eileen GoudgeDying to Win 12-copy
  ''978-0-14-778799-6Eileen GoudgeIf Looks Could Kill 12-copy
1992978-0-14-778802-3   ''Jailbird 12-copy
1991978-0-14-778803-0   ''Dying to Win 10-copy
  ''978-0-14-778804-7   ''If Looks Could Kill 10-copy
1992978-0-14-778805-4Eileen GoudgeJailbird 10-copy
1991978-0-14-778806-1   ''Cross Your Heart 10-copy
1992978-0-14-778841-2Carin Greenberg BakerHigh Pressure 12-copy
  ''978-0-14-778844-3Carin Greenberg BakerFight for Honor 12-copy
  ''978-0-14-778880-1Alice McLerranRoxaboxen 8-copy
  ''978-0-14-778933-4John PeelFoul Play 12-copy mix
  ''978-0-14-778934-1GreenbergOut of Control
1992978-0-14-778935-8Ronald KiddCase of Missing 12-copy
  ''978-0-14-778941-9Richard M. CohenWhere to Find Dinosaurs Today 6-copy
  ''978-0-14-778948-8Jan SammerPassport to Liberty 6-copy
  ''978-0-14-778954-9Jonathan GashGreat California 8-copy
1993978-0-14-778968-6John PeelFoul Play 12-copy mix
  ''978-0-14-778969-3Ilene CooperHollywood Wars 12-copy mix
1993978-0-14-778972-3Carin Greenberg BakerTo Catch a Thief 6-copy
  ''978-0-14-778975-4Nadine Bernard WestcottPeanut Butter & Jelly Read-Aloud Set
  ''978-0-14-778977-8Nancy CarlsonI Like Me! Read-Aloud Set Set
  ''978-0-14-778983-9Bernard Horace HallRiddles 8-copy mix
1989978-0-14-779000-2Saul BellowTitle: A Theft
1991978-0-14-779025-5Puffin Black History/36-Copy Floor Display
  ''978-0-14-779031-6Robert A. EspertiLoving Trust 18-copy
1993978-0-14-779093-4Fay WeldonLife Force 8-copy
1988978-0-14-779191-7Don FreemanPuffin Storytapfd190
1986978-0-14-779200-6Carol HillEleven Million Mile-high Dancer 7-copy counterpack
1986978-0-14-779206-8Howard EngelMURDER ON LOCATION
  ''978-0-14-779207-5Orania PapazoglouWicked, Loving Murder
  ''978-0-14-779224-2Patrick Montague-Smith · Patrick Montague SmithVirago#4/millenium/h
  ''978-0-14-779238-9Brandstetter and Others counter display
  ''978-0-14-779255-6Leslie Marmon SilkoCeremony counter display
1986978-0-14-779269-3Richard BauschThe Last Good Time
  ''978-0-14-779272-3Mark MarekHercules Amongst the North Americans Counter Display
  ''978-0-14-779284-6Michael GilbertThe Long Journey Home
  ''978-0-14-779286-0Catherine CarswellVirago#3/open/ccp286
  ''978-0-14-779289-1Jane LangtonLangton-dark/memo Cp
1982978-0-14-779305-8James ThurberThurber: Selected counter display
1982978-0-14-779319-5Hilda LawrenceDeath of a Doll counter display
  ''978-0-14-779322-5Miles KingtonLet's Parler Franglais counter display
1983978-0-14-779336-2Anthony SampsonThe Money Lenders counter display
  ''978-0-14-779353-9Nancy McPheeThe Second Book of Insults counter display
  ''978-0-14-779367-6William BoydGood Man in Africa counter display
  ''978-0-14-779370-6David BenedictusLocal Hero counter display
1983978-0-14-779384-3Stephen DobynsSaratoga Swimmer counter display
  ''978-0-14-779398-0Michael LeunigThe Second Penguin Leunig counter display
1984978-0-14-779403-1Ben E. BenjaminListen to Your Pain counter display
  ''978-0-14-779417-8David WallechinskyComplete Book of Oly
  ''978-0-14-779420-8Robert B. LockhartReilly: Ace of Spies counter display
  ''978-0-14-779434-5Stuart M. KaminskyCatch a Falling Star counter display
978-0-14-779451-2Winter of Our Discontent, The counter display
1984978-0-14-779465-9Michael InnesMichael Innes Omnibus counter display
1985978-0-14-779479-6Elliott CarlisleMAC counter display
1984978-0-14-779496-3Leigh Allison WilsonFrom the Bottom Up counter display
1984978-0-14-779501-4Bartholomew GillMcGarr and the P.M. of Belgrave Square Counter Display
1985978-0-14-779529-8Jeffrey Moussaieff MassonAssault on Truth, The counter display
  ''978-0-14-779531-1The Gondola Scam
  ''978-0-14-779532-8Roger B. SwainRoger Swain counter display
  ''978-0-14-779546-5R Davis · J StoneTreasures of Aqua Counter Display
  ''978-0-14-779563-2James McCourtKaye Wayfaring in Avenged counter display
1985978-0-14-779577-9Michael NathensonBook of Tests, The counter display
  ''978-0-14-779580-9Gail GodwinGail Godwin#1 Odd/pe
  ''978-0-14-779594-6Richard StevensonOn the Other Hand Counter Display
1980978-0-14-779613-4Noel PerrinFirst Person Rural Tisplay
  ''978-0-14-779627-1N McGrathAmerican Sunrise, the Counter Display
  ''978-0-14-779630-1Peter LoveseySergeant Cribb counter display
1980978-0-14-779644-8Douglas SutherlandEnglish Gentleman counter display
1981978-0-14-779658-5Ted SimonTitle: Jupiters Travels counter display
  ''978-0-14-779661-5Edmund CrispinThe Long Divorce
  ''978-0-14-779675-2John MortimerTrials of Rumpole, The counter display
  ''978-0-14-779692-9Ganga WhiteDouble Yoga counter display
  ''978-0-14-779708-7David S. BroderChanging of the Guard
1981978-0-14-779711-7W. J. BurleyWycliffe in Paul's Court counter display
1985978-0-14-779725-4Richard PriceLadies Man counter display
  ''978-0-14-779739-1William S. BurroughsWilliam Burroughs counter display
1982978-0-14-779742-1Robert H. FerrellOff the Record counter display
  ''978-0-14-779756-8Daniel F. FordThree Mile Island
  ''978-0-14-779773-5Douglas SutherlandThe Great Betrayal counter display
  ''978-0-14-779790-2Ronald LathamTravels counter display
1976978-0-14-779806-0Samuel RosenbergNaked Is Best/memoir
1977978-0-14-779823-7Edmund CrispinThe moving toyshop
1978978-0-14-779837-4Clarissa WatsonFourth Stage Gain Counter Display
1978978-0-14-779840-4Henry KaneLaughter in Ale counter display
1979978-0-14-779868-8Geoffrey HouseholdPretty Pink Shroud counter display
  ''978-0-14-779871-8Gwen RobynsThe Mystery of Agatha Christie
  ''978-0-14-779885-5H. E. BatesLove for Lydia counter display
  ''978-0-14-779899-2Patrick Hughes · George BrechtVicious Circles and Infinity
978-0-14-789302-412 Pc Blue Heaven Kajal"Herbal Kajal With Vitamin E Color Natural Black
978-0-14-789652-0Johnsons Baby Skincare Wipes (20 Pieces)
2014978-0-14-794824-3We Love To Color: Jumbo Coloring Book 320 Pages Plus Stickers
  ''978-0-14-794827-4Make Your Own: Little Golden Book
978-0-14-796321-58" Gemstone Troll W/Green Hair
978-0-14-800811-3Header (Dumpbin)Ladybird Toddler Dumpbin Header
2008978-0-14-801226-4Reid Bramblett · Jeffrey KennedyDK Top 10 Dumpbin Inner (Eyewitness Top Ten Travel Guides)
2008978-0-14-801227-1Reid Bramblett · Jeffrey KennedyDK Top 10 Dumpbin Header (Eyewitness Top Ten Travel Guides)
  ''978-0-14-801228-8   ''DK Top 10 Dumpbin Outer (Eyewitness Top Ten Travel Guides)
1994978-0-14-900544-9Little Stars Mobileosteration Businessnt
  ''978-0-14-900620-0Pack CataloguesRough Guides Catalogue 1994-95
1997978-0-14-901438-0Jane AustenThe Classic Novels: 3 Volumes Emma, Sense And Sensibility, & Pride And Prejudice: Folio Society
2004978-0-14-905440-9Dk 30th Anniversary May 2004 Banner Poster (Non-Bliss)
978-0-14-905477-5Heston BlumenthalFamily Food (TPB) Heston Blumenthal 50mm Sticker: A New Approach to Cooking
2005978-0-14-905723-3Nicole KraussHistory of Love Double Sided Poster, The
978-0-14-905813-1Barkbelly A2 Poster
2005978-0-14-905843-8Ryan Giggs · Joe LovejoyRyan Giggs A1 Poster
  ''978-0-14-905849-0Cat WeatherillBarkbelly
  ''978-0-14-905891-9Damian HallRough Guide 11s
978-0-14-906047-9Endymion Spring Banner Poster
2005978-0-14-906071-4Marcus WareingSomething Special for Everyone Header
2007978-0-14-906545-0Jamie OliverJamie at Home X24 Dumpbin
2007978-0-14-906559-7Paul ArdenGod Explained in a Taxi Ride Empty Counterpack (10 Copy)
2008978-0-14-906634-1Reid Bramblett · Jeffrey KennedyDK Top 10 Empty Dumpbin (Eyewitness Top Ten Travel Guides)
  ''978-0-14-906703-4   ''DK/RG Mulitformat Empty Dumpbin (Eyewitness Top Ten Travel Guides)
1975978-0-14-920797-3John UpdikeCouples