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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1997978-0-14-025592-8Anita BrooknerAltered States
2001978-0-14-025598-0Yasmin Alibhai-BrownWho do We Think We Are?: Imagining the New Britain
1997978-0-14-025602-4Ian StewartDoes God Play Dice?: The New Mathematics of Chaos (Penguin Mathematics)
  ''978-0-14-025608-6Janet EvanovichThree to Get Deadly (Stephanie Plum 03)
  ''978-0-14-025611-6Alice MunroLives of Girls And Women: The Flats Road; Heirs of the Living Body; Princess Ida; Age of Faith
1999978-0-14-025619-2Thomas EidsonHannah's Gift
1998978-0-14-025622-2Paul LivingstonThe Dirt Bath (A Penguin original)
  ''978-0-14-025624-6Tobsha LearnerQuiver: A Book of Erotic Tales
  ''978-0-14-025625-3Marilyn FrenchMy Summer with George
1997978-0-14-025633-8Pramoedya Ananta ToerA Child of All Nations (Buru Quartet)
1997978-0-14-025634-5Pramoedya Ananta ToerFootsteps (Buru Quartet, volume 3)
1996978-0-14-025635-2   ''This Earth of Mankind
  ''978-0-14-025636-9Gabriel Garcia Marquez · Edith GrossmanOf Love And Other Demons (Del Amor Y Otros Demonios) (Penguin Great Books of the 20th Century)
  ''978-0-14-025637-6Ariel DorfmanThe Empire's Old Clothes: What the Lone Ranger,Babar,And Other Innocent Heroes do to Our Minds
  ''978-0-14-025638-3Lois Beachy UnderhillThe Woman Who Ran For President: The Many Lives of Victoria Woodhull
  ''978-0-14-025640-6Angela CarterThe Magic Toyshop
2001978-0-14-025642-0Lise EliotEarly Intelligence: How the Brain And Mind Develop in the First Five Years of Life (Penguin Press Science)
1997978-0-14-025646-8John Maynard SmithChance And Necessity: An Essay On the Natural Philosophy of Modern Biology (Penguin Press Science)
1995978-0-14-025652-9Harry. Dugmore · "Rico" · Rapid Phase EntertainmentMadam & Eve: All Aboard For the Gravy Train
1996978-0-14-025670-3Patrick Wall · Ronald MelzackThe Challenge of Pain (Penguin Science)
1996978-0-14-025673-4Ilene HochbergGood Mousekeeping
2001978-0-14-025677-2Mo YanThe Republic of Wine
1997978-0-14-025679-6Pramoedya Ananta ToerHouse of Glass (Buru Quartet)
  ''978-0-14-025684-0Julia HamiltonThe Good Catholic
1996978-0-14-025690-1Donna LaframboiseThe Princess at the Window: A New Gender Morality
1997978-0-14-025692-5Penelope LivelyHeat Wave
1998978-0-14-025693-2Penelope LivelyBeyond the Blue Mountains
1999978-0-14-025694-9   ''Spiderweb
1996978-0-14-025695-6John ScottBefore I Wake
1997978-0-14-025698-7Bruce ChatwinAnatomy of Restlessness: Selected Writings 1969-1989
  ''978-0-14-025699-4Amos ElonFounder: A Portrait of the First Rothschild And His Time
  ''978-0-14-025700-7Roger EatwellFascism: A History
1996978-0-14-025706-9Liz PrimeauCanadian Gardening's Creating a Garden
  ''978-0-14-025709-0Canadian Gardening's Vegetable Gardening
2001978-0-14-025711-3David ChidesterChristianity: A Global History
1996978-0-14-025713-7John · et al JostThe Demidenko File
1998978-0-14-025714-4Anita Rau BadamiTamarind Mem (A Novel)
1996978-0-14-025722-9Will SelfJunk Mail
1997978-0-14-025723-6Alec GuinnessMy Name Escapes Me: The Diary Of A Retiring Actor
1996978-0-14-025731-1Jerry KaplanStartup: A Silicon Valley Adventure
1997978-0-14-025732-8Erica Bauermeister · Holly SmithLet's Hear IT For the Girls: 375 Great Books For Readers 2-14
1996978-0-14-025735-9Melissa MillerThe Cat I.Q. Test
1999978-0-14-025737-3Christopher HibbertGeorge Iii: A Personal History
2004978-0-14-025738-0Andrew WheatcroftInfidels: A History of the Conflict Between Christendom and Islam
1998978-0-14-025741-0John MortimerThe Third Rumpole Omnibus
1996978-0-14-025745-8Alan Ereira · Terry JonesCrusades (BBC Books)
1997978-0-14-025746-5James DelingpoleFish Show (A Penguin original)
1998978-0-14-025754-0Colin Murray Parkes · Holly PrigersonBereavement: Studies of Grief in Adult Life
1996978-0-14-025759-5Bhicoo J. ManekshawParsi Food and Customs (Essential Parsi Cookbook)
1996978-0-14-025766-3Tim WintonScission
1998978-0-14-025768-7Pat BarkerThe Regeneration Trilogy: "Regeneration", "Eye in the Door", "Ghost Road"
1996978-0-14-025771-7Misha GlennyThe Fall of Yugoslavia: The Third Balkan War
1998978-0-14-025773-1Robert H. EisenmanJames the Brother of Jesus: The Key to Unlocking the Secrets of Early Christianity And the Dead Sea Scrolls
  ''978-0-14-025784-7Timothy ConigraveHolding the Man (Penguin Viking Plays & Screen)
1996978-0-14-025785-4Richard FlanaganDeath of a River Guide
  ''978-0-14-025786-1William KennedyAn Albany Trio: Legs; Billy Phelan's Greatest Game; Ironweed
1999978-0-14-025788-5E J HobsbawmIndustry and Empire: From 1750 to the Present Day
1997978-0-14-025792-2Jonathan GashThe Possessions of a Lady: A Lovejoy Mystery
  ''978-0-14-025793-9Jan KaronThese High,Green Hills (Mitford Years)
  ''978-0-14-025809-7Rosemary BakkerElderdesign: Designing And Furnishing a Home For Your Later Years
1997978-0-14-025814-1Cedella Booker · Anthony C. WinklerBob Marley: An Intimate Portrait By His Mother
1998978-0-14-025816-5S.A.De SmithConstitutional And Administrative Law
1996978-0-14-025817-2Jane AustenEmma
2002978-0-14-025818-9Anita DesalJourney to Ithaca
1999978-0-14-025820-2Joyce TyldesleyNefertiti: Egypt's Sun Queen
2007978-0-14-025821-9Stephen DorrilBlackshirt: Sir Oswald Mosley and British Fascism
1997978-0-14-025822-6Patrick McGrathAsylum
  ''978-0-14-025824-0Stephen Jay GouldThe Mismeasure of Man (Penguin Science)
  ''978-0-14-025825-7Helen DunmoreTalking to the Dead
1996978-0-14-025826-4Robert X. CringelyAccidental Empires: How the Boys of Silicon Valley Make Their Millions, Battle Foreign Competition and Still Can't Get a Date
1997978-0-14-025832-5Margaret GeddesUnseemly Longing
  ''978-0-14-025834-9William TrevorAfter Rain
2000978-0-14-025836-3Margaret ForsterShadow Baby
1998978-0-14-025837-0Edward de BonoHow to be More Interesting
1999978-0-14-025839-4Edward de BonoSimplicity
1997978-0-14-025841-7Alex GarlandThe Beach
1999978-0-14-025842-4Alex GarlandThe Tesseract
1996978-0-14-025850-9Joanna ToyeShula's Story (BBC Books)
1999978-0-14-025854-7Michael AsherLawrence: The Uncrowned King of Arabia
2006978-0-14-025855-4Michael AsherKhartoum: The Ultimate Imperial Adventure
1996978-0-14-025856-1Stephen KingThe Green Mile: Part 1:The Two Dead Girls (Green Mile S.)
  ''978-0-14-025857-8Stephen KingThe Green Mile: Part 2:The Mouse On the Mile (Green Mile S.)
1996978-0-14-025858-5Stephen KingThe Green Mile: Part 3:Coffey's Hands
  ''978-0-14-025859-2   ''The Green Mile: Part 4:The Bad Death of Eduard Delacroix: Pt. 4
  ''978-0-14-025860-8   ''The Green Mile: Part 5:Night Journey (Green Mile S.)
1996978-0-14-025861-5Stephen KingThe Green Mile: Part 6:Coffey On the Mile (Green Mile S.)
1997978-0-14-025862-2John Paul II · John, II Paul · Pope John PaulDays of Devotion: Daily Meditations from the Good Shepherd:Spanish Edition (Penguin Ediciones)
1998978-0-14-025865-3Keith DevlinMathematics: The New Golden Age (Penguin Science)
1996978-0-14-025869-1Kevin Crossley-HollandThe Penguin Book of Norse Myths: Gods of the Vikings
  ''978-0-14-025870-7Rupert RossReturning to the Teachings: Exploring Aboriginal Justice
1999978-0-14-025877-6Jacquelyn BlixGetting a Life: Tales of Personal And Financial Transformation
1998978-0-14-025878-3Elizabeth DavidSouth Wind Through the Kitchen: The Best of Elizabeth David
1996978-0-14-025879-0Dava SobelLongitude: The True Story of a Lone Genius Who Solved the Greatest Scientific Problem of His Time
1997978-0-14-025880-6Judith RileyThe Serpent Garden
1998978-0-14-025881-3Nancy AthertonAunt Dimity's Good Deed
1997978-0-14-025883-7Octavio PazThe Labyrinth of Solitude: Life And Thought in Mexico:El Labertino De La Soledad Y Otros Obras(Spanish Edition)
1996978-0-14-025888-2Professor Vrinda NabarCaste As Woman
1998978-0-14-025897-4Catherine FoxThe Benefits of Passion
1999978-0-14-025898-1Pat BarkerAnother World
1997978-0-14-025899-8Richard AdamsTales from Watership Down
  ''978-0-14-025900-1Lyn MacDonald1915: The Death of Innocence
1996978-0-14-025910-0Tim O'BrienThe Nuclear Age
1997978-0-14-025911-7Lois BattleBed And Breakfast
1998978-0-14-025912-4Ishmael ReedMulti America: Essays On Cultural Wars And Cultural Peace
1996978-0-14-025914-8Ken Saro-WiwaA Month And a Day: A Detention Diary
1997978-0-14-025917-9Joseph BrodskyWatermark
2001978-0-14-025918-6Hugo VickersAlice: Princess Andrew Of Greece
1996978-0-14-025919-3Umberto EcoThe Island of the Day Before
2000978-0-14-025922-3John ArdaghFrance in the New Century: Portrait of a Changing Society
1999978-0-14-025924-7Barry HinesElvis Over England
1997978-0-14-025927-8Richard J. EvansRituals of Retribution: Capital Punishment in Germany 1600-1987 (Penguin history)
  ''978-0-14-025938-4Rosemary Sorenson · et alThe Penguin Book of Death
1996978-0-14-025944-5Jane AustenThe Complete Novels of Jane Austen: Seven Great English Classics
2005978-0-14-025949-0Maryse Conde · Barbara BraySegu
2000978-0-14-025950-6Gilda O'NeillMy East End: Memories of Life in Cockney London
2003978-0-14-025951-3Christopher DyerMaking A Living In The Middle Ages: The New Penguin Economic History Of Britain:Volume 1: v. 1
2000978-0-14-025954-4Michel FoucaultEthics: Subjectivity and Truth:Essential Works of Michel Foucault 1954-1984: Essential Works of Michel Foucault 1954-1984 v. 1 (Essential Works of Foucault 1)
  ''978-0-14-025956-8Michel FoucaultAesthetics, Method, and Epistemology: Essential Works of Foucault 1954-1984: Essential Works of Michel Foucault 1954-1984 v. 2
2002978-0-14-025957-5   ''Power: The Essential Works of Michel Foucault 1954-1984: Essential Works of Michel Foucault 1954-1984 v. 3 (Essential Works of Foucault 3)
1998978-0-14-025960-5John Julius NorwichA Short History of Byzantium
1997978-0-14-025962-9Terry McMillanHow Stella got Her Groove Back
1997978-0-14-025967-4Janet NeelA Timely Death
  ''978-0-14-025970-4Peter MayleAnything Considered
1998978-0-14-025977-3Marcia ClarkWithout a Doubt
2002978-0-14-025984-1Sainath P.Everybody Loves a Good Drought: Stories from India's Poorest Districts
1998978-0-14-025988-9John Ralston SaulReflections of a Siamese Twin: Canada at the End of the Twentieth Century
1996978-0-14-025995-7Robert Frank · Philip CookThe Winner-take-All Society: Why the Few at the Top Get So Much More Than the Rest of Us
  ''978-0-14-025996-4Ethel S PersonBy Force of Fantasy: How We Make Our Lives
1998978-0-14-025997-1Guerrilla GirlsThe Guerrilla Girls' Bedside Companion to the History of Western Art
1997978-0-14-025998-8Peter NelsonHome Tree Home: Principles of Tree House Construction And Other Tales: "the Principles of Treehouse Construction" and Other Tall Tales
  ''978-0-14-026002-1Roddy DoyleThe Van
1996978-0-14-026010-6New Zealand's Native Birds of Bush & Countryside
1999978-0-14-026013-7Barbara TrapidoThe Travelling Hornplayer
1998978-0-14-026014-4Lawrence DoneganFour Iron in the Soul
1997978-0-14-026017-5Walter ScottIvanhoe (BBC)
1996978-0-14-026018-2Anne BronteThe Tenant of Wildfell Hall (BBC Books)
1998978-0-14-026023-6Laurie BauerLanguage Myths
1997978-0-14-026028-1Mark WinegardnerThe Veracruz Blues
  ''978-0-14-026029-8Carlos BakerEmerson Among the Eccentrics: A Group Portrait
1996978-0-14-026040-3Bill GatesThe Road Ahead: Includes Disc(Revised Edition)
2002978-0-14-026042-7Roger E BackhouseThe Penguin History of Economics
1996978-0-14-026049-6Robertson DaviesFifth Business
1996978-0-14-026050-2Robertson DaviesThe Manticore
  ''978-0-14-026065-6Paul WilsonThe Little Book of Calm
978-0-14-026066-3Stuart McleanMorningside World of Stuart Mclean
1999978-0-14-026067-0Jay IngramThe Barmaid's Brain: And Other Strange Tales from Science
1996978-0-14-026070-0Peter ShafferEquus (Penguin Plays)
1997978-0-14-026071-7Miljenko JergovicSarajevo Marlboro
  ''978-0-14-026072-4Andrew CowanCommon Ground
1999978-0-14-026078-6Anthony Summers · Robbyn SwanThe Arrogance of Power
1998978-0-14-026080-9Robert KanigelThe One Best Way: Frederick Winslow Taylor And the Enigma of Efficiency (Sloan Technology)
1996978-0-14-026084-7Adolfo CasaresLa Invencion De Morel (the Invention of Morel): Spanish Edition
1998978-0-14-026087-8Jack WhyteUther
1996978-0-14-026089-2Gore VidalPalimpsest: A Memoir
2000978-0-14-026091-5Barry UnsworthLosing Nelson
2003978-0-14-026092-2Barry UnsworthThe Songs of the Kings
1997978-0-14-026093-9Hattie HayridgeRandom Abstract Memory
  ''978-0-14-026098-4Adrian BootPunk: The Illustrated History of a Music Revolution
1996978-0-14-026101-1Misha GlennyThe Fall of Yugoslavia
1998978-0-14-026102-8Michael AdamsSex in the Snow: Canadian Social Values at the End of the Millenium
1997978-0-14-026106-6David LodgeThe Practice of Writing: Essays, Lectures, Reviews and a Diary
2001978-0-14-026108-0Peter DoggettAre You Ready For The Country
1996978-0-14-026112-7Charlotte BronteJane Eyre (Pink Popular Penguin)
  ''978-0-14-026118-9Bill Drummond · Mark ManningBad Wisdom: The Lighthouse at the Top of the World
1996978-0-14-026120-2Rama MehtaInside the Haveli
  ''978-0-14-026121-9C. AbbasHotel Moenjodaro And Other Stories
1997978-0-14-026123-3John GapperAll That Glitters: The Fall of Barings
1998978-0-14-026133-2Christopher LeeThis Sceptred Isle: 55BC-1901
1996978-0-14-026141-7Sue Birtwistle · Susie ConklinThe Making of Jane Austen's Emma
1997978-0-14-026143-1Patsy Adam-SmithPrisoners of War: From Gallipoli to Korea
  ''978-0-14-026149-3David WellsThe Penguin Dictionary of Curious and Interesting Numbers (Penguin Press Science)
1996978-0-14-026152-3Derek FreemanMargaret Mead And the Heretic: The Making And Unmaking of an Anthropological Myth
1998978-0-14-026154-7Samuel Lynn HynesThe Soldier's Tale
1996978-0-14-026155-4Peter MayleA Dog's Life
1998978-0-14-026156-1John UpdikeGolf Dreams
1996978-0-14-026159-2Black Robe
1998978-0-14-026164-6Lucy MooreThe Thieves' Opera: The Remarkable Lives And Deaths of Jonathan Wild, Thief-Taker, And Jack Sheppard, House-Breaker
1996978-0-14-026165-3Jan Willem Honig · Norbert BothSrebrenica: Record of a War Crime
  ''978-0-14-026168-4Allan Little · Laura SilberThe Death of Yugoslavia (BBC)
2001978-0-14-026169-1Lois BattleHabit of the Blood
1996978-0-14-026175-2Jamie HewlettTank Girl 3 (Penguin graphic fiction)
1997978-0-14-026185-1Scott TurowThe Laws of Our Fathers
1996978-0-14-026188-2Kate FigesPenguin Book of International Women's Stories
1997978-0-14-026189-9Iris MurdochJackson's Dilemma
  ''978-0-14-026190-5Agate NesauleA Woman in Amber: Healing the Trauma of War And Exile
1998978-0-14-026193-6Alejo CarpentierThe Lost Steps(Los Pasos Perdidos): Spanish Edition
1997978-0-14-026194-3Margaret DrabbleThe Witch of Exmoor
1996978-0-14-026199-8John ScottWhat I have Written
1998978-0-14-026203-2Sparkle HayterRevenge of the Cootie Girls: A Robin Hudson Mystery (Robin Hudson Mysteries)
1996978-0-14-026209-4Thomas EidsonSt Agnes' Stand
1999978-0-14-026210-0Mark PlotkinMedicine Quest
1997978-0-14-026215-5Mario Vargas LlosaDeath in the Andes
1997978-0-14-026216-2Etienne van HeerdenLeap Year: A Novel
2002978-0-14-026222-3McquaigAll You Can Eat: Greed, Lust And the New Capitalism
1996978-0-14-026225-4Julia HamiltonA Pillar of Society