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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1995978-0-14-044462-9Adomnan of IonaLife of St Columba (Penguin Classics)
1988978-0-14-044463-6PlutarchOn Sparta (Penguin Classics)
1986978-0-14-044468-1Leo TolstoyThe Sebastopol Sketches (Classics)
1985978-0-14-044469-8Leo TolstoyThe Kreutzer Sonata and Other Stories (Classics)
1986978-0-14-044470-4Anton Chekhov · Ronald WilksThe Fiancee And Other Stories: The Fiancee; On Official Business; Rothschild's Fiddle; Peasant Women; Three Years; with Friends; the Bet; New Villa; ... Beauties; His Wife; the Student (Classics)
1987978-0-14-044471-1AristotleDe Anima (On the Soul) (Classics)
1986978-0-14-044472-8Denis DiderotJacques the Fatalist: And His Master (Classics)
1987978-0-14-044473-5Leo TolstoyA Confession and Other Religious Writings (Classics)
1985978-0-14-044474-2noneSeven Viking Romances (Classics)
1987978-0-14-044475-9Andrew Louth · Andrew Louth · Maxwell StaniforthEarly Christian Writings: The Apostolic Fathers (Classics)
1986978-0-14-044476-6Marie de FranceThe Lais of Marie de France (Penguin Classics)
1998978-0-14-044478-0Karl Marx · Friedrich EngelsThe Communist Manifesto (Pelican)
1987978-0-14-044486-5Friedrich EngelsThe Condition of the Working Class in England (Classics)
1986978-0-14-044487-2Anne Birrell · Ling Xu · J. H PrynneNew Songs from a Jade Terrace: An Anthology of Early Chinese Love Poetry
1987978-0-14-044488-9August Strindberg · Mary SandbachBy the Open Sea (Classics)
1986978-0-14-044489-6Petronius · SenecaThe Satyricon AND The Apocolocyntosis (Classics)
1988978-0-14-044490-2Mikhail Saltykov-Shchedrin · Ronald WilksThe Golovlyov Family (Classics)
1987978-0-14-044493-3Michel MontaigneAn Apology for Raymond Sebond (Classics)
  ''978-0-14-044495-7Alexander Hamilton · James Madison · John JayThe Federalist Papers (Classics)
  ''978-0-14-044496-4Thomas PaineThomas Paine Reader (Classics)
1988978-0-14-044499-5Robert Service · Vladimir LeninWhat is to be Done? (Classics)
1987978-0-14-044500-8Giorgio VasariLives of the Artists: A Selection v. 1
  ''978-0-14-044501-5MenanderPlays and Fragments (Penguin Classics)
1990978-0-14-044502-2Emilia Pardo Bazán · Paul O'PreyThe House of Ulloa (Classics)
1989978-0-14-044503-9Johann Wolfgang von GoetheThe Sorrows of Young Werther (Classics)
1996978-0-14-044504-6Alexander Pope · Steven ShankmanThe Iliad of Homer (Penguin Classics) (Penguin Classics S.)
1988978-0-14-044505-3Fyodor DostoyevskyPoor Folk and Other Stories: "Poor Folk"; The "Landlady"; "Mr Prokharchin"; "Polzunkov" (Classics)
1993978-0-14-044506-0Leo TolstoyHow Much Land Does a Man Need? & Other Stories: And Other Stories (Penguin Classics)
1989978-0-14-044508-4   ''The Death of Ivan Ilyich and Other Stories (Classics)
1996978-0-14-044509-1AppianThe Civil Wars
1991978-0-14-044510-7AristotleThe Art of Rhetoric (Penguin Classics)
1988978-0-14-044511-4Walter HiltonThe Ladder of Perfection (Penguin Classics)
1990978-0-14-044513-8Friedrich Nietzsche · R. J. HollingdaleBeyond Good And Evil: Prelude to a Philosophy of the Future (Classics)
  ''978-0-14-044514-5Friedrich NietzscheTwilight of the Idols and The Anti-Christ (Penguin Classics)
1992978-0-14-044515-2   ''Ecce Homo: How One Becomes What One is (Penguin Classics)
1987978-0-14-044516-9MultatuliMax Havelaar: Or the Coffee Auctions of a Dutch Trading Company (Classics)
1990978-0-14-044517-6XenophonConversations of Socrates (Classics)
1989978-0-14-044518-3David McDuff · Fyodor DostoyevskyUncle's Dream And Other Stories: A Weak Heart; White Nights; Uncle's Dream; the Meek Girl (Classics)
1990978-0-14-044519-0George LichtenbergAphorisms (Classics)
1991978-0-14-044520-6PlotinusThe Enneads (Classics)
1991978-0-14-044521-3Chretien TroyesArthurian Romances (Penguin Classics)
1990978-0-14-044522-0Ivan Sergeevich Turgenev · Richard FreebornSketches from a Hunter's Album (Classics)
1992978-0-14-044526-8Geoffrey Wall · Gustave FlaubertMadame Bovary: Provincial Lives (Classics)
1993978-0-14-044527-5David McDuff · Fyodor DostoyevskyThe Brothers Karamazov: A Novel in Four Parts And an Epilogue (Penguin Classics)
1991978-0-14-044528-2   ''Crime And Punishment (Classics)
1989978-0-14-044530-5Hermann Palsson · Paul EdwardsEyrbyggja Saga (Classics)
1990978-0-14-044532-9Glyn Burgess · Glyn BurgessThe Song of Roland (Penguin Classics)
1989978-0-14-044533-6Soren KierkegaardThe Sickness Unto Death: A Christian Psychological Exposition of Edification and Awakening by Anti-Climacus (Classics)
1990978-0-14-044534-3Jacob BurckhardtThe Civilization of the Renaissance in Italy (Classics)
1989978-0-14-044535-0Eusebius · G.A. WilliamsonThe History of the Church (Penguin Classics)
1990978-0-14-044536-7David HumeDialogues Concerning Natural Religion (Classics)
1992978-0-14-044539-8Royall Tyler · Royall TylerJapanese No Dramas (Penguin Classics)
1991978-0-14-044540-4Brian Smith · Brian Smith · Wendy Doniger · Wendy DonigerThe Laws of Manu (Classics)
1989978-0-14-044541-1Bernard Mandeville · Phillip HarthThe Fable of the Bees: Or, Private Vices, Publick Benefits (Classics)
1990978-0-14-044542-8noneThe Koran: With Parallel Arabic Text (Classics)
1991978-0-14-044544-2Anthony BoyleRoman Poets of the Early Empire (Classics)
  ''978-0-14-044545-9Alfred Lord TennysonSelected Poems (Classics)
  ''978-0-14-044547-3Herman MelvilleThe Confidence-man: His Masquerade (Classics)
2006978-0-14-044550-3Francois RabelaisGargantua and Pantagruel (Penguin Classics)
1995978-0-14-044553-4Alexander HumboldtPersonal Narrative of a Journey to the Equinoctial Regions of the New Continent (Penguin Classics)
1991978-0-14-044556-5Dominic Rieu · E. V. RieuThe Odyssey (Classics)
1995978-0-14-044557-2Henry Adams · Jean GooderThe Education of Henry Adams (Penguin Classics)
1990978-0-14-044558-9N.J. DawoodThe Koran (Classics)
1991978-0-14-044559-6Abbe PrevostManon Lescaut (Penguin Classics)
  ''978-0-14-044560-2Richard StonemanThe Greek Alexander Romance (Classics)
1992978-0-14-044562-6Bartolome Las CasasA Short Account of the Destruction of the Indies (Penguin Classics)
1991978-0-14-044563-3Jean-Jacques RousseauEmile; or On Education (Classics)
1992978-0-14-044564-0PlutarchEssays (Penguin Classics)
1990978-0-14-044565-7BedeEcclesiastical History of the English People
1992978-0-14-044566-4Dick DavisThe Legend of Seyavash (Penguin Classics S.)
1990978-0-14-044568-8Karl MarxCapital: Critique of Political Economy v. 1 (Classics S.)
1992978-0-14-044569-5   ''Capital: Critique of Political Economy v. 2
1992978-0-14-044570-1Karl MarxCapital: Critique of Political Economy v. 3 (Penguin Classics S.)
2000978-0-14-044574-9MarxEarly Writings (Penguin Classics)
1993978-0-14-044575-6Karl MarxGrundrisse: Foundations of the Critique of Political Economy (Penguin Classics)
1992978-0-14-044576-3BihariThe Satasai (Penguin Classics)
  ''978-0-14-044577-0Soren KierkegaardEither/Or: A Fragment of Life (Penguin Classics)
1998978-0-14-044578-7Daniel KarlinThe Penguin Book of Victorian Verse (Penguin Classics)
1990978-0-14-044579-4Nikolay GogolThe Government Inspector and Other Russian Plays (Penguin Classics)
1996978-0-14-044580-0Jan PotockiThe Manuscript Found in Saragossa (Penguin Classics)
1993978-0-14-044582-4PlatoThe Last Days of Socrates: Euthyphro,Apology,Phaedo,Crito (Classics)
  ''978-0-14-044585-5Hugh WhiteAncrene Wisse: Guide For Anchoresses (Penguin Classics S.)
  ''978-0-14-044586-2Georg BuchnerComplete Plays, Lenz and Other Writings (Penguin Classics)
1992978-0-14-044587-9Madame LafayetteThe Princesse De Cleves (Classics)
1996978-0-14-044589-3Soren KierkegaardPapers and Journals: A Selection (Penguin Classics)
1992978-0-14-044591-6Jean Racine · Margaret RawlingsPhedre (Penguin Classics)
  ''978-0-14-044592-3HomerThe Iliad (Penguin Classics)
1991978-0-14-044594-7noneThe Earliest English Poems (Penguin Classics)
1993978-0-14-044595-4CiceroOn Government (Penguin Classics)
1995978-0-14-044596-1Chandra Rajan · Sarma VisnuThe Pancatantra: The Book of India's Folk Wisdom (Penguin Classics)
1999978-0-14-044601-2Gerard de NervalSelected Writings (Penguin Classics)
1993978-0-14-044602-9Michel MontaigneThe Essays: A Selection (Penguin Classics)
1992978-0-14-044603-6KautilyaThe Artmasmastra (Penguin Classics)
1993978-0-14-044604-3Michel de MontaigneThe Complete Essays
1992978-0-14-044606-7Charles-Pierre Baudelaire · P. CharvetSelected Writings on Art and Literature (Penguin Classics)
2004978-0-14-044608-1Desiderius ErasmusPraise of Folly
1997978-0-14-044609-8Karl Moritz · Ritchie RobertsonAnton Reiser: A Psychological Novel (Penguin Classics)
1994978-0-14-044610-4LucretiusOn The Nature Of The Universe (Penguin Classics S.)
1995978-0-14-044611-1John SturrockThe Life of Henry Brulard (Penguin Classics)
1994978-0-14-044614-2Jean-Anthelme Brillat-SavarinThe Physiology of Taste (Penguin Classics)
1999978-0-14-044616-6Christopher GillThe Symposium (Penguin Classics)
1994978-0-14-044617-3Friedrich NietzscheHuman, All Too Human (Penguin Classics)
1998978-0-14-044619-7AristotleThe Metaphysics (Penguin Classics)
1996978-0-14-044621-0George SteinerHomer in English (Penguin Classics: Poets in Translation S.)
1995978-0-14-044624-1Charles-Pierre BaudelaireSelected Poems (Penguin Classics)
1997978-0-14-044627-2Frederick Keener · John DrydenVirgil's Aeneid (Penguin Classics)
1994978-0-14-044630-2Adalbert Stifter · Helen Watanabe-O'KellyBrigitta And Other Tales: Abdias; Brigitta; the Forest Path; Limestone (Penguin Classics S.)
1999978-0-14-044631-9E.T.A. HoffmannThe Life and Opinions of the Tomcat Murr (Penguin Classics)
1996978-0-14-044636-4AristotlePoetics (Penguin Classics)
1996978-0-14-044638-8Aubrey Selincourt · John MarincolaThe Histories (Penguin Classics)
1995978-0-14-044639-5Johann Hebel · John HibberdThe Treasure Chest: Unexpected Reunion and Other Stories (Penguin Classics)
  ''978-0-14-044642-5Leo TolstoyWhat is Art? (Penguin Classics)
1996978-0-14-044643-2John Davie · Richard RutherfordAlcestis And Other Plays: Alcestis; Medea; the Children of Heracles; Hippolytus (Penguin Classics S.)
1995978-0-14-044645-6Blaise PascalPensees (Penguin Classics)
1998978-0-14-044648-7Jacobo di VoragineThe Golden Legend: Selections (Penguin Classics)
  ''978-0-14-044649-4AesopAesop - The Complete Fables
2000978-0-14-044651-7Penelope Murray · Penelope Murray · T. DorschClassical Literary Criticism: Plato: Ion; Republic 2-3, 1; Aristotle: Poetics; Horace: The Art of Poetry; Longinus: On the Sublime (Penguin Classics)
2015978-0-14-044652-4Jill KrayeRenaissance Philosophy (Penguin Classics)
2006978-0-14-044655-5VoltaireCandide: Or Optimism [ CANDIDE: OR OPTIMISM ] By Voltaire (Author)Dec-01-2006 Paperback
2015978-0-14-044657-9Nikolai GogolDormant: Dead Souls (Penguin Classics)
1995978-0-14-044658-6Fyodor Dostoyevsky · Ignat AvseyThe Village of Stepanchikovo: And its Inhabitants: from the Notes of an Unknown (Penguin Classics)
1997978-0-14-044660-9Rudiger BubnerGerman Idealist Philosophy (Penguin Classics S.)
1998978-0-14-044668-5EuripidesElectra and Other Plays (Penguin Classics)
  ''978-0-14-044669-2Christopher MartinOvid in English (Penguin Classics: Poets in Translation S.)
  ''978-0-14-044673-9Julian of Norwich · A.C. Spearing · Elizabeth SpearingRevelations of Divine Love (Penguin Classics)
1997978-0-14-044674-6Vincent Van GoghThe Letters of Vincent Van Gogh (Penguin Classics)
1998978-0-14-044675-3Alexander PushkinTales of Belkin and Other Prose Writings (Penguin Classics)
1996978-0-14-044676-0Henrik IbsenBrand: Play (Penguin Classics)
1997978-0-14-044679-1SenecaDialogues and Letters (Penguin Classics)
2009978-0-14-044681-4J D SmithThe Mahabharata (Penguin Classics)
2002978-0-14-044686-9Francois VoltaireMicromegas and Other Short Fictions (Penguin Classics)
1999978-0-14-044689-0Christine PizanThe Book of the City of Ladies (Penguin Classics)
2000978-0-14-044690-6OvidFasti (Penguin Classics)
1998978-0-14-044694-4Ann Stevens · Eca Queiros · Patricia PinheiroThe Maias (Penguin Classics)
1999978-0-14-044699-9René DescartesDiscourse on Method and Related Writings (Penguin Classics)
1998978-0-14-044701-9René DescartesMeditations and Other Metaphysical Writings (Penguin Classics)
2004978-0-14-044702-6LucianChattering Courtesans and Other Sardonic Sketches (Penguin Classics)
1997978-0-14-044703-3Ilan Stavans · Margaret PedenPoems, Protest And a Dream: Selected Writings (Penguin Classics)
1998978-0-14-044704-0JuvenalThe Sixteen Satires (Penguin Classics)
2012978-0-14-044706-4Theodor StormThe Rider of the White Horse and Other Stories (Penguin Classics)
2009978-0-14-044708-8Friedrich HölderlinEssays and Letters (Penguin Classics)
1999978-0-14-044718-7Benvenuto CelliniThe Autobiography of Benvenuto Cellini (Penguin Classics)
1999978-0-14-044719-4Anne BirrellThe Classic of Mountains And Seas (Penguin Classics S.)
1998978-0-14-044720-0Johann Wolfgang von GoetheMaxims and Reflections (Penguin Classics)
2000978-0-14-044721-7Andrew GeorgeThe Epic of Gilgamesh (Penguin Classics)
2001978-0-14-044723-1Leo TolstoyAnna Karenina (Penguin Classics)
2002978-0-14-044725-5EuripidesHeracles and Other Plays (Penguin Classics)
2006978-0-14-044726-2   ''The Bacchae and Other Plays (Penguin Classics)
1998978-0-14-044727-9BedeThe Age of Bede (Penguin Classics)
2000978-0-14-044728-6Jean-Baptiste MoliereThe Miser and Other Plays
  ''978-0-14-044730-9Jean-Baptiste MoliereThe Misanthrope and Other Plays: "Such Foolish Affected Ladies", "Tartuffe", "The Misanthrope", "The Doctor Despite Himself", "The Would-be Gentleman", "Those Learned Ladies" (Penguin Classics)
2003978-0-14-044731-6Benedicta WardThe Desert Fathers: Sayings of the Early Christian Monks (Penguin Classics)
2000978-0-14-044732-3Carol TullyRomantic Fairy Tales: Goethe, Tieck, Fouque and Brentano
2002978-0-14-044733-0Anton ChekhovPlays: "Ivanov", "The Seagull", "Uncle Vanya", "Three Sisters", "The Cherry Orchard" (Penguin Classics)
1999978-0-14-044736-1Bamba Suso · Banna KanuteSunjata: Gambian Versions of the Mande Epic (Penguin Classics)
2003978-0-14-044737-8Eduard MörikeMozart's Journey to Prague and Selected Poems (Penguin Classics)
1999978-0-14-044738-5Jesse L ByockThe Saga of the Volsungs: The Norse Epic of Sigurd the Dragon Slayer (Penguin Classics)
2006978-0-14-044740-8Pu SonglingStrange Tales from a Chinese Studio (Penguin Classics)
1999978-0-14-044741-5Giovanni VergaCavalleria Rusticana and Other Stories (Penguin Classics)
2004978-0-14-044742-2Émile ZolaGerminal (Penguin Classics)
2006978-0-14-044744-6M ValmikiRama the Steadfast: An Early Form of the Ramayana (Penguin Classics)
2007978-0-14-044747-7Immanuel KantCritique of Pure Reason (Penguin Modern Classics)
1998978-0-14-044748-4A.N.D. HaksarSimhasana Dwaitrimsika: Thirty-Two Tales of 'the Throne of Vikramaditya' (Penguin Classics)
2004978-0-14-044749-1Valerie J. RoebuckThe Upanisads (Penguin Classics)
2007978-0-14-044750-7Quobna CugoanoThoughts and Sentiments on the Evil of Slavery and Other Writings (Penguin Classics)
1999978-0-14-044752-1George Bull · Niccolo MachiavelliThe Prince (Penguin Classics)
2000978-0-14-044753-8Émile ZolaL'assommoir(the Dram Shop) (Penguin Classics S.)
  ''978-0-14-044754-5Henry Adams · Lisa MacFarlaneEsther (Penguin Classics S.)
2005978-0-14-044755-2Jesse L ByockThe Prose Edda: Norse Mythology (Penguin Classics)
2004978-0-14-044757-6Karl Marx · Friedrich EngelsThe Communist Manifesto (Penguin Pocket Hardbacks)
  ''978-0-14-044758-3Donald LopezBuddhist Scriptures (Penguin Classics)
1999978-0-14-044759-0Marie FranceThe Lais of Marie De France: With Two Further Lais in the Original Old French (Penguin Classics)
2003978-0-14-044760-6Alexis TocquevilleDemocracy in America: And Two Essays on America (Penguin Classics)
2000978-0-14-044761-3Charles MaturinMelmoth the Wanderer (Penguin Classics)
2001978-0-14-044762-0A. SpearingThe Cloud of Unknowing and Other Works (Penguin Classics)
2003978-0-14-044763-7Joris-Karl HuysmansAgainst Nature (Penguin Classics)
2002978-0-14-044764-4StendhalThe Red and the Black (Penguin Classics)
2000978-0-14-044766-8Theodor FontaneEffi Briest (Penguin Classics)
2001978-0-14-044767-5Joris-Karl HuysmansThe Damned (Penguin Classics)
  ''978-0-14-044769-9Leifur Eiricksson · Robert CookNjal's Saga (Penguin Classics)
2004978-0-14-044770-5Leifur EirikssonEgil's Saga (Penguin Classics)
2002978-0-14-044771-2Leifur EirickssonSagas of Warrior-poets (Penguin Classics)
2003978-0-14-044772-9Martin S. Regal · Judy QuinnGisli Sursson's Saga and the Saga of the People of Eyri (Penguin Classics)
2005978-0-14-044773-6Örnólfur Thorsson · Bernard ScudderThe Saga of Grettir the Strong (Penguin Classics)
2013978-0-14-044774-3Robert Kellogg · Viðar HreinssonComic Sagas and Tales from Iceland (Penguin Classics)
2008978-0-14-044775-0Leifur EirickssonThe Saga of the People of Laxardal and Bolli Bollason's Tale (Penguin Classics)
2008978-0-14-044776-7Leifur EirickssonThe Vinland Sagas (Penguin Classics)
1999978-0-14-044780-4Ancius BoethiusThe Consolation of Philosophy (Penguin Classics)
2000978-0-14-044781-1Leopold von Sacher-MasochVenus in Furs (Penguin Classics)
2015978-0-14-044782-8Edited and Translated by Wendy Doniger VatsyayanaThe Kama Sutra (Penguin Classics)
2001978-0-14-044783-5Emile ZolaAu Bonheur des Dames (The Ladies' Delight) (Penguin Classics)
2003978-0-14-044784-2Andrew PlaksTa Hsueh and Chung Yung: The Highest Order of Cultivation AND On the Practice of the Mean (Penguin Classics)
2001978-0-14-044785-9Anton ChekhovThe Steppe and Other Stories, 1887-91 (Penguin Classics)
2002978-0-14-044786-6   ''Ward No. 6 and Other Stories, 1892-1895 (Penguin Classics)
  ''978-0-14-044787-3   ''The Lady with the Little Dog and Other Stories, 1896-1904 (Penguin Classics)