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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1989978-0-14-017011-5Henry Walter BatesThe Naturalist on the River Amazon (Penguin Nature Library)
  ''978-0-14-017013-9Henry David ThoreauThe Maine Woods (Penguin Nature Library)
1990978-0-14-017014-6George CatlinNorth American Indians (Penguin Nature Library)
1992978-0-14-017016-0John. BurroughsLyon Thomas J.: This Incomperable Lande: A John Burroughs Reader / Ed. by Bill Mckibben. (Penguin nature library)
1993978-0-14-017031-3Abraham Lincoln · Andrew DelbancoPortable Abraham Lincoln (Portable library)
  ''978-0-14-017033-7Margaret DonaldsonHuman Minds: An Exploration (Penguin Psychology S.)
1992978-0-14-017035-1Jim GarrisonOn the Trail of the Assassins: My Investigation And Prosecution of the Murder of President Kennedy (Film/Tv tie-in series)
1995978-0-14-017036-8David LewisPortable Harlem Renaissance Reader (African American History (Penguin))
1993978-0-14-017041-2Alistair HorneThe Price of Glory: Verdun 1916 (Penguin History)
1994978-0-14-017044-3Malcolm BradburyThe Modern American Novel: New Edition
1996978-0-14-017047-4Dream of Eagles Book 4: The Saxon Shore
1995978-0-14-017048-1Jack WhyteDream of Eagles Book 3: The Eagles Brood: The Eagle's Brood Book 3
1994978-0-14-017049-8Jack WhyteDream of Eagles Book 2: The Singing Sword: The Singing Sword Bk. 2
  ''978-0-14-017050-4   ''The Skystone (A Dream of Eagles volume 1)
1993978-0-14-017059-7John BuchanThe Complete Richard Hannay: "The Thirty-Nine Steps","Greenmantle","Mr Standfast","The Three Hostages","The Island of Sheep"
1992978-0-14-017067-2Sara ParetskyGuardian Angel (A V. I. Warshawski novel)
  ''978-0-14-017069-6Richard HoggartThe Uses of Literacy: Aspects of Working-Class Life with Special Reference to Publications And Entertainments (Penguin Social Sciences)
1992978-0-14-017079-5Margaret VisserThe Rituals of Dinner: The Origins, Evolution, Eccentricities And Meaning of Table Manners: The Origins, Evolution, Eccentricities and the Meaning of Table Manners
1995978-0-14-017081-8Sara ParetskyTunnel Vision (V. I. Warshawski novel)
1999978-0-14-017082-5   ''Ghost Country
1992978-0-14-017090-0Robert E. OrnsteinThe Psychology of Consciousness(Rev.)
1993978-0-14-017094-8Benita EislerO'keeffe And Stieglitz: An American Romance
  ''978-0-14-017096-2James LiptonAn Exaltation of Larks; the Ultimate Edition
1992978-0-14-017097-9Mary LeunigOne Big Happy Family
1993978-0-14-017098-6David LodgeChanging Places: A Tale of Two Campuses
1994978-0-14-017099-3Anne RiceLasher (Witching Hour)
1993978-0-14-017103-7Hilary MantelA Place of Greater Safety
1995978-0-14-017109-9Charles RichardsThe New Italians
1993978-0-14-017110-5Peter AckroydThe Great Fire of London
  ''978-0-14-017111-2Peter AckroydThe Last Testament of Oscar Wilde
  ''978-0-14-017113-6   ''Hawksmoor (Penguin Decades)
  ''978-0-14-017114-3   ''Chatterton
1994978-0-14-017117-4Peter AckroydThe House of Doctor Dee
1998978-0-14-017118-1Richard GregoryMirrors in Mind (Penguin Press Science S.)
1992978-0-14-017122-8Lillian FadermanOdd Girls And Twilight Lovers: A History of Lesbian Life Twentieth-Century America (Between Men-Between Women)
1993978-0-14-017133-4Robert B. ParkerDouble Deuce
2006978-0-14-017134-1Martin MiddlebrookThe First Day on the Somme: 1 July 1916 (Penguin History)
1994978-0-14-017146-4Laurali WrightPrized Possessions
1996978-0-14-017150-1Rob GrantBackwards (Red Dwarf)
1992978-0-14-017152-5Claire TomalinShelley And His World
  ''978-0-14-017154-9William T. VollmanRainbow Stories (Contemporary American Fiction)
  ''978-0-14-017156-3Jon LangfordGreat Pop Things
1995978-0-14-017160-0John ArdaghIreland And the Irish: Portrait of a Changing Society (Penguin Non Fiction)
1994978-0-14-017162-4Stephen DobynsSaratoga Haunting
1996978-0-14-017163-1Larry DarkThe Literary Traveler: An Anthology of Contemporary Short Fiction
1992978-0-14-017167-9Roddy DoyleThe Snapper (Barrytown Trilogy)
1993978-0-14-017168-6Paul AusterThe Art of Hunger
1992978-0-14-017171-6Louise LeveneThe Fifth Penguin Book of the Independent Crosswords: 5th (Penguin Crosswords)
1993978-0-14-017172-3Philip K. DickThe Man in the High Castle (Roc)
1994978-0-14-017173-0Philip K. DickTime out of Joint (Roc)
1992978-0-14-017178-5Eric BentleyThe Theory Of The Modern Stage: An Introduction To Modern Theatre And Drama (Penguin Literary Criticism S.)
1993978-0-14-017191-4Roddy DoyleThe Van
1991978-0-14-017199-0Robert GravesGreek Myths
1992978-0-14-017204-1John Puhiatau PuleThe Shark That Ate the Sun
1993978-0-14-017205-8Detler J.K. PeukertInside Nazi Germany: Conformity, Opposition And Racism in Everyday Life
1994978-0-14-017206-5Simon SchamaCitizens: A Chronicle of the French Revolution
1992978-0-14-017212-6Dirk BogardeAn Orderly Man (Dirk Bogarde's Autobiography)
1993978-0-14-017213-3Isaac AsimovAsimov's New Guide to Science (Penguin Press Science)
1992978-0-14-017216-4Jane TolertonEttie: The Life of Ettie Rout
  ''978-0-14-017218-8Iris OrigoThe Merchant of Prato: Francesco Di Marco Datini: Daily Life in a Medieval Italian City
1994978-0-14-017226-3Ernest PintoffThe Complete Guide to American Film Schools And Cinema And Television Courses
1992978-0-14-017227-0Ferrol SamsWhen All the World Was Young (Contemporary American Fiction)
1993978-0-14-017230-0Helen BakerMoney Matters For Women: Getting It, Investing It and Enjoying It
1997978-0-14-017231-7C.S. Collins · C.W. ErikssonThe Anne of Green Gables Treasury
1993978-0-14-017232-4Iris MurdochMetaphysics As a Guide to Morals (Penguin Philosophy)
  ''978-0-14-017240-9Guy BellamyThe Comedy Hotel
1992978-0-14-017243-0Dirk BogardeVoices in the Garden
1993978-0-14-017245-4Rebecca GoldsteinThe Mind-Body Problem (Contemporary American Fiction)
1994978-0-14-017246-1Rebecca GoldsteinStrange Attractors (Contemporary American Fiction)
1996978-0-14-017248-5Lillian FadermanChloe Plus Olivia: An Anthology Lesbian Literature from the Seventeenthcentury to the Present: Anthology of Lesbian Literature from the Seventeenth Century to the Present
1992978-0-14-017254-6Tina RosenbergChildren of Cain: Violence And the Violent in Latin America
1993978-0-14-017260-7Beryl BainbridgeThe Birthday Boys
1993978-0-14-017264-5Geoffrey RobertsonFreedom, the Individual and the Law (Penguin Law S)
1992978-0-14-017265-2Peter TownsendInequalities in Health: The Black Report And the Health Divide (Penguin Social Sciences S.)
  ''978-0-14-017271-3Katharine HepburnMe: Stories of My Life
1994978-0-14-017274-4Michael ArgyleThe Psychology of Interpersonal Behaviour (Penguin Psychology)
1993978-0-14-017285-0Laurie LeeRed Sky at Sunrise: Cider with Rosie, As I Walked Out One Midsummer Morning, A Moment of War
1994978-0-14-017287-4Brian MaracleCrazywater: Native Voices on Addiction and Recovery
1992978-0-14-017288-1Misha GlennyThe Fall of Yugoslavia: The Third Balkan War
1996978-0-14-017294-2Regina BarrecaThe Penguin Book of Women's Humor
1993978-0-14-017297-3David LodgeA David Lodge Trilogy: Changing Places, Small World, Nice Work
  ''978-0-14-017302-4Brian LumleyFruiting Bodies And Other Fungi: A Witch's Dozen of Terror-tales (Roc S.)
1994978-0-14-017303-1Brian LumleyReturn of the Deep Ones And Other Mythos Tales: Inception;Lord of the Worms;Beneath the Moors;the Return of the Deep Ones (Roc S.)
1993978-0-14-017304-8Will SelfCock And Bull
1998978-0-14-017309-3Adrian DesmondHuxley: From Devil's Disciple to Evolution's Priest (Penguin History)
1993978-0-14-017314-7Charles Peattie · Russell F. TaylorThe Alex Omnibus: Includes Unabashed Alex; Magnum Force; Son of Alex And Man with the Golden Handshake; Alex V
1992978-0-14-017315-4Art SpiegelmanMaus I: A Survivor's Tale:My Father Bleeds History: My Father Bleeds History Pt. 1 (Penguin Graphic Fiction)
  ''978-0-14-017316-1John RothchildGoing For Broke: How Robert Campeau Bankrupted the Retail Industry, Jolted the Junk Bond Market, And Brought the Booming Eighties to a Crashing Halt
  ''978-0-14-017317-8Kenneth RosenThe Man to Send Rain Clouds
1992978-0-14-017318-5Michael LewisThe Money Culture
  ''978-0-14-017319-2Leslie SilkoAlmanac of the Dead
1993978-0-14-017322-2John SteinbeckZapata
  ''978-0-14-017326-0Francoise Barret-DucrocqLove in the Time of Victoria: Sexuality And Desire Among Working-Class Men And Women in Nineteenth-Century London
1992978-0-14-017339-0Anne DevesonTell me I'm Here: One Family's Experience of Schizophrenia
1995978-0-14-017344-4Jean Grasso FitzpatrickSmall Wonder: How to Answer Your Child's Impossible Questions About Life: From Toddlers to Teens: How to Answer Your Child's Impossible Questions About Life
1992978-0-14-017345-1Gabriel Garcia MarquezLove in the Time of Cholera (Penguin International Writers)
1994978-0-14-017356-7Helen DunmoreZennor In Darkness
1995978-0-14-017357-4Helen DunmoreBurning Bright
1992978-0-14-017358-1P. G. WodehouseUncle Fred: An Omnibus: Uncle Fred In The Springtime; Uncle Dynamite; Cocktail Time
1993978-0-14-017359-8P G WodehouseImperial Blandings: An Omnibus: Full Moon; Pigs Have Wings; Service With A Smile
  ''978-0-14-017360-4P. G. WodehouseThe World Of Psmith: Psmith In The City; Psmith Journalist; Leave It To Psmith
1992978-0-14-017367-3Andrew MarrThe Battle for Scotland
1998978-0-14-017388-8Robert A. Esperti · Renno L. Peterson · David K CahooneThe Living Trust Workbook: How You and Your Legal Advisors Can Design, Fund, and Maintain Your Living Trust Plan, and Secure Your Family's Future
1996978-0-14-017389-5Robert LeckieOkinawa: The Last Battle of World War II
1994978-0-14-017392-5Poppy Z. BriteLost Souls
2004978-0-14-017395-6Donald RumbelowThe Complete Jack the Ripper
1994978-0-14-017403-8Bernard CooperA Year of Rhymes
1993978-0-14-017410-6Philip NormanShout!: The True Story of the Beatles
  ''978-0-14-017412-0Esther FreudHideous Kinky (Penguin Essentials)
1996978-0-14-017414-4Stuart KauffmanAt Home in the Universe: The Search For Laws of Self-Organization And Complexity: The Search for Laws of Self-organisation and Complexity (Penguin science)
1993978-0-14-017421-2David LodgeThe Picturegoers
1994978-0-14-017424-3Angus WilsonAnglo-Saxon Attitudes
1995978-0-14-017434-2Sarah Hamilton-ByrneUnseen Unheard Unknown
1993978-0-14-017439-7Barbara NeelyBlanche On the Lam
1993978-0-14-017443-4Dirk BogardeGreat Meadow; an Evocation
  ''978-0-14-017448-9Spike Milligan · Jack HobbsWilliam Mcgonagall - Freefall
1995978-0-14-017450-2Michael RosenThe Penguin Book of Childhood
1994978-0-14-017453-3Miss ReadFarewell to Fairacre
1992978-0-14-017458-8Bernard CornwellStormchild
1996978-0-14-017461-8Paul DaviesAbout Time: Einstein's Unfinished Revolution (Penguin Science)
1992978-0-14-017466-3Grant NaylorRed Dwarf Omnibus: Red Dwarf: Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers & Better Than Life
1995978-0-14-017480-9David WellsYou Are a Mathematician (Penguin Science)
1994978-0-14-017487-8Janet Radcliffe RichardsThe Sceptical Feminist: A Philosophical Enquiry (Penguin Women's Studies)
  ''978-0-14-017489-2Russ RymerGenie: A Scientific Tragedy: Escape from a Silent Childhood
1993978-0-14-017491-5Julian JaynesThe Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind (Penguin Psychology)
1992978-0-14-017492-2David LodgeThe Art of Fiction: Illustrated from Classic and Modern Texts
  ''978-0-14-017505-9Richard P FeynmanThe Character of Physical Law (Penguin Press Science)
1993978-0-14-017510-3John MortimerRumpole On Trial
1995978-0-14-017529-5Steven PinkerThe Language Instinct: How the Mind Creates Language: The New Science of Language and Mind (Penguin Science)
1993978-0-14-017530-1Angela CarterWise Children
1994978-0-14-017532-5Colm ToibinThe Heather Blazing
1992978-0-14-017547-9Robert N. CharretteBattletech 4: Wolf Pack: Wolf Pack Bk. 4 (Roc)
1993978-0-14-017554-7Alasdair GrayPoor Things: Episodes from the Early Life of Archibald Mccandless M.D.Scottish Public Health Officer
1994978-0-14-017555-4Robert B. ParkerPaper Doll
1992978-0-14-017561-5Philip KerrA German Requiem
1994978-0-14-017563-9Jane BrownGardens of a Golden Afternoon: The Story of a Partnership:Edwin Lutyens And Gertrude Jekyll
1995978-0-14-017567-7Olga Silverstein · Beth RashbaumThe Courage to Raise Good Men
1996978-0-14-017574-5Barry UnsworthMorality Play
1997978-0-14-017575-2Barry UnsworthAfter Hannibal
1994978-0-14-017590-5Erica Bauremeister500 Great Books By Women
2006978-0-14-017592-9Paul FootThe Vote: How it was won, and how it was undermined
1994978-0-14-017593-6Penelope LivelyCleopatra's Sister
1995978-0-14-017596-7Joyce TyldesleyDaughters of Isis: Women of Ancient Egypt (Penguin History)
2000978-0-14-017604-9Hilary SpurlingThe Unknown Matisse 1869-1908
2006978-0-14-017605-6Hilary SpurlingMatisse the Master: A Life of Henri Matisse: 1909-1954: A Life of Henri Matisse: 1909-1954 v. 2
1996978-0-14-017619-3Brian MacArthurThe Penguin Book of Historic Speeches
1995978-0-14-017623-0William VollmannThe Rifles: Volume 6 of 'Seven Dreams':A Book of North American Landscapes (Seven Dreams: A Book of North American Landscapes (Paperback))
1993978-0-14-017630-8Jonathan GashThe Lies of Fair Ladies
1996978-0-14-017641-4Elizabeth DavidHarvest of the Cold Months: The Social History of Ice and Ices (Penguin Cookery Library)
1993978-0-14-017650-6Anita BrooknerFraud
1992978-0-14-017652-0Jacky FlemingNever Give up
  ''978-0-14-017659-9Damon RunyanGuys And Dolls: The Stories of Damon Runyon: The Stories of Damon Runyan
1993978-0-14-017660-5Clive PontingA Green History of the World: The Environment And the Collapse of Great Civilizations
1994978-0-14-017661-2Barbara VineAsta's Book
1993978-0-14-017664-3Robert Olen ButlerA Good Scent from a Strange Mountain: Stories
1995978-0-14-017665-0Margaret Fuller · Mary KelleyThe Portable Margaret Fuller (Viking Portable Library S.)
1995978-0-14-017667-4Ken Kesey · Ken BabbsLast Go Round
1993978-0-14-017684-1John MortimerThe Best of Rumpole: Rumpole And the Younger Generation;Rumpole a Nd the Showfolk;Rumpole And the Tap End; Rumpole And the Bubble Reputation; ... the Devil;Rumpole On Trial: A Personal Choice
1994978-0-14-017702-2Charlie HigsonHappy Now
  ''978-0-14-017704-6Guy Gavriel KayTigana (Roc)
1992978-0-14-017709-1BILTONFour Hours in my Lai: A War Crime And Its Aftermath
1993978-0-14-017719-0Marion Zimmer BradleyThe Mists of Avalon
1995978-0-14-017721-3Marion Zimmer BradleyThe Forest House
1993978-0-14-017722-0Bernard CornwellRedcoat
  ''978-0-14-017723-7   ''Wildtrack
  ''978-0-14-017724-4   ''Sea Lord
  ''978-0-14-017725-1   ''Crackdown
1993978-0-14-017726-8Bernard CornwellScoundrel
1995978-0-14-017735-0John MortimerMurderers And Other Friends: Another Part of Life
1993978-0-14-017736-7John SteinbeckThe Red Pony
2000978-0-14-017737-4SteinbeckThe Pearl (Penguin Readers (Graded Readers))
1993978-0-14-017738-1John SteinbeckCannery Row
  ''978-0-14-017739-8   ''Of Mice And Men (Penguin Great Books of the 20th Century)
1994978-0-14-017741-1Keith FloydFar Flung Floyd: Keith Floyd's Guide to South-East Asian Food
1993978-0-14-017750-3William DietrichThe Final Forest: The Battle For the Last Trees of the Pacific Northwest
  ''978-0-14-017751-0W. BoltonThe Penguin History of Literature Volume 1: The Middle Ages: The Middle Ages v. 1
1995978-0-14-017762-6Charles PalliserThe Quincunx: The Inheritance of John Huffam
2003978-0-14-017764-0Ian HamiltonAgainst Oblivion: Some Lives of the Twentieth-Century Poets
1993978-0-14-017765-7Jan van RiebeeckThe Secret Letters of Jan Van Riebeeck
1996978-0-14-017788-6Jennifer AckermanNotes from the Shore
1994978-0-14-017796-1Sarah WoodhouseEnchanted Ground
1993978-0-14-017798-5Sarah WeddingtonA Question of Choice
1995978-0-14-017800-5Horace Freeland JudsonThe Eighth Day of Creation: Makers of the Revolution in Biology (Penguin Press Science)
1996978-0-14-017801-2Francis FukuyamaTrust: The Social Virtues And the Creation of Prosperity
1994978-0-14-017802-9Rudolf V.B. RuckerSoftware
1993978-0-14-017813-5Paul AusterLeviathan
  ''978-0-14-017817-3Simone Beck · Suzanne PattersonFood And Friends: Recipes And Memories from Simca's Cuisine
1992978-0-14-017821-0Angela CarterThe Bloody Chamber And Other Stories: The Bloody Chamber;the Courtship of Mr Lyon;the Tiger's Bride;Puss-in-Boots;the Erl-King;the Snow Child;the Lady Werewolf;the Company of Wolves;Wolf-Alice
1993978-0-14-017822-7Lerone Bennett JrBefore the Mayflower: A History of Black America
  ''978-0-14-017824-1Marc ReisnerCadillac Desert: The American West And IT's Disappearing Water
1994978-0-14-017833-3Shobha DeStrange Obsession
1995978-0-14-017839-5T C BoyleWithout a Hero
1994978-0-14-017840-1Nancy AthertonAunt Dimity's Death
1995978-0-14-017841-8Nancy AthertonAunt Dimity And the Duke (Aunt Dimity Mystery)
1997978-0-14-017842-5Phillip F. HerringDjuna: The Life and Work of Djuna Barnes