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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1971978-0-14-003210-9Vusumazulu Credo MutwaMy People: The Incredible Writings of Credo Vusa'mazulu Mutwa: Writings of a Zulu Witchdoctor
1975978-0-14-003214-7P. G. WodehousePsmith Journalist
1971978-0-14-003216-1Alan PatonToo Late the Phalarope
1972978-0-14-003219-2Anthony BurgessA Clockwork Orange
1971978-0-14-003220-8Beatrice WebbMy Apprenticeship (Penguin Modern Classics)
1974978-0-14-003244-4Henry NearThe Seventh Day: Soldiers' Talk about the Six-day War
1992978-0-14-003252-9Christopher DolleyThe Penguin Book of English Short Stories: Volume 2
1972978-0-14-003253-6Dimitri VittoriniItalian Short Stories: Racconti In Italiano: Volume 2 (Penguin Parallel Texts Series)
1971978-0-14-003259-8Zelda FitzgeraldSave me the Waltz
1973978-0-14-003260-4Hermann HesseNarziss and Goldmund (Penguin Modern Classics)
1971978-0-14-003273-4Edith SitwellEnglish Eccentrics: A Gallery of Weird And Wonderful Men And Women
1981978-0-14-003278-9Graham GreeneThe Third Man and The Fallen Idol
1973978-0-14-003302-1V. S. NaipaulMiguel Street
1971978-0-14-003309-0Claud CockburnBeat the Devil
1974978-0-14-003311-3Hugh GreeneThe Rivals of Sherlock Holmes: Early Detective Stories
1973978-0-14-003317-5Margaret DrabbleThe Waterfall
  ''978-0-14-003318-2Laurie LeeAs I Walked Out One Midsummer Morning
1989978-0-14-003319-9Laurie LeeA Rose For Winter: Travels in Andalusia
1975978-0-14-003324-3Georges SimenonThe Third Simenon Omnibus: Maigret Has Doubts, Maigret & the Minister, The Old Man Dies: No. 3
1973978-0-14-003327-4Alan MooreheadDarwin And the Beagle
  ''978-0-14-003328-1Albert CamusThe Rebel (Modern Classics)
1971978-0-14-003330-4Chaim PotokThe Promise
1973978-0-14-003331-1John UpdikeBech: A Book: Foreword; Rich in Russia; Bech in Rumania; the Bulgarian Poetess; Bech Takes Pot Luck; Bech Panics; Bech Swings?; Bech Enters Heaven; Appendix a; Appendix B
  ''978-0-14-003333-5Walter Schneir · MiriaInvitation to an Inquest
1976978-0-14-003341-0Edna O'BrienA Pagan Place
1971978-0-14-003342-7Harry KemelmanSunday the Rabbi Stayed Home
1973978-0-14-003350-2R. D. LaingKnots
1976978-0-14-003351-9P.G. WodehouseEggs, Beans And Crumpets
1971978-0-14-003357-1Richard IngramsLife and Times of "Private Eye", 1961-71
1972978-0-14-003365-6Thomas de HartmannOur Life with Mr Gurdjieff
  ''978-0-14-003369-4George SimsThe Sand Dollar
1971978-0-14-003375-5Lizelle ReymondMy Life with a Brahmin Family
1972978-0-14-003378-6Gudie LawaetzSpanish Short Stories: Cuentos Hispanicos: Volume 2 (Penguin Parallel Text Series)
1973978-0-14-003392-2Philip Jose FarmerNight of Light (Penguin science fiction)
1973978-0-14-003399-1Philip K. DickThe Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch
1972978-0-14-003404-2Miguel AsturiasThe President (Modern Classics)
  ''978-0-14-003408-0Omar KhayyamThe Rubaiyyat of Omar Khayaam
1974978-0-14-003410-3Idries ShahThinkers of the East: Studies in Experientialism
1977978-0-14-003413-4Frithjof SchuonUnderstanding Islam
1972978-0-14-003414-1Various AuthorsFrench short stories: Nouvelles Francaises: Volume 2 (Penguin Parallel Text Series): v. 2
  ''978-0-14-003416-5James BlishBlack Easter or Faust Aleph-Null (Penguin science fiction)
1973978-0-14-003420-2H. E. BatesThe Four Beauties: The Simple Life; the Four Beauties; the Chords of Youth; the White Wind
1976978-0-14-003430-1Nina BawdenThe Birds on the Trees
1973978-0-14-003438-7Hermann HesseThe Glass Bead Game (Penguin Modern Classics)
1976978-0-14-003439-4Miss ReadThe Howards of Caxley
  ''978-0-14-003449-3Christopher MilneThe Enchanted Places
1973978-0-14-003450-9Ian WhitcombAfter the Ball
1972978-0-14-003456-1Farley MowatThe Siberians
1973978-0-14-003461-5Ronald BlytheAkenfield: Portrait of an English Village
1974978-0-14-003463-9Simone de BeauvoirThe Second Sex (Penguin Modern Classics)
2001978-0-14-003464-6Muriel SparkThe Driver's Seat
1972978-0-14-003470-7Patricia HighsmithA Suspension of Mercy (Random Acts of Kindness)
1977978-0-14-003479-0Ernest HemingwayIslands in the Stream
1972978-0-14-003481-3Richard WrightNative Son, Including an Introduction "How 'Bigger' Was Born" By the Author (Modern Classics)
1973978-0-14-003483-7Michael MoorcockA Cure for Cancer
  ''978-0-14-003486-8Zenna HendersonThe People: No Different Flesh
1973978-0-14-003491-2Susan HillI'm the King of the Castle
1998978-0-14-003493-6Lynne Reid BanksThe Backward Shadow
1975978-0-14-003496-7J. P. DonleavyThe Onion Eaters
1973978-0-14-003497-4John UpdikeRabbit Redux
  ''978-0-14-003500-1Henry James · S. PuttIn the Cage & Other Stories (Pmc) (Modern Classics)
1975978-0-14-003504-9Elizabeth Gould DavisThe First Sex
1972978-0-14-003510-0Yevgeny Zamyatin · Bernard Guilbert GuerneyWe (Modern Classics)
1986978-0-14-003520-9Spike MilliganAdolf Hitler: My Part in his Downfall
1973978-0-14-003524-7Gabriel Garcia MarquezOne Hundred Years of Solitude (Modern Classics)
1972978-0-14-003537-7Rene Guenon · Renbe GubenonThe Reign of Quantity And the Signs of the Times
1974978-0-14-003540-7Giovanni GuareschiDon Camillo Meets Hell's Angels
1973978-0-14-003542-1Georges SimenonThe Sixth Simenon Omnibus: Maigret and the Wine Merchant; The Prison; The Rich Man
1975978-0-14-003544-5Portola InstituteThe Last Whole Earth Catalog
1973978-0-14-003558-2Carlos CastanedaA Separate Reality: Further Conversations with Don Juan
  ''978-0-14-003561-2Magda Hall · Jill NormanPolish Phrase Book
  ''978-0-14-003564-3Spike MilliganSmall Dreams of a Scorpion: Poems
  ''978-0-14-003566-7Joseph ConradHeart of Darkness (Modern Classics)
1973978-0-14-003569-8R Serge DenisoffGreat Day Coming: Folk Music And the American Left
1972978-0-14-003571-1Hugh GreeneCosmopolitan Crimes: The Foreign Rivals of Sherlock Holmes
1973978-0-14-003572-8Sri Krishna PremThe Yoga of the Bhagavad Gita
1972978-0-14-003573-5C.H.O'D. AlexanderFischer v.Spassky, Reykjavik, 1972
1973978-0-14-003574-2Roald DahlOver to You: Ten Stories of Flyers and Flying
  ''978-0-14-003587-2Francoise Sagan · Trans. Joanna KilmartinSunlight On Cold Water
  ''978-0-14-003590-2Daphne Du MaurierDon't Look Now And Other Stories: Don't Look Now; Not After Midnight; A Border-Line Case; The Way Of The Cros: Not After Midnight; A Border-Line Case; The Way of the Cross; The Breakthrough
  ''978-0-14-003600-8Anaïs NinA Spy in the House of Love
  ''978-0-14-003606-0Wilfrid BluntThe Dream King: Ludwig II of Bavaria
1973978-0-14-003611-4Iris MurdochAn Accidental Man
  ''978-0-14-003613-8Fay WeldonDown Among the Women
1977978-0-14-003615-2Alexander WalkerRudolph Valentino
1973978-0-14-003617-6Robert MerleThe Day of the Dolphin
1987978-0-14-003620-6Thomas KeneallyThe Chant of Jimmie Blacksmith: The Classic Novel of an Aboriginal Torn Apart
1972978-0-14-003639-8Bruce PettyThe Penguin Petty
1974978-0-14-003642-8Chaim PotokMy Name is Asher Lev (Penguin Modern Classics)
1973978-0-14-003647-3Frederik PohlA Plague of Pythons
  ''978-0-14-003648-0Georges SimenonWhen I Was Old
  ''978-0-14-003652-7John PrebbleThe Lion in the North: A Personal View of Scotland's History
  ''978-0-14-003653-4Nancy MitfordFrederick The Great
1973978-0-14-003657-2Eric BerneSex in Human Loving
  ''978-0-14-003659-6Miss ReadNews from Thrush Green
  ''978-0-14-003666-4Margaret DrabbleThe Needle's Eye
1978978-0-14-003670-1Gordon WinterA Country Camera, 1844-1914: Rural Life as Depicted in Photographs from the Early Days of Photography to the Outbreak of the First World War
1973978-0-14-003672-5Flora Thompson · H. MassinghamLark Rise to Candleford: A Trilogy - Lark Rise; Over to Candleford; Candleford Green (Modern Classics)
1974978-0-14-003673-2Lionel DavidsonSmith's Gazelle
1973978-0-14-003684-8Alan MooreheadThe White Nile
  ''978-0-14-003693-0Patrick WhiteThe Vivisector (Modern Classics)
  ''978-0-14-003695-4Susan HillStrange Meeting
1973978-0-14-003696-1Nadine GordimerA Guest of Honour
  ''978-0-14-003702-9H. E. BatesA Little of What You Fancy: Book 5 (The Larkin Family Series)
1975978-0-14-003705-0Emma LathenThe Longer the Thread (Crime)
1973978-0-14-003728-9Farley MowatA Whale For the Killing
  ''978-0-14-003729-6Gunter GrassLocal Anaesthetic
  ''978-0-14-003732-6D.H. LawrenceJohn Thomas And Lady Jane
1974978-0-14-003734-0Harry KemelmanMonday the Rabbi Took Off
  ''978-0-14-003739-5Aleksandr Isaevich SolzhenitsynAugust 1914
1975978-0-14-003741-8Derek MarloweA Dandy in Aspic
1974978-0-14-003743-2Joan DidionSlouching Towards Bethlehem
1974978-0-14-003749-4Geoffrey MoorhouseCalcutta
  ''978-0-14-003774-6Muriel SparkNot to Disturb
1976978-0-14-003778-4Patricia HighsmithRipley's Game (Penguin crime fiction)
1975978-0-14-003782-1Richard BuckleNijinsky
1974978-0-14-003783-8Zhores A. Medvedev · Roy MedvedevA Question of Madness
  ''978-0-14-003792-0Isaac Bashevis SingerThe Slave
  ''978-0-14-003794-4Julian SymonsBloody Murder: From the Detective Story to the Crime Novel: A History (Penguin Books)
1977978-0-14-003805-7Stanley Krippner, Alan Vaughan Montague UllmanDream Telepathy: Experiments in Nocturnal ESP
1974978-0-14-003822-4Miss ReadEmily Davis
  ''978-0-14-003831-6Laurens Van der PostA Story Like the Wind
1974978-0-14-003835-4P G WodehousePearls, Girls and Monty Bodkin
  ''978-0-14-003836-1P. G. WodehouseSam the Sudden
  ''978-0-14-003840-8Mary RenaultThe Persian Boy
1976978-0-14-003846-0Wole SoyinkaThe Man Died: Prison Notes of Wole Soyinka
1974978-0-14-003850-7P. D. JamesA Mind to Murder
  ''978-0-14-003865-1Carlos CastanedaJourney to Ixtlan: The Lessons of Don Juan
1977978-0-14-003866-8Roberto AssagioliThe Act of Will
1974978-0-14-003868-2James BlishThe Day After Judgement (Science fiction)
1975978-0-14-003879-8Nadezhda Mandel'shtamHope Against Hope
  ''978-0-14-003880-4Charles MingusBeneath the Underdog
1977978-0-14-003885-9Joseph ConradTales of Unrest (Penguin Modern Classics)
1976978-0-14-003886-6Arnold BennettThese Twain (Clayhanger series)
1975978-0-14-003887-3Arnold BennettHilda Lessways (Clayhanger series)
1974978-0-14-003891-0Hugh GreeneThe Further Rivals of Sherlock Holmes
1974978-0-14-003901-6Nicolas FreelingA Long Silence (Penguin crime fiction)
1977978-0-14-003903-0Paul KaganNew World Utopias: A Photographic History of the Search for Community
1975978-0-14-003917-7'Miss Read'Tyler's Row
1974978-0-14-003923-8Gavin MaxwellRing of Bright Water
  ''978-0-14-003924-5Gavin MaxwellRaven Seek Thy Brother
  ''978-0-14-003926-9   ''The Rocks Remain
1975978-0-14-003934-4Iris MurdochThe Black Prince
  ''978-0-14-003935-1Albert CamusModern Classics Myth Of Sisyphus
1976978-0-14-003942-9Margaret MillarA Stranger in my Grave
1975978-0-14-003944-3Patricia HighsmithA Dog's Ransom (Penguin crime fiction)
1974978-0-14-003950-4Portola InstituteWhole Earth Epilog: Access to Tools
1975978-0-14-003951-1Thomas MannThe Letters of Thomas Mann (Penguin Modern Classics)
1979978-0-14-003954-2Gertrude SteinThree Lives: The Good Anna; Melanctha; the Gentle Lena (Modern Classics)
1974978-0-14-003958-0Richard AdamsWatership Down
1975978-0-14-003959-7Jorge Luis BorgesA Universal History of Infamy
  ''978-0-14-003964-1J. P. DonleavyA Fairy Tale of New York
1975978-0-14-003967-2J.G. FarrellThe Siege of Krishnapur
  ''978-0-14-003973-3J.G. FarrellTroubles
1976978-0-14-003978-8George Mackay BrownGreenvoe
1975978-0-14-003985-6Aleksandr Isaevich SolzhenitsynMatryona's House And Other Stories
  ''978-0-14-003996-2Zhores A. MedvedevTen Years After Ivan Denisovich
  ''978-0-14-004004-3Tom RobbinsAnother Roadside Attraction
  ''978-0-14-004007-4Philip AgeeInside the Company: CIA Diary
1975978-0-14-004011-1Gordon WinterA Cockney Camera: London's Social History Recorded in Photographs
1977978-0-14-004019-7Michael LeunigThe Penguin Leunig
1976978-0-14-004020-3Patricia HighsmithThe Talented Mr Ripley (Penguin crime fiction)
  ''978-0-14-004022-7Franklin RussellSeason On the Plain
1975978-0-14-004024-1Isaac Bashevis SingerA Friend of Kafka and Other Stories
  ''978-0-14-004026-5   ''The Manor
1976978-0-14-004029-6Peter LoveseyInvitation to a Dynamite Party (A Sergeant Cribb adventure)
1975978-0-14-004030-2Samuel RosenbergNaked is the Best Disguise: The Death And Resurrection of Sherlock Holmes
  ''978-0-14-004031-9Flora SchreiberSybil: The True Story of a Woman Possessed by Sixteen Separate Personalities
  ''978-0-14-004032-6Rex StoutThe First Rex Stout Omnibus: Featuring Nero Wolfe And Archie Goodwin:The Doorbell Rang,The Second Confession and More Deaths Than One 1st
1977978-0-14-004034-0William SargantThe Mind Possessed: A Physiology of Possession, Mysticism And Faith Healing
1977978-0-14-004036-4Jack NicholsMen's Liberation: A New Definition of Masculinity
1975978-0-14-004038-8E Fuller TorreyThe Death of Psychiatry
  ''978-0-14-004054-8Joseph ConradAn Outcast of the Islands (Modern Classics)
1976978-0-14-004070-8Emanuel LitvinoffJourney Through a Small Planet
1975978-0-14-004083-8Louis Ferdinand DestouchesRigadoon
  ''978-0-14-004088-3David KingI Am King: A Photographic Biography of Muhammad Ali
1976978-0-14-004091-3Andrea NewmanAlexa
  ''978-0-14-004099-9Richard AdamsShardik
  ''978-0-14-004100-2Denver Lindley · Hermann HesseStrange News from Another Star And Other Stories: Augustus; the Poet; Flute Dream; Strange News from Another Star; the Hard Passage; a Dream Sequence; Faldum; Iris (Penguin Modern Classics)
1976978-0-14-004106-4Robert RosenblumThe Mushroom Cave (Penguin crime fiction)
1974978-0-14-004107-1Spike Milligan'Rommel?' 'Gunner Who?': A Confrontation in the Desert
1976978-0-14-004108-8John WyattThe Shining Levels: The Story of a Man Who Went Back to Nature
  ''978-0-14-004109-5Lynne Reid BanksTwo is Lonely
1977978-0-14-004110-1Susan HillIn the Springtime of the Year
1976978-0-14-004111-8Iris MurdochThe Sacred and Profane Love Machine (Penguin Books)
1980978-0-14-004114-9Tadeusz BorowskiThis Way for the Gas, Ladies and Gentlemen
1984978-0-14-004115-6Tadeusz KonwickiA Dream Book For Our Time (Writers from the other Europe)
1976978-0-14-004117-0David PelhamThe Penguin Book of Kites (Penguin Original)
  ''978-0-14-004119-4David J ConstantineGerman Short Stories: Deutsche Kurzgeshichten: Volume 2 (Penguin Parallel Text Series)
  ''978-0-14-004123-1Heinrich BollGroup Portrait with Lady
  ''978-0-14-004125-5Heinrich BollChildren Are Civilians Too
1976978-0-14-004130-9John Franklin BardinThe John Franklin Bardin Omnibus: The Deadly Percheron, the Last of Philip Banter, Devil take the Blue-Tail Fly (Penguin Crime Fiction)
  ''978-0-14-004131-6Nicolas FreelingDressing of Diamond (Penguin crime fiction)
  ''978-0-14-004132-3Robert B. ParkerThe Godwulf Manuscript (Penguin crime fiction)
  ''978-0-14-004135-4A. TaylorThe Second World War: An Illustrated History
  ''978-0-14-004139-2Elizabeth Jane HowardThe Beautiful Visit
1976978-0-14-004144-6Carlos CastanedaTales of Power
  ''978-0-14-004145-3Patrick WhiteThe Aunt's Story (Penguin Twentieth Century Classics)
1987978-0-14-004151-4Kingsley AmisEnding up
1975978-0-14-004154-5Nicholas WitchellThe Loch ness Story