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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1985978-0-14-000001-6Andre MauroisAriel: A Shelley Romance
1979978-0-14-000014-6Dashiell HammettThe Thin Man (Green Popular Penguins)
1973978-0-14-000033-7Arnold Bennett · Frank SwinnertonAnna of the Five Towns (Modern Classics)
1979978-0-14-000048-1E.M. ForsterA Passage To India :
1974978-0-14-000049-8Upton SinclairThe Jungle (Modern Classics)
1982978-0-14-000082-5Edmund BlundenUndertones of War (Modern Classics)
1981978-0-14-000111-2Arthur Conan DoyleThe Hound of the Baskervilles (Sherlock Holmes)
1973978-0-14-000136-5Evelyn WaughVile Bodies
1977978-0-14-000140-2Stella GibbonsCold Comfort Farm
1975978-0-14-000311-6E.M. ForsterHowards End (Modern Classics)
1974978-0-14-000318-5Robert GravesI, Claudius;from the Autobiography of Tiberius Claudius Emperor of the Romans, Born 10 B.C. Murdered And Deified a.D. 54 (Popular Penguins)
1973978-0-14-000343-7H.G. WellsThe War in the Air
1974978-0-14-000391-8William GerhardieFutility (Modern Classics)
1982978-0-14-000398-7Elizabeth BowenFriends And Relations (Penguin Modern Classics)
1977978-0-14-000421-2Robert GravesClaudius The God :
1975978-0-14-000423-6Evelyn WaughPut out More Flags (Penguin Modern Classics)
1973978-0-14-000442-7Graham GreeneBrighton Rock
  ''978-0-14-000455-7Evelyn WaughScoop: A Novel About Journalists (Modern Classics)
1985978-0-14-000456-4George OrwellBurmese Days
1977978-0-14-000468-7W.Somerset MaughamThe Moon and Sixpence
1984978-0-14-000534-9Elizabeth BowenTo the North (Modern Classics)
1973978-0-14-000539-4Arthur KoestlerDarkness at Noon (Modern Classics)
1981978-0-14-000559-2Graham GreeneThe Lawless Roads
1973978-0-14-000603-2John HerseyHiroshima (Penguin Modern Classics)
1994978-0-14-000634-6Harry HodgeFamous Trials (2): Herbert Rowse Armstrong; Field And Gray; George Joseph Smith; Ronald True: Herbert Rowse Armstrong, Field and Gray, George Joseph Smith, Ronald True v. 2 (Penguin crime)
1982978-0-14-000648-3Joyce CaryThe Horse's Mouth (Modern Classics)
1977978-0-14-000651-3W.Somerset MaughamCakes And Ale: Or, The Skeleton in the Cupboard
1978978-0-14-000652-0Raymond ChandlerThe Big Sleep (Penguin crime fiction)
1981978-0-14-000668-1D.H. LawrenceSons And Lovers
  ''978-0-14-000692-6D.H. LawrenceThe Rainbow
1973978-0-14-000695-7Geoffrey HouseholdRogue Male (Penguin Books)
1976978-0-14-000711-4Nancy MitfordThe Pursuit of Love
1982978-0-14-000746-6F Scott FitzgeraldThe Great Gatsby (Modern Classics)
1975978-0-14-000751-0D.H. LawrenceKangaroo
1981978-0-14-000755-8   ''Aaron's Rod
  ''978-0-14-000758-9   ''The Woman Who Rode Away And Other Stories: Two Blue Birds;Sun;the Woman Who Rode Away;Smile;the Border Line;Jimmy And the Desperate Woman;the Last ... Ghosts;None of That;a Modern Lover;Strike-Pay
  ''978-0-14-000760-2   ''The White Peacock
1973978-0-14-000761-9Margery AllinghamMystery Mile
1979978-0-14-000777-0Rumer GoddenBlack Narcissus
1973978-0-14-000785-5Arthur Conan DoyleThe Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes
1982978-0-14-000799-2Katherine MansfieldThe Garden Party And Other Stories (Modern Classics)
1973978-0-14-000805-0Arthur Conan DoyleThe Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes
1981978-0-14-000823-4Evelyn WaughThe Loved One: An Anglo-American Tragedy (Modern Classics)
1976978-0-14-000824-1   ''Work Suspended And Other Stories
1973978-0-14-000833-3John SteinbeckThe Grapes of Wrath (Penguin Modern Classics)
1973978-0-14-000838-8George OrwellAnimal Farm: A Fairy Story (Modern Classics)
1998978-0-14-000852-4Angela ThirkellBefore Lunch
1987978-0-14-000871-5James ThurberThe Thurber Carnival
1998978-0-14-000933-0P. G. WodehouseThe Inimitable Jeeves
  ''978-0-14-000934-7P.G. WodehouseRight Ho, Jeeves
1973978-0-14-000935-4P. G. WodehouseThe Code of the Woosters
  ''978-0-14-000937-8P G WodehouseBig Money
1956978-0-14-000969-9Monica DickensOne Pair of Feet: A Candid And Irreverent Look at Life On the Wards
1979978-0-14-000971-2P.G. WodehouseUncle Fred in the Springtime
1973978-0-14-000972-9George Orwell1984 Nineteen Eighty-four (Penguin Modern Classics)
1976978-0-14-000984-2Nancy MitfordLove in a Cold Climate
1975978-0-14-000985-9P G WodehouseBlandings Castle: And Elsewhere
  ''978-0-14-000986-6P.G. WodehouseThe Luck of the Bodkins
1973978-0-14-000993-4John WyndhamThe Day of the Triffids (Popular Penguins)
1979978-0-14-000994-1P. G. WodehouseQuick Service
1975978-0-14-000995-8P. G. WodehouseSummer Lightning
1973978-0-14-000997-2Arnold Bennett · Frank SwinnertonClayhanger (Modern Classics)
  ''978-0-14-001020-6Raymond Mortimer · Roger SenhouseCheri and The Last of Cheri(Modern Classics Series.)
1984978-0-14-001024-4Robert GravesWife to Mr Milton: The Story of Marie Powell
1975978-0-14-001025-1   ''Count Belisarius
1990978-0-14-001026-8   ''The Greek Myths: Volume 1
  ''978-0-14-001027-5   ''The Greek Myths: Volume 2
1974978-0-14-001034-3H. E. BatesThe Jacaranda Tree
  ''978-0-14-001049-7Aldous HuxleyAfter Many a Summer (Modern Classics)
1973978-0-14-001052-7Aldous HuxleyBrave New World (Modern Classics)
1975978-0-14-001058-9William FaulknerThe Unvanquished (Modern Classics)
1973978-0-14-001065-7Ernest HemingwayTo have And have not (Modern Classics)
  ''978-0-14-001066-4Ernest HemingwayFor Whom the Bell Tolls
1973978-0-14-001075-6John WyndhamThe Kraken Wakes
  ''978-0-14-001076-3John MastersNightrunners of Bengal
1976978-0-14-001089-3C. P. SnowThe Masters
1994978-0-14-001094-7James H. HodgeFamous Trials 5: Thomas Neill Cream, Neville Heath, John Watson Laurie, Dr.George Lamson, Rattenbury and Stoner v. 5
1973978-0-14-001096-1Raymond ChandlerThe Little Sister
1925978-0-14-001113-5C.S. ForesterFlying Colours (A Horatio Hornblower Tale of the Sea)
1973978-0-14-001115-9C.S. ForesterMr Midshipman Hornblower
  ''978-0-14-001116-6   ''The Commodore (A Horatio Hornblower Tale of the Sea)
1974978-0-14-001121-0Nicholas MonsarratThe Cruel Sea
1981978-0-14-001132-6John BuchanGreenmantle
  ''978-0-14-001134-0John BuchanMr Standfast
1974978-0-14-001165-4H. E. BatesLove For Lydia
1975978-0-14-001170-8P.G. WodehousePigs have Wings
  ''978-0-14-001172-2P. G. WodehouseLaughing Gas
1998978-0-14-001173-9P.G. WodehouseVery Good, Jeeves!
1995978-0-14-001181-4Nancy MitfordMadame De Pompadour
1974978-0-14-001185-2George OrwellInside the Whale; Down the Mine; England Your England; Shooting an Elephant; Lear, Tolstoy And the Fool; Politics Vs Literature - an Examination of ... the Prevention of Literature; Boys' Weeklies
1976978-0-14-001211-8Nancy MitfordThe Blessing
1982978-0-14-001213-2Jerome K JeromeThree Men in a Boat: To Say Nothing Of the Dog! (Penguin Essentials)
1973978-0-14-001220-0Compton MackenzieWhisky Galore (Penguin Essentials)
1975978-0-14-001235-4Edwin Muir · Franz Kafka · Willa MuirThe Castle (Modern Classics)
1969978-0-14-001248-4J.D. SalingerThe Catcher in the Rye (Modern Classics)
1973978-0-14-001254-5Joseph ConradUnder Western Eyes (Modern Classics)
1981978-0-14-001266-8Gerald DurrellThe Bafut Beagles
1978978-0-14-001272-9P. G. WodehouseThe Man Upstairs and Other Stories
1978978-0-14-001273-6P. G. WodehouseUneasy Money
1973978-0-14-001274-3Alan PatonCry, the Beloved Country: A Story of Comfort in Desolation
1987978-0-14-001278-1Cecil Woodham-SmithThe Reason Why: The Story of the Fatal Charge of the Light Brigade
1976978-0-14-001286-6Michael InnesDeath at the President's Lodging (Penguin crime fiction)
1970978-0-14-001300-9John ChristopherDeath of Grass
1973978-0-14-001308-5John WyndhamThe Chrysalids
1980978-0-14-001314-6Gerald DurrellThe Drunken Forest
1973978-0-14-001320-7Denver Lindley · Thomas MannConfessions of Felix Krull, Confidence Man (Modern Classics)
  ''978-0-14-001356-6C. P. SnowThe New Men
1975978-0-14-001364-1Alan Lerner · Frederick LoeweMy Fair Lady: Musical Play in Two Acts Based on "Pygmalion" by Bernard Shaw (Penguin Plays & Screenplays)
  ''978-0-14-001370-2P. G. WodehouseDoctor Sally
1974978-0-14-001371-9P. G. WodehouseThe Little Nugget
1959978-0-14-001378-8Freeman Wills CroftsCrime at Guildford
  ''978-0-14-001385-6John WyndhamThe Seeds of Time
1974978-0-14-001387-0Lewis CarrollThe Annotated Alice. Alice's Adventures In Wonderland And Through The Looking-Glass
1973978-0-14-001399-3Gerald DurrellMy Family and Other Animals (Penguin Essentials)
  ''978-0-14-001404-4Andre Gide · Dorothy BussyThe Vatican Cellars (Modern Classics)
1982978-0-14-001434-1William FaulknerGo Down, Moses And Other Stories: Was; the Fire And the Hearth; Pantaloon in Black; the Old People; the Bear; Delta Autumn; Go Down Moses (Penguin Modern Classics)
1973978-0-14-001435-8   ''Requiem For a Nun (Modern Classics)
  ''978-0-14-001440-2John WyndhamThe Midwich Cuckoos
1982978-0-14-001443-3Robert GravesGoodbye to All That (Penguin Modern Classics)
1973978-0-14-001444-0Francoise SaganA Certain Smile
1974978-0-14-001445-7Iris MurdochUnder the Net
1973978-0-14-001454-9Thor HeyerdahlAku-Aku: The Secret of Easter Island
  ''978-0-14-001472-3Albert Camus · Stuart GilbertThe Plague (Modern Classics)
1988978-0-14-001474-7Iris MurdochThe Sandcastle
1973978-0-14-001475-4H Lowe-Porter · Thomas MannThe Magic Mountain (Modern Classics)
1973978-0-14-001484-6D.H. LawrenceLady Chatterley's Lover
  ''978-0-14-001497-6Andre Gide · Dorothy BussyThe Immoralist (Modern Classics)
  ''978-0-14-001518-8Albert Camus · Stuart GilbertThe Outsider (Penguin Modern Classics)
1974978-0-14-001522-5Isaac BabelCollected Stories (Modern Classics)
  ''978-0-14-001536-2C.S. ForesterLord Hornblower (A Horatio Hornblower Tale of the Sea)
1980978-0-14-001544-7John Wyndham · Lucas ParkesThe Outward Urge
1999978-0-14-001546-1Muriel SparkMemento Mori
1979978-0-14-001573-7Cyril ConnollyEnemies of Promise (Penguin Modern Classics)
1987978-0-14-001599-7P G WodehouseA Damsel in Distress
1978978-0-14-001601-7P. G. WodehouseThe Man with Two Left Feet & Other Stories
1980978-0-14-001602-4H.E. BatesThe Darling Buds of May (The Larkin Family Series)
1988978-0-14-001625-3H Lowe-Porter · Thomas MannThe Holy Sinner (Modern Classics)
1973978-0-14-001648-2Kingsley AmisLucky Jim
1975978-0-14-001652-9P. G. WodehouseFull Moon: A Blandings Story
1969978-0-14-001658-1Christopher IsherwoodPrater Violet (Modern Classics)
1973978-0-14-001665-9Jean Cocteau · Rosamond LehmannLes Enfants Terribles (Modern Classics)
  ''978-0-14-001669-7Stan BarstowA Kind of Loving
1993978-0-14-001670-3Malcolm BradburyEating People is Wrong
1976978-0-14-001674-1David StoreyThis Sporting Life
1992978-0-14-001682-6Laurie LeeCider with Rosie
1976978-0-14-001683-3J. B. PriestleyThe Good Companions (Penguin modern classics)
1973978-0-14-001688-8Iris MurdochThe Bell
1974978-0-14-001691-8Samuel BeckettMalone Dies (Modern Classics S.)
1977978-0-14-001696-3Anthony Gatrell · T.E. LawrenceSeven Pillars of Wisdom: A Triumph (Penguin Modern Classics)
1973978-0-14-001698-7George OrwellKeep the Aspidistra Flying
1974978-0-14-001699-4   ''Homage to Catalonia And Looking Back On the Spanish War
1974978-0-14-001715-1Elspeth HuxleyThe Flame Trees of Thika: Memories of an African Childhood
1977978-0-14-001758-8Lionel DavidsonThe Night of Wenceslas
1976978-0-14-001760-1Roy FullerSecond Curtain (Penguin crime fiction)
1973978-0-14-001762-5Albert Camus · Justin O'BrienThe Fall (Penguin Modern Classics)
1985978-0-14-001770-0Iris MurdochThe Flight from the Enchanter: A Story of Love and Power
1999978-0-14-001772-4P. G. WodehouseThe Clicking Of Cuthbert And Other Golf Stories
1973978-0-14-001783-0Keith WaterhouseBilly Liar (Penguin Essentials)
  ''978-0-14-001790-8Graham GreeneOur Man in Havana: An Entertainment
  ''978-0-14-001791-5   ''The Power and the Glory
  ''978-0-14-001792-2   ''The Quiet American
1974978-0-14-001797-7Giovanni GuareschiThe Little World of Don Camillo
  ''978-0-14-001798-4Giovanni GuareschiDon Camillo And the Prodigal Son
1974978-0-14-001799-1Giovanni GuareschiDon Camillo's Dilemma
1977978-0-14-001802-8Miss ReadThrush Green
1985978-0-14-001818-9Miss ReadFresh from the Country
1977978-0-14-001826-4Stephen PotterThe Theory And Practice of Gamesmanship: Or the Art of Winning Games Without Actually Cheating
  ''978-0-14-001827-1Stephen PotterSome Notes On Lifemanship: With a Summary of Recent Researches in Gamesmanship
1975978-0-14-001830-1Simone de BeauvoirThe Blood of Others
1983978-0-14-001831-8Robert RobinsonLandscape with Dead Dons
1987978-0-14-001832-5Roald DahlKiss Kiss
1973978-0-14-001848-6Kingsley AmisTake a Girl Like You
  ''978-0-14-001851-6Edna O'BrienThe Country Girls
1994978-0-14-001857-8H. Montgomery HydeFamous Trials 7: Oscar Wilde: Oscar Wilde v. 7
1978978-0-14-001860-8W.Somerset MaughamThe Razor's Edge
1969978-0-14-001861-5W.Somerset MaughamOf Human Bondage (Penguin Classics)
1977978-0-14-001862-2Saul BellowThe Dangling Man
  ''978-0-14-001871-4William Somerset MaughamCollected Short Stories: Volume 1
1991978-0-14-001872-1W. Somerset MaughamThe Collected Short Stories of W. Somerset Maugham, Vol. 2
1980978-0-14-001890-5Gerald DurrellEncounters with Animals
  ''978-0-14-001895-0Graham GreeneThe Confidential Agent: An Entertainment
1981978-0-14-001896-7   ''A Gun for Sale: An Entertainment
1974978-0-14-001909-4Muriel SparkThe Ballad of Peckham Rye
1978978-0-14-001910-0   ''The Bachelors
  ''978-0-14-001911-7   ''The Comforters
1998978-0-14-001913-1Lynne Reid BanksThe L-Shaped Room
1982978-0-14-001919-3Henry JamesSelected Short Stories (Modern Classics S.) DAISY MILLER, LAST OF THE VALERII, REAL THING, LESSON OF MASTER
1974978-0-14-001940-7William FaulknerAs I Lay Dying (Modern Classics)
1983978-0-14-001942-1Paul GallicoJennie
1974978-0-14-001950-6Andre Gide · Dorothy BussyLa Symphonie Pastorale/Isabelle (Modern Classics)
1977978-0-14-001970-4Ed McBainThe Pusher (Penguin crime fiction)
  ''978-0-14-001971-1Ed McBainThe Con Man (Penguin crime fiction)
1976978-0-14-001976-6Nancy MitfordDon't Tell Alfred
1973978-0-14-001986-5John WyndhamTrouble with Lichen
1974978-0-14-002003-8Iris MurdochA Severed Head
1969978-0-14-002006-9Norman ThelwellThe Penguin Thelwell
1979978-0-14-002013-7ColetteClaudine at School
1964978-0-14-002019-9Ed McBainLady Killer (Penguin Crime Fiction)
1974978-0-14-002023-6Georges Simenon · Daphne WoodwardMaigret And the Enigmatic Lett
1974978-0-14-002024-3Georges SimenonMaigret Mystified