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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2008978-0-14-311418-5J Craig VenterA Life Decoded: My Genome: My Life
  ''978-0-14-311419-2Lou DobbsIndependents Day: Awakening the American Spirit
  ''978-0-14-311420-8Brian KellowEthel Merman: A Life
  ''978-0-14-311421-5John W DeanBroken Government: How Republican Rule Destroyed the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial Branches
  ''978-0-14-311422-2Arthur MillerPresence
2008978-0-14-311423-9Nadine GordimerBeethoven Was One-Sixteenth Black
  ''978-0-14-311424-6Johnstone Family Professor of Psychology Steven PinkerThe Stuff of Thought: Language as a Window Into Human Nature
  ''978-0-14-311425-3Marcus RedikerThe Slave Ship: A Human History
  ''978-0-14-311426-0Danny DanzigerMuseum: Behind the Scenes at the Metropolitan Museum of Art
  ''978-0-14-311427-7Stacy A CorderyAlice: Alice Roosevelt Longworth, from White House Princess to Washington Power Broker
2009978-0-14-311428-4Bruce WatsonSacco & Vanzetti: The Men, the Murders and the Judgment of Mankind (Penguin Us)
2008978-0-14-311429-1Ada Louise HuxtableFrank Lloyd Wright: A Life (Penguin Lives Biographies)
2008978-0-14-311430-7Fairfax M Cone Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus of the History of Modern Christianity Martin E MartyMartin Luther: A Life (Penguin Lives Biographies)
  ''978-0-14-311431-4Michael SimonThe Last Jew Standing
  ''978-0-14-311432-1Ronald BrownsteinThe Second Civil War: How Extreme Partisanship Has Paralyzed Washington and Polarized America
  ''978-0-14-311433-8Jon Lellenberg · Daniel Stashower · Charles FoleyArthur Conan Doyle: A Life in Letters
  ''978-0-14-311434-5Dave IsayListening Is an Act of Love (Penguin Books for English: Developmental)
2008978-0-14-311435-2Arthur M SchlesingerJournals: 1952-2000
  ''978-0-14-311436-9Robert LohrThe Chess Machine
2009978-0-14-311437-6John LelandWhy Kerouac Matters: The Lessons of On the Road (They're Not What You Think)
2008978-0-14-311438-3Ferrol SamsDown Town
  ''978-0-14-311439-0Jan KaronHome to Holly Springs (Father Tim Novels (Paperback))
  ''978-0-14-311440-6Robert LittellThe Debriefing
  ''978-0-14-311441-3Michael SimsApollo's Fire: A Journey Through the Extraordinary Wonders of an Ordinary Day
2008978-0-14-311442-0Stewart O'NanLast Night at the Lobster
  ''978-0-14-311443-7Andre Comte-SponvilleThe Little Book of Atheist Spirituality
  ''978-0-14-311444-4Debora GregerMen, Women, and Ghosts (Penguin Poets)
  ''978-0-14-311445-1Jonathan D SpenceReturn to Dragon Mountain: Memories of a Late Ming Man
  ''978-0-14-311446-8William LoganStrange Flesh (Penguin Poets)
2008978-0-14-311447-5Daniel SchorrCome to Think of It: Commentaries from National Public Radio's Senior News Analyst
  ''978-0-14-311448-2Professor of General Literature J M CoetzeeDiary of a Bad Year: Fiction
  ''978-0-14-311449-9Sarah GristwoodElizabeth & Leicester: The Truth about the Virgin Queen and the Man She Loved
2009978-0-14-311450-5Marilyn FrenchThe Women's Room
2008978-0-14-311451-2Joni SeagerThe Penguin Atlas of Women in the World: Fourth Edition
  ''978-0-14-311452-9Dan SmithThe Penguin State of the World Atlas: Eighth Edition
2009978-0-14-311453-6Robert Vincent Remini · Terry GolwayFellow Citizens: The Penguin Book of U.S. Presidential Addresses (Penguin Classics)
2008978-0-14-311454-3Geraldine BrooksPeople of the Book
  ''978-0-14-311455-0Sue Monk KiddThe Secret Life of Bees
2008978-0-14-311456-7Linda Tellington-JonesThe Tellington Ttouch: Caring for Animals with Heart and Hands
  ''978-0-14-311457-4John W Wright · Editors and Reporters of the TimesThe New York Times Almanac (New York Times Almanac (Paperback))
  ''978-0-14-311458-1Ian FlemingQuantum of Solace (B format): The complete James Bond short stories
2009978-0-14-311459-8Laurence G. BoldtZen and the Art of Making a Living
  ''978-0-14-311460-4Nicholas ShradyThe Last Day: Wrath, Ruin, and Reason in the Great Lisbon Earthquake of 1755
  ''978-0-14-311461-1Joe JacksonThe Thief at the End of the World: Rubber, Power, and the Seeds of Empire
2009978-0-14-311462-8Charles NichollThe Lodger Shakespeare: His Life on Silver Street
  ''978-0-14-311463-5Ann B RossMiss Julia Paints the Town
  ''978-0-14-311464-2Matt HaigThe Labrador Pact
  ''978-0-14-311465-9Professor Tahar Ben JellounLeaving Tangier
  ''978-0-14-311466-6Ludmilla PetrushevskayaThere Once Lived a Woman Who Tried to Kill Her Neighbor's Baby: Scary Fairy Tales
2009978-0-14-311467-3David J TenenbaumThe Why Files: The Science Behind the News
  ''978-0-14-311468-0Harold R DoughtyGuide to American Graduate Schools
  ''978-0-14-311469-7Elizabeth GilbertStern Men
  ''978-0-14-311470-3Linda OlssonSonta for Miriam
  ''978-0-14-311471-0Graydon CarterVanity Fair's Tales of Hollywood: Rebels, Reds and Graduates and the Wild Stories Behind the Making of 13 Iconic Films
2008978-0-14-311472-7Mehmet Murat SomerThe Kiss Murder (Turkish Delight Mystery)
2010978-0-14-311473-4Rob SpillmanGods and Soldiers: The Penguin Anthology of Contemporary African Writing
2008978-0-14-311474-1Michael PollanA Place of My Own: The Architecture of Daydreams
2010978-0-14-311475-8Thomas KeneallyAbraham Lincoln: A Life (Penguin Lives Biographies (Paperback))
2009978-0-14-311476-5Tom CainThe Accident Man (Samuel Carver Novel)
2009978-0-14-311477-2Keith GessenAll the Sad Young Literary Men
  ''978-0-14-311478-9N Bruce DuthuAmerican Indians and the Law (Penguin Library of American Indian History (Paperback))
  ''978-0-14-311479-6Nancy AthertonAunt Dimity: Vampire Hunter
  ''978-0-14-311480-2Kevin PhillipsBad Money
  ''978-0-14-311481-9Steve CollThe Bin Ladens: An Arabian Family in the American Century
2009978-0-14-311482-6Ceridwen DoveyBlood Kin
  ''978-0-14-311483-3Deb BakerA Blue Hand: The Tragicomic, Mind-Altering Odyssey of Allen Ginsberg, a Holy Fool, a Lost Muse, a Dharma Bum, and His Prickly Bride in India
  ''978-0-14-311484-0Edmund WhiteA Boy's Own Story
2008978-0-14-311485-7Samantha PowerChasing the Flame: One Man's Fight to Save the World
2009978-0-14-311486-4Alexandra HarneyThe China Price: The True Cost of Chinese Competitive Advantage
  ''978-0-14-311487-1Center for International Development Jeffrey D SachsCommon Wealth: Economics for a Crowded Planet
2008978-0-14-311488-8Roddy DoyleThe Deportees: And Other Stories
2009978-0-14-311489-5Robin WrightDreams and Shadows: The Future of the Middle East
2008978-0-14-311490-1Mary Ann Lippitt Professor of American History Jane KamenskyThe Exchange Artist: A Tale of High-Flying Speculation and America's First Banking Collapse
2009978-0-14-311491-8Brian HallFall of Frost
  ''978-0-14-311492-5Sean Michael FlynnThe Fighting 69th: From Ground Zero to Baghdad
2008978-0-14-311493-2William B Ransford Professor of Sociology Sudhir VenkateshGang Leader for a Day: A Rogue Sociologist Takes to the Streets
2009978-0-14-311494-9Clay ShirkyHere Comes Everybody: The Power of Organizing Without Organizations
2008978-0-14-311495-6Sonja LyubomirskyThe How of Happiness: A New Approach to Getting the Life You Want
2009978-0-14-311496-3Michael PollanIn Defense of Food: An Eater's Manifesto
2009978-0-14-311497-0Arnon GrunbergThe Jewish Messiah
  ''978-0-14-311498-7Edmund WhiteMarcel Proust: A Life (Penguin Lives Biographies)
  ''978-0-14-311499-4Hadley FreemanThe Meaning of Sunglasses: And a Guide to Almost All Things Fashionable
2008978-0-14-311500-7Geraldine BrooksPeople of the Book
2009978-0-14-311501-4Luca Turin · Tania SanchezPerfumes: The A-Z Guide
  ''978-0-14-311502-1Susan ChoiA Person of Interest
  ''978-0-14-311503-8Mark Harris (NePictures at a Revolution: Five Movies and the Birth of the New Hollywood
2009978-0-14-311504-5Gordon S WoodThe Purpose of the Past: Reflections on the Uses of History
  ''978-0-14-311505-2Professor of History Tony JudtReappraisals: Reflections on the Forgotten Twentieth Century
  ''978-0-14-311506-9Heather KingRedeemed: Stumbling Toward God, Sanity, and the Peace That Passes All Understanding
  ''978-0-14-311507-6Robert AlexanderThe Romanov Bride (Romanov Novel)
  ''978-0-14-311508-3Christopher BenfeyA Summer of Hummingbirds: Love, Art, and Scandal in the Intersecting Worlds of Emily Dickinson, Mark Twain, Harriet Beecher Stowe, and Martin Johnson Heade
2009978-0-14-311509-0Robyn ScottTwenty Chickens for a Saddle: The Story of an African Childhood
  ''978-0-14-311510-6J Peter ScoblicU.S. vs. Them: Conservatism in the Age of Nuclear Terror
  ''978-0-14-311511-3Frances RicheyThe Warrior: A Mother's Story of a Son at War
  ''978-0-14-311512-0Garry WillsWhat the Gospels Meant
  ''978-0-14-311513-7C J SansomWinter in Madrid
2009978-0-14-311514-4Jiang RongWolf Totem
  ''978-0-14-311515-1Jeff GordinierX Saves the World: How Generation X Got the Shaft But Can Still Keep Everything from Sucking
2008978-0-14-311516-8Ed SlottParlay Your IRA Into a Family Fortune: 3 Easy Steps for Creating a Lifetime Supply of Tax-Deferred, Even Tax-Free, Wealth for You and Your Family
2009978-0-14-311517-5Jenifer FoxYour Child's Strengths: A Guide for Parents and Teachers
  ''978-0-14-311518-2Kaya McLarenOn the Divinity of Second Chances
  ''978-0-14-311519-9Steve CollOn the Grand Trunk Road: A Journey Into South Asia
  ''978-0-14-311520-5Ann LauterbachOr to Begin Again (Penguin Poets)
2009978-0-14-311521-2Anne WaldmanManatee/Humanity (Penguin Poets)
  ''978-0-14-311522-9Eric AltermanWhy We're Liberals: A Handbook for Restoring America's Most Important Ideals
  ''978-0-14-311524-3Jiang RongWolf Totem
  ''978-0-14-311526-7Richard H. ThalerNudge
  ''978-0-14-311527-4Garrison Keillor77 Love Sonnets
2008978-0-14-311528-1Professor of General Literature J M CoetzeeDisgrace
2009978-0-14-311529-8University Timothy J ShannonIroquois Diplomacy on the Early American Frontier (Penguin Library of American Indian History (Paperback))
2009978-0-14-311530-4Dudley ClendinenA Place Called Canterbury: Tales of the New Old Age in America
  ''978-0-14-311531-1Cynthia SaltzmanOld Masters, New World: America's Raid on Europe's Great Pictures
  ''978-0-14-311532-8MR Benjamin WittesLaw and the Long War: The Future of Justice in the Age of Terror
  ''978-0-14-311533-5Brendan I KoernerNow the Hell Will Start: One Soldier's Flight from the Greatest Manhunt of World Warii
  ''978-0-14-311534-2Lindsey BielRaising a Sensory Smart Child: The Definitive Handbook for Helping Your Child with Sensory Processing Issues, Revised and Updated Edition
2009978-0-14-311535-9Bapsy JainLucky Everyday
  ''978-0-14-311536-6Julie SalamonHospital: Man, Woman, Birth, Death, Infinity, Plus Red Tape, Bad Behavior, Money, God, and Diversity on Steroids
  ''978-0-14-311537-3Alexandra FullerThe Legend of Colton H. Bryant
  ''978-0-14-311538-0Roger LowensteinWhile America Aged: How Pension Debts Ruined General Motors, Stopped the NYC Subways, Bankrupted San Diego, and Loom as the Next Financial Crisis
  ''978-0-14-311539-7Philip GourevitchThe Ballad of Abu Ghraib
2009978-0-14-311540-3David Bajo351 Books of Irma Acuri, The
  ''978-0-14-311541-0Moustafa BayoumiHow Does It Feel to Be a Problem?: Being Young and Arab in America
  ''978-0-14-311542-7Tim TzouliadisThe Forsaken: An American Tragedy in Stalin's Russia
  ''978-0-14-311543-4Philip Delves BroughtonAhead of the Curve
  ''978-0-14-311544-1James P CarseThe Religious Case Against Belief
2009978-0-14-311545-8Jim SheelerFinal Salute: A Story of Unfinished Lives
  ''978-0-14-311546-5Professor G Calvin MacKenzie · Robert WeisbrotThe Liberal Hour: Washington and the Politics of Change in the 1960s (Penguin History of American Life)
  ''978-0-14-311547-2Stefan FatsisA Few Seconds of Panic: A Sportswriter Plays in the NFL
  ''978-0-14-311548-9Dean WarehamBlack Postcards: A Rock & Roll Romance
  ''978-0-14-311549-6R N MorrisA Vengeful Longing (Porfiry Petrovich Novel)
2009978-0-14-311550-2Emilio CalderonThe Creator's Map
  ''978-0-14-311551-9James S Gordon M DUnstuck: Your Guide to the Seven-Stage Journey Out of Depression
  ''978-0-14-311552-6Craig JohnsonAnother Man's Moccasins: A Longmire Mystery (Walt Longmire Mysteries)
  ''978-0-14-311553-3Robert LittellThe Visiting Professor
  ''978-0-14-311554-0Ron McLartyArt in America
2009978-0-14-311555-7Gustav NiebuhrBeyond Tolerance: How People Across America Are Building Bridges Between Faiths
  ''978-0-14-311556-4Tom Farley · Tanner ColbyThe Chris Farley Show: A Biography in Three Acts
  ''978-0-14-311557-1Ahmed RashidDescent Into Chaos: The U.S. and the Disaster in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Central Asia
  ''978-0-14-311560-1Laura DaveThe Divorce Party
  ''978-0-14-311561-8Donna LeonThe Girl of His Dreams
2009978-0-14-311562-5Tana FrenchThe Likeness
  ''978-0-14-311563-2Meredith NortonLopsided: A Memoir
  ''978-0-14-311564-9Julia KellerMr. Gatling's Terrible Marvel: The Gun That Changed Everything and the Misunderstood Genius Who Invented It
  ''978-0-14-311565-6Ruth FowlerGirl, Undressed: On Stripping in New York City
  ''978-0-14-311566-3Kenneth R MillerOnly a Theory: Evolution and the Battle for America's Soul
2009978-0-14-311567-0Dirk WittenbornPharmakon, or the Story of a Happy Family
  ''978-0-14-311568-7George LakoffThe Political Mind: A Cognitive Scientist's Guide to Your Brain and Its Politics
  ''978-0-14-311569-4Sebastian BarryThe Secret Scripture
  ''978-0-14-311571-7Jo BoalerWhat's Math Got to Do with It?: How Parents and Teachers Can Help Children Learn to Love Their Least Favorite Subject
  ''978-0-14-311572-4John CarlinPlaying the Enemy: Nelson Mandela and the Game That Made a Nation
2009978-0-14-311574-8Jonathan StevensonLearning from the Cold War: Rebuilding America's Strategic Vision in the 21st Century
  ''978-0-14-311575-5Mira TwetiOf Parrots and People: The Sometimes Funny, Always Fascinating, and Often Catastrophic Collision of Two Intelligent Species
2008978-0-14-311576-2Vicki Robin · Joe DominguezYour Money or Your Life , 9 Steps to Transforming Your Relationship with Money and Achieving Financial Independence: Revised and Updated for the 21st Century
2009978-0-14-311577-9Sadia ShepardThe Girl from Foreign
  ''978-0-14-311578-6Ian MacKenzieCity of Strangers
  ''978-0-14-311579-3Ingrid ParkerThe Convict's Sword: A Mystery of Eleventh-Century Japan (Sugawara Akitada Mystery)
  ''978-0-14-311580-9Guillermo MartinezThe Book of Murder
2009978-0-14-311582-3Lawrence RaabThe History of Forgetting (Penguin Poets)
  ''978-0-14-311583-0Adrian MatejkaMixology (National Poetry Series Books (Paperback))
2008978-0-14-311584-7James AgeeA Death in the Family
2010978-0-14-311585-4Sophie HannahThe Truth-Teller's Lie: A Zailer and Waterhouse Mystery (Zailer & Waterhouse Mystery)
2009978-0-14-311586-1Bryan BurroughPublic Enemies: America's Greatest Crime Wave and the Birth of the FBI, 1933-34
  ''978-0-14-311587-8Charles DickensLittle Dorrit
2008978-0-14-311588-5Donna LeonDeath in a Strange Country (Commissario Guido Brunetti Mysteries)
  ''978-0-14-311589-2   ''Dressed for Death (Commissario Guido Brunetti Mysteries)
2009978-0-14-311590-8   ''Acqua Alta
  ''978-0-14-311591-5   ''Death and Judgment (Commissario Guido Brunetti Mysteries)
2009978-0-14-311592-2Donna LeonA Noble Radiance
  ''978-0-14-311593-9   ''Quietly in Their Sleep
2008978-0-14-311594-6Thomas HardyTess of the D'urbervilles
2009978-0-14-311595-3Fred VargasThe Chalk Circle Man (Commissaire Adamsberg Mysteries)
2011978-0-14-311596-0William TrevorSelected Stories
2009978-0-14-311597-7Sheila KohlerBecoming Jane Eyre
  ''978-0-14-311598-4Ed HusainThe Islamist: Why I Became an Islamic Fundamentalist, What I Saw Inside, and Why I Left
  ''978-0-14-311599-1Katarina MazettiBenny & Shrimp
  ''978-0-14-311600-4Lee Montgomery · Elizabeth Marshall ThomasWoof!: Writers on Dogs
2009978-0-14-311601-1Jack KerouacWake Up: A Life of the Buddha
  ''978-0-14-311602-8Stewart O'NanSongs for the Missing
  ''978-0-14-311603-5Victor PelevinThe Sacred Book of the Werewolf
  ''978-0-14-311604-2Philip Plait · Ph D Philip PlaitDeath from the Skies!: The Science Behind the End of the World
  ''978-0-14-311605-9David LodgeDeaf Sentence
2009978-0-14-311606-6Nancy AthertonIntroducing Aunt Dimity, Paranormal Detective: The First Two Books in the Beloved Series
  ''978-0-14-311607-3Mo HayderRitual
  ''978-0-14-311608-0Ian BurumaThe China Lover
2010978-0-14-311609-7Ake EdwardsonDeath Angels (Chief Inspector Erik Winter Novels)
2009978-0-14-311610-3Mark MazowerHitler's Empire: How the Nazis Ruled Europe
  ''978-0-14-311611-0Garrison KeillorLiberty (Lake Wobegon Novels)
  ''978-0-14-311612-7Charles D EllisThe Partnership: The Making of Goldman Sachs
2009978-0-14-311613-4Director Edmond J Safra Center for Ethics and Roy L Furman Professorship of Law Lawrence LessigRemix: Making Art and Commerce Thrive in the Hybrid Economy
  ''978-0-14-311614-1James M McPhersonTried by War: Abraham Lincoln as Commander in Chief
  ''978-0-14-311615-8Jon FasmanThe Unpossessed City
  ''978-0-14-311616-5Barton GellmanAngler: The Cheney Vice Presidency
  ''978-0-14-311617-2Niall FergusonThe Ascent of Money: A Financial History of the World
2009978-0-14-311618-9David FromkinThe King and the Cowboy: Theodore Roosevelt and Edward the Seventh, Secret Partners
2010978-0-14-311619-6Rula JebrealMiral