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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1978978-0-12-054650-3Simon L. AltmannInduced Representations in Crystals and Molecules: Point, Space and Nonrigid Molecule Groups
1985978-0-12-054740-1Steven AltmanOrganizational Behaviour Theory and Practice
  ''978-0-12-054750-0Steven AltmanOrganizational behavior: Theory and practice
  ''978-0-12-054752-4Jane W. GibsonReadings and Exercises in Organizational Behavior
1974978-0-12-054801-9A.M. AltschulNew Protein Foods: v. 1A: Technology (Food Science & Technological Monograph)
1976978-0-12-054802-6   ''New Protein Foods: v. 2B: Technology (Food Science & Technological Monograph)
1979978-0-12-054803-3   ''New Protein Foods: v. 3A: Technology (Food Science & Technological Monograph)
1982978-0-12-054804-0Aaron A. AltschulNew Protein Foods
978-0-12-054805-7New Protein Foods: Seed Storage Proteins v. 5A: Technology (Food Science & Technological Monograph)
1958978-0-12-054850-7A M AltschulProcessed Plant Protein Foodstuffs
1964978-0-12-055450-8S A & Kozyrev, B M Al'tshulerElectron Paramagnetic Resonance
1994978-0-12-055455-3Sumru Altug · Pamela LabadieDynamic Choice and Asset Markets
1982978-0-12-055550-5N. AlveyAn Introduction to Genstat
1977978-0-12-055650-2Paulo De T. Alvim · T.T. KozlowskiEcophysiology of Tropical Crops
1968978-0-12-055750-9Kenneth L. Alvin · etc.Studies on Fossil Plants
1987978-0-12-055825-4Renato AmadoNahrungsfasern/Dietary Fibres
1979978-0-12-055850-6Bernard AmosImmune Mechanisms and Disease
1970978-0-12-055950-3J.A. AmbroseStimulation in Early Infancy
1965978-0-12-056150-6Maynard A. Amerine · Rose Marie Pangborn · Edward B. RoesslerPrinciples of Sensory Evaluation of Food (Food Science & Technological Monograph)
1995978-0-12-056250-3Clarence B. Ammerman · David P. Baker · Austin J. LewisBioavailability of Nutrients for Animals: Amino Acids, Minerals, Vitamins
1978978-0-12-056450-7Larry L. Anderson · David A. TillmanFuels from Waste (Energy science and engineering)
1977978-0-12-056550-4Garron P. Anderson · etc.Analysis and Testing of Adhesive Bonds
1976978-0-12-056650-1John F. Anderson · Harry K. Kaya · John F. Anderson ed. · Harry K. Kaya ed.Perspectives in Forest Entomology: [Proceedings of a Lockwood Conference...]
1984978-0-12-056701-0Author UnknownResearch on Motivation in Education, Volume 1: Student Motivation
1985978-0-12-056702-7Carole Ames · Russell AmesResearch on Motivation in Education, Volume 2: The Classroom Milieu (Research on Motivation in Education Series)
1989978-0-12-056703-4Carole AmesResearch on Motivation in Education: Goals and Cognitions
1993978-0-12-056740-9AmesDifferential Equations with Applications to Mathematical Physics, Volume 192 (Mathematics in Science and Engineering)
1997978-0-12-056745-4K. A. Ames · Brian StraughanNon-Standard and Improperly Posed Problems, Volume 194 (Mathematics in Science and Engineering)
1964978-0-12-056750-8William F. (ed). AmesNonlinear Problems of Engineering.
1991978-0-12-056752-2AmesNonlinear equations in the applied sciences, Volume 185 (Mathematics in Science and Engineering)
1968978-0-12-056753-9   ''Nonlinear Ordinary Differential Equations in Transport Processes, Volume 42 (Mathematics in Science and Engineering)
1967978-0-12-056754-6William F. AmesNonlinear Partial Differential Equations. A Symposium on Methods of Solution
1972978-0-12-056755-3W. F. AmesNonlinear Partial Differential Equations in Engineering, Vol. 2 (Mathematics in Science and Engineering, Vol. 18)
1965978-0-12-056756-0AmesNonlinear Partial Differential Equations in Engineering: v. 1 (Mathematics in Science & Engineering Volume 18)
1977978-0-12-056760-7William F AmesNumerical Methods For Partial Differential Equations (Computer Science and Applied Mathmatics)
1984978-0-12-056820-8Yoichi AndoTheory of NMR Parameters
1976978-0-12-056950-2John David AndersonGasdynamic Lasers: An introduction
1970978-0-12-057050-8D. AminoffBlood and Tissue Antigens
1975978-0-12-057150-5John Robert AndersonStructure of Metallic Catalysts
1974978-0-12-057250-2William Ferguson Anderson · T.G. JudgeGeriatric Medicine
  ''978-0-12-057301-1E. S. Amis · James Frank HintonSolvent Effects on Chemical Phenomena: v. 1
1966978-0-12-057350-9E. S. AmisSolvent Effects on Reaction Rates and Mechanisms
1975978-0-12-057450-6Jose Luis Amoros · etc.Laue Method
1972978-0-12-057550-3Bernard AmosProgress in Immunology: 1st: International Congress Proceedings
1992978-0-12-057620-3Rakesh AnandTechniques for the Analysis of Complex Genomes
1973978-0-12-057650-0Michael R. AnderbergCluster Analysis for Applications (Probability & Mathematical Statistics Monograph)
1993978-0-12-057730-9M. W. Anders · Wolfgang DekantRenal Disposition and Nephrotoxicity of Xenobiotics
1969978-0-12-057750-7Harald T. AndersenBiology of Marine Mammals
1987978-0-12-057840-5Allen Joel AndersonSpace Geodesy and Geodynamics
1975978-0-12-057850-4Barry F. AndersonCognitive Psychology: The Study of Knowing, Learning and Thinking
1982978-0-12-057920-4Alex AnasResidential Location Markets and Urban Transportation: Economic Theory, Econometrics and Policy Analysis with Discrete Choice Models (Studies in urban economics)
1972978-0-12-057950-1AngelDynamic programming and partial differential equations, Volume 88 (Mathematics in Science and Engineering)
1971978-0-12-058001-9John Robert AndersonChemisorption and Reactions on Metallic Films: v. 1 (Physical chemistry, a series of monographs)
  ''978-0-12-058002-6   ''Chemisorption and Reactions on Metallic Films: v. 2 (Physical chemistry, a series of monographs)
1966978-0-12-058050-7J. C. AndersonThe Use of Thin Films in Physical Investigations
1981978-0-12-058101-6Norman H. AndersonFoundations of Information Integration Theory
1982978-0-12-058102-3Norman Henry AndersonMethods of Information Integration Theory
2015978-0-12-058103-0Mary P. Anderson · William W. Woessner · Randall J. HuntApplied Groundwater Modeling: Simulation of Flow and Advective Transport
1970978-0-12-058150-4John D. Anderson · etc.Nuclear Isospin: No. 2: Conference Proceedings
1973978-0-12-058250-1W.P. AndersonIon Transport in Plants
1981978-0-12-058260-0Duane C. Anderson · Holmes A. SemkenCherokee Excavations: Holocene Ecology and Human Adaptations in North-western Iowa (Studies in archaeology)
1986978-0-12-058320-1J. R. Anderson · K. C. PrattIntroduction to Characterization and Testing of Catalysts
1970978-0-12-058350-8J.J.B. AndersonParturient Hypocalcemia
1967978-0-12-058450-5James L. AndersonPrinciples of Relativity Physics
1988978-0-12-058451-2Lizzi AndersenIswa 88 Proceedings of the 5th International Solid Wastes Conference: International Solid Wastes and Public Cleansing Association, September 11-16th
1988978-0-12-058452-9Lizzi AndersenIswa 88: Proceedings of the 5th International Solid Conference: International Solid Wastes and Public Cleansing Association: Poster Presentations
1984978-0-12-058460-4Robert Bernard AndersonThe Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis
1989978-0-12-058470-3T. W. Anderson · Krishna B. AthreyaProbability, Statistics and Mathematics: Papers in Honor of Samuel Karlin
1983978-0-12-058480-2James Anderson · S. Duncan · Raymond HudsonRedundant Spaces in Cities and Regions: Studies in Industrial Decline and Social Change (Special Publication (Institute of British Geographers))
1979978-0-12-058501-4E.J. Andrews · etc.Spontaneous Animal Models of Human Disease, Volume I
1980978-0-12-058502-1Edwin J. Andrews · Billy C. Ward · Norman H. AltmanSpontaneous Animal Models of Human Disease, Volume II
1984978-0-12-058520-5M. H. E. AndrewThe Revival of Injured Microbes (Society for Applied Bacteriology Symposium Series, No 12)
1995978-0-12-058525-0Mark AndrewsMigrating to Windows 95: A Programmer's Guide to What's New
2007978-0-12-058527-4Hideo H. Itabashi · John M. Andrews · Uwamie Tomiyasu · Stephanie S. Erlich · Lakshmanan SathyavagiswaranForensic Neuropathology: A Practical Review of the Fundamentals
1986978-0-12-058536-6Peter B. AndrewsIntroduction to Mathematical Logic and Type Theory. To Truth Through Proof (Computer Science & Applied Mathematics)
2000978-0-12-058540-3Mark AndrewsDelphi for Real Programmers
1970978-0-12-058550-2Harry C. AndrewsComputer Techniques in Image Processing
1988978-0-12-058560-1George E. AndrewsRamanujan Revisited: Proceedings of the Centenary Conference
2002978-0-12-058570-0Donald H. Saklofske · Jac J.W. Andrews · Henry L. Janzen · Gary D. PhyeHandbook of Psychoeducational Assessment, Volume .: A Practical Handbook A Volume in the EDUCATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY Series
1987978-0-12-058575-5John Marshall · R. Alan PlumbMiddle Atmosphere Dynamics, Volume 40 (International Geophysics)
  ''978-0-12-058576-2David G. Andrews · Conway B. Leovy · James R. HoltonMiddle Atmosphere Dynamics, Volume 40 (International Geophysics)
1970978-0-12-058580-9John T. AndrewsGeomorphological Study of Post Glacial Uplift
1982978-0-12-058620-2Author UnknownCurrent Views of Insulin Receptors (SERONO SYMPOSIA PUBLICATIONS FROM RAVEN PRESS)
2003978-0-12-058621-9Stephen Andrilli · David HeckerElementary Linear Algebra
  ''978-0-12-058622-6Stephen Andrilli · David HeckerSolutions Manual for Elementary Linear Algebra
  ''978-0-12-058623-3Andrilli · HeckerInstructor's Manual for Elementary Linear Algebra
1968978-0-12-058650-9R B. (Ed.) AndersonExperimental Methods in Catalytic Research
1977978-0-12-058660-8Robert Bernard Anderson · Peter T. DawsonExperimental Methods in Catalytic Research: v. 2 (Physical Chemistry)
2004978-0-12-058661-5Duwayne R. Anderson · Larry M. Johnson · Florian G. BellTroubleshooting Optical Fiber Networks: Understanding and Using Optical Time-Domain Reflectometers
1977978-0-12-058662-2Robert AndersonExperimental Methods in Catalytic Research: v. 3
1999978-0-12-058670-7Friderun Ankel-SimonsPrimate Anatomy, Second Edition: An Introduction
1980978-0-12-058680-6Italy) European Symposium on Hypoglycemia 1979 (Rome · P. J. Lefebvre · Vincent MarksCurrent Views on Hypoglycemia and Glucagon: Proceedings (Serono Symposia: No 30)
1999978-0-12-058690-5Stephen Andrilli · David HeckerElementary Linear Algebra, Second Edition
1970978-0-12-058701-8C.B. AnfinsenAspects of Protein Biosynthesis: Pt. A
1972978-0-12-058750-6C. B. AnfinsenCurrent Topics in Biochemistry
1974978-0-12-058751-3C. B. AnfinsenCurrent Topics in Biochemistry 1973
1973978-0-12-058752-0C.B. Anfinsen · etc.Current Research in Oncology 1972
1993978-0-12-058758-2Ruth Hogue AngelettiTechniques in Protein Chemistry, Volume 4 (Vol 4)
1982978-0-12-058780-3Author UnknownAttributions and Psychological Change
1998978-0-12-058785-8Ruth Hogue AngelettiProteins: Analysis and Design
1988978-0-12-058815-2Christopher AnthonyBacterial Energy Transduction
1982978-0-12-058820-6C. AnthonyThe Biochemistry of Methylotrophs (Food Science & Technological Monograph) (v. 4B)
1992978-0-12-058830-5Y. AnzaiPattern Recognition and Machine Learning
1989978-0-12-058845-9Kyuzo Aoki · Edward D. FrohlichCalcium in Essential Hypertension
1967978-0-12-058850-3AokiOptimization of Stochastic Systems: Topics in Discrete-time Systems, Volume 32 (Mathematics in Science and Engineering)
1989978-0-12-058851-0Masanao AokiOptimization of Stochastic Systems, Second Edition: Topics in Discrete-Time Dynamics (Economic Theory, Econometrics, and Mathematical Economics)
1979978-0-12-058860-2Masano AokiNew Trends in Dynamic System Theory and Economics
1987978-0-12-058865-7John R. ApelPrinciples of Ocean Physics, Volume 38 (International Geophysics)
  ''978-0-12-058866-4John R. ApelPrinciples of Ocean Physics (International Geophysics Series, Vol. 38)
1982978-0-12-058920-3Michael ApterThe Experience of Motivation: The Theory of Psychological Reversals
  ''978-0-12-058940-1Masanao AokiDynamic Analysis of Open Economies
1968978-0-12-058950-0S. B. ApplebaumDemineralization by Ion Exchange
1981978-0-12-058960-9AntakiThe Psychology of Ordinary Explanations of Social Behaviour (European Monographs in Social Psychology)
1977978-0-12-059040-7Michael A. ArbibComputers and the Cybernetic Society
1984978-0-12-059046-9Michael A. ArbibComputers and the Cybernetic Society
978-0-12-059047-6Computers & the Cybernetic Society
1984978-0-12-059049-0Michael A ArbibComputers and the cybernetic society
1968978-0-12-059050-6Kenneth Krohn · John L. RhodesAlgebraic Theory of Machines, Languages and Semigroups
1975978-0-12-059060-5Michael A. ArbibArrows, Structures, and Functors: The Categorical Imperative
1972978-0-12-059250-0Mortimer H. AppleyAdaptation-level Theory: A Symposium
1968978-0-12-059301-9Joseph C. Arcos · etc.Chemical Induction of Cancer: v. 1
1974978-0-12-059302-6Joseph C. ArcosChemical Induction of Cancer
978-0-12-059303-3Chemical Induction of Cancer: Structural Basis & Biological Mechanisms (v. 3A)
1985978-0-12-059323-1Yin-Tak Woo · David Y. Lai · Joseph C. Arcos · Mary F. ArgusChemical Induction of Cancer: Structural Bases and Biological Mechanisms: Part B, Aliphatic and Polyhalogenated Carcinogens
1974978-0-12-059352-1Joseph C. ArcosChemical Induction of Cancer: v. 2B
1988978-0-12-059353-8Yin-Tak WooChemical Induction of Cancer: Structural Bases and Biological Mechanisms, Part C
2001978-0-12-059354-5S. Pal AryaIntroduction to Micrometeorology, Volume 79 (International Geophysics)
1973978-0-12-059450-4Luis Jorge ArcherBacterial Transformation: Proceedings of the First European Meeting Held at the Gulbenkian Institute of Science, Oeiras, Portugal on August 31-September 2, 1972
2000978-0-12-059475-7Neal G. AndersonPractical Process Research and Development
1985978-0-12-059480-1M. W. AndersBioactivation of Foreign Compounds (Biochemical Pharmacology and Toxicology Series)
1992978-0-12-059482-5G. Harvey AndersonThe Biology of Feast and Famine: Relevance to Eating Disorders (Bristol-myers Squibb/Mead Johnson Nutrition Symposia)
1991978-0-12-059485-6Mary P. Anderson · William W. WoessnerApplied Groundwater Modeling: Simulation of Flow and Advective Transport
1985978-0-12-059490-0Leif C. Andersson · Carl G. GahmbergGene Expression During Normal and Malignant Differentiation
1986978-0-12-059510-5Larry C. AndrewsElementary Partial Differential Equations with Boundary Value Problems
1985978-0-12-059511-2Larry C. AndrewsElementary Partial Differential Equations with Boundary Value Problems: Ans.Bk
1998978-0-12-059514-3Vincent T. AndrioleThe Quinolones, Second Edition
1989978-0-12-059515-0   ''The Quinolones
2000978-0-12-059517-4   ''The Quinolones
1995978-0-12-059540-2Carol S. Aneshensel · Leonard I. Pearlin · Joseph T. Mullan · Steven H. Zarit · Carol J. WhitlatchProfiles in Caregiving: The Unexpected Career
1998978-0-12-059545-7M. Ya. Antimirov · Andrei A. Kolyshkin · Rémi VaillancourtComplex Variables
  ''978-0-12-059546-4M. Ya. Antimirov · Andrei A. Kolyshkin · Rémi VaillancourtComplex Variables, Instructor's Manual
1974978-0-12-059550-1Howard Anton · Bernard KolmanApplied Finite Mathematics
1996978-0-12-059555-6Dennis Noson · Yoichi AndoMusic and Concert Hall Acoustics: Conference Proceedings from MCHA 1995
1978978-0-12-059560-0Howard AntonApplied finite mathematics, with calculus
1982978-0-12-059561-7   ''Mathematics with applications for the management, life, and social sciences
1980978-0-12-059562-4Howard Anton · Bernard KolmanApplied Finite Mathematics With Calculus
1982978-0-12-059563-1N. MacRiMathematics With Applications for the Management (Instructors Answer Manual)
1978978-0-12-059565-5Howard Anton · Bernard KolmanApplied Finite Mathematics
1982978-0-12-059566-2   ''Applied Finite Mathematics
1978978-0-12-059568-6Charles DenlingerAlgebra Review
1982978-0-12-059570-9Nicholas A. MacriStudy Guide for Applied Finite Mathematics
  ''978-0-12-059571-6Robert L HigginsInstructor's answer manual for Applied finite mathematics 3/e
2001978-0-12-059620-1William ApfeldorfLate Life Anxiety Disorders & Their Treatment
1992978-0-12-059630-0Pascal Petit · Gabriel Tahar · C. AntonelliThe Economics of Industrial Modernisation
1999978-0-12-059640-9George Towner · Inc. Apple ComputerDiscovering QuickTime: An Introduction for Windows and Macintosh Programmers (QuickTime Developer Series)
1999978-0-12-059641-6Discovering Quicktime: An Introduction for Windows and Macintosh Programmers
1975978-0-12-059650-8H.A. AntosiewiczDifferential Equations: International Conference Proceedings
1976978-0-12-059750-5John M. AndrewsAmyotrophic lateral sclerosis: Recent research trends: proceedings of a Conference on Research Trends in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis held October ... California (UCLA forum in medical sciences)
1995978-0-12-059755-0AP ProfessionalFuzzy Logic CD-ROM Library
  ''978-0-12-059756-7ALAN,ED. WEXELBLATThe Ap Professional Graphics Cd-Rom Library
  ''978-0-12-059757-4AP PROFESSIONALThe Ap Professional Mathematica Cd-Rom Library
1982978-0-12-059780-2Michael ArbibNeural Models of Language Processes (Perspectives in neurolinguistics, neuropsychology, and psycholinguistics)
2001978-0-12-059781-9Michael A. Arbib · Jeffrey S. GretheComputing the Brain: A Guide to Neuroinformatics
1994978-0-12-059785-7Renato Gilioli · International Commission on Occupational Health Scientific Committee o · World Health Organization · International Labour OfficeNeurobehavioral Methods and Effects in Occupational and Environmental Health
2002978-0-12-059795-6ApelPrinciples of Ocean Physics
1985978-0-12-059810-6George B. ArfkenMathematical Methods for Physicists
1995978-0-12-059815-1George B. Arfken · Hans J. WeberMathematical Methods for Physicists, Fourth Edition
  ''978-0-12-059816-8George B. Arfken · Hans J. WeberMathematical Methods for Physics, International Edition, Fourth Edition
1996978-0-12-059817-5George Arfken · Hans J. WeberAnswers to Miscellaneous Problems: Mathematical Methods for Physicists, 4th Edition
1985978-0-12-059820-5George Brown ArfkenMathematical Methods for Physicists
  ''978-0-12-059822-9George B. ArfkenAnswers to Miscellaneous Problems for Mathematical Methods for Physicists
2000978-0-12-059825-0George B. Arfken · Hans J. Weber · Frank HarrisMathematical Methods for Physicists, Fifth Edition
2001978-0-12-059826-7George B. Arfken · Hans WeberMathematical Methods for Physicists
2001978-0-12-059827-4George B. Arfken · Hans J. WeberMathematical Methods for Physicists Solutions Manual, 5th edition, Fifth Edition
1968978-0-12-059830-4George B. ArfkenMathematical methods for physicists
1973978-0-12-059832-8George ArfkenMathematical Methods for Physicists
1970978-0-12-059851-9George B. ArfkenMathematical Methods for Physicists
1970978-0-12-059853-3George B. ArfkenMathematical Methods for Physicists: Ans
978-0-12-059858-8University Physics: International Edition
1984978-0-12-059860-1University physics
1982978-0-12-059865-6George B. ArfkenUniversity Physics (Instructors Manual)
1984978-0-12-059867-0Students Solutions Manual to Accompany University Physics
  ''978-0-12-059868-7William T. HoukUniversity Physics: Arfken Griffing Kelly Priest
  ''978-0-12-059871-7George ArfkenInstructional Software for University Physics: Disk 1 Mechanics
1985978-0-12-059872-4   ''Instructional Software for University Physics: Disk 2 Special Revativity
  ''978-0-12-059873-1   ''Instructional Software for University Physics: Disk 3 Electricity and Magnetism
2005978-0-12-059876-2George B. Arfken · Hans J. WeberMathematical Methods for Physicists, 6th Edition
2003978-0-12-059877-9Hans J. Weber · George B. ArfkenEssential Mathematical Methods for Physicists, ISE
  ''978-0-12-059878-6   ''Essential Mathematical Methods for Physicists, ISE
2003978-0-12-059879-3Instructors Manual for Essential Mathematical Methods for Physicists
1977978-0-12-059950-9S. Mahala AndrewsProblems in Vertebrate Evolution: Essays Presented to Professor T. S. Westoll (Linnean Society symposium series ; no. 4)
  ''978-0-12-060050-2J.H. AndraeThinking with the Teachable Machines
1996978-0-12-060060-1C-F. Tsang · J.A. AppsDeep Injection Disposal of Hazardous and Industrial Waste: Scientific and Engineering Aspects
1980978-0-12-060150-9Chris ArgyrisInner Contradictions of Rigorous Research (Organizational and occupational psychology)
978-0-12-060250-6Surgical Management of Juvenile Chronic Polyarthritis
1972978-0-12-060301-5E. J. AriensDrug Design: v. 1 (Medicinal Chemical Monograph)
  ''978-0-12-060302-2E J AriensDrug Design: v. 2 (Medicinal Chemical Monograph)
1973978-0-12-060303-9ed. E J AriensDrug Design: v. 3 (Medicinal Chemical Monograph)
  ''978-0-12-060304-6E. J. AriensDrug Design: v. 4 (Medicinal Chemical Monograph)
1975978-0-12-060305-3E J AriensDrug Design: v. 5 (Medicinal Chemical Monograph)