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Algebra for College StudentsHardcover978-0-12-417900-41986Arnold Shapiro
Algebra for College Students   "978-0-12-417875-51982   "
Algebra for College Students   "978-0-12-417880-91980   "
Algebra for College Students: Instructor's ManualPaperback978-0-12-417885-41981   "
Algebra for College Students: Instructor's Manual & Test Bank   "978-0-12-417876-21982   "
Algebra for College Students: Roots of Polynomials Suppt   "978-0-12-417882-31981   "
Algebra Lineal   "978-970-26-0696-32006David R. Hill
Algebra Lineal Applicaciones Matlab   "978-970-17-0265-91900
Answer Manual to Introductory Linear Algebra with Applications, Third Edition   "978-0-02-366030-61984
Applied Finite MathematicsHardcover978-0-12-059566-21982Howard Anton
Applied Finite MathematicsPaperback978-0-12-059570-91982   "
Applied Finite MathematicsHardcover978-0-12-059565-51978   "
Applied Finite Mathematics   "978-0-12-059550-11974   "
Applied Finite Mathematics With CalculusPaperback978-0-12-059562-41980   "
Beginning Algebra with Critical Thinking   "978-1-60229-986-32008
Calculus for the Management, Life and Social SciencesHardcover978-0-12-417890-81981
College Algebra 6/e   "978-1-60229-877-42011Michael Levitan · Arnold Shapiro
College Algebra   "978-0-03-046934-31993
College algebra   "978-0-12-417897-71985
College Algebra   "978-0-12-417884-71981Arnold Shapiro
College Algebra & Trigonometry   "978-0-12-417905-9
College Algebra and Trigonometry   "978-0-03-046933-61993
College Algebra and Trigonometry   "978-0-12-417840-31981Arnold Shapiro
College Algebra and Trigonometry: Instructor's ManualPaperback978-0-12-417845-81982   "
College Algebra: Instructor's Manual   "978-0-12-417886-11982   "
Discrete Math& Practice Prob Discrt Mth PkgHardcover978-0-13-124112-12003
Discrete Mathematical Structures   "978-0-13-229751-62008Robert Busby · Sharon C. Ross
Discrete Mathematical Structures   "978-0-13-045797-42003Robert C. Busby · Sharon Cutler Ross
Discrete Mathematical Structures   "978-0-13-083143-91999Robert Busby · Sharon Ross
Discrete Mathematical Structures   "978-0-13-320912-91996Robert C. Busby · Sharon Cutler Ross
Discrete Mathematical Structures. Bernard Kolman, Robert C. Busby and Sharon Cutler RossTaschenbuch978-0-13-207845-02008
Discrete Mathematical Structures, Books a la Carte EditionLoose Leaf978-0-321-65656-82009Robert Busby · Sharon C. Ross
Discrete Mathematical Structures (Classic Version)Paperback978-0-13-469644-72017Robert Busby · Sharon C. Ross
Discrete Mathematical Structures for Computer ScienceHardcover978-0-13-216003-21987Robert C. Busby
Discrete Mathematical Structures for Computer Science   "978-0-13-215418-51984   "
Discrete Mathematical Structures: International EditionTaschenbuch978-0-13-123046-02003Robert C. Busby · Sharon Ross
Elementary Linear AlgebraHardcover978-0-13-045787-52003David R. Hill
Elementary Linear Algebra   "978-0-13-085199-41999   "
Elementary Linear Algebra   "978-0-13-374729-41996
Elementary Linear Algebra   "978-0-02-366045-01991
Elementary Linear Algebra   "978-0-02-366080-11986
Elementary Linear Algebra   "978-0-02-365990-41982
Elementary Linear Algebra   "978-0-02-365900-31977
Elementary Linear Algebra& Atlast Mnl PkgPaperback978-0-13-124094-02003David R. Hill
Elementary Linear Algebra& Maple Manual Pkg   "978-0-13-124095-72003   "
Elementary Linear Algebra: International EditionTaschenbuch978-0-13-121933-52003Howard Anton · David Hill
Elementary Linear Algebra: Student Solutions ManualPaperback978-0-13-086248-81999
Elementary Linear Algebra with ApplicationsHardcover978-0-13-229654-02007David Hill
Elementary Linear Algebra with Applications (Classic Version)Paperback978-0-13-471853-82017   "
Elementary Linear Algebra: with Maple 10: AND Maple 10   "978-1-4058-3594-72006David R. Hill · Mathematics
Elementary Linear Programming with ApplicationsHardcover978-0-12-417910-31995Robert E. Beck
Elementary Linear Programming with ApplicationsTaschenbuch978-0-12-417865-61980Robert Edward Beck
Elementary Linear Programming With Applications/Instructors ManualHardcover978-0-12-417862-51980Robert Beck
Elementary Multivariable Calculus   "978-0-12-417850-21971William F. Trench
Elem Linear Algebra& Prob Dscrt MATLAB PkgPaperback978-0-13-124092-62003David R. Hill
Elem Linear Algebra& Understandng Lin Alg Pkg   "978-0-13-124093-32003   "
Group Theoretical Methods in Physics: 5th: Colloquium ProceedingsHardcover978-0-12-637650-01977R.T. Sharp
Instructors ManualPaperback978-0-13-019725-22001David Hill
Instructors Solutions Manual   "978-0-13-086249-52000
Intermediate Algebra for College Students 6/eHardcover978-1-60229-881-12011Arnold Shapiro
Introductory Discrete Structures With Applications   "978-0-13-500794-51986
Introductory Linear Algebra   "978-0-13-603667-82010David Hill
Introductory Linear AlgebraPaperback978-0-13-032853-32001Hill (Kletzing)
Introductory Linear Algebra: An Applied First CourseHardcover978-0-13-143740-12004David R. Hill
Introductory Linear Algebra: An Applied First Course: International Edition: An Application-Oriented First CourseTaschenbuch978-0-13-127773-12004David Hill
Introductory Linear Algebra: An Applied First Course, Ninth EditionHardcover978-1-4665-6983-62014David R. Hill · Dennis Kletzing
Introductory Linear Algebra: An Applied First Course: with Maple 10 VP: AND Maple 10 VPPaperback978-1-4058-3595-42006David R. Hill · Mathematics
Introductory Linear Algebra With Applications, 5th Edition,Hardcover978-0-318-69279-11993
Introductory Linear Algebra with Applications   "978-0-13-018265-42001David R. Hill
Introductory Linear Algebra With Applications   "978-0-13-266313-71996   "
Introductory Linear Algebra With Applications   "978-0-02-366032-01993   "
Introductory Linear Algebra with Applications   "978-0-02-366091-71988
Introductory Linear Algebra With Applications   "978-0-02-366020-71984
Introductory linear algebra with applications   "978-0-02-365950-81976
Introductory Linear Algebra With Applications: Students Solutions ManualPaperback978-0-13-281982-41999
Intro Linear Algebra, Books a la Carte EditionLoose Leaf978-0-321-63243-22008David R. Hill
Mathematics With Applications for the Management, Life, and Social SciencesPaperback978-0-03-045159-11992Howard Anton · Bonnie Averbach
Mathematics with Applications for the Management, Life and Social SciencesHardcover978-0-12-059561-71982Howard Anton
Modern Matrix Algebra   "978-0-13-948852-82000David R. Hill
Multivariable Calculus with Linear Algebra and Series   "978-0-12-699050-81972William F. Trench
Precalculus: Functions and Graphs   "978-0-12-417894-61984Arnold Shapiro
Student Solutions Manual for Elementary Linear Algebra with ApplicationsPaperback978-0-13-229656-42007
Student Solutions Manual for Introductory Linear Algebra: An Applied First Course   "978-0-13-143742-52005Dennis Kletzing · David R. Hill
Test Bank for College Algebra   "978-0-12-417899-11985
Test Bank for Precalculus: Functions & Graphs   "978-0-12-417896-01984
Valuepack: Digitl Dsgn & XILINX 6.3XSE PKG with Computer Organization and Architecture:Designing for Performance and Discrete ... Structures   "978-1-4058-3677-72005Xilinx Inc. · William Stallings · Robert C. Busby · Sharon Cutler Ross
Valuepack: Introductory Linear Algebra:An Applied First Course with Visualizing Linear Algebra Using Maple: AND Visualizing Linear Algebra Using Maple   "978-1-4058-3244-12005David R. Hill · Sandra Keith

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