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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2013978-0-09-953309-2Alonso CuetoThe Blue Hour
1995978-0-09-953311-5Edward S Herman · Noam ChomskyManufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media
2009978-0-09-953318-4Karen MillerClone Wars: Wild Space (Star Wars Clone Wars)
  ''978-0-09-953319-1Karen TravissStar Wars: The Clone Wars
2010978-0-09-953320-7Karen TravissStar Wars: The Clone Wars - No Prisoners
1995978-0-09-953321-4Thomas PynchonGravity's Rainbow
2011978-0-09-953322-1Karen MillerStar Wars: Clone Wars Gambit - Stealth
  ''978-0-09-953323-8   ''Star Wars: Clone Wars Gambit - Siege
2009978-0-09-953324-5Mario PuzoThe Last Don
  ''978-0-09-953325-2Mario PuzoOmerta
  ''978-0-09-953326-9   ''The Family
2010978-0-09-953329-0Charles DickensGreat Expectations: with an introduction by Peter Ackroyd (Charles Dickens Classics)
1988978-0-09-953330-6Greg BearInfinity Concerto
1995978-0-09-953331-3Thomas PynchonV.
978-0-09-953332-0The Christmas Books: v. 1
2010978-0-09-953333-7Charles DickensThe Christmas Stories: with an introduction by Peter Ackroyd: v. 2
2011978-0-09-953334-4Cathy Marie BuchananThe Day the Falls Stood Still
2010978-0-09-953335-1Lauren GrodsteinA Friend of the Family
2010978-0-09-953336-8Donna LeonAbout Face: (Brunetti 18)
1984978-0-09-953337-5Joseph W. HotchkissA Family Christmas
2009978-0-09-953338-2Glenice CrosslandA Family Christmas
2008978-0-09-953339-9Charles DickensLittle Dorrit: with an introduction by Peter Ackroyd
1988978-0-09-953340-5Fay WeldonThe Heart of the Country
2000978-0-09-953341-2E J M BowlbyAttachment And Loss
2011978-0-09-953342-9Tom FortAgainst the Flow
2010978-0-09-953343-6Charles DickensDavid Copperfield: with an introduction by Peter Ackroyd (Charles Dickens Classics)
  ''978-0-09-953344-3   ''Hard Times: with an introduction by Peter Ackroyd (Charles Dickens Classics)
  ''978-0-09-953345-0   ''Martin Chuzzlewit: with an introduction by Peter Ackroyd
2010978-0-09-953346-7Charles DickensOliver Twist: with an introduction by Peter Ackroyd (Charles Dickens Classics)
  ''978-0-09-953347-4   ''The Old Curiosity Shop: with an introduction by Peter Ackroyd
  ''978-0-09-953348-1   ''A Tale of Two Cities: with an Introduction by Peter Ackroyd (Charles Dickens Classics)
  ''978-0-09-953349-8   ''Barnaby Rudge: with an Introduction by Peter Ackroyd (Charles Dickens Classics)
1988978-0-09-953350-4Loren D. EstlemanRoses are Dead
1998978-0-09-953351-1Tom HineyRaymond Chandler: A Biography
2010978-0-09-953352-8Charles DickensBleak House: with an Introduction by Peter Ackroyd (Charles Dickens Classics)
  ''978-0-09-953353-5   ''Our Mutual Friend: with an introduction by Peter Ackroyd (Charles Dickens Classics)
2010978-0-09-953354-2Charles DickensThe Mystery of Edwin Drood: with an introduction by Peter Ackroyd (Charles Dickens Classics)
2010978-0-09-953355-9Charles DickensThe Pickwick Papers: with an introduction by Peter Ackroyd (Charles Dickens Classics)
978-0-09-953356-6   ''Dombey and Son
978-0-09-953357-3   ''Nicholas Nickleby
978-0-09-953358-0Sketches by Boz
2011978-0-09-953359-7Trevor NortonSmoking Ears and Screaming Teeth
1988978-0-09-953360-3Michael P. Kube-McDowellEmprise (Legend books)
2009978-0-09-953364-1Kathy ReichsDevil Bones
2010978-0-09-953367-2Lisa JewellThe Truth About Melody Browne
2011978-0-09-953368-9Lisa JewellAfter the Party
2012978-0-09-953369-6   ''The Making of Us
1988978-0-09-953370-2Katherine KurtzDeryni Archives
1994978-0-09-953371-9Marsha Porter · Mick MartinVideo Movie Guide: 1995
2008978-0-09-953372-6Glenice CrosslandThe Ever Open Door
1988978-0-09-953380-1John KruseHour of the Lily
2010978-0-09-953385-6Jedediah BerryThe Manual of Detection
2009978-0-09-953389-4Abby McDonaldThe Popularity Rules
1988978-0-09-953390-0H. R. F. KeatingThe Body in the Billiard Room
1997978-0-09-953391-7Nicholas AllanA Pig's Book of Manners (Red Fox picture books)
2010978-0-09-953392-4Abby McDonaldThe Liberation of Alice Love
1989978-0-09-953400-6Mary MintonThe Marriage Bowl
2010978-0-09-953402-0Alec RussellAfter Mandela: The Battle for the Soul of South Africa
  ''978-0-09-953406-8Tom ShoneIn the Rooms
2011978-0-09-953408-2Anthony SattinA Winter on the Nile
1988978-0-09-953410-5Frank G. SlaughterTransplant
2012978-0-09-953412-9Kieran MulvaneyIce Bear: A Natural and Unnatural History of the Polar Bear
2010978-0-09-953414-3Margot BerwinHothouse Flower
1988978-0-09-953420-4Whitley StrieberCommunion: A True Story - Encounters with the Unknown
2010978-0-09-953425-9Toni SepedaBrunetti's Venice: Walks Through the Novels
2009978-0-09-953427-3Donna LeonThe Girl of his Dreams
  ''978-0-09-953428-0Susan LewisA Class Apart
  ''978-0-09-953429-7Susan LewisObsession
1988978-0-09-953430-3Lillian BeckwithA Proper Woman
2009978-0-09-953432-7Susan LewisSummer Madness
  ''978-0-09-953433-4   ''Last Resort
2009978-0-09-953434-1Susan LewisTaking Chances
2009978-0-09-953435-8Susan LewisCruel Venus
2010978-0-09-953436-5   ''Strange Allure
  ''978-0-09-953437-2   ''Silent Truths (Laurie Forbes and Elliott Russell)
  ''978-0-09-953438-9   ''Wicked Beauty (Laurie Forbes and Elliott Russell)
1988978-0-09-953440-2Margaret YorkeEvidence to Destroy
2010978-0-09-953442-6Susan LewisIntimate Strangers (Laurie Forbes and Elliott Russell)
  ''978-0-09-953443-3   ''The Hornbeam Tree (Laurie Forbes and Elliott Russell)
2009978-0-09-953444-0Lev GrossmanThe Magicians: (Book 1)
  ''978-0-09-953445-7Glenn CooperLibrary of the Dead
2009978-0-09-953446-4Christopher ReichRules of Deception
2010978-0-09-953447-1Glenn CooperBook of Souls: A Will Piper Mystery
1988978-0-09-953450-1Angus MacvicarCapers in My Kirk: Confessions of a Would-be Christian
2010978-0-09-953454-9Barry UnsworthLand of Marvels
2011978-0-09-953458-7Alison WeirThe Captive Queen
2013978-0-09-953459-4Alison WeirA Dangerous Inheritance
978-0-09-953461-7Duncan McLeanBig Kilmarnock Bonnet
2015978-0-09-953462-4Alison WeirThe Marriage Game
2008978-0-09-953463-1Greg KincaidA Dog Named Christmas
2011978-0-09-953464-8Alastair CampbellMaya
2010978-0-09-953465-5Bill VidalThe Aztec
  ''978-0-09-953466-2Ben MezrichThe Accidental Billionaires: Sex, Money, Betrayal and the Founding of Facebook
2009978-0-09-953467-9Carol GouldSpitfire Girls
2010978-0-09-953468-6Tom SharpeThe Gropes
  ''978-0-09-953469-3Tom SharpeThe Gropes
1987978-0-09-953470-9David GemmellWolf In Shadow
1998978-0-09-953471-6Duncan McLeanLone Star Swing: On the Trail of Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys
2011978-0-09-953472-3Andrew Rimas · Evan D. G. FraserEmpires of Food: Feast, Famine and the Rise and Fall of Civilizations
2009978-0-09-953477-8Robin NorwoodWhy Me, Why This, Why Now?: A Guide to Answering Life's Toughest Questions
  ''978-0-09-953478-5Ruth RendellFrom Doon With Death: (A Wexford Case)
  ''978-0-09-953479-2Ruth RendellA New Lease Of Death: (A Wexford Case)
1989978-0-09-953480-8Lavinia DerwentBeyond the Borders
1996978-0-09-953481-5Duncan McLeanBunker Man
2009978-0-09-953482-2Ruth RendellWolf To The Slaughter: (A Wexford Case)
2009978-0-09-953483-9Ruth RendellThe Best Man To Die: (A Wexford Case)
2009978-0-09-953484-6Ruth RendellA Guilty Thing Surprised: Even the dead have something to hide...
  ''978-0-09-953485-3   ''No More Dying Then: (A Wexford Case)
2010978-0-09-953486-0   ''Murder Being Once Done: (A Wexford Case)
  ''978-0-09-953487-7   ''Some Lie And Some Die: (A Wexford Case)
  ''978-0-09-953488-4   ''Shake Hands For Ever: (A Wexford Case)
2010978-0-09-953489-1Ruth RendellA Sleeping Life: (A Wexford Case)
1991978-0-09-953490-7   ''Heartstones (Arena Novella)
978-0-09-953491-4Elana BreginThe Slayer of Shadows
2010978-0-09-953492-1Ruth RendellMeans Of Evil And Other Stories: (Wexford)
  ''978-0-09-953493-8   ''Put On By Cunning: (A Wexford Case)
2009978-0-09-953498-3Susan HillThe Various Haunts Of Men: Simon Serrailler Book 1
  ''978-0-09-953499-0Susan HillThe Pure In Heart: Simon Serrailler Book 2
1988978-0-09-953500-3Malcolm BradburyCuts (Arena Novella S.)
2009978-0-09-953502-7Susan HillThe Risk of Darkness: Simon Serrailler Book 3
2008978-0-09-953503-4Henning MankellSidetracked: Kurt Wallander
  ''978-0-09-953504-1Henning MankellOne Step Behind: Kurt Wallander: 10
  ''978-0-09-953505-8   ''Firewall: Kurt Wallander
2009978-0-09-953507-2Anne EnrightThe Gathering (Vintage Booker)
2009978-0-09-953508-9Roddy DoylePaddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha (Vintage Booker)
  ''978-0-09-953509-6Salman RushdieMidnight's Children (Vintage Booker)
1988978-0-09-953510-2Alan SillitoeOut of the Whirlpool (Arena Books)
2009978-0-09-953512-6Ben OkriThe Famished Road
  ''978-0-09-953513-3Ian McEwanAmsterdam
  ''978-0-09-953514-0J M CoetzeeDisgrace (Vintage Booker)
  ''978-0-09-953515-7A S ByattPossession: A Romance
2009978-0-09-953516-4Sadie JonesThe Outcast
2010978-0-09-953517-1Reif LarsenThe Selected Works of T.S. Spivet
978-0-09-953519-5Graphic Novel Diary 2010
1988978-0-09-953520-1Christopher HopeBlack Swan (Arena Novella S.)
2010978-0-09-953523-2Paul Robert SmithSunday Daffodil and Other Happy Endings
2011978-0-09-953524-9Matthew HootonDeloume Road
2008978-0-09-953525-6Chuck PalahniukChoke
2011978-0-09-953526-3Justine KilkerrAdvice for Strays
2008978-0-09-953527-0Henning MankellFaceless Killers: Kurt Wallander
2009978-0-09-953528-7   ''The Dogs of Riga: Kurt Wallander
2009978-0-09-953529-4Henning MankellThe Fifth Woman: Kurt Wallander
1994978-0-09-953530-0Ruth RendellTalking To Strange Men
2009978-0-09-953532-4Henning MankellThe White Lioness: Kurt Wallander
  ''978-0-09-953533-1Toni MorrisonA Mercy
2010978-0-09-953534-8Stuart NevilleThe Twelve
2011978-0-09-953535-5Stuart NevilleCollusion
  ''978-0-09-953537-9Adam RossMr. Peanut
1988978-0-09-953540-9Patrick GaleKansas in August (Arena Books)
1996978-0-09-953541-6Lucinda VardeyThe Vintage Book of Spirituality: An Anthology of Contemporary Spirituality
2011978-0-09-953544-7Philip BallThe Music Instinct: How Music Works and Why We Can't Do Without It
2010978-0-09-953545-4A S ByattThe Children's Book
  ''978-0-09-953546-1Colin McAdamFall
2009978-0-09-953547-8Michael Braungart · William McDonoughCradle to Cradle. Remaking the Way We Make Things (Patterns of Life)
2010978-0-09-953549-2Shannon BurkeBlack Flies
1989978-0-09-953550-8Janet TannerWomen and War
1996978-0-09-953551-5Quentin BlakeThe Story of the Dancing Frog (Red Fox Picture Books)
2012978-0-09-953552-2John NivenThe Second Coming
2013978-0-09-953553-9John NivenCold Hands
2010978-0-09-953555-3Sabrina BroadbentYou Don't Have to be Good
2015978-0-09-953557-7Irvine WelshThe Sex Lives of Siamese Twins
2013978-0-09-953558-4Irvine WelshSkagboys (Trainspotting)
  ''978-0-09-953559-1   ''Skagboys
1988978-0-09-953560-7Stanley JohnsonThe Commissioner
1994978-0-09-953561-4Approvals Poetry Activity Pack
2011978-0-09-953562-1Henry SuttonGet Me Out of Here
2011978-0-09-953563-8Arnaldur IndridasonOperation Napoleon
2012978-0-09-953564-5In Glorious Technicolor: A Century of Film and How it has Shaped Us
2010978-0-09-953565-2Philip RothThe Humbling
1989978-0-09-953570-6Carola SalisburyWoman in Grey
2009978-0-09-953574-4Chuck PalahniukSnuff
2011978-0-09-953575-1XinranMessage from an Unknown Chinese Mother: Stories of Loss and Love
2012978-0-09-953576-8Jeffrey SachsThe Price of Civilization: Economics and Ethics After the Fall
2010978-0-09-953577-5Gill SchierhoutThe Shape of Him
  ''978-0-09-953579-9Philip SingtonThe Einstein Girl
1988978-0-09-953580-5Colleen KleinThe Pomegranate Tree
978-0-09-953581-2Ingrid & Dieter SchubertAnimality
2010978-0-09-953583-6Evie WyldAfter the Fire, A Still Small Voice
2011978-0-09-953584-3Karin FossumBad Intentions (Inspector Sejer)
2009978-0-09-953585-0Henning MankellThe Eye Of The Leopard
  ''978-0-09-953586-7Susan HillThe Vows of Silence: Simon Serrailler Book 4
  ''978-0-09-953587-4Julian BarnesNothing To Be Frightened Of
  ''978-0-09-953588-1Sulaiman AddoniaThe Consequences of Love
1988978-0-09-953590-4Brian FreemantleSee Charlie Run
978-0-09-953591-1Rosemary WellsMidas: Another Greek Myth
2010978-0-09-953592-8Deborah Moggach · Irvine Welsh · Joanne Harris · Kathy Lette · Marie Phillips · Tim Butcher · Xiaolu GuoBecause I am a Girl
2010978-0-09-953597-3Lawrence OsborneBangkok Days
2011978-0-09-953598-0Wendy Law-YoneThe Road to Wanting
  ''978-0-09-953599-7Alon HiluThe House of Rajani
1988978-0-09-953600-0Mary S. LovellStraight on Till Morning: Biography of Beryl Markham (Arena Books)
1994978-0-09-953601-7Joseph HellerCatch-22
2011978-0-09-953602-4Per PettersonI Curse the River of Time
2009978-0-09-953603-1Esther Cheo Ying YingBlack Country to Red China: One girl's story from war-torn England to Revolutionary China
  ''978-0-09-953607-9Simon SchamaRough Crossings: Britain, the Slaves and the American Revolution
1988978-0-09-953610-9Judith SaxtonAll My Fortunes
1989978-0-09-953620-8John HarrisChina Seas
2009978-0-09-953625-3Paul CleaveCemetery Lake
  ''978-0-09-953627-7Brooke MorganTainted
2010978-0-09-953628-4Brooke MorganTrapped