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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
978-1-4464-0023-4Patrimony: A True Story
2017978-1-4464-0155-2Martin AmisThe Rub of Time: Bellow, Nabokov, Hitchens, Travolta, Trump. Essays and Reportage, 1986-2016
978-1-4464-0167-5Visiting Mrs Nabokov And Other Excursions
2010978-1-4464-0635-9Hansen Jack CanThird Serving of Chicken Kindle
  ''978-1-4464-0902-2Sutherland JohnCuriosities of Literatur Kindle
  ''978-1-4464-0935-0Judt TonyMemory Chalet the Kindle
  ''978-1-4464-0961-9Mcgrath PaulBack from the Brink Kindle
978-1-4464-1093-6The Book of Hiram
2010978-1-4464-1271-8Fleming JamesWhite Blood Kindle
978-1-4464-1338-8Plowing The Dark
2010978-1-4464-1426-2Calvino ItaloInvisible Cities Kindle
978-1-4464-1697-6Jane HornbyGood Food: 101 Italian Feasts: Triple-tested Recipes
978-1-4464-1723-2My Kitchen Table: 100 Great Chicken Recipes
978-1-4464-1724-9My Kitchen Table: 100 Vegetarian Feasts
978-1-4464-1725-6My Kitchen Table: 100 Easy Chinese Suppers
978-1-4464-1750-8My Kitchen Table: 100 Recipes for Entertaining
2011978-1-4464-1751-5Dan AbnettDoctor Who: The Silent Stars Go by
2010978-1-4464-1812-3Maxwell WilliamChateau the Kindle
  ''978-1-4464-1830-7Galloway JaniceForeign Parts Kindle
2010978-1-4464-1945-8Kadare IsmailFile on H the Kindle
978-1-4464-1964-9The Runaway Soul
2011978-1-4464-2064-5Yates RichardSpecial Providence a Kindle
  ''978-1-4464-2837-5Fforde KatieParadise Fields Kindle
2010978-1-4464-2868-9Flynn KatieLong and Lonely Road a Kindle
  ''978-1-4464-3351-5Burnett FrancesSecret Garden the Kindle
2011978-1-4464-3582-3O Connor JosephInishowen Kindle
978-1-4464-3606-6The Wedding Girl
2011978-1-4464-3622-6Walters GuyColditz Legacy the Kindle
978-1-4464-4976-91-24 Scale - Model Class detail - Type 90 Radio Control Battle Tank - Can play indoor or Outdoor
978-1-4464-6268-3An Uncertain Place
2011978-1-4464-6270-6John Julius NorwichThe Popes: A History
  ''978-1-4464-6271-3Roddy DoyleBullfighting
  ''978-1-4464-6272-0Kathy ReichsMortal Remains
2011978-1-4464-6273-7Kathy ReichsMortal Remains
  ''978-1-4464-6275-1Sarah BrownBehind the Black Door
978-1-4464-6276-8The Calling of the Grave
2011978-1-4464-6277-5Simon BeckettThe Calling of the Grave
  ''978-1-4464-6279-9Alma KatsuThe Taker
  ''978-1-4464-6281-2Mari JungstedtThe Dead of Summer
  ''978-1-4464-6288-1Kathy ReichsBones to Ashes
2011978-1-4464-6289-8Kathy ReichsBones to Ashes
  ''978-1-4464-6294-2Sarah BrownBehind the Black Door
  ''978-1-4464-6296-6Monica AliUntold Story
  ''978-1-4464-6297-3Edmund De WaalThe Hare with Amber Eyes: A Hidden Inheritance
2012978-1-4464-6507-3Henry Venmore-RowlandThe Last Caesar
978-1-4464-6590-5Finders Keepers
2011978-1-4464-6672-8Arthur CotterellThe Pimlico Dictionary of Classical Civilizations
  ''978-1-4464-6906-4SJ WatsonBefore I go to sleep
2011978-1-4464-7087-9S. J. BoltonNow You See Me
  ''978-1-4464-7093-0Pamela Stephenson · Katherine Fenton · Tania Rich · Simon Shepherd · Bill WallisSex Life, How Our Sexual Experiences Define Who We Are
978-1-4464-7108-1SEX ON THE MOON BEN MEZRICH
2010978-1-4464-7123-4Fabio Geda · Sharif DoraniIn The Sea There Are Crocodiles, audio cd
2009978-1-4464-7128-9Jose SaramagoCain
2011978-1-4464-7142-5Joseph DelaneyThe Spooks Destiny
2017978-1-4464-7783-0Rebecca FraserThe Mayflower Generation: The Winslow Family and the Fight for the New World
2011978-1-4464-8167-7Ariana FranklinThe Assassin's Prayer Complete & Unabridged Read by Diana Bishop
  ''978-1-4464-8178-3Douglas JacksonDefender of Rome Audiobook (Complete & Unabridged) Read by Cornelius Garrett
  ''978-1-4464-8189-9A.L.Kennedy · Juliet StephensonThe Blue Book (Unabridged) [Audio CD]
  ''978-1-4464-8194-3Dave GormanDave Gorman Vs The Rest of the World (Unabridged)
2010978-1-4464-8199-8Karin FossumBad Intentions
2008978-1-4464-8204-9Ben Kane · Read by Michael PraedThe Forgotten Legion: (The Forgotten Legion Chronicles No. 1) (Unabridged)
2011978-1-4464-8209-4Katie PriceThe Comeback Girl
2011978-1-4464-8214-8Kathleen Winter · Read by Laurence BouvardAnnabel (Unabridged) AudioCD
  ''978-1-4464-8218-6Chan KoonchungThe Fat Years (Unabridged Audio CD)
  ''978-1-4464-8225-4Sue JohnstonThings I Couldn't Tell My Mother
2008978-1-4464-8243-8Carmen ReidLate Night Shopping
2010978-1-4464-8248-3Karen HarperThe Queen's Governess
2011978-1-4464-8259-9Misha Glenny · Read by Misha GlennyDarkMarket: How Hackers Became the New Mafia (Unabridged)
  ''978-1-4464-8264-3Imran KhanPakistan
  ''978-1-4464-8273-5The Conservatives: A History: by Robin Harris (Unabridged Audiobook 16CD`s)
2011978-1-4464-8278-0Fiona MountainCavalier Queen Unabridged Audio CD]
  ''978-1-4464-8282-7Erin MorgensternThe Night Circus
  ''978-1-4464-8286-5Katie PriceSanta Baby
2009978-1-4464-8291-9Ben KaneThe Silver Eagle
2011978-1-4464-8396-1White PatrickCollected Short Stories Epub
2017978-1-4464-8476-0Francesca SegalThe Awkward Age
978-1-4464-8480-7Carmen CallilStop What You're Doing and Read This!
978-1-4464-8511-8The Flowers of War
2012978-1-4464-8685-6John WatersWas It For This?: How Ireland Lost the Plot
978-1-4464-8937-6George MacleodDogs: Homoeopathic Remedies
2011978-1-4464-8980-2George MacleodCats: Homoeopathic Remedies
  ''978-1-4464-8998-7Christopher DayThe Homoeopathic Treatment of Small Animals: Principles and Practice
2097978-1-4464-9018-1Keith HoughtonManage Your Student Finances Now!: Balancing the Budget at University and College
978-1-4464-9138-6May The Angels Be With You
2016978-1-4464-9231-4Andrew RosenheimThe Accidental Agent
978-1-4464-9458-5Great by Choice: Uncertainty, Chaos and Luck - Why Some Thrive Despite Them All
978-1-4464-9643-5Married Love
2011978-1-4464-9661-9Churchill WinstBoer War the Epub
  ''978-1-4464-9662-6   ''Second World War the Epub
2011978-1-4464-9703-6Child LeeI Am Reacher Ios App
  ''978-1-4464-9749-4Dennis SmithReport from Ground Zero
  ''978-1-4464-9755-5Child LeeGuy Walks Into a Bar Storycuts
978-1-4464-9810-1Erica HellerYossarian Slept Here: When Joseph Heller was Dad and Life was a Catch-22
978-1-4464-9857-6The Terrible Thing That Happened to Barnaby Brocket

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