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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1989978-0-394-89943-5Robert ArthurAn Ear for Danger (The Three Investigators: Crimebusters, No. 5)
  ''978-0-394-89955-8Cheryl HarteDucky Squeak: (Babies) (Learning Ladders-Blue Ladder for Babies)
  ''978-0-394-89980-0Robert ArthurMURDER TO GO (The three investigators. Crimebusters)
  ''978-0-394-89981-7   ''FUNNY BUSINESS (The Three Investigators Crimebusters)
1997978-0-394-90001-8Dr. SeussThe Cat in the Hat
1958978-0-394-90002-5Dr. SeussThe Cat in the Hat Comes Back (Beginner Books)
1966978-0-394-90013-1   ''One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish (Beginner Books(R))
1960978-0-394-90016-2   ''Green Eggs and Ham (Beginner Books(R))
1966978-0-394-90017-9Robert LopshirePut Me in the Zoo (Beginner Books(R))
  ''978-0-394-90018-6P.D. EastmanAre You My Mother? (Beginner Books(R))
1966978-0-394-90020-9P. D. EastmanGo, Dog. Go!
1962978-0-394-90027-8P.D. EastmanSnow (Beginner Books(R))
2002978-0-394-90028-5Stan Berenstain · Jan BerenstainThe Big Honey Hunt (Beginner Books(R))
1963978-0-394-90029-2Dr. SeussHop on Pop (Beginner Books(R))
  ''978-0-394-90033-9Walter FarleyLittle Black Circus B33
1965978-0-394-90038-4Dr. SeussFox in Socks
1968978-0-394-90051-3P.D. EastmanThe Best Nest (Beginner Books(R))
2002978-0-394-90052-0Stan Berenstain · Jan BerenstainThe Bears' Vacation (Beginner Books(R))
1966978-0-394-90063-6Elizabeth PayneMEET THE PILGRIM FATHERS
1967978-0-394-90065-0Ormonde De KayMeet Theodore Roosevelt (Step-Up Books)
1959978-0-394-90076-6Dr. SeussHappy Birthday to You! (Classic Seuss)
1940978-0-394-90077-3   ''Horton Hatches the Egg (Classic Seuss)
1962978-0-394-90078-0Dr. SeussHorton Hears a Who! (Classic Seuss)
1956978-0-394-90080-3   ''If I Ran the Circus (Classic Seuss)
1966978-0-394-90081-0   ''If I Ran the Zoo (Classic Seuss)
1939978-0-394-90082-7   ''The King's Stilts (Classic Seuss)
1962978-0-394-90086-5   ''Thidwick the Big-Hearted Moose (Classic Seuss)
1958978-0-394-90087-2Dr. SeussYertle the Turtle (Classic Seuss)
1961978-0-394-90089-6   ''The Sneetches and Other Stories (Classic Seuss)
1973978-0-394-90135-0Davidson MPirate Book
2009978-0-394-90171-8Dr. SeussCat In The Hat French (Beginner Books(R))
1962978-0-394-90307-1Samuel Hopkins AdamsThe Pony Express (Landmark Books #7)
1963978-0-394-90358-3Helen Dore BoylstonL58 CLARA BARTON
  ''978-0-394-90383-5Bruce Bliven Jr.The American Revolution (Landmark Books, 83)
1960978-0-394-90394-1Bruce BlivenFrom Pearl Harbor to Okinawa (Landmark Books)
1963978-0-394-90405-4John TolandFlying Tigers
2005978-0-394-90440-5Leo LionniFish is Fish
1959978-0-394-90541-9Thomas B. CostainWilliam the Conqueror (World Landmark Book W-41)
1960978-0-394-90544-0A. Grove DayThe Story of Australia (Landmarks Books - Young Readers of America Selection)
1981978-0-394-90559-4Elizabeth PayneThe Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt (Landmark Books)
1988978-0-394-90592-1Lewis CarrollAlice's Adventures in Wonderland
2044978-0-394-90601-0Walter FarleyThe Black Stallion
1965978-0-394-90613-3   ''The Black Stallion Mystery
1970978-0-394-90620-1Mae Blacker FreemanDo You Know About Stars? (Very First Science Book)
1945978-0-394-90629-4Hans C AndersenAndersen's Fairy Tales
1963978-0-394-90689-8L. Frank Baum · Allen ChaffeeThe Wizard of Oz
1969978-0-394-90746-8Dare WrightLook at a Colt
2009978-0-394-90881-6Noel StreatfeildSkating Shoes (The Shoe Books)
2006978-0-394-90914-1Leo LionniAlexander and the Wind-Up Mouse: (Reissue; Caldecott Honor Book)
2009978-0-394-90983-7Andrew GutelleBaseball's Best: Five True Stories (Step into Reading)
2007978-0-394-91009-3P D EastmanThe Cat in the Hat Beginner Book Dictionary (Beginner Books(R))
1964978-0-394-91011-6Roald DahlCharlie and the Chocolate Factory
1968978-0-394-91039-0Robert Carl CohenColor of Man
1967978-0-394-91040-6Leo LionniFrederick: (Reissue; Caldecott Honor Book, New York Times Best Illustrated Book of the Year)
1963978-0-394-91103-8Nancy GraceEarrings for Celia
1968978-0-394-91259-2Daniel J. BoorstinLandmark History of the American People: From Plymouth to Appomattox
1948978-0-394-91438-1Ruth Stiles GannettMy Father's Dragon
2007978-0-394-91542-5P.D. EastmanCat Hat Beginner Dictionary Spanish (Beginner Books(R)) (Spanish Edition)
1966978-0-394-91550-0Alfred HitchcockAlfred Hitchcock and the Three Investigators in the Mystery of the Vanishing Treasure
  ''978-0-394-91861-7Anthony LewisThe Supreme Court and How It Works: The Story of the Gideon Case
1974978-0-394-92051-1Leonora HornblowPREHST MNSTR DID STRTH
1971978-0-394-92101-3Roberta Strauss FeuerlichtAmerica's reign of terror: World War I, the Red scare, and the Palmer raids
  ''978-0-394-92145-7Walter FarleyBLACK STALLION & GIRL
  ''978-0-394-92286-7Stan Berenstain · Jan BerenstainBears in the Night (Beginner Books(R))
1971978-0-394-92337-6Dr. SeussThe Lorax (Classic Seuss)
1972978-0-394-92409-0Ray BradburyThe Halloween Tree
  ''978-0-394-92472-4Roald DahlCharlie and the Great Glass Elevator
  ''978-0-394-92490-8Dr. SeussMarvin K. Mooney Will You Please Go Now! (Bright & Early Books(R))
  ''978-0-394-92492-2Stan BerenstainC is for Clown: A Circus of C Words
1974978-0-394-92551-6Disney Book ClubThe Sorcerer's Apprentice (Disney's Wonderful World of Reading)
  ''978-0-394-92552-3Walt Disney Productions · Walt DisneyWalt Disney's Cinderella (Disney's Wonderful World of Reading)
1976978-0-394-92569-1A. A. MilneWinnie the Pooh and Tigger Too (Disney's Wonderful World of Reading)
1975978-0-394-92571-4Disney Book Club101 DALMATIANS
1973978-0-394-92601-8Nicholas. FiskTrillions.
1973978-0-394-92625-4Disney Book ClubSnow White & the Seven Dwarfs (Disney's Wonderful World of Reading)
  ''978-0-394-92628-5Barbara BrennerWalt Disney's The penguin that hated the cold (Disney's wonderful world of reading)
1974978-0-394-92912-5Dr. SeussWacky Wednesday (Beginner Books(R))
2008978-0-394-93128-9Dr. Seuss · Theo. LeSiegWould You Rather Be a Bullfrog? (Bright and Early Books for Beginning Readers)
1975978-0-394-93129-6Dr. SeussOh, the Thinks You Can Think! (Beginner Books(R))
  ''978-0-394-93165-4Charles M. SchulzCharlie Brown's Super Book of Things to Do and Collect: Based on the Charles M. Schulz Characters.
1986978-0-394-93247-7Judy DunnThe Little Duck
1977978-0-394-93456-3Disney Book ClubTHE RESCUERS (Disney's Wonderful World of Reading)
1978978-0-394-93486-0Huck ScarryMy First Picture Dict
1977978-0-394-93561-4Nicola BayleyNicola Bayley's Book of Nursery Rhymes
  ''978-0-394-93563-8Theo. LeSiegPlease Try to Remember the First of Octember (Beginner Books(R))
1978978-0-394-93606-2Sheila SchwartzGROWING UP GUILTY
  ''978-0-394-93736-6Stan Berenstain · Jan BerenstainThe Berenstain Bears Go to School
1978978-0-394-93880-6Walt DisneyMowgli And The Lost Elephant Child
  ''978-0-394-93912-4Dr. SeussI Can Read with My Eyes Shut! (Beginner Books(R))
2016978-0-394-94238-4Leo LionniGeraldine the Music Mouse
1979978-0-394-94255-1Dr. SeussOh, Say Can You Say? (Beginner Books(R))
1990978-0-394-94306-0Leonora HornblowINSECTS DO STRANGE THINGS (Step-Up Nature Books)
  ''978-0-394-94309-1John T. EggertFISH DO STRANGE THINGS (Step-Up Nature Books)
1979978-0-394-94358-9Disney Enterprises Inc.Walt Disney Productions presents The mystery box (Disney's wonderful world of reading)
1989978-0-394-94404-3Tasha TudorA Tale for Easter
2005978-0-394-94778-5Betsy SachsThe Boy Who Ate Dog Biscuits (A Stepping Stone Book(TM))
1983978-0-394-95639-8Stan Berenstain · Jan BerenstainThe Berenstain Bears and the Messy Room (First Time Books)
1985978-0-394-95693-0Amy Ehrlich · Diane GoodeThe Random House Book of Fairy Tales
1984978-0-394-96580-2Dr. SeussThe Butter Battle Book (Classic Seuss)
1985978-0-394-97038-7James HoweMister Tinker in Oz (A Brand New Oz Adventure)
  ''978-0-394-97224-4Whitley StrieberWolf of Shadows
2003978-0-394-98668-5Joanna ColeNorma Jean, Jumping Bean (Step into Reading)
2004978-0-394-99125-2Gloria WhelanNext Spring an Oriole (A Stepping Stone Book)
1989978-0-394-99616-5Tim HammondSports (Eyewitness Books)
1988978-0-394-99622-6Dorling Kindersley LtdArms & Armor (Eyewitness Books)
2003978-0-394-99695-0Natalie StandifordBravest Dog Ever: Story of Balto (Step into Reading)