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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2001978-1-74051-002-8Tony BArberWho Am I?
2000978-1-74051-022-6Fiona HorneLIFE'S A WITCH! A Handbook for Teen Witches
  ''978-1-74051-033-2Geoffrey BlaineyA Shorter History of Australia
2003978-1-74051-056-1Sue DengateFed Up With Asthma
2001978-1-74051-067-7Simon, and Friend, David MorleyPuppetry of the Penis
2003978-1-74051-081-3Nick BleszynskiShoot Straight, You Bastards!: The Truth behind the Killing of Breaker Morant
1999978-1-74051-095-0Helen RazerGas Smells Awful: The Mechanics of Being a Nutcase
2002978-1-74051-114-8Philip JohnsonE'cco 2: Recipes from an Australian Bistro
2003978-1-74051-118-6rachael-oakes-ashAnything She Can Do I Can Do Better
  ''978-1-74051-174-2Roland PerryCaptain Australia: a History of the Celebrated Captains of Australian Test Cricket
2002978-1-74051-183-4Richard BransonRichard Branson: Losing My Virginity, The Autobiography
  ''978-1-74051-188-9Louis De BernieresRed Dog
2003978-1-74051-197-1Michelle De KretserThe Hamilton Case
2004978-1-74051-202-2Janine BurkeThe Heart Garden - Sunday Reed and Heide
2003978-1-74051-217-6Nick BleszynskiShoot Straight, You Bastards! -- The Truth Behind the Killing of 'Breaker' Morant
  ''978-1-74051-236-7Greg GrowdenThe Snowy Baker Story
2006978-1-74051-248-0Debi MarshallKilling For Pleasure
2003978-1-74051-259-6Crackers KeenanAustralia's Funniest Racing Yarns
2004978-1-74051-273-2Michelle De KretserThe Hamilton Case
978-1-74051-279-4Wrestling the Dragon: In Search of the Boy Lama Who Defied China
2004978-1-74051-280-0Roland PerryMonash - the Outsider Who Won a War - a Biography of Australias Greatest Military Commander
2005978-1-74051-281-7Nick BleszynskiYou'll never take me alive: The life and death of bushranger Ben Hall
2004978-1-74051-282-4Emily · Holland, Angus Ross100 Great Businesses and the Minds Behind Them
2004978-1-74051-283-1anita-bellYour Success In Five Years Or Less
  ''978-1-74051-284-8Anita BellYour Mortgage and How to Pay it Off in Five Years - By Someone Who Did it in Three
  ''978-1-74051-285-5Marlee RanacherBullo the Next Generation
2003978-1-74051-287-9anne-summersThe End of Equality: Work, Babies and Women's Choices in 21st Century Australia
2004978-1-74051-289-3Lucinda HoldforthTrue Pleasures: A Memoir of Women in Paris
  ''978-1-74051-295-4Des ManganThis is Sweden calling: Everything you've ever wanted to know about the Eurovision Song Contest but were laughing too hard to ask!
  ''978-1-74051-321-0Don WatsonWatson's Dictionary of Weasel Words, Contemporary Cliches, Cant and Management Jargon
2004978-1-74051-324-1Nikki GemmellShiver: A Novel
2005978-1-74051-329-6Scott. BevanBattle Lines: Australian Artists at War
2006978-1-74051-349-4Elaine LewisLeft Bank Waltz
  ''978-1-74051-355-5Les MurrayBy the Balls: Memoir of a Football Tragic
2005978-1-74051-364-7Roland PerryMonash: The Outsider Who Won A War
  ''978-1-74051-366-1Don WatsonWatson's Dictionary of Weasel Words [Enhanced with Updates]
2001978-1-74051-710-2Sally DingoErnie Dingo: king of the kids
2002978-1-74051-758-4Gretel KilleenMy Life Is a Boob Tube
2003978-1-74051-764-5gretel-killeenThe Very Naughty Mother Runs Away
978-1-74051-821-5Midnight for Charlie Bone (The Children of the Red King, Book 1)
2014978-1-74051-889-5Wendy HarmerPearlie and the Big Doll
2003978-1-74051-899-4gretel-killeenMy Life is a Girdle
2004978-1-74051-907-6Gretel KillenThe Very Naughty Mother Is A Spy