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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1994978-0-09-991010-7Ernest HemingwayA Farewell To Arms (Arrow classic)
  ''978-0-09-991170-8Diana GabaldonCross Stitch (Outlander, 1)
1991978-0-09-991320-7Sandra ClarkThe Hutchinson Shakespeare Dictionary: An A-Z Guide to Shakespeare's Plays, Characters and Contemporaries (Helicon arts & music)
1992978-0-09-991330-6June Knox-MawerSandstorm
  ''978-0-09-991340-5Amos OzTo Know A Woman
2010978-0-09-991360-3James JoyceUlysses
1992978-0-09-991370-2Harold BrodkeyThe Runaway Soul
  ''978-0-09-991380-1Jared DiamondThe Rise and Fall of the Third Chimpanzee
  ''978-0-09-991410-5John CheeverBullet Park (Vintage Classics)
1992978-0-09-991430-3Philip RothPatrimony: A True Story
  ''978-0-09-991440-2Eric LaxWoody Allen: Biography
  ''978-0-09-991470-9Anne TylerSaint Maybe
1993978-0-09-991490-7Simone de BeauvoirLetters To Sartre (Vintage Classics)
1992978-0-09-991500-3Don DelilloMao II
  ''978-0-09-991550-8Don McCullinUnreasonable Behaviour: An Autobiography
  ''978-0-09-991580-5Liza CodyBackhand (Anna Lee Mysteries)
1990978-0-09-991600-0Boris VallejoThe Fantastic Art of Boris Vallejo
1991978-0-09-991620-8Edward W. SaidWorld, the Text and the Critic
1993978-0-09-991630-7Edward W. SaidAfter the Last Sky: Palestinian Lives
1992978-0-09-991640-6Anne TylerDinner At The Homesick Restaurant
1991978-0-09-991650-5Shirley HughesMoving Molly (Red Fox Picture Books)
1991978-0-09-991680-2P.G. WodehouseJeeves And Wooster TV Omnibus
1993978-0-09-991710-6Tony RossDon't Do That! (Red Fox Picture Books)
  ''978-0-09-991720-5David McKeeElmer Again (Red Fox picture books)
1991978-0-09-991790-8Jennifer CurryThe Complete School Verse
1992978-0-09-991880-6Len DeightonMamista
1993978-0-09-991890-5Len DeightonCity of Gold
1994978-0-09-991910-0Geoffrey ArcherEagle Trap
1992978-0-09-991920-9Caroline BridgwoodToo Much, Too Young
1993978-0-09-992240-7Shirley HughesAlfie's Feet
1991978-0-09-992250-6   ''Up And Up (Red Fox Picture Books)
1997978-0-09-992260-5John FullerFlying To Nowhere
1991978-0-09-992270-4Jim DavisGarfield: The Truth About Cats
1992978-0-09-992280-3Fyodor DostoevskyThe Brothers Karamazov
  ''978-0-09-992370-1Robert AsprinPhule's Company
  ''978-0-09-992450-0Robert AsprinPhule's Paradise
978-0-09-992510-1Jack Higgins 12-copy
1994978-0-09-992560-6Harry HarrisonStainless Steel Visions
1992978-0-09-992600-9Anna KingRuby Chadwick
  ''978-0-09-992650-4Shirley HughesHelpers (Red Fox Picture Books)
1992978-0-09-992660-3Shirley HughesSally's Secret (Red Fox Picture Books)
  ''978-0-09-992670-2   ''Charlie Moon and the Big Bonanza Bust-up (Red Fox Middle Fiction)
1997978-0-09-992700-6   ''Another Helping of Chips
1995978-0-09-992710-5   ''An Evening at Alfie's
1995978-0-09-992730-3Shirley HughesThe Trouble With Jack (Red Fox Picture Books)
1993978-0-09-992760-0George BrownThe Double Tenth
1994978-0-09-992770-9George BrownPinpoint
1993978-0-09-992790-7Shirley HughesDogger (Red Fox Picture Books)
1991978-0-09-992820-1Mary Higgins ClarkLoves Music, Loves To Dance
1994978-0-09-992830-0Ruth RendellThe Copper Peacock
1992978-0-09-992840-9Don DelilloRatner's Star
  ''978-0-09-992850-8   ''Players
  ''978-0-09-992900-0Allen M. SteeleLunar Descent (Legend books)
  ''978-0-09-992930-7Ben OkriThe Famished Road (The Famished Road Trilogy)
  ''978-0-09-992960-4Brian JacquesMariel Of Redwall (Red Fox Older Fiction)
1992978-0-09-993160-7Nicola BayleyNicola Bayley's Nursery Rhymes (Red Fox picture books)
1991978-0-09-993190-4Pat HutchinsRats (Red Fox Middle Fiction)
1992978-0-09-993220-8Pat HutchinsFollow That Bus (Red Fox Younger Fiction)
  ''978-0-09-993290-1Geraldine McCaughreanVainglory
1991978-0-09-993300-7John DensmoreRiders on the Storm: My Life with Jim Morrison and The Doors
1994978-0-09-993320-5Colin ThompsonThe Paperbag Prince (Red Fox Picture Books)
1992978-0-09-993350-2Brian FreemantleLittle Grey Mice
1994978-0-09-993360-1Amos OzFima
1992978-0-09-993420-2CallaghanBlack Queen Stories
  ''978-0-09-993500-1Robert AsprinMyth Inc. In Action
1991978-0-09-993570-4Jeanette WintersonOranges Are Not The Only Fruit
  ''978-0-09-993590-2Dale PetersonThe Deluge and the Ark: Journey into Primate Worlds
  ''978-0-09-993600-8Sheila KohlerThe Perfect Place
1992978-0-09-993690-9Trevor CarolanRim of Fire: Short Stories from the Pacific
1993978-0-09-993710-4Enid BlytonThe Second Green Goblin Book (Red Fox younger fiction)
1992978-0-09-993780-7W E JohnsBiggles Flies East
1992978-0-09-993790-6W E JohnsBiggles Defies the Swastika
  ''978-0-09-993800-2   ''Biggles and Co
  ''978-0-09-993810-1   ''Biggles in Spain
  ''978-0-09-993820-0   ''Biggles Learns to Fly
1992978-0-09-993830-9W E JohnsBiggles in the Orient (Red Fox Older Fiction)
1993978-0-09-993840-8   ''Biggles Defends the Desert
  ''978-0-09-993850-7   ''Biggles Fails to Return
  ''978-0-09-993860-6   ''Biggles and the Rescue Flight
1994978-0-09-993870-5   ''Biggles and Cruise of the Condor
1992978-0-09-993880-4Deborah FowlerThe Lady in Waiting
  ''978-0-09-993900-9James MarshallThree By The Sea (Red Fox Beginners)
1998978-0-09-993920-7Mordecai RichlerBarney's Version: A Novel
1991978-0-09-993940-5Jim EldridgeTime Riders (Red Fox middle fiction)
  ''978-0-09-994920-6Dorothy DunnettPawn In Frankincense
1991978-0-09-994940-4Dorothy DunnettQueen's Play
1991978-0-09-994950-3Dorothy DunnettThe Game Of Kings
  ''978-0-09-994970-1   ''Checkmate (The Lymond saga)
1992978-0-09-995000-4George BrownRingmain
  ''978-0-09-995020-2Sara HyltonThe Chosen Ones
  ''978-0-09-995080-6Suyin HanMany Splendoured Thing
  ''978-0-09-995090-5Suyin HanThe Mountain is Young
1991978-0-09-995410-1Harry TurtledoveKrispos Rising
1992978-0-09-995440-8Alan Dean FosterCall To Arms: Book One of the Damned (Damned S.)
1993978-0-09-995580-1Diana HendryHarvey Angell (Red Fox Middle Fiction)
1997978-0-09-995630-3Richard North PattersonThe Final Judgement
1992978-0-09-995720-1Colin McDowellA Woman of Style
2002978-0-09-995850-5Tim Pat CooganWherever Green Is Worn: The Story of the Irish Diaspora
1995978-0-09-995860-4Tim Pat CooganDe Valera: Long Fellow, Long Shadow
1998978-0-09-995950-2Alan H GuthThe Inflationary Universe: The Quest for a New Theory of Cosmic Origins
1992978-0-09-996150-5Andrea DworkinMercy
1993978-0-09-996210-6Timothy MoThe Monkey King
1992978-0-09-996220-5Marina WarnerIn a Dark Wood
1993978-0-09-996230-4Brian BoydVladimir Nabokov: The American Years v. 2
1993978-0-09-996300-4Arthur RansomeSwallowdale (Swallows And Amazons)
  ''978-0-09-996310-3Arthur RansomePeter Duck (Red Fox Older Fiction)
  ''978-0-09-996320-2   ''Winter Holiday (Swallows And Amazons)
  ''978-0-09-996330-1   ''Coot Club (Red Fox Older Fiction)
  ''978-0-09-996350-9   ''We Didn't Mean to Go to Sea (Red Fox Older Fiction)
1993978-0-09-996360-8Arthur RansomeSecret Water (Red Fox Older Fiction)
1993978-0-09-996370-7Arthur RansomeThe Big Six (Red Fox Older Fiction)
  ''978-0-09-996380-6   ''Missee Lee
  ''978-0-09-996400-1   ''Great Northern ? (Red Fox Older Fiction)
  ''978-0-09-996410-0   ''Coots in the North (Red Fox Older Fiction)
  ''978-0-09-996450-6Greg BearVenging
1992978-0-09-996470-4Quentin BlakeAll Join In (Red Fox Picture Books)
1994978-0-09-996490-2Quentin BlakeCockatoos (Red Fox Picture Books)
1993978-0-09-996510-7Anthony BrowneThe Night Shimmy (Red Fox picture books)
1994978-0-09-996650-0Carly McIntyreSaskia
1994978-0-09-996750-7Edward W SaidCulture And Imperialism
1992978-0-09-996780-4Edward W. SaidThe Question of Palestine
  ''978-0-09-997040-8Evelyn AnthonyThe Relic
  ''978-0-09-997060-6Marie JosephWhen Love Was Like That
  ''978-0-09-997070-5A. E. LangsfordHMS "Flexible"
1994978-0-09-997110-8Tony BennThe End Of An Era: Diaries 1980-1990: Diaries 1980-90
1992978-0-09-997170-2Hannah HauxwellInnocent Abroad: The Travels of Miss Hannah Hauxwell
  ''978-0-09-997190-0Tony WarrenThe Lights of Manchester
1993978-0-09-997220-4Roland BarthesMythologies (Vintage classics)
1991978-0-09-997230-3Greg KnightHonourable Insults: A Century of Political Invective
1992978-0-09-997240-2James MarshallFox All Week (Red Fox Beginners)
1992978-0-09-997260-0Rosemary SutcliffThe Hound Of Ulster (Tales of Myth & Legend S.)
  ''978-0-09-997280-8Edward MarshallFox in Love (Red Fox beginners)
  ''978-0-09-997320-1Tim WintonLockie Leonard, Human Torpedo (Red Fox young adult books)
  ''978-0-09-997330-0Russell HobanHarvey's Hideout (Red Fox picture books)
  ''978-0-09-997390-4William CorlettThe Door In The Tree (Red Fox Older Fiction)
1992978-0-09-997440-6Nicholas AllanThe Magic Lavatory (Red Fox Picture Books)
  ''978-0-09-997450-5Rosemary SutcliffThe Light Beyond the Forest: Quest for the Holy Grail (Red Fox Older Fiction)
  ''978-0-09-997460-4   ''Sword and the Circle, The:King Arthur and the Knights of: King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table (Red Fox Older Fiction)
  ''978-0-09-997480-2John FullerLook Twice: An Entertainment
  ''978-0-09-997500-7Vincent Bugliosi · Curt GentryHelter Skelter: The True Story of the Manson Murders
1992978-0-09-997510-6Paul RogersFunimals (Red Fox picture books)
  ''978-0-09-997710-0H Davies · Hunter DaviesSnotty Bumstead (Red Fox middle fiction)
1995978-0-09-997760-5W E JohnsBiggles and the Black Peril
1992978-0-09-997870-1Gene ZionHarry The Dirty Dog (Red Fox Picture Books)
  ''978-0-09-997880-0Gene ZionNo Roses For Harry (Red Fox Picture Books)
1999978-0-09-997910-4William CorlettTunnel Behind The Waterfall (Red Fox Older Fiction)
1992978-0-09-997920-3Philip RidleyKrindlekrax (Red Fox middle fiction)
  ''978-0-09-997930-2Rosemary SutcliffThe Road To Camlann: The Death of King Arthur (Red Fox Older Fiction)
  ''978-0-09-998090-2Marina WarnerThe Skating Party
1992978-0-09-998110-7Angela CarterWise Children
1993978-0-09-998190-9Fyodor DostoevskyCrime And Punishment: A Novel in Six Parts with Epilogue (Vintage Classics)
1992978-0-09-998200-5Amos OzWhere The Jackals Howl
  ''978-0-09-998210-4Virginia WoolfTo The Lighthouse (Vintage Classics)
  ''978-0-09-998230-2Virginia WoolfThe Waves (Vintage classics)
1992978-0-09-998240-1Virginia WoolfMrs Dalloway
  ''978-0-09-998250-0   ''Jacob's Room (Vintage Classics)
  ''978-0-09-998260-9   ''Between The Acts (Vintage Classics)
  ''978-0-09-998270-8   ''Night And Day (Vintage Classics)
  ''978-0-09-998280-7   ''The Years: (Vintage Classics Woolf Series)
1992978-0-09-998290-6Virginia WoolfThe Voyage Out (Vintage Classics)
1993978-0-09-998300-2Ben OkriIncidents At The Shrine
  ''978-0-09-998320-0Nicola BayleyThe Patchwork Cat (Red Fox Picture Books)
1994978-0-09-998340-8Lewis CarrollThrough the Looking Glass (Red Fox picture books)
1992978-0-09-998360-6Hilaire BellocMatilda, Who Told Such Dreadful Lies and Was Burned to Death (Red Fox picture books)
  ''978-0-09-998380-4John D. BarrowTheories Of Everything: The Quest for Ultimate Explanation
  ''978-0-09-998420-7Joe DeverThe Deathlord of Ixia (Lone Wolf S.)
1993978-0-09-998440-5Joe DeverWolf's Bane (Lone Wolf S.)
1993978-0-09-998450-4Joe DeverThe Curse of Naar (Lone Wolf S.)
  ''978-0-09-999030-7Brian KeenanAn Evil Cradling
  ''978-0-09-999150-2Aidan ChambersSeal Secret (Red Fox Animal Stories)
1994978-0-09-999160-1Aidan ChambersThe Present Takers (Red Fox Older Fiction)
1996978-0-09-999200-4Robert HarrisEnigma
1991978-0-09-999230-1Dave DuncanHero!
1993978-0-09-999380-3John GrishamThe Pelican Brief
1994978-0-09-999390-2Jason GoodwinOn Foot to the Golden Horn: A Walk to Istanbul
1999978-0-09-999400-8Jason GoodwinLords of the Horizons: A History of the Ottoman Empire
1994978-0-09-999800-6Thomas StrittmatterRaven
1992978-0-09-999810-5Brian MooreLies Of Silence
  ''978-0-09-999840-2A S ByattThe Game
  ''978-0-09-999900-3Kurt VonnegutJailbird
1993978-0-09-999940-9Shigeo WatanabeHow Do I Put It On? (Red Fox Picture Books)
1992978-0-09-999980-5P. G. WodehouseTHE Old Reliable