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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1968978-0-09-000110-1Lillian BeckwithThe Sea for Breakfast
  ''978-0-09-000300-6Nigel Balchin · C S Forester · Eric Linklater · Christopher SykesFatal Fascination: A Choice of Crime
  ''978-0-09-000340-2Pierre AudemarsA thorn in the dust
  ''978-0-09-000350-1   ''The time of temptation
  ''978-0-09-000450-8Alan MorrisBloody April
978-0-09-000547-5Dennis WheatleyIsland Where Time Stands Still
1968978-0-09-000550-5John CreaseyCarriers of Death (Department Z adventures)
1958978-0-09-000620-5Dennis WheatleyUncharted Seas
1968978-0-09-000680-9Donald R. BurgettCurrahee!
1968978-0-09-000710-3Evelyn AnthonyVictoria
  ''978-0-09-001080-6Lillian BeckwithLoud Halo, The
  ''978-0-09-001160-5J.F. BroxholmeWar Queen
  ''978-0-09-001290-9John HarrisLight Cavalry Action
1953978-0-09-001336-4Dennis WheatleySecret War
1969978-0-09-001340-1James Dillon WhiteHound of Heaven
  ''978-0-09-001430-9Jane GaskellStrange Evil
1968978-0-09-001530-6Arthur C. Clarke2001: A Space Odyssey
1969978-0-09-001540-5Barbara CartlandI Search for Rainbows
1969978-0-09-001680-8Jane GaskellKing's Daughter
  ''978-0-09-001810-9D. DonnellyNearing Storm
  ''978-0-09-001920-5Ian CameronLost Ones
  ''978-0-09-001970-0John CreaseyTerror Trap (A Department Z adventure)
  ''978-0-09-001990-8Brian Wynne GarfieldLawbringers, The (An Arrow Western)
1969978-0-09-002060-7Dennis WheatleyStrange Conflict
  ''978-0-09-002070-6   ''The Ka of Gifford Hillary (A Black Magic Story)
  ''978-0-09-002150-5Denise RobinsKiss of Youth
  ''978-0-09-002300-4Lee DunneBed in the Sticks
  ''978-0-09-002500-8Lillian BeckwithGreen Hand
1969978-0-09-002540-4Dennis WheatleyThe Scarlet Imposter
  ''978-0-09-002570-1   ''Come into my parlour
  ''978-0-09-002600-5Barbara CartlandLove to the Rescue
1970978-0-09-002710-1Kenneth AllsopBootleggers, The
1954978-0-09-002720-0Bram StokerDracula
1970978-0-09-002730-9James Dillon WhiteSweet Evil
  ''978-0-09-002760-6Barbara CartlandLove is Dangerous
  ''978-0-09-002800-9Dorothy Mackie LowTo Burgundy and Back (An Arrow romance)
1970978-0-09-002810-8Eustace ChesserLove without Fear
  ''978-0-09-002840-5John CreaseyLeague of Dark Men
  ''978-0-09-002850-4   ''Dark Peril
  ''978-0-09-002930-3Alex HamiltonSplinters
  ''978-0-09-003020-0Various AuthorsLet's Talk of Graves: Tales from a Century of Ghost Stories
1970978-0-09-003030-9Walk in Dread: Tales from "A Century of Ghost Stories"
  ''978-0-09-003050-7John TerraineLife and Times of Lord Mountbatten
  ''978-0-09-003160-3Dennis WheatleyWhite Witch of the South Seas
1970978-0-09-003170-2Dennis WheatleyTraitor's Gate
  ''978-0-09-003200-6   ''The Shadow of Tyburn Tree
  ''978-0-09-003210-5John SherlockLast Grenade
  ''978-0-09-003260-0Barbara CartlandLove is Mine
  ''978-0-09-003270-9   ''Out of Reach
1970978-0-09-003330-0Barbara CartlandPassionate Pilgrim
  ''978-0-09-003360-7Denise RobinsLife and Love
  ''978-0-09-003540-3Brendan BehanScarperer, The
  ''978-0-09-003830-5Barbara KayeFire on the Mountain
1971978-0-09-003910-4Chadwick HansenWitchcraft at Salem
1970978-0-09-003930-2Dennis WheatleyForbidden Territory
1971978-0-09-004100-8Barbara CartlandDanger by the Nile
  ''978-0-09-004150-3Jakob Sprenger · Heinrich KramerMalleus Maleficarum
1970978-0-09-004240-1Bobby SealeSeize the Time: The Story of the Black Panther Party: Story of the Black Panther Party and Huey P.Newton
1971978-0-09-004330-9Robert NeillCrown and Mitre
1971978-0-09-004450-4Barbara CartlandLittle Pretender
1964978-0-09-004510-5Dennis. WheatleyGUNMEN, GALLANTS AND GHOSTS
1955978-0-09-004520-4Dennis WheatleyStar of Ill-omen
1971978-0-09-004550-1Barbara CartlandLove on the Run
  ''978-0-09-004730-7   ''Where is love?
  ''978-0-09-004790-1John BrunnerStand on Zanzibar
  ''978-0-09-004840-3Thomas M DischWhite Fang goes Dingo, and other funny s.f. stories
  ''978-0-09-004870-0George BeareBloody Sun at Noon
1971978-0-09-004880-9Michael MoorcockRituals of Infinity
  ''978-0-09-004890-8G.C. EdmondsonShip That Sailed the Time Stream
1979978-0-09-005100-7Philip K. DickEye in the Sky
1971978-0-09-005200-4John CreaseyI am the Withered Man
  ''978-0-09-005250-9Hillary WaughRun when I say go
  ''978-0-09-005260-8Dennis WheatleyThey found Atlantis
1972978-0-09-005310-0Lilian BECKWITHThe Hebridean Quartet
1980978-0-09-005370-4Philip K. Dick · Ray NelsonGanymede Takeover
1968978-0-09-015782-2Dennis WheatleyCome into My Parlour
1966978-0-09-020271-3Max BeloffAge of Absolutism, 1660-1815 (University Library)
1969978-0-09-020713-8James A. HornbyIntroduction to Company Law (University Library)
  ''978-0-09-021052-7Paramahansa YoganandaAutobiography of a Yogi
1967978-0-09-021253-8J.M.Wallace- HadrillBarbarian West, 400-1000 (University Library)
1970978-0-09-023413-4John HolmesFamily Dog: Its Choice and Training
1970978-0-09-023663-3Harold OldroydCollecting, Preserving and Studying Insects
1964978-0-09-024032-6Dennis WheatleyContraband
1968978-0-09-024411-9Vivian De Sola PintoCrisis in English Poetry (University Library)
  ''978-0-09-024412-6Vivian De Sola PintoCrisis in English Poetry (University Library)
1967978-0-09-024531-4Dennis WheatleyCurtain of Fear (Lymington Edition)
1969978-0-09-026663-0Maurice EvansEnglish Poetry in the Sixteenth Century (University Library)
1970978-0-09-026771-2Daisetz Teitaro SuzukiEssays in Zen Buddhism: First Series
1976978-0-09-026792-7Dennis WheatleyEunuch of Stamboul
1970978-0-09-027292-1Vera S. AlderFifth Dimension: The Future of Mankind
1968978-0-09-027343-0   ''Finding of the Third Eye
1967978-0-09-028604-1T.W. FreemanGeography and Planning (University Library)
1966978-0-09-028624-9Arthur E. SmailesGeography of Towns (University Library)
1969978-0-09-028671-3Frank SwinnertonGeorgian Literary Scene, 1910-35 (Radius Books)
1968978-0-09-028681-2W.E. CollinsonGerman Language Today (University Library)
  ''978-0-09-029180-9Naomi JacobGollantz - London, Paris, Milan (Gollantz saga, 6)
1975978-0-09-030552-0Paul BruntonA Hermit in the Himalayas
1969978-0-09-030602-2Paul BruntonHidden Teaching Beyond Yoga
1974978-0-09-030761-6"Eliphas Levi" Alphonse Louis ConstantThe History of Magic: Including a Clear and Precise Exposition of Its Procedure, Its Rites and Its Mysteries
1969978-0-09-031561-1Daisetz Teitaro SuzukiAn Introduction to Zen Buddhism
1967978-0-09-031572-7W.H. WalshIntroduction to the Philosophy of History (University Library)
  ''978-0-09-031592-5Jack WestrupIntroduction to Musical History (University Library)
1969978-0-09-031612-0John Harold George LebonIntroduction to Human Geography (University Library)
1967978-0-09-031683-0Thurston DartInterpretation of Music (University Library)
1962978-0-09-032732-4Dennis WheatleyThe Ka of Gifford Hillary (A Black Magic Story)
1969978-0-09-033582-4Ernest HutchesonLiterature of the Piano
1967978-0-09-034271-6S.B. PrunierFish Cookery Book
1969978-0-09-034794-0G.R. CroneMaps and Their Makers (University Library)
  ''978-0-09-034795-7G.R. CroneMaps and Their Makers (University Library)
1975978-0-09-035061-2R. Portman-GrahamThe Mating and Whelping of Dogs
1965978-0-09-035161-9Dennis WheatleyMediterranean Nights (Lymington e.)
1966978-0-09-035581-5David DaichesMilton (University Library)
1967978-0-09-035944-8John Edward MortonMolluscs
1966978-0-09-036031-4H.J. PatonMoral Law (University Library)
1966978-0-09-036032-1H. J. PatonMoral Law (University Library)
1969978-0-09-036033-8H.J. PattonThe Moral Law: Kant"s Groundwork of the Metaphysics of Morals
1967978-0-09-036802-0P.M. SheppardNatural Selection and Heredity (University Library)
1969978-0-09-036804-4unknownNATURAL SELECTION AND HEREDITY
  ''978-0-09-038711-3Matthew Horace HayesPoints of the Horse
  ''978-0-09-038782-3Joseph Schwabacher · Thelma GrayAlsatian, The (Popular Dogs' breed series)
1968978-0-09-038792-2Elizabeth SomerfieldBoxer, The (Breed series)
1969978-0-09-038814-1Margaret. OsborneTHE COLLIE.
1967978-0-09-039042-7R.Portman- GrahamPractical Guide to Showing Dogs
1968978-0-09-039272-8Sylvan Muldoon · Hereward CarringtonThe Projection of the Astral Body
  ''978-0-09-039942-0Angus D'Albini BellairsReptiles (University Library)
1966978-0-09-039962-8F.K. HareRestless Atmosphere
1963978-0-09-041052-1Dennis WheatleyThe Scarlet Impostor
1966978-0-09-041212-9Lewis GibbonA Scots Quair
1969978-0-09-041331-7Paul BruntonA Search in Secret Egypt
1950978-0-09-041432-1Dennis WheatleyThe Second Seal
1966978-0-09-042844-1Arthur Keppel-JonesSouth Africa (University Library)
1967978-0-09-043302-5J.D. MabbottState and the Citizen (University Library)
1966978-0-09-044141-9Dennis WheatleyThe Sword of Fate
1968978-0-09-044161-7Frank G. SlaughterSword and Scalpel
1966978-0-09-044572-1A.D. WoozleyTheory of Knowledge (University Library)
1961978-0-09-044612-4Dennis WheatleyThey Found Atlantis
1968978-0-09-045561-4Allan FlandersTrade Unions (University Library)
1954978-0-09-045612-3Colonel Konrad MostTraining Dogs: A Manual
1966978-0-09-045631-4Dennis WheatleyTraitor's Gate (Lymington Edition)
1954978-0-09-047093-8Aeneas GunnWe of the Never-never
1969978-0-09-048371-6Daisetz Teitaro SuzukiThe Zen Doctrine of No Mind
1970978-0-09-048431-7Daisetz Teitaro SuzukiEssays in Zen Buddhism, Second Series
  ''978-0-09-048441-6   ''Essays in Zen Buddhism, by Daisetz Teitaro Suzuki; in 3 Vols.: 3rd Series: 3rd series (The complete works of D. T. Suzuki)
1967978-0-09-048543-7Arnold KettleIntroduction to the English Novel (University Library)
  ''978-0-09-048544-4Arnold KettleAn Introduction to the English Novel: v. 2 (University Library)
1968978-0-09-050251-6Arthur KoestlerSleepwalkers
1958978-0-09-051290-4Alf ProysenLittle Old Mrs.Pepperpot
1970978-0-09-051302-4Peter RodwellGymnastics
1969978-0-09-051731-2Fosco MarainiMeeting with Japan
1968978-0-09-051922-4C.E.G. HopeTackle Riding This Way
  ''978-0-09-052931-5M. Horace HayesVeterinary Notes for Horse Owners
  ''978-0-09-052932-2M. Horace Hayes · John Francis Donald TuttVeterinary Notes for Horse Owners
1969978-0-09-053012-0Eliphas LeviThe Key of the Mysteries
1969978-0-09-053162-2Ramana Maharshi · Arthur OsborneThe Collected Works of Ramana Maharshi
1966978-0-09-053444-9Elie KedourieNationalism (University Library)
1967978-0-09-053471-5Erroll BruceDeep Sea Sailing
1962978-0-09-054912-2Kenneth UllyettJaguar Companion
1960978-0-09-054940-5Anne FrankThe Diary of a Young Girl (Unicorn)
1982978-0-09-055570-3Geoffrey Vaughn ScammellThe English chartered trading companies and the sea
1967978-0-09-056581-8Edna O'BrienCountry Girls
1968978-0-09-056642-6Stephan KornerPhilosophy of Mathematics (University Library)
1960978-0-09-056821-5Elyne MitchellSilver Brumby's Daughter
  ''978-0-09-057560-2Alf ProysenMrs. Pepperpot Again
1961978-0-09-057725-5J.S. MillwardSixteenth Century, 1485-1603 (Portraits & Documents S.)
1966978-0-09-059891-5Arthur KoestlerLotus and the Robot
  ''978-0-09-061062-4Robert C. Estall · R.O. BuchananIndustrial Activity and Economic Geography (University Library)
1969978-0-09-061452-3J.W.H. Beynon · Alex FisherCairn Terrier (Popular Dogs' breed series)
  ''978-0-09-061931-3Giuseppe TucciTheory and Practice of the Mandala
1961978-0-09-062041-8Percy Bysshe ShelleySelected Poetry
1968978-0-09-062161-3Frank G. SlaughterEpidemic
1965978-0-09-063821-5George WheatleyKeep Your Own Pony
1961978-0-09-064150-5Lillian BeckwithSea for Breakfast, The
1967978-0-09-064633-3David MitchellIntroduction to Logic (University Library)
  ''978-0-09-064634-0David MitchellIntroduction to Logic (University Library)
1961978-0-09-064710-1Humphrey HarmanTales Told Near a Crocodile
1967978-0-09-065842-8Bamber GascoigneTwentieth Century Drama
1969978-0-09-065994-4David NicholsEchinoderms
1967978-0-09-067131-1John WainAnthology of Modern Poetry
1968978-0-09-067640-8David DiringerAlphabet, The
1968978-0-09-067642-2David DiringerAlphabet, The
1986978-0-09-067920-1Alf ProysenMrs. Pepperpot to the Rescue
1988978-0-09-068171-6Ted HughesHere Today
1964978-0-09-068650-6Z. P. DienesAn Experimental Study of Mathematics Learning
1970978-0-09-069851-6John Rowe TownsendHell's Edge
1975978-0-09-071351-6C. K. SteadThe New Poetic: Yeats to Eliot (University Library)
1964978-0-09-072781-0John WyndhamThe Chrysalids (Unicorn)
  ''978-0-09-072821-3John Rowe TownsendGumble's Yard (Unicorns)
  ''978-0-09-072851-0Alexander PopeSelected Poems of Pope
  ''978-0-09-072890-9Michael GreenThe Art of Coarse Acting, or How to Wreck an Amateur Dramatic Society
1965978-0-09-073650-8Patricia WrightsonDown to Earth
1966978-0-09-073752-9Mary WarnockPhilosophy of Sartre (University Library)
1968978-0-09-074342-1R.J. Harrison · Judith E. KingMarine Mammals (University Library)
1969978-0-09-075411-3Balachandra RajanW.B.Yeats (University Library)
1965978-0-09-075770-1Arthur KoestlerThe Gladiators
1969978-0-09-076581-2Donald FeatherstoneNaval War Games
1966978-0-09-076790-8J.W. MunroPests of Stored Products (Rentokil Library)
  ''978-0-09-076870-7John Le CarreThe Spy Who Came in from the Cold (Unicorns)
1967978-0-09-077151-6Kenneth R. SporneMorphology of Gymnosperms
1967978-0-09-077152-3Kenneth R. SporneMorphology of Gymnosperms
1966978-0-09-077220-9Colin MacInnesAbsolute Beginners (Unicorn S.)

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