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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2001978-0-7126-7679-3Karin SlaughterBlindsighted: (Grant County series 1)
1996978-0-7126-7688-5Freddie Foreman · John LisnersRespect: Autobiography of Freddie Foreman - Managing Director of British Crime
1995978-0-7126-7690-8Michael CrichtonThe Lost World
  ''978-0-7126-7691-5Leonard NimoyI am Spock
1996978-0-7126-7693-9Greg KingThe Murder of Rasputin: The Truth About Prince Felix Youssoupov and the Mad Monk Who Helped Bring Down the Romanovs
2002978-0-7126-7694-6Karin SLAUGHTERKisscut
2003978-0-7126-7696-0Peter DuffyBrothers In Arms
2001978-0-7126-7700-4Suzanne FinstadNatasha: " The Biography Of Natalie Wood "
1997978-0-7126-7701-1Lisa SeeThe Flower Net
1999978-0-7126-7702-8Lindsey DavisOne Virgin Too Many
1998978-0-7126-7707-3Bob MonkhouseOver the Limit: My Secret Diaries 1993-8
1995978-0-7126-7711-0Ivor HerbertRed Rum, 1965-1995
1998978-0-7126-7716-5Peter D'Adamo · Catherine WhitneyEat Right 4 Your Type
1997978-0-7126-7719-6Christopher Knight · Robert LomasThe Second Messiah: Templars, the Turin Shroud and the Great Secret of Freemasonry
  ''978-0-7126-7724-0Lindsey DavisThe Course of Honour
  ''978-0-7126-7727-1Max ComfortPortfolio People; How to Create a Workstyle as Individual as You Are
  ''978-0-7126-7728-8Steve CollinsThe Good Guys Wear Black: The True-life Heroes of Britain's Armed Police
1996978-0-7126-7730-1James RennieThe Operators: Inside 14 Intelligence Company - The Army's Top Secret Elite
1996978-0-7126-7732-5Andre HanscombeThe Last Thursday in July: Memoir of Rachel Nickell
1998978-0-7126-7733-2Steve CollinsThe Glory Boys: True-life Adventures of Scotland Yard's SWAT, the Last Line of Defence in the War Against International Crime
1997978-0-7126-7736-3Dharma Singh Khalsa · Cameron StauthBrain Longevity: The Breakthrough Medical Programme That Regenerates Your Mental Energy, Memory and Learning Abilities
2001978-0-7126-7737-0Denise LewisPersonal Best: Denise Lewis
1996978-0-7126-7738-7Rolf Harris · Mark Leigh & Mike LepineTrue Animal Tales :
2002978-0-7126-7740-0A G HopkinsGlobalisation In World History
1998978-0-7126-7747-9David RohlLegend: The Genesis of Civilisation
2005978-0-7126-7748-6Gerard DeGrootThe Bomb: A Life
1996978-0-7126-7752-3Bob Greene · Oprah WinfreyMake The Connection: Ten Steps to a Better Body And a Better Life
1997978-0-7126-7754-7Don WinslowThe Death and Life of Bobby Z
1998978-0-7126-7758-5Richard RudgleyLost Civilisations of the Stone Age: A Journey Back to Our Cultural Origins
2007978-0-7126-7762-2David RohlThe Lords Of Avaris
1996978-0-7126-7766-0Chris RyanStand by, Stand by
1997978-0-7126-7774-5Suzanne FinstadChild Bride: The Untold Story of Priscilla Beaulieu Presley
1998978-0-7126-7784-4Catherine Whitney · Peter D'Adamo with Catherine WhitneyThe Eat Right Diet: A Simple Guide to Eating Right for Your Metabolism
2003978-0-7126-7790-5Ricardo SemlerThe Seven-Day Weekend: Feeding Ducks and Making Millions
1997978-0-7126-7791-2Lindsey DavisThree Hands in the Fountain (Falco)
  ''978-0-7126-7792-9Gloria G. Brame · etc. · William D. Brame · Jon JacobsDifferent Loving: World of Sexual Dominance and Submission
1996978-0-7126-7795-0James Collins · Jerry Porras · Jim CollinsBuilt To Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies (Century business)
1998978-0-7126-7796-7Lindsey DavisTwo for the Lions
1997978-0-7126-7798-1Patrick RobinsonNimitz Class
1998978-0-7126-7802-5Anna BlundyEvery Time We Say Goodbye: The Story of a Father and Daughter
  ''978-0-7126-7808-7Adrian GilpinUnstoppable People: How Ordinary People Achieve Extraordinary Things
  ''978-0-7126-7812-4Timothy GoodAlien Base: Earth's Encounters with Extraterrestrials
1997978-0-7126-7813-1Jason Theodosakis · Brenda Adderly · Barry FoxThe Arthritis Cure
  ''978-0-7126-7819-3Rolf Harris · Mark Leigh · Mike LepineBeastly Behaviour: More True Animal Tales
1998978-0-7126-7821-6John GrishamThe Street Lawyer
1999978-0-7126-7825-4Michael CrichtonTimeline
1999978-0-7126-7826-1John GrishamThe Testament
1997978-0-7126-7838-4Edward RutherfurdLondon
  ''978-0-7126-7851-3Chris RyanZero Option
2001978-0-7126-7854-4Lindsey DavisA Body in the Bath House
1998978-0-7126-7864-3Christopher ReeveStill Me
1997978-0-7126-7884-1John CairncrossThe Enigma Spy: An Autobiography - The Story of the Man Who Changed the Course of World War Two
  ''978-0-7126-7885-8Oliver JamesBritain on the Couch: Why We're Unhappier Compared with 1950, Despite Being Richer - A Treatment for the Low-serotonin Society
2001978-0-7126-7886-5Ricardo SemlerMaverick!: The Success Story Behind the World's Most Unusual Workplace
1998978-0-7126-7887-2Patrick RobinsonKilo Class
2000978-0-7126-7888-9Robert TempleThe Crystal Sun: Rediscovering a Lost Technology of the Ancient World
1998978-0-7126-7890-2Gabriel KingThe Golden Cat
1997978-0-7126-7893-3Auberon WaughThe Way of the World: The Wasted Years, 1995-96 v. 2
2001978-0-7126-7906-0Graham HancockFingerprints Of The Gods: The Quest Continues (New Updated Edition)
1999978-0-7126-7926-8Arnold Palmer · James DodsonA Golfer's Life
2001978-0-7126-7927-5Frank SkinnerFrank Skinner Autobiography
1998978-0-7126-7935-0Kimberley CornishThe Jew of Linz: Wittgenstein, Hitler and Their Secret Battle for the Mind
2001978-0-7126-7948-0Betty BoothroydBetty Boothroyd: The Autobiography
  ''978-0-7126-7952-7Chris RyanThe Watchman
2000978-0-7126-7954-1Michael W. PittsHengeworld
1999978-0-7126-7956-5Alvar EllegardJesus: One Hundred Years Before Christ
2001978-0-7126-7957-2James LucenoStar Wars: Cloak of Deception
1999978-0-7126-7959-6Donald JamesThe Fortune Teller
1998978-0-7126-7964-0Rosemary ConleyRosemary Conley's Low Fat Cookbook
  ''978-0-7126-7965-7Richard E. DoyleExecutive Action
1999978-0-7126-7968-8James EllroyCrime Wave
2005978-0-7126-7983-1Diana GabaldonA Breath of Snow and Ashes
2003978-0-7126-7984-8Rowan ColemanAfter Ever After
2008978-0-7126-7988-6Diana GabaldonLord John and the Hand of Devils
2001978-0-7126-7992-3Ernst Malmsten · Kajsa Leander · Erik PortangerBoo Hoo: A dot.com Story from Concept to Catastrophe
2002978-0-7126-7995-4Katherine Lambert · Peter KingHell with a Capital H - an Epic Story of Antarctic Survival
1998978-0-7126-7996-1Chris RyanThe Kremlin Device
2000978-0-7126-7999-2Edward RutherfurdThe Forest
2004978-0-7126-8000-4   ''Dublin: Foundation
2000978-0-7126-8001-1John GrishamThe Brethren
2000978-0-7126-8004-2Derek JarmanSmiling in Slow Motion: Diaries, 1991-94
1999978-0-7126-8007-3Christopher Knight · Robert LomasUriel's Machine: The Prehistoric Technology that Survived the Flood
978-0-7126-8009-7Penny VincenziOld Sins
2002978-0-7126-8015-8Marsha Rowe · Mike PentelowCharacters Of Fitzrovia
1999978-0-7126-8016-5Robin SiegerNatural Born Winners
978-0-7126-8017-2Legend: The Genesis of Civilisation
1999978-0-7126-8018-9Lindsey DavisLindsey Davis Omnibus
2002978-0-7126-8025-7David StaffordFlight From Reality: Rudolf Hess and his Mission to Scotland 1941
2000978-0-7126-8033-2Patrick RobinsonUss Seawolf
  ''978-0-7126-8034-9Lindsey DavisOde To A Banker
1999978-0-7126-8035-6William C ByhamZapp! The Lightning Of Empowerment: revised Edition
2001978-0-7126-8038-7Patrick RobinsonThe Shark Mutiny
  ''978-0-7126-8039-4Lindsey DavisA Body In The Bath House
2002978-0-7126-8040-0John KeeganFirst World War: An Illustrated History
  ''978-0-7126-8044-8Lindsey DavisThe Jupiter Myth: (Falco 14)
1999978-0-7126-8048-6Robert BauvalSecret Chamber: The Quest for the Hall of Records
2003978-0-7126-8051-6Colleen McCulloughThe Touch
2001978-0-7126-8052-3John FarrowIce Lake
  ''978-0-7126-8054-7Eliot PattisonWater Touching Stone
2002978-0-7126-8056-1Colleen McCulloughThe October Horse (Masters of Rome 6)
1999978-0-7126-8057-8Terry Brooks"Star Wars Episode One": The Phantom Menace
2000978-0-7126-8059-2Eliot PattisonThe Skull Mantra
2005978-0-7126-8060-8Diana GabaldonA Breath of Snow and Ashes
1999978-0-7126-8062-2Lisa SeeThe Interior
2001978-0-7126-8064-6Eliot PattisonWater Touching Stone
2008978-0-7126-8065-3Diana GabaldonLord John and the Hand of Devils (Lord John Grey)
1998978-0-7126-8066-0Darcey Bussell · Judith MackrellLife in Dance
2001978-0-7126-8068-4Nigel BarlowBatteries Included!: Creating Legendary Service
1999978-0-7126-8072-1Trevor NortonStars Beneath The Sea: The Extraordinary Lives of the Pioneers of Diving
1999978-0-7126-8080-6Katie FfordeLife Skills
  ''978-0-7126-8081-3Chris RyanTenth Man Down
2001978-0-7126-8088-2Gabriel KingNonesuch
2002978-0-7126-8092-9Dan AtkinsonFmos Complete Guide To The Financial Markets And T
2006978-0-7126-8096-7Richard RudgleyPagan Resurrection: A Force for Evil or the Future of Western Spirituality?
1999978-0-7126-8099-8Diana GabaldonThrough the Stones: A Companion Guide to the Novels of Diana Gabaldon
2003978-0-7126-8151-3Milton Bearden · James RisenThe Main Enemy: The Secret Story of the CIA's Bloodiest Battle
1999978-0-7126-8220-6Arnold Palmer · James DodsonGolfer's Life
1998978-0-7126-8229-9David RohlLegend (Signed): The Genesis of Civilisation
2002978-0-7126-8359-3David Bellamy OBEJolly Green Giant
2003978-0-7126-8369-2David BellamyThe Bellamy Herbal
2000978-0-7126-8379-1Stephen HunterHot Springs
2003978-0-7126-8388-3Mihail SebastianJournal 1935-44
2001978-0-7126-8399-9B.A. LietaerThe Future of Money: Creating New Wealth, Work and a Wiser World
2002978-0-7126-8404-0Robert K.G. TempleNetherworld
  ''978-0-7126-8407-1R. A. SalvatoreStar Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones
2000978-0-7126-8411-8Chris RyanThe Hit List
2010978-0-7126-8414-9Robert TempleEgyptian Dawn
2001978-0-7126-8416-3Chris RyanThe Watchman
  ''978-0-7126-8417-0Michael ReavesStar Wars: Darth Maul - Shadow Hunter
  ''978-0-7126-8420-0Alan Hooper · John PotterIntelligent Leadership: Creating a Passion for Change
2000978-0-7126-8425-5John ClarkThe Money Or Your Life: Reuniting Work and Joy!
2002978-0-7126-8426-2John GrishamThe Summons
2005978-0-7126-8427-9Matthew StoverStar Wars: Revenge of the Sith
2005978-0-7126-8434-7Serena MackesySimply Heaven
2001978-0-7126-8439-2Chris RyanChris Ryan's SAS Fitness Book
2003978-0-7126-8447-7Donald JamesWalking The Shadows
2000978-0-7126-8452-1Richard RudgleySecrets Of The Stone Age: A Prehistoric Journey with Richard Rudgley
  ''978-0-7126-8454-5Lindsey DavisThe Silver Pigs
  ''978-0-7126-8458-3Robert SpectorAmazon.com - Get Big Fast
  ''978-0-7126-8459-0Lindsey DavisShadows in Bronze (The Falco series)
1999978-0-7126-8462-0Rosemary ConleyRosemary Conleys Low Fat Cookbook
2000978-0-7126-8465-1Timothy GoodUnearthly Disclosure: Conflicting Interests in the Control of Extraterrestrial Intelligence
2001978-0-7126-8492-7David OvasonThe Two Children. A Study of the Two Jesus Children in Literature and Art
  ''978-0-7126-8495-8Alan RugmanThe End Of Globalization: What It Means for Business
2000978-0-7126-8496-5Kathy TyersStar Wars: The New Jedi Order - Balance Point
1996978-0-7126-8579-5Christopher Knight · Robert LomasThe Hiram Key: Pharaohs, Freemasons and the Discovery of the Secret Scrolls of Jesus
2003978-0-7126-8998-4Barry MilesIn The Sixties
2004978-0-7126-8999-1Neil PowellGeorge Crabbe: An English Life: An English Life - 1754-1832
2007978-0-7126-9138-3Roger OsborneCivilization: A New History of the Western World
2002978-0-7126-9171-0Robert FraserThe Chameleon Poet: A Life of George Barker
2003978-0-7126-9334-9Norman Davies · Roger MoorhouseMicrocosm: A Portrait of a Central European City
1986978-0-7126-9414-8David GemmellWaylander
2007978-0-7126-9417-9Frank McLynnLionheart and Lackland: King Richard, King John and the Wars of Conquest
2005978-0-7126-9418-6Frank McLynn1759: The Year Britain Became Master of the World
2003978-0-7126-9438-4Christopher Knight · Robert LomasThe Book Of Hiram: Freemasonry, Venus and the Secret Key to the Life of Jesus
1986978-0-7126-9450-6Dorothy UhnakVictims
1986978-0-7126-9452-0William F. Buckley Jr.See You Later Alligator
  ''978-0-7126-9455-1Elizabeth DarrellAnd in the Morning
  ''978-0-7126-9467-4Osbert LancasterWith an Eye to the Future (Lives & Letters)
  ''978-0-7126-9473-5Lilla Bek · Philippa PullarThe Seven Levels of Healing
  ''978-0-7126-9499-5Katherine KurtzHigh Deryni (Chronicles of the Deryni)
1986978-0-7126-9503-9Carl SaganContact
  ''978-0-7126-9516-9Mary BrownThe Unlikely Ones
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1986978-0-7126-9548-0Katherine KurtzCamber of Culdi (Legends of Camber of Culdi)
  ''978-0-7126-9581-7Rory McGrath · Peter Fincham · Ian MooreManagement Made Silly
1987978-0-7126-9588-6Alan W WattsWisdom Of Insecurity: A Message for an Age of Anxiety
2004978-0-7126-9715-6Ian MortimerThe Greatest Traitor: The Life of Sir Roger Mortimer, 1st Earl of March: The Life of Sir Roger Mortimer, Ruler of England 1327-1330
2005978-0-7126-9725-5Jeremy TreglownV.S. Pritchett: A Working Life
2002978-0-7126-9730-9David GatesThe Spanish Ulcer: A History of the Peninsular War
  ''978-0-7126-9740-8Roberto CalassoThe Forty-Nine Steps
  ''978-0-7126-9745-3John RichardsonSacred Monsters, Sacred Masters: Beaton, Capote, Dali, Picasso, Freud, Warhol, and More.
  ''978-0-7126-9750-7Robert ConquestThe Harvest of Sorrow: Soviet Collectivisation and the Terror-Famine (Pimlico)
2002978-0-7126-9754-5A.N. WilsonA Life Of Walter Scott: The Laird of Abbotsford
2005978-0-7126-9755-2Angela BourkeMaeve Brennan: Wit, Style and Tragedy: An Irish Writer in New York
2003978-0-7126-9785-9Linda ColleyBritons: Forging the Nation, 1707-1837
2007978-0-7126-9795-8Stephen WalshStravinsky (Volume 2): The Second Exile - France and America, 1934 - 1971
1992978-0-7126-9802-3Shelby FooteThe Civil War Volume I: Fort Sumter to Perryville: Fort Sumter to Perryville v. 1
2003978-0-7126-9804-7Linda ColleyCaptives: Britain, Empire and the World 1600-1850
1992978-0-7126-9807-8Shelby FooteThe Civil War, Vol. 2: Fredericksburg to Meridian
  ''978-0-7126-9812-2   ''The Civil War Volume III: Red River to Appomattox: Red River to Appomattox v. 3
  ''978-0-7126-9820-7Angus CalderThe Myth Of The Blitz
  ''978-0-7126-9824-5Carl Sagan · Ann DruyanShadows of Forgotten Ancestors: Earth Before Humans
  ''978-0-7126-9825-2Jonathan D. SpenceThe Emperor of China: Self Portrait of K'ang-hsi
1992978-0-7126-9840-5Lord FranksThe Franks Report: Falkland Islands Review: Report of a Committee of Privy Counsellors. Chmn.Lord Franks
1993978-0-7126-9844-3Hannah Hauxwell · Barry CockcroftHannah's North Country
1994978-0-7126-9850-4John KeeganA History Of Warfare
1992978-0-7126-9855-9Lillian BeckwithAn Island Apart
  ''978-0-7126-9861-0John SnellingThe Buddhist Handbook: A Complete Guide to Buddhist Teaching and Practice
  ''978-0-7126-9870-2Greg EganQuarantine
2002978-0-7126-9871-9Philip ZieglerLondon At War: 1939 - 1945
1992978-0-7126-9874-0Vincent CroninThe Florentine Renaissance (Pimlico)
  ''978-0-7126-9879-5Robert A. CaroThe Years of Lyndon Johnson, Vol. 1: The Path to Power
  ''978-0-7126-9884-9Vincent CroninThe Flowering of the Renaissance (Pimlico)
1992978-0-7126-9889-4Robert A CaroMeans of Ascent: The Years of Lyndon Johnson (Volume 2)
  ''978-0-7126-9893-1Michael LynchScotland: a New History
2002978-0-7126-9991-4Bernard LietaerThe Future Of Money: Creating New Wealth, Work and a Wiser World