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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2011978-0-09-955674-9Josephine TeyTo Love and Be Wise
  ''978-0-09-955675-6James PattersonBloody Valentine (Quick Reads)
  ''978-0-09-955676-3Christopher ReichRules of Betrayal
  ''978-0-09-955677-0Rolf HarrisRolf Harris's True Animal Tales
1989978-0-09-955680-0James P. HoganEndgame Enigma
1995978-0-09-955681-7Christopher StasheffHer Majesty's Wizard (Wizard in Rhyme)
2010978-0-09-955682-4Greg KincaidChristmas with Tucker
2011978-0-09-955686-2Kathy ReichsMortal Remains
  ''978-0-09-955687-9Alex BerensonThe Midnight House
1988978-0-09-955690-9Angela KilmartinSexual Cystitis
1996978-0-09-955691-6Christopher StasheffOathbound Wizard (Wizard in Rhyme)
2011978-0-09-955693-0Blindsighted - Grant County series Book 1
2011978-0-09-955698-5Anne RiceOf Love and Evil
1988978-0-09-955700-5Jeremy AngelCats' Kingdom
1996978-0-09-955701-2Christopher StasheffWitch Doctor (Wizard in Rhyme)
2011978-0-09-955702-9Ernest HemingwayA Moveable Feast: The Restored Edition
  ''978-0-09-955703-6Robert NeillMist Over Pendle
  ''978-0-09-955705-0Allie SpencerSummer Loving
2012978-0-09-955706-7Allie SpencerSummer Nights
2000978-0-09-955711-1Ozzy OsbourneJohn: The Autobiography of Ozzy Osbourne
2013978-0-09-955713-5Edward FalcoThe Family Corleone
2011978-0-09-955715-9Ruth RendellA Sight For Sore Eyes
2014978-0-09-955717-3James Patterson · Michael WhitePrivate Down Under: (Private 6)
1989978-0-09-955720-3Steve Biddle · Megumi BiddleThings to Make in the Holidays
2012978-0-09-955724-1Lisa JewellThe Making of Us
2011978-0-09-955725-8John GrishamBleachers
  ''978-0-09-955726-5John GrishamPlaying for Pizza
1989978-0-09-955730-2Jim Eldridge · Duncan EldridgePeregrine Peabody's Completely Misleading History of the World
2012978-0-09-955735-7Ruth RendellThe Vault: (A Wexford Case)
2011978-0-09-955736-4Frederick ForsythThe Day of the Jackal
1988978-0-09-955740-1David McKeeKing Rollo's Spring
2011978-0-09-955743-2Lesley PearseTara
  ''978-0-09-955744-9Lesley PearseCamellia
2011978-0-09-955745-6Lesley PearseGeorgia
  ''978-0-09-955746-3   ''Ellie
  ''978-0-09-955747-0   ''Charity
  ''978-0-09-955749-4AnonymousGo Ask Alice
1988978-0-09-955750-0David McKeeKing Rollo's Summer
2012978-0-09-955755-5Thomas A. HarrisI'm Ok, You're Ok
  ''978-0-09-955757-9Mario PuzoFools Die
2012978-0-09-955758-6Mario PuzoThe Dark Arena
  ''978-0-09-955759-3   ''The Fortunate Pilgrim
1988978-0-09-955760-9David McKeeKing Rollo's Autumn
1996978-0-09-955761-6Sylvia WaughMennyms Under Siege
2011978-0-09-955762-3Julie GregorySickened
1988978-0-09-955770-8David McKeeKing Rollo's Winter
1997978-0-09-955771-5Sylvia WaughMennyms Alone
2011978-0-09-955773-9Francine PascalSweet Valley Confidential (Sweet Valley High)
  ''978-0-09-955774-6Emily GiffinSomething Borrowed
2012978-0-09-955777-7William C. RempelAt The Devil's Table: The Man Who Took Down the World's Biggest Crime Syndicate
1919978-0-09-955780-7Liam De PaorPortrait of Ireland (Nf)
1997978-0-09-955781-4Sylvia WaughMennyms Alive (Red Fox Older Fiction)
2012978-0-09-955788-3Barbara SinatraLady Blue Eyes: My Life with Frank Sinatra
2017978-0-09-955789-0Andrew RosenheimThe Accidental Agent
1987978-0-09-955790-6Ruth RendellTalking To Strange Men
2013978-0-09-955793-7Mark MasonWalk the Lines: The London Underground, Overground
  ''978-0-09-955799-9Beth HarbisonShoe Addicts Anonymous
1917978-0-09-955801-9Robert RobinsonMemoirs
2013978-0-09-955803-3Kathy ReichsBones Are Forever: (Temperance Brennan 15)
  ''978-0-09-955804-0   ''Bones Are Forever: (Temperance Brennan 15)
2014978-0-09-955805-7Kathy ReichsBones of the Lost: (Temperance Brennan 16)
  ''978-0-09-955806-4   ''Bones of the Lost: (Temperance Brennan 16)
2015978-0-09-955807-1   ''Bones Never Lie: (Temperance Brennan 17)
  ''978-0-09-955808-8   ''Bones Never Lie: (Temperance Brennan 17)
1988978-0-09-955810-1Douglas ScottSpoils of War
2016978-0-09-955812-5Kathy ReichsSpeaking in Bones
2012978-0-09-955814-9P.G. WodehouseWeekend Wodehouse
2011978-0-09-955817-0Stacey LannertI Shot Daddy: She killed her father to protect her sister
2012978-0-09-955818-7Janey FraserThe Au Pair
  ''978-0-09-955819-4   ''The Playgroup
1990978-0-09-955820-0Norman LongmateThe Bombers: Royal Air Force Air Offensive Against Germany, 1939-45
1996978-0-09-955821-7Richard North PattersonThe Final Judgement
2011978-0-09-955822-4Jack MilesChrist: A Crisis In The Life Of God
  ''978-0-09-955825-5Glenn MeadeThe Second Messiah
2011978-0-09-955828-6Peter FirstbrookThe Obamas: The Untold Story of an African Family
2014978-0-09-955829-3James AitchesonKnights of the Hawk (The Conquest)
1996978-0-09-955831-6Judy AllenSydney Quest (Highflyers S.)
2013978-0-09-955832-3James AitchesonThe Splintered Kingdom (The Conquest)
2012978-0-09-955835-4Anna QuindlenBlessings
2011978-0-09-955837-8Rachel SimonThe Story of Beautiful Girl
2012978-0-09-955838-5Rachel SimonThe Story of Beautiful Girl: The beloved Richard and Judy Book Club pick
2013978-0-09-955839-2Hugh ThomsonThe Green Road Into The Trees
1988978-0-09-955840-8Alfred DraperDawns Like Thunder: Retreat from Burma, 1942
1996978-0-09-955841-5Judy AllenNew York Quest (Highflyers S.)
2013978-0-09-955842-2Lisa O'DonnellThe Death of Bees
  ''978-0-09-955844-6Frank BillCrimes in Southern Indiana
2012978-0-09-955845-3Matthew ParkerThe Sugar Barons
2014978-0-09-955847-7Simon HefferHigh Minds: The Victorians and the Birth of Modern Britain
2012978-0-09-955849-1Marc MorrisCastle: A History of the Buildings that Shaped Medieval Britain
1988978-0-09-955850-7Detection ClubThe Floating Admiral
1996978-0-09-955851-4Joan AikenCold Shoulder Road (Red Fox Older Fiction)
2012978-0-09-955852-1Aimee BenderAn Invisible Sign of My Own
  ''978-0-09-955854-5Barry UnsworthStone Virgin
2013978-0-09-955857-6Duncan HamiltonThe Footballer Who Could Fly
1989978-0-09-955860-6D.G. FinlayThe Killing Glance
1998978-0-09-955861-3Peter HarrisBottomly The Brave (Red Fox Picture Books)
2013978-0-09-955864-4Jenni FaganThe Panopticon
2014978-0-09-955867-5Sathnam SangheraMarriage Material
1995978-0-09-955871-2Ken MacLeodThe Star Fraction: Book One: The Fall Revolution Series
2013978-0-09-955872-9Liz MooreHeft
  ''978-0-09-955874-3David VannDirt
2017978-0-09-955878-1Amor TowlesA Gentleman in Moscow
2014978-0-09-955879-8Ray RobinsonJawbone Lake
978-0-09-955880-4"Cheiro"Cheiro'S Guide to the Hand (Nf)
1996978-0-09-955881-1Ken MacLeodThe Star Fraction: Book One: The Fall Revolution Series
2014978-0-09-955882-8Owen MartellIntermission
2012978-0-09-955884-2Aimee BenderThe Girl in the Flammable Skirt
2013978-0-09-955885-9Aimee BenderWillful Creatures
2012978-0-09-955887-3James EllroyBrown's Requiem
  ''978-0-09-955888-0James EllroyClandestine
1915978-0-09-955890-3James BlishNight Shapes (Nc)
1996978-0-09-955891-0Ken MacLeodThe Stone Canal: Book Two: The Fall Revolution Series
2014978-0-09-955895-8Alexandra HeminsleyRunning Like a Girl
  ''978-0-09-955898-9Marci ShoreThe Taste of Ashes
  ''978-0-09-955899-6Adelle WaldmanThe Love Affairs of Nathaniel P.
1997978-0-09-955901-6Ken MacLeodThe Stone Canal: Book Two: The Fall Revolution Series
2013978-0-09-955903-0Anna QuindlenLots of Candles, Plenty of Cake
1989978-0-09-955910-8Ramsey CampbellThe Influence
2014978-0-09-955914-6Ben MezrichStraight Flush
1988978-0-09-955920-7Moyra CaldecottWomen in Celtic Myth - Powerful, ancient stories of the extraordinary women who speak to our century
978-0-09-955922-1Franz SchubertSchubert String Quartets Complete Vol 3 (Naxos Classical)
2014978-0-09-955924-5Marisha PesslNight Film
  ''978-0-09-955928-3Helen DunmoreThe Lie: The enthralling Richard and Judy Book Club favourite
2016978-0-09-955929-0Helen DunmoreExposure
1992978-0-09-955930-6P. G. WodehouseMr. Mulliner Speaking
2015978-0-09-955936-8Tim PearsIn the Light of Morning
1991978-0-09-955940-5P. G. WodehousePlum Pie
2012978-0-09-955941-2James AitchesonSworn Sword (The Conquest)
2012978-0-09-955943-6Tom BaleBlood Falls
2014978-0-09-955944-3Tom BaleThe Catch
1996978-0-09-955951-1Will WelchRoger's Thesaurus: Dirty Day in the Park (Ricky's thesaurus)
2013978-0-09-955953-5Lisa JewellBefore I Met You
  ''978-0-09-955954-2   ''Before I Met You
2014978-0-09-955955-9   ''The House We Grew Up In
2015978-0-09-955958-0   ''The Third Wife
1988978-0-09-955960-3Noel BarberSinister Twilight: The Fall of Singapore
1996978-0-09-955961-0Will WelchRoger's Thesaurus: Testing Times (Ricky's thesaurus)
2011978-0-09-955966-5Katie FlynnRainbow's End
  ''978-0-09-955968-9Katie FlynnThe Mersey Girls
978-0-09-955971-9Jonathan GuyHawkwood
2011978-0-09-955975-7Graham MastertonFamily Portrait
2012978-0-09-955976-4Donna LeonDrawing Conclusions: (Brunetti 20)
  ''978-0-09-955977-1Donna LeonDrawing Conclusions: (Brunetti 20)
1988978-0-09-955980-1Allen SyngeHunters of the Lost Ashes
978-0-09-955981-8Liz LovelessOn the Way to Meet Cat
2011978-0-09-955982-5Frederick ForsythThe Devil's Alternative
  ''978-0-09-955983-2   ''The Odessa File
2011978-0-09-955984-9Frederick ForsythThe Fourth Protocol
2011978-0-09-955985-6Frederick ForsythThe Dogs Of War
  ''978-0-09-955986-3   ''The Shepherd
  ''978-0-09-955987-0   ''No Comebacks
1989978-0-09-955990-0A. L. BarkerThe Gooseboy (Arena Books)
1995978-0-09-955991-7Colin DannFind and Fit X12 Counterpack
2013978-0-09-955996-2Alma KatsuThe Reckoning: (Book 2 of The Immortal Trilogy)
2014978-0-09-955997-9Alma KatsuThe Descent: (Book 3 of The Immortal Trilogy)
2011978-0-09-955998-6John GrishamSkipping Christmas: Christmas with The Kranks
2004978-0-09-955999-3   ''Skipping Christmas: Christmas with The Kranks
2011978-0-09-956007-4Susan LewisOne Day at a Time: A Memoir
1989978-0-09-956010-4A. L. BarkerJohn Brown's Body (Arena Books)
1997978-0-09-956011-1Tim PowersEarthquake Weather
1987978-0-09-956020-3Joseph LouisMadelaine
1992978-0-09-956021-0Tim PowersExtreme Unction
2012978-0-09-956023-4James CordenMay I Have Your Attention Please?
1998978-0-09-956031-9Tim PowersMoonlight Becomes You
978-0-09-956032-6Gibbons Music for Violin Keyboard Cdrom
1988978-0-09-956040-1Peter LoveseyAbracadaver
2001978-0-09-956041-8Tim PowersMoonlight Becomes You
978-0-09-956042-5William ByrdByrd Consort & Keyboard Music (Naxos Classical)
2012978-0-09-956043-2Ernest ClineReady Player One
  ''978-0-09-956044-9Camilla MacphersonPictures at an Exhibition
2011978-0-09-956045-6Sophie PageTo Marry a Prince
  ''978-0-09-956046-3Ellie DeanThere'll Be Blue Skies (The Cliffehaven Series)
2012978-0-09-956047-0Ellie DeanFar From Home (The Cliffehaven Series)
2011978-0-09-956048-7Donna Leon Collection - 10 Books (Paperback)
1988978-0-09-956050-0Peter LoveseyInvitation to a Dynamite Party
2011978-0-09-956052-4Stella GibbonsThe Rich House
2011978-0-09-956054-8Stella GibbonsThe Charmers
2012978-0-09-956055-5Gaston LerouxThe Phantom of the Opera (Vintage Classics)
2011978-0-09-956056-2M. R. JamesGhost Stories (Vintage Classics)
  ''978-0-09-956057-9Boris PasternakDoctor Zhivago
1962978-0-09-956059-3Hans · Translator: Jarosy, Ivo KeilsonThe Death of the Adversary
1988978-0-09-956060-9Peter LoveseyWaxwork
1996978-0-09-956061-6Babette ColeMummy Laid An Egg X24 Dumpbin
2011978-0-09-956062-3Hans KeilsonThe Death of the Adversary
  ''978-0-09-956063-0Vasily GrossmanLife And Fate (Orange Inheritance) (Vintage Classic Russians Series)
  ''978-0-09-956064-7Richard YatesRevolutionary Road (Vintage Classics)
  ''978-0-09-956065-4Virginia WoolfTo The Lighthouse (Vintage Classics)
2011978-0-09-956066-1William MaxwellSo Long, See You Tomorrow (Orange Inheritance)
  ''978-0-09-956067-8Howard JacobsonKalooki Nights
  ''978-0-09-956069-2Thomas HardyTess of the D'Urbervilles (Vintage Hardy)
1988978-0-09-956070-8Peter LoveseyThe Detective Wore Silk Drawers
1999978-0-09-956080-7Richard Hall & Simon WrightHardwicke House (Hum)
  ''978-0-09-956090-6Cynthia W. Cooke & Susan DworkinGood Health Guide for Women
2012978-0-09-956093-7William MaxwellSo Long, See You Tomorrow (Vintage Classics)
2011978-0-09-956095-1Ismail KadareThree Elegies For Kosovo
2012978-0-09-956096-8Dodie SmithI Capture The Castle
  ''978-0-09-956098-2John FowlesThe French Lieutenant's Woman
1987978-0-09-956100-2M. KimberScragtag Catches the Bus
2012978-0-09-956102-6Martin AmisMoney
2012978-0-09-956103-3Ian McEwanEnduring Love