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Photography In Sweden 1970-2014 Part 2978-91-7843-427-52015
Play! Recapturing The Radical Imagination978-91-980874-2-02013
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Reaching Beyond the Gold978-90-6450-614-72007
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Zaha Hadid, 1983-2004978-84-88386-30-42004
ワークウエア 2 (ワールド・ムック 800)
wa­ーkuuea 2 (wa­ーrudo・mukku­ 800)
ワークウエア no.1
wa­ーkuuea no.1
知られざるデニムたち (ワールドムック1029)
shi­rarezarudenimutachi (wa­ーrudomukku1029)

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