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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1968978-0-87584-062-8D L BirchBusinessman and the City
1971978-0-87584-090-1Michael S. Scott MortonManagement Decision Systems: Computer-Based Support of Decision Making
1972978-0-87584-095-6Louis T. Wells Jr.The Product Life Cycle and International Trade
1986978-0-87584-129-8Paul R. Lawrence · Jay W. LorschOrganization and Environment: Managing Differentiation and Integration (Harvard Business School Classics)
  ''978-0-87584-130-4James L. HeskettManaging in the Service Economy
1987978-0-87584-135-9Jeffrey L. CruikshankDelicate Experiment: The Harvard Business School 1908-1945
  ''978-0-87584-137-3John J. GabarroThe Dynamics of Taking Charge
  ''978-0-87584-138-0H. Thomas Johnson · Robert S. KaplanRelevance Lost: The Rise and Fall of Management Accounting
1986978-0-87584-140-3M. E. Porter · Michael E. PorterCompetition in Global Industries (Research Colloquium / Harvard Business School)
1987978-0-87584-178-6C. Roland ChristensenTeaching and the Case Method
1988978-0-87584-180-9Harry LevinsonDesigning And Managing Your Career (Harvard Business Review Book)
1987978-0-87584-181-6C. Roland Christensen · Abby J. Hansen · James F. MooreTeaching and the Case Method
  ''978-0-87584-186-1Robert Steven KaplanAccounting and Management: Field Study Perspectives
1988978-0-87584-199-1Robert G. Eccles · Dwight B. CraneDoing Deals: Investment Banks at Work
1989978-0-87584-207-3Kenneth AndrewsEthics in Practice
1989978-0-87584-209-7Christopher A. Bartlett · Sumantra GhoshalManaging across Borders: The Transnational Solution
1990978-0-87584-225-7Laura L. NashGood Intentions Aside: A Manager's Guide to Resolving Ethical Problems
  ''978-0-87584-228-8Victor H. VroomManage People, Not Personnel: Motivation and Performance Appraisal
  ''978-0-87584-239-4Michael Beer · Russell A. Eisenstat · Bert SpectorThe Critical Path to Corporate Renewal
1991978-0-87584-241-7Vincent Barabba · Gerald ZaltmanHearing the Voice of the Market: Competitive Advantage Through Creative Use of Market Information
  ''978-0-87584-243-1Cynthia A. Montgomery · Michael E. PorterStrategy: Seeking and Securing Competitive Advantage (Harvard Business Review Book)
  ''978-0-87584-245-5Kim B. Clark · Takahiro FujimotoProduct Development Performance: Strategy, Organization, and Management in the World Auto Industry
1990978-0-87584-246-2Charles HandyThe Age of Unreason
1990978-0-87584-251-6E. Raymond CoreyMBA Field Studies: A Guide for Students and Faculty
1991978-0-87584-252-3Philip A. Roussel · Kamal N. Saad · Tamara J. EricksonThird Generation R & D: Managing the Link to Corporate Strategy
  ''978-0-87584-254-7H. Thomas Johnson · Robert S. KaplanRelevance Lost: The Rise and Fall of Management Accounting
  ''978-0-87584-266-0Harvard Business ReviewParticipative Management (Harvard Business Review Paperback Series)
  ''978-0-87584-288-2Not AvailableThe Art of Business Negotiation (Harvard Business Review Paperback Series)
  ''978-0-87584-298-1   ''Service Management (Harvard Business Review Paperback Series)
1991978-0-87584-301-8Charles HandyThe Age of Unreason
1992978-0-87584-302-5Linda A. HillBecoming a Manager: Mastery of a New Identity
  ''978-0-87584-307-0Warren G. BennisLeaders on Leadership: Interviews With Top Executives (A Harvard Business Review Book Series)
  ''978-0-87584-314-8Jeffrey PfefferManaging With Power: Politics and Influence in Organizations
  ''978-0-87584-322-3Frank J. Fabozzi · Franco ModiglianiMortgage and Mortgage-Backed Securities Markets (Harvard Business School Press Series in Financial Services Management)
  ''978-0-87584-324-7Nitin NohriaNetworks and Organizations: Structure, Form, and Action
1993978-0-87584-328-5David Grayson Allen · Kathleen McDermottAccounting for Success: A History of Price Waterhouse in America, 1890-1990
1993978-0-87584-334-6John T. DunlopIndustrial Relations Systems (Harvard Business School Press Classics)
1998978-0-87584-336-0Morgan W. McCall Jr.High Flyers: Developing the Next Generation of Leaders
1994978-0-87584-342-1James M. UtterbackMastering the Dynamics of Innovation: How Companies Can Seize Opportunities in the Face of Technological Change
  ''978-0-87584-343-8Richard P. Rumelt · David TeeceFundamental Issues in Strategy, A Research Agenda
1992978-0-87584-360-5William G. Pagonis · Jeffrey L. CruikshankMoving Mountains: Lessons in Leadership and Logistics from the Gulf War
1993978-0-87584-363-6Marjory JacobsonArt for Work: The New Renaissance in Corporate Collecting
1994978-0-87584-364-3David V. Gibson · Everett M. RogersR & D Collaboration on Trial: The Microelectronics and Computer Technology Corporation
1992978-0-87584-365-0C. Roland Christensen · David A. GarvinEducation for Judgment: The Artistry of Discussion Leadership
  ''978-0-87584-366-7Thomas H. DavenportProcess Innovation: Reengineering Work Through Information Technology
  ''978-0-87584-367-4Jon R. Katzenbach · Douglas K. SmithThe Wisdom of Teams: Creating the High-Performance Organization
  ''978-0-87584-372-8B. Joseph PineMass Customization: The New Frontier in Business Competition
1994978-0-87584-380-3Michael C. EhrhardtThe Search for Value: Measuring the Company's Cost of Capital
2004978-0-87584-398-8Patrick Barwise · Sean MeehanSimply Better: Winning and Keeping Customers by Delivering What Matters Most
1993978-0-87584-401-5Charles C. Mann · Mark L. PlummerThe Aspirin Wars: Money, Medicine and 100 Years of Rampant Competition
1994978-0-87584-403-9Louis B. Barnes · C. Roland Christensen · Abby J. HansenTeaching and the Case Method: Text, Cases, and Readings
1993978-0-87584-408-4Joseph L. Badaracco Jr. · Richard R. EllsworthLeadership and the Quest for Integrity
1997978-0-87584-415-2Noboru Yoshimura · Philip AndersonInside the Kaisha: Demystifying Japanese Business Behavior
1994978-0-87584-416-9Gary Hamel · C. K. PrahaladCompeting for the Future
978-0-87584-428-2Management Consulting 1994 (Harvard Business School Career Guide Series)
1993978-0-87584-429-9Laura L. NashGood Intentions Aside: A Manager's Guide to Resolving Ethical Problems
1993978-0-87584-433-6Fernando BartolomeThe Articulate Executive: Orchestrating Effective Communication (The Harvard Business Review Book Series)
1995978-0-87584-437-4Fumio KodamaEmerging Patterns of Innovation: Sources of Japan's Technological Edge (Management of Innovation and Change)
1993978-0-87584-440-4Jeffrey PfefferManaging With Power: Politics and Influence in Organizations
  ''978-0-87584-441-1Alfred L. MalabreLost Prophets: An Insider's History of the Modern Economists
1996978-0-87584-448-0Frederick F. Reichheld · Thomas TealThe Loyalty Effect: The Hidden Force Behind Growth, Profits, and Lasting Value
2000978-0-87584-497-8Ronald C. Lease · Kose John · Avner Kalay · Uri Loewenstein · Oded H. SarigDividend Policy: Its Impact on Firm Value
1994978-0-87584-508-1William G. Pagonis · Jeffrey L. CruikshankMoving Mountains: Lessons in Leadership and Logistics from the Gulf War
  ''978-0-87584-509-8Bettye H. PruittThe Making of Harcourt General: A History of Growth Through Diversification 1922-1992
1995978-0-87584-540-1Robin CooperWhen Lean Enterprises Collide: Competing Through Confrontation
1994978-0-87584-551-7Richard E. Walton · Joel E. Cutcher-Gershenfeld · Robert B. McKersieStrategic Negotiations: A Theory of Change in Labor-Management Relations
1997978-0-87584-555-5Kelin E. Gersick · John A. Davis · Marion McCollom Hampton · Ivan LansbergGeneration to Generation: Life Cycles of the Family Business
1994978-0-87584-559-3Robert SimonsLevers of Control: How Managers Use Innovative Control Systems to Drive Strategic Renewal
1996978-0-87584-560-9Fred D. ArdittiDerivatives: A Comprehensive Resource for Options, Futures, Interest Rate Swaps, and Mortgage Securities (Financial Management Association Survey and Synthesis Series)
1994978-0-87584-562-3Harvard Business ReviewCommand Performance: The Art of Delivering Quality Service (Harvard Business Review Book)
1995978-0-87584-563-0Mary Parker Follett · Pauline GrahamMary Parker Follett Prophet of Management
1994978-0-87584-565-4Louis B. Barnes · C. Roland ChristensenTeaching & the Case Method: Instructor's Guide
1995978-0-87584-570-8Benjamin Schneider · David Earl BowenWinning the Service Game
1997978-0-87584-574-6Linsu KimImitation to Innovation: The Dynamics of Korea's Technological Learning (Management of Innovation and Change)
  ''978-0-87584-579-1Michael L. Tushman · Charles A. O'ReillyWinning Through Innovation: A Practical Guide to Leading Organizational Change and Renewal
1995978-0-87584-584-5Michael Y. Yoshino · U. Srinivasa RanganStrategic Alliances: An Entrepreneurial Approach to Globalization
1997978-0-87584-585-2Clayton M. ChristensenThe Innovator's Dilemma: When New Technologies Cause Great Firms to Fail
1998978-0-87584-606-4Davis DyerTrw: Pioneering Technology and Innovation Since 1900
1995978-0-87584-608-8Ruth Dudley EdwardsThe Pursuit of Reason: The Economist 1843-1993
  ''978-0-87584-609-5Kim B. ClarkThe Product Development Challenge: Competing Through Speed, Quality, and Creativity
1995978-0-87584-612-5Dorothy Leonard-Barton · D. Leonard-BartonWellsprings of Knowledge: Building and Sustaining the Sources of Innovation
1997978-0-87584-613-2Jeffrey L. Cruikshank · David B. SiciliaThe Engine That Could: Seventy-Five Years of Values-Driven Change at Cummins Engine Company
1998978-0-87584-616-3Yves L. Doz · Gary HamelAlliance Advantage: The Art of Creating Value Through Partnering
2001978-0-87584-617-0John D. Finnerty · Douglas R. EmeryDebt Management: A Practitioner's Guide (Financial Management Association Survey and Synthesis)
2004978-0-87584-620-0Peter J. WilliamsonWinning in Asia: Strategies for Competing in the New Millennium
1995978-0-87584-622-4Kenneth A. FrootThe Global Financial System
1997978-0-87584-630-9Gerardo R. Ungson · Richard M. Steers · Seung-Ho ParkKorean Enterprise: The Quest for Globalization (Management of Innovation and Change)
1995978-0-87584-632-3Adrian J. SlywotzkyValue Migration: How to Think Several Moves Ahead of the Competition (Management of Innovation and Change)
1996978-0-87584-633-0Charles J. FombrunReputation: Realizing Value from the Corporate Image
1997978-0-87584-634-7Robert Patten Bauman · Peter Jackson · Joanne T. LawrenceFrom Promise to Performance: A Journey of Transformation at Smithkline Beecham
1995978-0-87584-640-8Kenichi OhmaeThe Evolving Global Economy: Making Sense of the New World Order (Harvard Business Review Book)
  ''978-0-87584-641-5Zenas Block · Ian C. MacmillanCorporate Venturing: Creating New Businesses Within the Firm
  ''978-0-87584-643-9Charles HandyThe Age of Paradox
1996978-0-87584-650-7Gary P. PisanoThe Development Factory: Unlocking the Potential of Process Innovation
  ''978-0-87584-651-4Robert S. Kaplan · David P. NortonThe Balanced Scorecard: Translating Strategy into Action
  ''978-0-87584-652-1Hermann SimonHidden Champions: Lessons from 500 of the World's Best Unknown Companies
1996978-0-87584-654-5Daniel Quinn Mills · G. Bruce FriesenBroken Promises: An Unconventional View of What Went Wrong at IBM
1998978-0-87584-655-2Thomas H. Davenport · Laurence PrusakWorking Knowledge: How Organizations Manage What They Know
1999978-0-87584-668-2Peter CappelliThe New Deal at Work: Managing the Market-Driven Workforce
1996978-0-87584-674-3Thomas TealFirst Person: Tales of Management Courage and Tenacity (Harvard Business Review Book)
  ''978-0-87584-680-4William Ellet · Laura WinigA Critical Guide to Management Training Videos and Selected Multimedia, 1996 (Harvard Business Reference)
  ''978-0-87584-716-0Gary Hamel · C. K. PrahaladCompeting for the Future
  ''978-0-87584-717-7Jeffrey PfefferCompetitive Advantage Through People: Unleashing the Power of the Work Force
  ''978-0-87584-719-1David UlrichHuman Resource Champions
1997978-0-87584-725-2Gordon McKibbenCutting Edge: Gillette's Journey to Global Leadership
1999978-0-87584-727-6Thomas Donaldson · Thomas W. DunfeeTies That Bind: A Social Contracts Approach to Business Ethics
1996978-0-87584-732-0Alex R. MillerCareer Guide Management Consulting 1997 (Harvard Business School Career Guide)
1996978-0-87584-736-8Pauline GrahamMary Parker Follett: Prophet of Management: A Celebration of Writings from the 1920s
1997978-0-87584-737-5Philip Kotler · Joanne Scheff BernsteinStanding Room Only: Strategies for Marketing the Performing Arts
1996978-0-87584-738-2Hamish McRaeThe World in 2020: Power, Culture and Prosperity
  ''978-0-87584-739-9Nancy Ann NicholsReach for the Top: Women and the Changing Facts of Work Life
  ''978-0-87584-740-5James M. UtterbackMastering the Dynamics of Innovation
1999978-0-87584-742-9Ivan LansbergSucceeding Generations: Realizing the Dream of Families in Business
1996978-0-87584-747-4John P. KotterLeading Change
1999978-0-87584-750-4Dan Ciampa · Michael WatkinsRight from the Start: Taking Charge in a New Leadership Role
1998978-0-87584-754-2Shona L. Brown · Kathleen M. EisenhardtCompeting on the Edge: Strategy as Structured Chaos
1997978-0-87584-755-9John Seely BrownSeeing Differently: Insights on Innovation
  ''978-0-87584-758-0Marvin BowerThe Will to Lead: Running a Business With a Network of Leaders
  ''978-0-87584-759-7John Hagel III · Arthur G. ArmstrongNet Gain: Expanding Markets through Virtual Communities
1997978-0-87584-760-3Vijay K. JollyCommercializing New Technologies: Getting from Mind to Market
  ''978-0-87584-761-0Michael Fairbanks · Stace LindsayPlowing the Sea: Nurturing the Hidden Sources of Growth in the Developing World
2000978-0-87584-762-7John Seely Brown · Paul DuguidThe Social Life of Information
1998978-0-87584-763-4Charles HandyBeyond Certainty: The Changing Worlds of Organizations
2001978-0-87584-764-1Robert C. Blattberg · Gary Getz · Jacquelyn S. ThomasCustomer Equity: Building and Managing Relationships As Valuable Assets
1997978-0-87584-765-8David Matheson · James E. MathesonThe Smart Organization: Creating Value Through Strategic R&D
  ''978-0-87584-768-9William ElletA Critical Guide to Management Training Media (Harvard Business Review Book Series,)
2000978-0-87584-770-2Rosamund Stone Zander · Benjamin ZanderThe Art of Possibility: Transforming Professional and Personal Life
1997978-0-87584-782-5Arie de Geus · Peter M. SengeThe Living Company
  ''978-0-87584-787-0Marco IansitiTechnology Integration: Making Critical Choices in a Dynamic World (Management of Innovation and Change)
  ''978-0-87584-788-7Robert S. Kaplan · Robin CooperCost & Effect: Using Integrated Cost Systems to Drive Profitability and Performance
1998978-0-87584-789-4Jon R. KatzenbachTeams At the Top
1998978-0-87584-791-7Dennis E. Logue · Jack S. RaderManaging Pension Plans: A Comprehensive Guide to Improving Plan Performance
1997978-0-87584-794-8Regis McKennaReal Time: Preparing for the Age of the Never Satistied Customer
1998978-0-87584-795-5Michael E. PorterOn Competition
2000978-0-87584-800-6John D. Martin · J. William Petty · William J. PettyValue Based Management: The Corporate Response to the Shareholder Revolution
1997978-0-87584-803-7Joseph L. Badaracco Jr.Defining Moments: When Managers Must Choose Between Right and Right
1999978-0-87584-814-3Michael SchrageSerious Play: How the World's Best Companies Simulate to Innovate
  ''978-0-87584-819-8B. Joseph Pine II · James H. GilmoreThe Experience Economy: Work Is Theater & Every Business a Stage
1998978-0-87584-830-3Peter Weill · Marianne BroadbentLeveraging the New Infrastructure: How Market Leaders Capitalize on Information Technology
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1999978-0-87584-833-4Constantinos MarkidesAll the Right Moves: A Guide to Crafting Breakthrough Strategy
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1998978-0-87584-835-8Stephen P. Bradley · Richard L. NolanSense & Respond: Capturing Value in the Network Era
  ''978-0-87584-836-5Peter Ferdinand DruckerPeter Drucker on the Profession of Management (Harvard Business Review Book)
1998978-0-87584-841-9Jeffrey PfefferThe Human Equation: Building Profits by Putting People First
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1998978-0-87584-849-5Christopher A. Bartlett · Sumantra GhoshalManaging Across Borders: The Transnational Solution, 2nd Edition
  ''978-0-87584-857-0John S. Hammond · Ralph L. Keeney · Howard RaiffaSmart Choices: A Practical Guide to Making Better Decisions
  ''978-0-87584-859-4Dorothy Leonard-Barton · Dorothy LeonardWellsprings of Knowledge: Building and Sustaining the Sources of Innovation
1999978-0-87584-861-7John Train · Thomas A. MelfeInvesting and Managing Trusts Under the New Prudent Investor Rule: A Guide for Trustees, Investment Advisors, and Lawyers
1998978-0-87584-863-1Carl Shapiro · Hal R. VarianInformation Rules: A Strategic Guide to the Network Economy
1999978-0-87584-865-5Dorothy Leonard · Walter SwapWhen Sparks Fly: Igniting Creativity in Groups
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2005978-0-87584-867-9Jeffrey F. Rayport · Bernard J. JaworskiBest Face Forward: Why Companies Must Improve Their Service Interfaces With Customers
1998978-0-87584-869-3an Introduction by Dave Ulrich · Edited · David UlrichDelivering Results: A New Mandate for Human Resource Professionals
2001978-0-87584-870-9Yves L. Doz · Jose Santos · Peter WilliamsonFrom Global to Metanational: How Companies Win in the Knowledge Economy
1999978-0-87584-871-6Dave Ulrich · Jack Zenger · Norman SmallwoodResults-Based Leadership
  ''978-0-87584-874-7Stephan H. HaeckelAdaptive Enterprise: Creating and Leading Sense-And-Respond Organizations
  ''978-0-87584-877-8Philip Evans · Thomas S. WursterBlown to Bits: How the New Economics of Information Transforms Strategy
1998978-0-87584-881-5Harvard Business School PressHarvard Business Review on Knowledge Management
  ''978-0-87584-882-2Harvard Business School PressHarvard Business Review on Measuring Corporate Performance (Harvard Business Review Paperback Series)
  ''978-0-87584-883-9   ''Harvard Business Review on Leadership (Harvard Business Review Paperback Series)
1998978-0-87584-884-6Harvard Business School PressHarvard Business Review on Change (Harvard Business Review Paperback Series)
  ''978-0-87584-885-3   ''Harvard Business Review on Strategies for Growth: The Definitive Resource for Professionals (Harvard Business Review Paperback Series)
1999978-0-87584-888-4Harvard Business Review1999 Harvard Business School Core Collection: An Author, Title, and Subject Guide
  ''978-0-87584-889-1John Hagel III · Marc SingerNet Worth: Shaping Markets When Customers Make the Rules
  ''978-0-87584-892-1Howard H. Stevenson · Michael J. Roberts · Amar BhideThe Entrepreneurial Venture (Practice of Management Series)
  ''978-0-87584-893-8Reynold LevyGive and Take: A Candid Account of Corporate Philanthropy
1999978-0-87584-897-6John P. KotterJohn P. Kotter on What Leaders Really Do (Harvard Business Review Book)
2000978-0-87584-898-3Charles A. O'Reilly · Jeffrey PfefferHidden Value: How Great Companies Achieve Extraordinary Results with Ordinary People
1999978-0-87584-899-0Kevin G. Rivette · David KlineRembrandts in the Attic: Unlocking the Hidden Value of Patents
2000978-0-87584-903-4Richard Leifer · Christopher M. McDermott · Gina Colarelli O'Connor · Lois S. Peters · Rice Mark P. · Mark Rice · Robert W. VeryzerRadical Innovation: How Mature Companies Can Outsmart Upstarts
  ''978-0-87584-904-1Nancy M. DixonCommon Knowledge: How Companies Thrive by Sharing What They Know
  ''978-0-87584-906-5Thomas H. DavenportMission Critical: Realizing the Promise of Enterprise Systems
1999978-0-87584-907-2Harvard Business School PressHarvard Business Review on Managing People (Harvard Business Review Paperback Series)
  ''978-0-87584-908-9   ''Harvard Business Review on Managing Uncertainty (Harvard Business Review Paperback Series)
1999978-0-87584-909-6Harvard Business School PressHarvard Business Review on Nonprofits (Harvard Business Review Paperback Series)
  ''978-0-87584-910-2   ''Harvard Business Review on Entrepreneurship (Harvard Business Review Paperback Series)
  ''978-0-87584-911-9Don TapscottCreating Value in the Network Economy
  ''978-0-87584-912-6Harvard Business School PressHarvard Business Review on the Business Value of It (Harvard Business Review Paperback Series)
2001978-0-87584-913-3Don Cohen · Laurence PrusakIn Good Company: How Social Capital Makes Organizations Work
2000978-0-87584-929-4Phil CarpenterEbrands: Building an Internet Business at Breakneck Speed
  ''978-0-87584-936-2Jon R. KatzenbachPeak Performance: Aligning the Hearts and Minds of Your Employees
2000978-0-87584-938-6Udayan GuptaDone Deals: Venture Capitalists Tell Their Stories
1999978-0-87584-946-1B. Joseph Pine IIMass Customization: The New Frontier in Business Competition
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2000978-0-87584-950-8Rich Teerlink · Lee OzleyMore Than a Motorcycle: The Leadership Journey at Harley-Davidson