Institute for Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2000978-1-884729-11-9Roy H. Williams · John P. CavarnosSt. Gregory of Nyssa on the Human Soul: Its Nature, Origin, Relation to the Body, Faculties, and Destiny
1996978-1-884729-18-8Constantine CavarnosEcumenism examined: A concise analytical discussion of the contemporary ecumenical movement
1997978-1-884729-30-0   ''Victories of orthodoxy: Homilies in which are discussed in a forthright and analytical manner iconoclasm, Orthodox mysticism, the false union of ... the Orthodox Christian Church regarding these
2006978-1-884729-77-5   ''Saint Athanasios Parios: Eminent Theologian, Philosopher, Educator, Hymnographer, and Writer of Lives of Saints: An Account of His Life, Charac
978-1-884729-98-0James ThorntonPious Kings and Right-believing Queens: An Encyclopedia of the Royal and Imperial Saints of the Orthodox Church