Ghost House Books

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2002978-1-894877-02-2Jo-Anne ChristensenCampfire Ghost Stories: Volume I
  ''978-1-894877-03-9Jo-Anne ChristensenHaunted Hotels
  ''978-1-894877-04-6Barbara SmithHaunted Theaters
  ''978-1-894877-05-3Dan AsfarGhost Stories of Michigan
  ''978-1-894877-07-7Gina TeelGhost Stories of Minnesota
2002978-1-894877-08-4Dan AsfarGhost Stories of Pennsylvania
  ''978-1-894877-09-1Edrick ThayGhost Stories of Ohio
2003978-1-894877-10-7Christine Savage · Rosa PoulinHalloween Recipes and Crafts
2002978-1-894877-11-4Dan Asfar · Edrick ThayGhost Stories of America: Volume I
2003978-1-894877-12-1Susan SmittenGhost Stories of New England
2002978-1-894877-13-8   ''Ghost Stories of Oregon
  ''978-1-894877-15-2Jo-Anne ChristensenHaunted Christmas: Ghost Stories
2003978-1-894877-16-9Dan Asfar · Edrick ThayGhost Stories of the Civil War
  ''978-1-894877-17-6Dan AsfarGhost Stories of the Old West
  ''978-1-894877-18-3Edrick ThayGhost Stories of the Old South
2007978-1-894877-19-0Dan AsfarGhost Stories of Louisiana
2003978-1-894877-21-3Barbara SmithGhost Stories of the Rocky Mountains: Volume II
2005978-1-894877-22-0Dan AsfarGhost Stories of Florida
2003978-1-894877-23-7Barbara SmithGhost Stories of the Sea
2003978-1-894877-26-8Shelagh Kubish · Lee CraigPumpkin Carving
  ''978-1-894877-29-9Dan AsfarHaunted Highways: Ghost Stories and Strange Tales
  ''978-1-894877-30-5Edrick ThayHaunted Houses
  ''978-1-894877-31-2A.S. MottGhost Stories of America: Volume II
  ''978-1-894877-32-9A.S. MottHaunted Schools: Ghost Stories and Strange Tales
2004978-1-894877-33-6Susan SmittenGhost Stories of New York State
2003978-1-894877-34-3Jo-Anne ChristensenHaunted Halloween Stories: 13 Chilling Read-Aloud Tales
2004978-1-894877-35-0   ''Victorian Ghost Stories
2004978-1-894877-36-7Darren ZenkoGhost Stories of Pets and Animals
2003978-1-894877-40-4A.S. MottFireside Ghost Stories
2004978-1-894877-41-1   ''Urban Legends: Strange Stories Behind Modern Myths
  ''978-1-894877-42-8   ''Campfire Ghost Stories, Vol. 2
  ''978-1-894877-43-5Dan AsfarHaunted Battlefields
  ''978-1-894877-44-2Edrick ThayGhost Stories of London
  ''978-1-894877-52-7Barbara SmithAnimal Phantoms: True Ghost Stories
2004978-1-894877-53-4Darren ZenkoWerewolves and Shapeshifters
2005978-1-894877-55-8A.S. MottHaunting Fireside Stories: Ghostly Tales of the Paranormal
2004978-1-894877-59-6Susan SmittenGuardian Angels: True Stories of Guidance and Protection
  ''978-1-894877-60-2Edrick ThayHaunted Cemeteries: True Tales From Beyond the Grave
2006978-1-894877-65-7Susan SmittenGhosts of the World: True Stories of Ghostly Hauntings
2007978-1-894877-68-8Darren ZenkoField Guide to Ghosts and Haunted Creatures of America
2005978-1-894877-71-8Barbara SmithKids True Ghost Stories Box Set: Animal Phantoms, Horribly Haunted Houses, Ghost Riders
  ''978-1-894877-72-5A.S. MottGhost Stories of Tennessee
  ''978-1-894877-73-2Edrick ThayGhost Stories of North Carolina
2006978-1-894877-74-9Chris WanglerGhost Stories of Georgia
  ''978-1-894877-75-6Amos Gideon · Darren ZenkoNative American Ghost Stories