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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
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  ''978-1-4325-0008-5Ernest RenanEnglish Conferences Of Ernest Renan: Rome And Christianity. Marcus Aurelius
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  ''978-1-4325-0157-0Gustav Theodor FechnerReligion Of A Scientist: Selections From Gustav Theodor Fechner
2007978-1-4325-0159-4Julian JasiencykTen Years In Cossack Slavery Or Black Russia
  ''978-1-4325-0169-3Godfre Ray KingUnveiled Mysteries
  ''978-1-4325-0177-8James Martin WrightHistory Of The Bahama Islands: With A Special Study Of The Abolition Of Slavery In The Colony
  ''978-1-4325-0232-4Lewis Randolph HamerslyBiographical Sketches Of Distinguished Officers Of The Army And Navy
  ''978-1-4325-0255-3AristotleAristotle's Rhetoric Or The True Grounds And Principles Of Oratory
2007978-1-4325-0391-8James CooperFour Scottish Coronations: Transactions Of The Aberdeen Ecclesiological Society And Of The Glasgow Ecclesiological Society
  ''978-1-4325-0426-7Maurice ThompsonHoosier Mosaics
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2007978-1-4325-0544-8Jacob GrimmHousehold Stories From The Collection Of The Brothers Grimm
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2007978-1-4325-0708-4Alexander J. C. SkeneTreatise On The Diseases Of Women V1
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  ''978-1-4325-0833-3Emil KraepelinClinical Psychiatry: A Textbook For Students And Physicians
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2007978-1-4325-0902-6Leonhard GuentherA German Ace Tells Why: From Kaiserdom To Hitlerism
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  ''978-1-4325-1392-4Dan GilbertThe Yellow Peril, Japan, And Bible Prophecy
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  ''978-1-4325-1462-4Viola HeningFun With Scraps: Perpetual Designs For Handicraft
2007978-1-4325-1463-1Stephen LeacockThe Leacock Roundabout: A Treasury Of The Best Works Of Stephen Leacock
  ''978-1-4325-1613-0Arthur KoestlerDialogue With Death
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2007978-1-4325-1986-5Sri AurobindoEssays On The Gita
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2007978-1-4325-8156-5St. John Of The CrossThe Complete Works Of St. John Of The Cross, Doctor Of The Church V3: Living Flame Of Love, Cautions And More
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