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A New Approach to the Vedas: An Essay in Translation and ExegesisHardcover 978-81-215-0630-41994
Aspects de l'hindouisme. Six essaisCopertina flessibile 978-88-7252-019-22014
Buddhist ArtPaperback
Christian and Oriental Philosophy of Art   "
Coomaraswamy: Selected Papers, Vol. 1: Traditional Art and Symbolism   "
Coomaraswamy, Volume 2: Selected Papers: Metaphysics   "
978-0-691-01873-71987Roger Lipsey
Coomaraswamy, Volume 2: Selected Papers: MetaphysicsHardcover
Dance of Shiva: Fourteen Essays on Indian Art and Culture   "
Dance of SivaPaperback 978-81-215-0153-81997Ananda Coomaraswamy · Ananda Swamy
Early Indian Architecture: Cities and City-Gates Coomaraswamy, Ananda K.Hardcover 978-81-215-0518-52002
El Vedânta y la tradición occidentalTapa blanda 978-84-7844-580-62001
Essays in Architectural TheoryHardcover
978-0-19-563805-91996Michael W. Meister
Essays in Early Indian Architecture   "
Figures of Speech or Figures of Thought?: The Traditional View of Art, Revised Edition with Previously Author's Unpublished NotesPaperback
Geschichte der indischen und indonesischen KunstGebunden
Guardians of the Sundoor: Late Iconographic EssaysPaperback
Hindouisme et BouddhismePoche 978-2-07-032884-01995
Hinduism and BuddhismPaperback
Hinduism And BuddhismHardcover
Hinduism And Buddhism   "
History of Indian and Indonesian ArtPaperback
Induismo e buddhismoCopertina flessibile 978-88-6723-184-32015
Introduction To Indian ArtPaperback
La dottrina del sacrificioCopertina flessibile 978-88-7435-063-62004
L'albero, la ruota, il loto. Elementi di iconografia buddhista   " 978-88-420-8465-52009
La Porte du Ciel: Essais sur la métaphysique de l'architecture traditionnelleBroché 978-2-84454-392-92008
L'arbre inverséCopertina flessibile 978-88-7252-014-72009
Los vedas ensayos de traducción y exégesisTapa blanda 978-84-96808-74-42007
Madyakaleena Sinhala KalaPaperback 978-955-564-126-52010
Miti dell'India e del BuddhismoCopertina flessibile 978-88-420-8291-02007Nivedita (suor)
Myths And Legends Of Hindus And BuddhistsPaperback
978-1-4254-8433-02006The Sister Nivedita
Myths and Legends of the Hindus and BuddhistsHardcover 978-81-7505-197-32001Sister Nivedita
Myths of the Hindus and BuddhistsPaperback
978-0-7661-4515-32003Nivedita Sister Nivedita
Myths of the Hindus and Buddhists   "
978-0-486-21759-81967Sister Nivedita
Nouvelles approches des vedas: essai de traduction et d'exegeseCopertina flessibile 978-88-7252-169-42009
Perception of the VedasHardcover 978-81-7304-254-62000
Rajput Painting   " 978-81-7646-376-82003
Spiritual Authority and Temporal Power in the Indian Theory of Government   "
The Bugbear of LiteracyPaperback
978-0-900588-19-81979Robert A. Parker
The Dance of Siva: Essays on Indian Art and Culture   "
The Destruction of the Christian Tradition   "
The Door in the Sky   "
The Essential Ananda K. Coomaraswamy   "
The Living Thoughts of Gotama the Buddha   "
978-1-887752-38-12001I. B. Horner
The Origin of the Buddha ImageHardcover 978-81-215-0222-12001
The Religious Basis Of The Forms Of Indian Society; Indian Culture And English Influence; And East And WestPaperback
The Transformation of Nature in ArtHardcover 978-81-207-1643-81996Indira Gandhi National Centre for Arts
The Transformation of Nature in Art   " 978-81-215-0325-91994
Time and Eternity   " 978-81-215-0059-31993
What Is Civilization?: And Other EssaysPaperback
YaksasHardcover 978-81-215-0230-61998
Yaksas: Essays in the Water Cosmology   "
978-0-19-563385-61994Kapila Vatsyayan

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