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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2006978-1-4304-0082-0Lloyd Kenyon JonesChildren And The Bible
  ''978-1-4304-0169-8Allan KardecDangers Of Mediumship
  ''978-1-4304-0206-0C. W. KingThe Abraxas Religion - Pamphlet
  ''978-1-4304-0544-3C. W. LeadbeaterThe Casual Body Of The Adept - Pamphlet
  ''978-1-4304-0620-4Eliphas LeviChrist Accused Of Magic By The Jews
2006978-1-4304-0774-4Lord ByronChilde Harold
  ''978-1-4304-1062-1Orison Swett MardenDo You Know Enough To Keep Young? - Pamphlet
  ''978-1-4304-1259-5G. R. S. MeadPtolemy's Gnosticism - Pamphlet
  ''978-1-4304-1295-3A. MeilletInfluence Of The Hebrew Bible On European Languages
  ''978-1-4304-1530-5William Tyler OlcottOphiuchus Or Serpentarius The Serpent Bearer And Serpens The Serpent
2006978-1-4304-2915-9Ralph Waldo TrineWill: The Human And The Divine
  ''978-1-4304-2993-7Judge Thomas TrowardIntuition
  ''978-1-4304-2996-8   ''The Spirit of Opulence
  ''978-1-4304-3489-4Arthur Edward WaiteLater Life And Writings Of Louis Claude de St. Martin - Pamphlet
  ''978-1-4304-3679-9Arthur Edward WaiteMartinism And The Masonic Rite Of Swedenborg
2006978-1-4304-4125-0John YarkerMasonic Science As Related To The Temple Of Jerusalem - Pamphlet
  ''978-1-4304-4140-3Edward YoungNight Thoughts
  ''978-1-4304-4151-9Raymund AndreaThe Technique of the Master
  ''978-1-4304-4158-8Lorinda Munson BryantThe Children's Book of Celebrated Sculpture (Kessinger Publishing's Rare Reprints)
  ''978-1-4304-4159-5John CarrPoems
2007978-1-4304-4218-9Stanley Lane-PooleThe Story Of The Moors In Spain
2007978-1-4304-4229-5Maurice ThompsonThe Story Of Louisiana
  ''978-1-4304-4232-5William S. WalshThe Story Of Santa Klaus: Told For Children Of All Ages From Six To Sixty
  ''978-1-4304-4239-4Jesse JamesThe Wild Bandits Of The Border: A Thrilling Story Of The Adventures And Exploits Of Frank And Jesse James
  ''978-1-4304-4284-4Sara S. HennellPresent Religion: As A Faith Owning Fellowship With Thought, Part II First Division; Intellectual Effect
  ''978-1-4304-4286-8Paul CarusThe Religion Of Science
2007978-1-4304-4294-3Richard Acland ArmstrongMartineau's Study Of Religion: An Analysis And Appreciation
  ''978-1-4304-4316-2Thomas ScottEssays On The Most Important Subjects In Religion
  ''978-1-4304-4318-6Rudolf SchmidThe Theories Of Darwin And Their Relation To Philosophy, Religion And Morality
  ''978-1-4304-4376-6Charles WhiteHistory Of Australian Bushranging V2: 1863-1880 Ben Hall To The Kelly Gang
  ''978-1-4304-4390-2John K. IngramA History Of Slavery And Serfdom
2007978-1-4304-4449-7George Van SantvoordLife Of Algernon Sidney: With Sketches Of Some Of His Contemporaries And Extracts From His Correspondence And Political Writings
  ''978-1-4304-4460-2Samuel Bannister HardingLife Of George R. Smith, Founder Of Sedalia, Mo.
  ''978-1-4304-4492-3Edward Jenkins HardenThe Life Of George M. Troup
  ''978-1-4304-4508-1Fifteen Boy ScoutsThe Scout Jamboree Book
  ''978-1-4304-4509-8Alexander Lovett StimsonHistory Of The Express Business, Including The Origin Of The Railway System In America, And The Relation Of Both To The Increase Of New Settlements And The Prosperity Of Cities In The United States
2007978-1-4304-4568-5E. W. GiffordPottery-Making In The Southwest
  ''978-1-4304-4572-2C. AckermannThe Christian Element In Plato And The Platonic Philosophy
  ''978-1-4304-4650-7Paul CarusChinese Philosophy: An Exposition Of The Main Characteristic Features Of Chinese Thought
  ''978-1-4304-4663-7William CluleyThe Philosophy Of Chess
  ''978-1-4304-4720-7Harriet E. Bishop McConkeyDakota War Whoop Or, Indian Massacres And War In Minnesota Of 1862-3
2007978-1-4304-4722-1William Graham SumnerWar and Other Essays
  ''978-1-4304-4727-6Mason Whiting TylerRecollections Of The Civil War: With Many Original Diary Entries And Letters Written From The Seat Of War And With Annotated References
  ''978-1-4304-4745-0Charles SumnerAddresses on War
  ''978-1-4304-4756-6Victor Henri FriedelThe German School As A War Nursery: From The French Pedagogie De Guerre Allemande
  ''978-1-4304-4806-8W. V. WayThe Facts And Historical Events Of The Toledo War Of 1835
2007978-1-4304-4831-0Dr. Knight · John SloverIndian Atrocities: Narrative Of The Perils And Sufferings Of Dr. Knight And John Slover, Among The Indians During The Revolutionary War
  ''978-1-4304-4932-4Samuel Jr. SmilesThe Autobiography of Samuel Smiles
  ''978-1-4304-5036-8Subsistence D Army Of The United StatesHow To Feed An Army
  ''978-1-4304-5050-4D. Gordon E. Re VleyHow To Fly, The Flyers Manual: A Practical Course Of Training In Aviation
  ''978-1-4304-5084-9Emily DickinsonLetters Of Emily Dickinson
2007978-1-4304-5119-8Paul CarusOur Children: Hints From Practical Experience For Parents And Teachers
  ''978-1-4304-5123-5Franz HartmannDr. Franz Hartmann's Diseases Of Children And Their Homeopathic Treatment
  ''978-1-4304-5173-0Thomas Scott BaconThe Reign Of God Not The Reign Of Law
  ''978-1-4304-5236-2Alexis De TocquevilleThe Recollections of Alexis de Tocqueville
  ''978-1-4304-5241-6George Alexander BarrowThe Validity Of The Religious Experience: A Preliminary Study In The Philosophy Of Religion
2007978-1-4304-5354-3W. GibsonThe Abbe De Lamennais And The Liberal Catholic Movement In France
  ''978-1-4304-5403-8Henry Holbrook CurtisVoice Building And Tone Placing: Showing A New Method Of Relieving Injured Vocal Cords By Tone Exercises
  ''978-1-4304-5448-9CynewulfThe Christ Of Cynewulf, A Poem In Three Parts: The Advent, The Ascension, And The Last Judgment
  ''978-1-4304-5471-7S. Bonaventura · Nicholas LoveThe Mirror Of The Blessed Life Of Jesus Christ
  ''978-1-4304-5478-6Philip Schaff · M. Napoleon RousselThe Romance Of M. Renan And The Christ Of The Gospels: Three Essays
2007978-1-4304-5544-8Thomas MaloryThe Book Of Merlin, The Book Of Sir Balin From Malory's King Arthur With Caxton's Preface
  ''978-1-4304-5547-9Bertita HardingGolden Fleece: The Story Of Franz Joseph And Elisabeth Of Austria
  ''978-1-4304-5585-1Cyrus AdlerJacob Henry Schiff: A Biographical Sketch
  ''978-1-4304-5596-7Charles TaylorThe Oxyrhynchus Logia And The Apocryphal Gospels
  ''978-1-4304-5690-2G. E. LessingMinna Von Barnhelm
2007978-1-4304-5712-1Thomas Dyke AclandKnowledge, Duty, And Faith: Suggestions For The Study Of Principles Taught By Typical Thinkers Ancient And Modern
  ''978-1-4304-5785-5Stanley Lane-PooleThe Art Of The Saracens In Egypt
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2007978-1-4304-5929-3Richard ChallonerMemoirs Of Missionary Priests And Other Catholics Of Both Sexes That Have Suffered Death In England On Religious Accounts From The Year 1577 To 1684
  ''978-1-4304-5934-7Alexander NicolsonMemoirs Of Adam Black
  ''978-1-4304-5960-6J. Payne CollierMemoirs Of Edward Alleyn, Founder Of Dulwich College
  ''978-1-4304-6006-0Philipp Franz Von SieboldManners And Customs Of The Japanese: Japan And The Japanese In The Nineteenth Century
  ''978-1-4304-6030-5William Graham SumnerFolkways: A Study Of The Sociological Importance Of Usages, Manners, Customs, Mores And Morals
2007978-1-4304-6114-2Dan GilbertEmperor Hirohito Of Japan: Satan's Man Of Mystery Unveiled In The Light Of Prophecy
  ''978-1-4304-6150-0George WhiteheadMemoirs Of George Whitehead V1: A Minister Of The Gospel In The Society Of Friends
  ''978-1-4304-6417-4A. G. HalesCampaign Pictures Of The War In South Africa 1899-1900: Letters From The Front
  ''978-1-4304-6528-7NevilleFreedom For All: A Practical Application Of The Bible
  ''978-1-4304-6624-6J. A. CondeHistory Of The Dominion Of The Arabs In Spain V2
2007978-1-4304-6648-2Thomas R. KellyReality Of The Spiritual World (Pendle Hill Pamphlet)
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  ''978-1-4304-6745-8Charles Cowden Clarke · Mary Cowden ClarkeThe Shakespeare Key: Unlocking The Treasures Of His Style, Elucidating The Peculiarities Of His Construction And Displaying The Beauties Of His Expression
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  ''978-1-4304-6883-7Chauncey M. DepewLife And Later Speeches Of Chauncey M. Depew
2007978-1-4304-6910-0Christian ScriverGotthold's Emblems Or, Invisible Things Understood By Things That Are Made
  ''978-1-4304-6927-8James Constantine PillingBibliography Of The Salishan Languages
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  ''978-1-4304-7049-6Roeliff BrinkerhoffRecollections Of A Lifetime
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  ''978-1-4304-7195-0Harold John OckengaOur Evangelical Faith
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2007978-1-4304-7255-1Madame De StaelCorinne Or, Italy
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  ''978-1-4304-7448-7H. W. BellewThe Races of Afghanistan: Being a Brief Account of the Principal Nations Inhabiting That Country
  ''978-1-4304-7453-1Alexis De TocquevilleCorrespondence and Conversations of Alexis de Tocqueville V1: With Nassau William Senior from 1834 to 1859
2007978-1-4304-7455-5Victor W. PageThe Model T Ford Car: Its Construction, Operation and Repair, a Complete Practical Treatise
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2007978-1-4304-7851-5Nathaniel Bright EmersonUnwritten Literature Of Hawaii: The Sacred Songs Of The Hula
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2007978-1-4304-8722-7John MandevilleThe Marvelous Adventures Of Sir John Maundevile: Being His Voyage And Travel Which Treateth Of The Way To Jerusalem And Of The Marvels Of Ind With Other Islands And Countries
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2007978-1-4304-9371-6Madame De RemusatMemoirs Of Madame De Remusat 1802-1808 V2
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2007978-1-4304-9518-5S. L. A. Marshall · John G. Westover · A. Joseph WebberBastogne: The Story Of The First Eight Days In Which The 101st Airborne Division Was Closed Within The Ring Of German Forces
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2007978-1-4304-9727-1Clinton Thomas DentMountaineering
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  ''978-1-4304-9862-9Alexander Mitscherlich · Fred MielkeDoctors Of Infamy: The Story Of The Nazi Medical Crimes
2007978-1-4304-9864-3Martin LutherLuther's Letters To Women
  ''978-1-4304-9999-2Dan GilbertThe War Of The Ages And Other Essays