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2010978-1-161-55076-4Salomon Reinach · Elizabeth FrostThe Phenomena Of Animal Toteism
  ''978-1-161-57117-2Henry Van DykeA Friend Of Justice
  ''978-1-161-57366-4Henry Van DykeA Brave Heart
  ''978-1-161-57587-3Arthur B. Maurice · Caroline F. RichardsonAbout New York And New Orleans With O. Henry
  ''978-1-161-57716-7Orison Swett MardenHow To Get What You Want
2010978-1-161-58061-7George W. CareyRelation Of The Mineral Salts Of The Body To The Signs Of The Zodiac
  ''978-1-161-58146-1Eirenaeus PhilalethesThe Three Treatises Of Philalethes: The Metamorphosis Of Metals; The Celestial Ruby; The Fountain Of Chemical Truth
  ''978-1-161-58896-5Frontier Pre The Frontier Press CompanyGreat Masters of Achievement in Religion
  ''978-1-161-58965-8   ''Great Masters of Achievement in Philosophy
  ''978-1-161-58989-4Luigi CornaroHow to Live 100 Years
2010978-1-161-59054-8William Walker AtkinsonEmotions And Their Roles
  ''978-1-161-59472-0John H. TildenAnimal Foods
  ''978-1-161-59795-0Frontier Pre The Frontier Press CompanyGreat Masters of Achievement in Literature
  ''978-1-161-60062-9A. S. RaleighThe Speculative Art Of Alchemy: A Textbook On The Art Of Self-Regeneration
  ''978-1-161-60382-8Ervin SealeThe Great Prayer: An Interpretation Of The Lord's Prayer
2010978-1-161-60620-1Edward DowdenThe Passionate Pilgrim: By Shakspere, Marlowe, Barnfield, Griffin and Other Writers Unknown, the First Quarto 1599
  ''978-1-161-60925-7Samuel G. Drake · H. L. Jr. WilliamsThe Aboriginal Races of North America
  ''978-1-161-60971-4Ananda K. CoomaraswamyHinduism And Buddhism
  ''978-1-161-61013-0Stewart CulinGames Of The North American Indians
  ''978-1-161-61220-2James Owen Dorsey · McGee W. J. · Holmes William HenryAnnual Report Of The Bureau Of Ethnology 1893-94: Stone Implements Of The Potomac-Cheasapeake; Siouan Sociology, Repair Of Casa Grande Ruin
2010978-1-161-61448-0Robert S. MacFarlaneHenry Villard And The Northern Pacific
  ''978-1-161-63108-1Harlow Lindley · Norris F. Schneider · Milo M. QuaifeHistory Of The Ordinance Of 1787 And The Old Northwest Territory
  ''978-1-161-63177-7Mary Grosvenor Ellsworth · Patricia WinterABC Of Herb Cooking
  ''978-1-161-63615-4Committee On Un-American Activities100 Things You Should Know About Communism In The U.S.A.
  ''978-1-161-63792-2A. N. PalmerThe Palmer Method Of Business Writing
2010978-1-161-63845-5Salvador Dali · Salvador DalaiThe Secret Life of Salvador Dali
  ''978-1-161-64648-1Chauncey W. FitchThe Intermediate State Betwixt Death and the Judgment
  ''978-1-161-65021-1Raphael SemmesMemoirs of Service Afloat: During the War Between the States
  ''978-1-161-65442-4Vincenzo GueriniA History Of Dentistry: From The Most Ancient Times Until The End Of The Eighteenth Century
  ''978-1-161-66412-6John C. De Wilde · David H. Popper · Eunice ClarkHandbook Of The War
2010978-1-161-67034-9William K. Palmer · Ernest FanosAmerican Nights
  ''978-1-161-68013-3Gilbert L. WilsonGoodbird The Indian: His Story
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  ''978-1-161-68887-0Amy Eleanor MackThe Wilderness (1922)
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2010978-1-161-69610-3Charles William BrackettJocelyn: A Play And Thirty Verses (1915)
  ''978-1-161-70348-1Edward L. Bernays · Samuel Hoffenstein · Murdock PembertonThe Broadway Anthology (1917)
  ''978-1-161-70606-2Paul RadinThe Autobiography Of A Winnebago Indian (1920)
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  ''978-1-161-71382-4Peter G. Thomson PublisherOur Four Footed Friends (1889)
2010978-1-161-71850-8Daniel WilsonAn Address to Young Persons about to Be Confirmed (1842)
  ''978-1-161-72766-1Florence NightingaleNotes on Nursing: What It Is and What It Is Not (1860)
  ''978-1-161-73738-7La Real Academia De La HistoriaBibliografia Colombina: Enumeracion De Libros Y Documentos: Concernientes A Cristobal Colon Y Sus Viajes (1892)
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2010978-1-161-79224-9Gilbert Sir ElliotA Letter to a Yeoman in Favor of Abolition of Church Rates (1837)
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2010978-1-161-81399-9Anthony HopeThe Adventure Of The Lady Ursula: A Comedy, In Four Acts (1898)
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2010978-1-161-87664-2David MooreGuide to the Royal Botanic Gardens, Glasnevin (1885)
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