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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
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2006978-1-4326-0092-1Max Freedom LongSelf-Suggestion And The New Huna Theory Of Mesmerism And Hypnosis
2005978-1-4326-0239-0Sei ShonagonThe Pillow Book of Sei Shonagon
  ''978-1-4326-0413-4AnonymousThe Second Prayer Book of Edward VI Issued 1552
  ''978-1-4326-0414-1Robert RobertsRobert's Guide for Butlers and Household Staff
2004978-1-4326-0544-5Dorothy Canfield · Dorothy Canfield FisherUnderstood Betsy
2005978-1-4326-0563-6Thomas Wentworth HigginsonJohn Greenleaf Whittier A Biography
2004978-1-4326-0645-9John DeweyHow We Think
  ''978-1-4326-0651-0Leo TolstoyWhat I Believe
  ''978-1-4326-0652-7E. N. WilsonThe White Indian Boy: The Story of Uncle Nick Among the Shoshones
2005978-1-4326-0686-2Robert MorrisThe Confidential Correspondence Of Robert Morris, The Great Financier Of The Revolution
2003978-1-4326-0827-9Orison Swett MardenHe Who Thinks He Can
2004978-1-4326-0841-5James Anderson · W. J. HughanAnderson's Constitutions of 1738
2005978-1-4326-0844-6William F. BrownHow to Train Hunting Dogs
2004978-1-4326-0939-9Claude ConderAltaic Hieroglyphs And Hittite Inscriptions
2005978-1-4326-1026-5Harold W. DonahueThe Toastmaster's Manual
2005978-1-4326-1029-6Max Freedom LongRecovering the Ancient Magic
  ''978-1-4326-1125-5Eugene G. O'NeillThe Emperor Jones, Diff'rent, The Straw
  ''978-1-4326-1223-8Deneys ReitzCommando: A Boer Journal of the Boer War
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  ''978-1-4326-1267-2Will DurantGreat Men of Literature
2005978-1-4326-1324-2Delilah L. BeasleyThe Negro Trail Blazers of California
2004978-1-4326-1513-0Joseph DietzgenPhilosophical Essays on Socialism and Science, Religion, Ethics; Critique-of-Reason and the World-at-Large
  ''978-1-4326-1575-8Frederick E. WarrenThe Liturgy and Ritual of the Ante Nicene Church
2005978-1-4326-1594-9Jeanne BordeuxEleonora Duse: The Story Of Her Life
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  ''978-1-4326-1638-0Francis P. DuffyFather Duffy's Story: A Tale of Humor and Heroism, of Life and Death with the Fighting Sixty-Ninth
2004978-1-4326-1643-4Alexandre Dumas filsThe Lady of the Camellias
2005978-1-4326-1738-7Horace BleackleyThe Story Of A Beautiful Duchess: Being An Account Of The Life And Times Of Elizabeth Gunning
2006978-1-4326-1766-0Daniel TylerA Concise History Of The Mormon Battalion In The Mexican War 1846-1847
  ''978-1-4326-1903-9Robert Nisbet BainCharles XII And The Collapse Of The Swedish Empire 1682-1719
2004978-1-4326-1972-5Dante AlighieriDivine Comedy of Dante Alighieri: Part 20 Harvard Classics
2005978-1-4326-1999-2Sholem AschEast River: A Novel of New York
2005978-1-4326-2123-0Harold North FowlerA History Of Sculpture
2004978-1-4326-2231-2Captain Robert E. LeeRecollections and Letters of General Robert E. Lee
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2004978-1-4326-2385-2F. Max Muller · E. W. WestPahlavi Texts Part I: The Sacred Books of the East Part Five
2005978-1-4326-2440-8Ellen G. WhiteThe Ministry of Healing
2004978-1-4326-2551-1Henry C. LeaMaterials Toward a History of Witchcraft Part 2
  ''978-1-4326-2667-9Arthur Charles Fox DaviesA Complete Guide to Heraldry
2007978-1-4326-2746-1Mary R. Van Stone · Alice CorbinSpanish Folk Songs Of New Mexico
  ''978-1-4326-2785-0Jr. Walter A. StarrGuide To The John Muir Trail And The High Sierra Region
  ''978-1-4326-2944-1Madame De Pompadour · Et Al.The Great Confessions, Five Sinners And A Saint V1: The Unexpurgated Autobiographies Of Pompadour, Cellini, De Quincey, Rousseau, Franklin And St. Augustine
  ''978-1-4326-2951-9Stars And StripesThe Story Of The 45th Infantry Division
2007978-1-4326-2960-1J. Stanley ReeveFox Hunting Formalities
  ''978-1-4326-3012-6C. Nepean LongridgeThe Cutty Sark, The Last Of The Famous Tea Clippers V1: An Account Of The Ship Itself, With Plans And Full Instructions For Building The Hull, Bulwarks And Deck Fittings Of A Scale Model
  ''978-1-4326-3013-3C. Nepean LongridgeThe Cutty Sark, The Last Of The Famous Tea Clippers V2: Describing The Masts, Spars And Rigging Of A Scale Model, And Including The Builder's Specification For The Construction Of The Original Ship
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