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2004978-0-7661-8944-7Charles Godfrey LelandEtruscan Roman Remains in Popular Tradition
  ''978-0-7661-8958-4Walter Savage LandorPericles and Aspasia
  ''978-0-7661-9007-8Alfred J. ButlerThe Ancient Coptic Churches of Egypt
2005978-0-7661-9058-0Henry B. CarringtonAb Sa Ra Ka Land of Massacre
  ''978-0-7661-9062-7Marc Edmund JonesThe Ritual of Living: An Occult Manual
  ''978-0-7661-9064-1J. J. Van Der LeeuwThe Dramatic History of the Christian Faith from the Beginnings to the Death of St. Augustine
2005978-0-7661-9067-2Jane Ellen HarrisonMyths of the Odyssey in Art and Literature
  ''978-0-7661-9068-9Loren Harper WhitneyLife and Teachings of Zoroaster the Great Persian
  ''978-0-7661-9072-6Geraldine M. GayThe Astrologer's Daughter: A Novel
  ''978-0-7661-9078-8Felix GuyotYoga: The Science of Health
  ''978-0-7661-9081-8J. J. Van Der LeeuwGods in Exile
2005978-0-7661-9086-3Anders Bjorn DrachmannAtheism in Pagan Antiquity
  ''978-0-7661-9093-1Daisy E. GroveThe Mystery Teaching of the Bible
  ''978-0-7661-9095-5Ernest WoodThe Intuition of the Will
2004978-0-7661-9102-0Henri de BoulainvilliersThe Life of Mohammad: Or The Life of Mahomet
2005978-0-7661-9103-7Arturo GrafThe Story of the Devil
  ''978-0-7661-9105-1Hari Singh GourThe Spirit of Buddhism
  ''978-0-7661-9119-8Arthur Edward WaiteFairy Music: An Anthology of English Fairy Poetry
2004978-0-7661-9125-9Francesca ArundaleMy Guest: H.P. Blavatsky
2005978-0-7661-9130-3G. LeopoldChristianity and Theosophy Harmonized Being a Series of Questions Addressed to the Founders of Christianity on the Above Subjects With Their Answers
2005978-0-7661-9132-7Andre DacierCommentary of Hierocles on the Golden Verses of Pythagoras
  ''978-0-7661-9135-8Arthur Edward WaiteSteps to the Crown
1918978-0-7661-9143-3F. Matthias AlexanderMan's Supreme Inheritance: Conscious Guidance and Control in Relation to Human Evolution
2005978-0-7661-9151-8Charles E. O. CarterThe Astrology of Accidents: Recent Investigations And Research
  ''978-0-7661-9160-0Paschal Beverly RandolphRavalette: The Rosicrucian's Story
2004978-0-7661-9172-3Paul CarusKarma a Story of Buddhist Ethics
2005978-0-7661-9177-8G. Herbert WhyteThe Great Teachers
  ''978-0-7661-9182-2Glenn ClarkThe Thought Farthest Out
  ''978-0-7661-9183-9Marie CherPoison at Court; Certain Figures of the Reign of Louis the Fourteenth
2004978-0-7661-9185-3Paul CarusThe Principle of Relativity in the Light of the Philosophy of Science
2005978-0-7661-9186-0Louis F. AndersonPsychology and the Cosmic Order
2005978-0-7661-9188-4Muhammad IqbalThe Development of Metaphysics in Persia a Contribution to the History of Muslim Philosophy
  ''978-0-7661-9190-7Arthur Edward WaiteA Mystagogical Quintology
  ''978-0-7661-9193-8Andrew Jackson DavisHARBINGER OF HEALTH
  ''978-0-7661-9194-5Thomas ReidEssays on The Active Powers of the Human Mind an Inquiry into the Human Mind on the Principle of Common Sense
  ''978-0-7661-9195-2Ethelbert W. BullingerA Critical Lexicon and Concordance to the English and Greek New Testament: A thru M
2005978-0-7661-9196-9Ethelbert W. BullingerA Critical Lexicon and Concordance to the English and Greek New Testament: N thru Z
  ''978-0-7661-9212-6Adams L. BeckA Beginner's Book of Yoga
  ''978-0-7661-9218-8Paul MorandBlack Magic
  ''978-0-7661-9222-5Geoffrey Hodson · George S. ArundaleMeditations on the Occult Life
  ''978-0-7661-9230-0Richmond L. BishopThe Philosophy of Natural Science
2005978-0-7661-9233-1Helene Petrovna BlavatskyA Blavatsky Quotation Book Being an Extract for Each Day of the Year
  ''978-0-7661-9236-2H. P. BlavatskyNotes on the Gospel According to John
  ''978-0-7661-9244-7Max Freedom LongRecovering the Ancient Magic
2004978-0-7661-9247-8Wallace D. WattlesHow to be a Genius or The Science of Being Great
2005978-0-7661-9251-5E. A. Wallis BudgeBaralam and Yewasef: The Ethiopic Version of a Christianized Recension of the Legend of the Buddha and the Bodhisattva
  ''978-0-7661-9257-7Roy Page WaltonNames, Dates, and Numbers; What They Mean to You
  ''978-0-7661-9258-4James ChurchwardThe Sacred Symbols of Mu
2005978-0-7661-9260-7James ChurchwardThe Children of Mu
  ''978-0-7661-9261-4M. Oldfield HoweyThe Encircled Serpent a Study of Serpent Symbolism in All Countries and Ages
2004978-0-7661-9262-1J. Romilly AllenThe High Crosses of Ireland
2005978-0-7661-9270-6E. A. Wallis BudgeThe History of Esarhaddon: Son of Sennacherib King of Assyria BC 681 to 668
2004978-0-7661-9273-7Sebastian KneippMy Will: A Legacy to the Healthy and the Sick
2005978-0-7661-9275-1Hylda RhodesThe Psychology and Tradition of Color
  ''978-0-7661-9276-8H. Emilie CadyHow I Used Truth
2004978-0-7661-9307-9Al-BiruniThe Book of Instruction in the Elements of the Art of Astrology
  ''978-0-7661-9309-3Sebastian KneippBaby's Kneipp Cure or The Care of Children in Health and Disease
  ''978-0-7661-9310-9R. Campbell ThompsonThe Reports of the Magicians and Astrologers of Nineveh and Babylon in the British Museum Part Two (pt.2)
2005978-0-7661-9311-6Joe S. RileyIridology Simplified
2004978-0-7661-9315-4SepharialCosmic Symbolism
2004978-0-7661-9325-3SepharialThe Law of Values an Exposition of the Primary Causes of Stock and Share Fluctuations
2005978-0-7661-9330-7Vincent PriessnitzThe Cold Water Cure
  ''978-0-7661-9332-1Julian P. ThomasThe Advantages of Raw Food
  ''978-0-7661-9365-9Archie ButtThe Letters of Archie Butt Personal Aide to President Roosevelt
  ''978-0-7661-9366-6Gaston LerouxThe Mystery of the Yellow Room
  ''978-0-7661-9371-0Regina Maria RocheThe Children of the Abbey
2005978-0-7661-9375-8N. BhashyacharyaA Catechism of the Visishtadwaita Philosophy of Sri Ramanuja Acharya
  ''978-0-7661-9381-9Harry B. SmithThe Dickens-Kolle Letters
  ''978-0-7661-9392-5Stewart Edward WhiteThe Sign at Six
  ''978-0-7661-9395-6Albert Bigelow PaineThe Tent Dwellers
  ''978-0-7661-9417-5Eca De QueirozThe Relic
2005978-0-7661-9420-5Myrta Lockett AvaryDixie After the War
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  ''978-0-7661-9423-6Arthur W. RyderThe Panchatantra
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  ''978-0-7661-9430-4Mrs. O. F. WaltonChristie's Old Organ or Home, Sweet Home
2005978-0-7661-9433-5Albert Bigelow PaineThe Boys' Life of Mark Twain: The Story of a Man Who Made the World Laugh and Love Him
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  ''978-0-7661-9450-2James Cody FerrisThe X Bar X Boys at Rustlers' Gap
2005978-0-7661-9453-3Hilaire BellocThe Elements of the Great War the Second Phase the Battle of Marne
  ''978-0-7661-9459-5Babcock and Wilcox CompanySteam Its Generation and Use
  ''978-0-7661-9462-5George AdeAde's Fables
  ''978-0-7661-9466-3Irvin S. CobbA Laugh a Day Keeps the Doctor Away His Favorite Stories
  ''978-0-7661-9473-1Victor AppletonDon Sturdy Among the Gorillas or Adrift in the Great Jungle
2005978-0-7661-9475-5L. Jessie AllenAlbrecht Durer
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  ''978-0-7661-9478-6Gustave FlaubertThe Temptation of St. Anthony
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2005978-0-7661-9483-0John BuchanThe Dancing Floor
  ''978-0-7661-9484-7Raymond Macdonald AldenReadings in English Prose of the Nineteenth Century
  ''978-0-7661-9490-8J. M. BarrieThe Admirable Crichton
  ''978-0-7661-9493-9Thomas Dixon Jr.The Clansman an Historical Romance of the Ku Klux Klan
2006978-0-7661-9497-7St. Louis-Marie De MontfordPreparation For Total Consecration According To St. Louis Marie De Montfort
2005978-0-7661-9503-5J. B. PriestleyAngel Pavement
  ''978-0-7661-9509-7Charles Austin Beard · Mary Ritter BeardThe Rise of American Civilization
2005978-0-7661-9510-3Charles Austin Beard · Mary Ritter BeardThe Rise of American Civilization: Part Two
2004978-0-7661-9512-7Robert R. UpdegraffObvious Adams the Story of a Successful Business Man
2005978-0-7661-9513-4Clarence E. MulfordBlack Buttes
  ''978-0-7661-9522-6Francis L. WellmanDay in Court or The Subtle Arts of Great Advocates
  ''978-0-7661-9524-0Frederic William WileMen Around the Kaiser: The Makers of Modern Germany
  ''978-0-7661-9525-7Mary E. WilkinsJerome a Poor Man
  ''978-0-7661-9533-2Horace M. Albright · Frank J. TaylorOh, Ranger! A Book About The National Parks
2005978-0-7661-9535-6Florence L. BarclayThe Rosary
  ''978-0-7661-9536-3Casper S. YostPatience Worth a Psychic Mystery
  ''978-0-7661-9538-7Frank Soule · John H. GihonThe Annals of San Francisco
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  ''978-0-7661-9547-9Harold Bell WrightThe Shepherd of the Hills
2005978-0-7661-9548-6Albert Edward WiggamThe New Decalogue of Science
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  ''978-0-7661-9551-6Colonel G. F. YoungThe Medici Volume One
  ''978-0-7661-9552-3T. Earle WelbyA Study of Swinburne
  ''978-0-7661-9554-7Brenton Thoburn BadleyIndia Beloved of Heaven
2005978-0-7661-9559-2Helen S. WrightOld Time Recipes for Home Made Wines, Cordials and Liqueurs from Fruits, Flowers, Vegetables and Shrubs
  ''978-0-7661-9566-0E. Phillips OppenheimThe Evil Shepherd
2004978-0-7661-9568-4Ellen G. WhiteChrist's Object Lessons
2005978-0-7661-9573-8Nikolai GogolDead Souls
2004978-0-7661-9607-0General Cavalie MercerJournal of the Waterloo Campaign
  ''978-0-7661-9615-5Alfred Russell WallaceMy Life a Record of Events and Opinions
  ''978-0-7661-9617-9A. G. PaspatesThe Great Palace of Constantinople
2005978-0-7661-9631-5Amelia E. BarrThe Maid of Maiden Lane
  ''978-0-7661-9633-9Harry A. FranckWorking North From Patagonia Being The Narrative Of A Journey Earned On The Way Through South America
2005978-0-7661-9637-7Peter B. KyneThe Valley of the Giants
  ''978-0-7661-9640-7Marcus DodsThe Expositor's Bible: The Book Of Genesis V1
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2005978-0-7661-9682-7William Makepeace ThackerayThe Virginians a Tale of the Last Century
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  ''978-0-7661-9700-8Gene Stratton-PorterFreckles
  ''978-0-7661-9701-5Lord Tennyson HallamTennyson and His Friends
2005978-0-7661-9702-2Gene Stratton-PorterThe Keeper of the Bees
  ''978-0-7661-9703-9   ''A Daughter of the Land
  ''978-0-7661-9714-5Edward D. TolandThe Aftermath of Battle with the Red Cross in France
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2005978-0-7661-9720-6Albert Payson TerhuneCaleb Conover Railroader
  ''978-0-7661-9724-4Gene Stratton-PorterHer Father's Daughter
  ''978-0-7661-9726-8Clara Louise BurnhamThe Opened Shutters
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2004978-0-7661-9733-6H. M. TomlinsonGreat Sea Stories of All Nations
2005978-0-7661-9734-3T. Francis BumpusThe Cathedrals of France
2005978-0-7661-9740-4Edward ThomasA Literary Pilgrim in England
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2005978-0-7661-9750-3Marguerite Cunliffe-OwenImperator Et Rex William II of Germany
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2005978-0-7661-9780-0Edward Mandell HouseThe Intimate Papers of Colonel House
  ''978-0-7661-9781-7Ian D. ColvinThe Cape Of Adventure: Strange And Notable Discoveries, Perils, Shipwrecks, Battles Upon Sea And Land
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  ''978-0-7661-9817-3G. Whitfield RayThrough Five Republics on Horseback Being an Account of Many Wanderings in South America
2005978-0-7661-9819-7Lloyd C. DouglasMagnificent Obsession
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  ''978-0-7661-9826-5Colonel Edmund W. StarlingStarling of the White House: A Secret Service Man Who Guarded Presidents Wilson Through Roosevelt
  ''978-0-7661-9833-3Madame de MottevilleMemoirs of Madame de Motteville on Anne of Austria and Her Court V2
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2005978-0-7661-9840-1Harold BegbieThe Fall of the Curtain
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2005978-0-7661-9853-1Anatole FranceAt the Sign of the Reine Pedauque
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2005978-0-7661-9874-6James Lane AllenA Kentucky Cardinal and Aftermath
  ''978-0-7661-9876-0Hamlin GarlandThe Captain Of The Gray Horse Troop
  ''978-0-7661-9878-4E. Phillips OppenheimThe Master Mummer
  ''978-0-7661-9888-3Elliott WhitneyThe Black Fox of Yukon
  ''978-0-7661-9889-0Charles M. PepperLife Work of Louis Klopsch: Romance of a Modern Knight of Mercy
2005978-0-7661-9892-0D. L. MurrayDisraeli
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2005978-0-7661-9911-8Alice B. EmersonRuth Fielding on the St. Lawrence or The Queer Old Man of the Thousand Islands
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