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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1946978-0-333-00007-6S.P. ThompsonCalculus Made Easy: With Answers: w. ans
1968978-0-333-00042-7Gale M. Richard · GalePhilosophy of Time
1971978-0-333-00053-3G. S. FraserJohn Keats: Odes (Casebooks Series)
1969978-0-333-00054-0M.H. CadmanTaxation Economics
978-0-333-00181-3Ronald RidoutSelf Help English: Bk. 3
1983978-0-333-00214-8Mazo de la RocheThe Building Of Jalna
1968978-0-333-00215-5Robert Tudor JonesGeorge Eliot's Adam Bede (Critical Commentary)
1970978-0-333-00269-8J. N. FindlayAxiological Ethics (New Study in Ethics S.)
1968978-0-333-00301-5C. B. Cox · Arnold P. HinchliffeT.S. Eliot: The Waste Land (Casebooks Series)
1967978-0-333-00358-9Harold MacmillanThe Blast of War, 1939-45
1962978-0-333-00620-7William Schwenck GilbertThe Savoy Operas: Being the text of the Operas 1875-1896
1920978-0-333-00770-9Alfred MarshallPrinciples of Economics: Introduct.v
1972978-0-333-00788-4John MiltonParadise Lost: Bk. 1 & 2 (The Macmillan Milton)
1971978-0-333-00879-9C. K. SteadShakespeare: Measure for Measure (Casebooks Series)
1960978-0-333-00942-0John Maynard KeynesGeneral Theory of Employment, Interest and Money: Vol.7
1968978-0-333-01002-0C. P. SnowThe Sleep of Reason
1930978-0-333-01053-2Jane AustenEmma
1967978-0-333-01126-3Colin ClarkPopulation Growth and Land Use
1972978-0-333-01127-0Alun R. Jones · William TydemanWordsworth: Lyrical Ballads (Casebooks Series)
1980978-0-333-01259-8B.N. PandySouth and South East Asia, 1945-79: Problems and Policies (The Making of the 20th century)
1936978-0-333-01282-6J. FrazerThe Golden Bough: 15 Volume Set: Palgrave Archive Edition
1971978-0-333-01342-7Huw Parri OwenConcepts of Deity (New Study in Philosophy of Religion)
1983978-0-333-01371-7Mazo RocheYoung Renny
1973978-0-333-01515-5William ShakespeareHamlet (Macmillan shakespeare)
1985978-0-333-01536-0A. V. Dicey · DiceyIntro to Study Law of Constitution
1956978-0-333-01613-8Antony FlewEssays in Conceptual Analysis
1972978-0-333-01774-6Thomas HardyThe Collected Poems
  ''978-0-333-01945-0John MiltonParadise Lost: Bk. 10 (The Macmillan Milton)
1968978-0-333-02036-4Jon StallworthyW.B.Yeats: Last Poems (Casebooks Series)
1965978-0-333-02075-3Walter ScottIvanhoe (Stories to Remember)
1967978-0-333-02081-4Joan RobinsonEssay on Marxian Economics
1972978-0-333-02119-4Patrick SwindenGeorge Eliot's Middlemarch (Casebook)
1949978-0-333-02125-5Enid BlytonThe Mountain of Adventure
1984978-0-333-02280-1Mazo RocheVariable Winds At Jalna
1967978-0-333-02323-5Alexandre DumasThe Count of Monte Cristo (Stories to Remember S.)
1969978-0-333-02367-9Gamini SalgadoD.H. Lawrence: Sons and Lovers: A Selection of Critical Essays (Casebooks Series)
1993978-0-333-02615-1Jonas A. BarishJonson: Volpone: A Selection of Critical Essays (Casebooks Series)
1972978-0-333-02672-4William ShakespeareA Midsummer Night's Dream (Macmillan shakespeare)
1941978-0-333-02681-6James HiltonRandom Harvest
1982978-0-333-02685-4GowingBritain and Atomic Energy
1969978-0-333-02863-6Bernard BergonziT.S.Eliot: Four Quartets (Casebooks Series)
1972978-0-333-02901-5A. StrattonSinan
1927978-0-333-02946-6Lewis CarrollAlice in Wonderland
1960978-0-333-03233-6Muriel SparkThe Ballad of Peckham Rye
1969978-0-333-03441-5William ShakespeareKing Lear (Casebooks series)
1978978-0-333-03442-2Edward Hallett (Sometime Fellow Carr · John CarrSocialism in One Country: Socialism in One Country, 1924-26 Pt.3 (History of Soviet Russia)
1968978-0-333-03609-9J. BryceHoly Roman Empire (Papermacs)
1983978-0-333-03685-3Mazo RocheThe Master Of Jalna
1960978-0-333-03812-3C. P. SnowThe Affair (A Strangers & Brothers Novel)
1968978-0-333-03933-5Mazo RocheMorning At Jalna
1973978-0-333-03937-3Nicholas BrookeShakespeare: Richard II (Casebooks Series)
1972978-0-333-04302-8Anthony James NichollsSemblance of Peace
1967978-0-333-04503-9David Greene · Frank O'ConnorGolden Treasury of Irish Poetry, A.D.600-1200
1959978-0-333-04513-8Charles Gordon CooperJourney to Hesperia
1940978-0-333-04721-7Charles Percy SnowGeorge Passant (Strangers and Brothers Novel 1)
1908978-0-333-04772-9Jane AustenMansfield Park
1984978-0-333-04842-9Mazo RocheReturn to Jalna (Jalna Whiteoak Saga 10)
1969978-0-333-04929-7Colin ClarkeD.H.Lawrence: The Rainbow and Women in Love (Casebooks Series)
1964978-0-333-04969-3C. P. SnowThe Corridors of Power
1983978-0-333-05090-3Mazo RocheWhiteoak Heritage
1970978-0-333-05177-1Malcolm BradburyE.M.Forster: A Passage to India (Casebooks Series)
1973978-0-333-05260-0Lewis CarrollAlice in Wonderland (Papermacs)
1955978-0-333-05844-2Enid BlytonThe River of Adventure
1980978-0-333-05910-4J.G. FrazerThe Golden Bough: A Study in Magic and Religion
1984978-0-333-05999-9Mazo RocheCentenary At Jalna
1966978-0-333-06133-6Roger PilkingtonSmall Boat on the Thames
1965978-0-333-06201-2A.C. Barrowman · E.M. BarrowmanAdvanced Step by Step Sewing
1969978-0-333-06202-9Alan Marshall Muir WoodCoastal Hydraulics (Macmillan civil engineering hydraulics)
1968978-0-333-06203-6R.E. Wetton · R.W. WhorlowPolymer Systems: Deformation and Flow
1953978-0-333-06207-4Rabindranath TagoreTales from Tagore (Stories to Remember)
1939978-0-333-06208-1Jane SpencerSixty Letter and Reading Games
1910978-0-333-06209-8Charles SmithElementary Treatise on Solid Geometry
1983978-0-333-06247-0Mazo RocheWhiteoaks
1967978-0-333-06455-9Baroness Emmuska OrczyThe Scarlet Pimpernel (Stories to Remember)
1969978-0-333-06499-3John WildersShakespeare: The Merchant of Venice: A Collection of Critical Essays (Casebooks Series)
1966978-0-333-06639-3Harold MacmillanWinds of Change, 1914-39
1953978-0-333-06665-2Lewis CarrollAlice in Wonderland
1963978-0-333-06704-8Muriel SparkGirls of Slender Means, The
1968978-0-333-06864-9John Wheeler Wheeler-Bennett · Richard OveryThe Nemesis of Power: The German Army in Politics 1918-1945
1971978-0-333-06963-9Kai NielsenContemporary Critiques of Religion (Philosophy of religion series)
1968978-0-333-06995-0John Dixon HuntPope: The Rape of the Lock (Casebooks Series)
1947978-0-333-07001-7Enid BlytonValley of Adventure
1962978-0-333-07113-7A. J. B. Wace · F.H. StubbingsCompanion to Homer
1963978-0-333-07223-3John Maynard KeynesGeneral Theory of Employment, Interest and Money
1983978-0-333-07404-6Mazo RocheWhiteoak Harvest
  ''978-0-333-07652-1   ''Mary Wakefield (Whiteoaks Series)
1960978-0-333-07689-7William Butler Yeats · Yeats W. B.Vision
1970978-0-333-07739-9Neil ComptonHenry Fielding: Tom Jones (Casebooks Series)
1930978-0-333-07802-0A. Keary · E. KearyThe Heroes of Asgard (Facsimile classics series)
1973978-0-333-07987-4Ian P. WattConrad's "Secret Agent" (Casebook S.)
1908978-0-333-08069-6Frank CastleLogarithmic and Other Tables for Schools
1958978-0-333-08108-2James Hilton · Elizabeth Frances DoddLost Horizon (MacMillan ELT Stories to Remember Series)
1980978-0-333-08131-0Lawrence R. KleinThe Keynesian Revolution (Keynesian Studies)
1972978-0-333-08226-3John MiltonParadise Lost: Bk. 9 (The Macmillan Milton)
1968978-0-333-08235-5David LodgeJane Austen's Emma: Selection of Critical Essays (Casebook)
1901978-0-333-08281-2F. Procter · W. H. FrereA New History of The Book of Common Prayer with a rationale of its offices
1991978-0-333-08400-7John Russell TaylorJohn Osborne: Look Back in Anger (Casebooks Series)
1965978-0-333-08521-9Alexandre DumasThe Three Musketeers (Stories to Remember S.)
1984978-0-333-08561-5Mazo RocheRenny's Daughter
1978978-0-333-08566-0Edward Hallett (Sometime Fellow Carr · John CarrBolshevik Revolution: The Bolshevik Revolution, 1917-23 Pt.1 (A History of Soviet Russia)
1929978-0-333-08783-1Charles MorganPortrait in a Mirror
1983978-0-333-08809-8Mazo RocheThe Whiteoak Brothers
1982978-0-333-08813-5Kenneth MuirShakespeare: The Winter's Tale (Casebooks Series)
1972978-0-333-08942-2Marie RambertQuicksilver
1968978-0-333-09309-2John D. JumpShakespeare: Hamlet: Selection of Critical Essays (Casebooks Series)
1969978-0-333-09392-4Margaret BottrallBlake's "Songs of Innocence and Experience" (Casebook)
1975978-0-333-09629-1James George FrazerThe Golden Bough
2004978-0-333-09693-2Julius CaesarGallic War: Bk. 3 (Modern School Classics)
1969978-0-333-09805-9John JumpMarlowe: Doctor Faustus (Casebooks Series)
1960978-0-333-09871-4Philip K. HittiHistory of the Arabs
1938978-0-333-09966-7Mazo RocheFinch's Fortune
1969978-0-333-10009-7Thomas HardyChoice of Poems
1971978-0-333-10114-8John S. GoodallJacko
1969978-0-333-10142-1Robert ConquestArias from a Love Opera
  ''978-0-333-10146-9O.B. ChedzoyProgramming by Case Studies: An Algol Primer (Introductory Monographs in Mathematics)
  ''978-0-333-10172-8Trevor LingA History of Religion East and West: An Introduction and Interpretation (Macmillan Student Editions)
1973978-0-333-10263-3Kai NielsenScepticism (New Study in Philosophy of Religion)
1971978-0-333-10310-4Harold MacmillanRiding the Storm
1969978-0-333-10312-8Robert F. KennedyThirteen Days: Cuban Missile Crisis
1976978-0-333-10489-7D. E. NinehamUse and Abuse of the Bible (Library of philosophy and religion)
1970978-0-333-10575-7Robert ConquestNation Killers
1970978-0-333-10683-9John HemmingThe Conquest of the Incas
1971978-0-333-10685-3I. R. WorsnopThe Lorry Driver (What do they do?)
1978978-0-333-10726-3John Maynard KeynesThe General Theory and After: Volume XIV: Defence and Development: The General Theory and After - Defence and Development Vol 14 (Collected Works of Keynes)
1973978-0-333-10733-1   ''The Treatise on Probability: Treatise on Probability v. 8 (Collected works of Keynes)
1971978-0-333-10740-9   ''The Activities 1906-1914: v. 15: India and Cambridge: Activities, 1906-14 v. 15 (Collected works of Keynes)
1976978-0-333-10744-7Zulfikar GhoseCrump's Terms
1969978-0-333-10772-0Collier YoungTodd Dossier
1970978-0-333-10941-0Arthur MarwickNature of History
1974978-0-333-11023-2Roger James Elliott · Alan Frank GibsonIntroduction to Solid State Physics (Nature-Macmillan physics series)
1970978-0-333-11069-0Peter LoveseyWobble to Death
1972978-0-333-11236-6Michael E. RoseRelief of Poverty, 1834-1914 (Studies in Economic and Social History)
  ''978-0-333-11345-5J. M. HollandStudies in Structure (Introduction Monographs in Mathematics)
1971978-0-333-11479-7Oswald Jacoby · John R. CrawfordBackgammon Book
1970978-0-333-11509-1C. P. SnowLast Things (Strangers and brothers/C. P. Snow)
  ''978-0-333-11526-8Helen MonfiresAn Introduction to Critical Appreciation
  ''978-0-333-11528-2W.Strik- StrikfeldAgainst Stalin and Hitler
1972978-0-333-11541-1Robert JessopSocial Order, Reform and Revolution: New Perspectives in Sociology
1971978-0-333-11589-3Geoffrey HunterMetalogic
1992978-0-333-11599-2Robert SkidelskyJohn Maynard Keynes: Hopes Betrayed 1883-1920: Hopes Betrayed, 1883-1920 v. 1 (Keynesian studies)
1970978-0-333-11610-4Fritz SternThe Varieties of History: From Voltaire to the Present
1973978-0-333-11660-9Julian LovelockDonne: Songs and Sonnets (Casebooks Series)
1972978-0-333-11887-0A. H. BirchRepresentation (Key Concepts in Political Science S.)
1980978-0-333-11921-1Lloyd RobsonAustralia and the Great War 1914-1918: Narrative and Selection of Documents (The making of Australia)
1971978-0-333-12062-0Irene BairdThe climate of power
1972978-0-333-12064-4J. L. CarrThe Garage Mechanic (What do they do?)
1971978-0-333-12066-8Mandip SinghHimalayan Art (Art books/Unesco)
1972978-0-333-12169-6D. J. PalmerShakespeare: Twelfth Night: A Selection of Critical Essays (Casebooks Series)
  ''978-0-333-12276-1J. L. CarrThe Dustman (What do they do?)
1973978-0-333-12400-0Conrad RussellThe Origins of the English Civil War (Problems in Focus)
1973978-0-333-12404-8Nigel DaviesThe Aztecs
1972978-0-333-12411-6Harold MacmillanPointing the Way, 1959-61
1973978-0-333-12413-0   ''At the End of the Day
1971978-0-333-12520-5Zhores A. MedvedevPapers
  ''978-0-333-12534-2Alfred Lestie RoweThe Elizabethan Renaissance: The Life of the Society v. 1
  ''978-0-333-12578-6Peter LoveseyDetective Wore Silk Drawers
  ''978-0-333-12590-8Roger PilkingtonSmall Boat on the Upper Rhine
  ''978-0-333-12598-4Terence WheelerFrom Home in Heaven
1971978-0-333-12599-1R. M. HarePractical Inferences (New studies in practical philosophy)
  ''978-0-333-12742-1Leonhard Euler · Tobias MayerCorrespondence, 1751-55
  ''978-0-333-12743-8Tobias MayerOpera Inedita
1977978-0-333-12817-6Angus MacKaySpain in the Middle Ages: From Frontier to Empire, 1000-1500 (New Studies in Medieval History)
1973978-0-333-12837-4Alun R. Jones · William TydemanColeridge: The Ancient Mariner and other Poems (Casebooks Series)
1971978-0-333-12851-0Richard RhodesInland Ground
1978978-0-333-12861-9John HemmingRed Gold: Conquest of the Brazilian Indians
1971978-0-333-12871-8G. HardingeWinter's Crimes: No. 3
  ''978-0-333-12925-8Giles CooperUnman, Wittering and Zigo
1981978-0-333-13027-8A E DysonYeats, Eliot and R. S. Thomas: Riding the Echo
1972978-0-333-13064-3David McKie · Chris CookDecade of Disillusion: British Politics in the Sixties
1973978-0-333-13080-3W. B. YeatsMemoirs
1972978-0-333-13093-3Zulfikar GhoseIncredible Brazilian
1975978-0-333-13094-0Zulfikar GhoseBeautiful Empire
1979978-0-333-13095-7   ''Different World
1971978-0-333-13103-9Barbara W. TuchmanSand Against the Wind: Stilwell and the American Experience in China, 1911-45
1972978-0-333-13241-8Zulfikar GhoseViolent West ([Macmillan poets])
1987978-0-333-13364-4Peter LoveseyButchers: And Other Stories Of Crime
1972978-0-333-13409-2Roy MedvedevLet History Judge: Origins and Consequences of Stalinism
  ''978-0-333-13535-8Maurice John Edwin BrownChopin: An Index of His Works in Chronological Order
  ''978-0-333-13571-6William ShakespeareMacbeth (Macmillan shakespeare)
1975978-0-333-13588-4James Roy HayOrigins of the Liberal Welfare Reforms, 1906-14 (Studies in economic and social history)
1972978-0-333-13591-4Peter LoveseyAbracadaver
1989978-0-333-13606-5Janet ArnoldPatterns of Fashion: 1660-1860: Vol 1
1977978-0-333-13607-2Janet ArnoldPatterns of Fashion 2
1973978-0-333-13629-4Nicola M. SutherlandMassacre of St. Bartholomew and the European Conflict, 1559-72
1972978-0-333-13644-7Lester G. TelserCompetition, Collusion and Game Theory (Aldine treatises in modern economics)
1971978-0-333-13668-3W. Somerset MaughamCakes and Ale (Stories to Remember S.)
  ''978-0-333-13669-0H. G. WellsThe Time Machine (Stories to Remember)
1972978-0-333-13699-7Roger LongriggThe History of Horse Racing
  ''978-0-333-13748-2Edith PargeterBloody Field by Shrewsbury
1976978-0-333-13757-4Ramchandra GandhiAvailability of Religious Ideas (Library of philosophy and religion)
1973978-0-333-13779-6Brigid BrophyPrancing Novelist: a defence of fiction in the form of a critical biography In Praise of Ronald Firbank
1973978-0-333-13820-5Nancy Crathorne · Katharine Elliot of Harwood · James DugdaleTennant's Stalk: The Story of the Tennants of the Glen
  ''978-0-333-13842-7A. E. Dyson · Julian LovelockMilton: Paradise Lost (Casebooks Series)
1980978-0-333-13884-7D. P. Sen Gupta · J. W. Lynn · Debi Prasad Sen GuptaElectrical Machine Dynamics (Science Technology Ser)
1973978-0-333-14033-8Morris BejaJames Joyce: Dubliners and A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man (Casebooks Series)
1972978-0-333-14044-4Annabella LeslieWritten English Today
1974978-0-333-14072-7Jenni Soussi-TsafrirLight-eyed Negroes and the Klein-Waardenburg Syndrome
1972978-0-333-14222-6Sheila FugardThe Castaways
  ''978-0-333-14292-9John S. GoodallKelly, Dot and Esmeralda
1974978-0-333-14384-1Chimen Abramsky · Beryl J. WilliamsEssays in Honour of E.H. Carr