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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2016978-1-137-59553-9Giulio Pugliese · Aurelio InsisaSino-Japanese Power Politics: Might, Money and Minds
  ''978-1-137-59556-0Maurice Vanstone · Philip PriestleyProbation and Politics: Academic Reflections from Former Practitioners
  ''978-1-137-59576-8Rebecca E. Lyons · Samantha RaynerThe Academic Book of the Future
  ''978-1-137-59681-9Alejandro Foxley · Barbara StallingsInnovation and Inclusion in Latin America: Strategies to Avoid the Middle Income Trap (Studies of the Americas)
  ''978-1-137-59684-0Christos LynterisEthnographic Plague: Configuring Disease on the Chinese-Russian Frontier
2016978-1-137-59691-8Andrea L ArringtonVictoria Falls and Colonial Imagination in British Southern Africa: Turning Water into Gold (African Histories and Modernities)
2017978-1-137-59694-9Renée JefferyTransitional Justice in Practice: Conflict, Justice, and Reconciliation in the Solomon Islands
2016978-1-137-59742-7Gorana Ognjenović · Jasna JozelicRevolutionary Totalitarianism, Pragmatic Socialism, Transition: Volume One, Tito's Yugoslavia, Stories Untold: 1
2015978-1-137-59767-0Gwendolyn Audrey FosterDisruptive Feminisms: Raced, Gendered, and Classed Bodies in Film
2016978-1-137-59779-3Yukihito Sato · Hajime SatoVarieties and Alternatives of Catching-up: Asian Development in the Context of the 21st Century (IDE-JETRO Series)
2017978-1-137-59848-6Peter Mickan · Elise LopezText-Based Research and Teaching: A Social Semiotic Perspective on Language in Use
  ''978-1-137-59866-0Giles Scott-Smith · Charlotte LergCampaigning Culture and the Global Cold War: The Journals of the Congress for Cultural Freedom
  ''978-1-137-59893-6Helen Hughes · Catalin BryllaDocumentary and Disability
2016978-1-137-59910-0Fabiana Sciarelli · Azzurra RinaldiDevelopment Management of Transforming Economies: Theories, Approaches and Models for Overall Development
  ''978-1-137-59964-3Linda S. Gravett · Sheri A. CaldwellLearning Agility: The Impact on Recruitment and Retention
2017978-1-137-59968-1Helen E. UllrichThe Women of Totagadde: Broken Silence
2016978-1-137-59988-9Sarah R. bin TyeerThe Qur'an and the Aesthetics of Premodern Arabic Prose (Literatures and Cultures of the Islamic World)
2017978-1-137-60004-2Svante E. CornellThe International Politics of the Armenian-Azerbaijani Conflict: The Original "Frozen Conflict" and European Security
  ''978-1-137-60005-9Svante E. CornellThe International Politics of the Armenian-Azerbaijani Conflict: The Original "Frozen Conflict" and European Security
2016978-1-137-60043-1Ian I. MitroffCombatting Disruptive Change: Beating Unruly Competition at Their Own Game
2017978-1-137-60076-9Nigel WaltonThe Internet as a Technology-Based Eco-System: A New Approach to the Analysis of Business, Markets and Industries
2016978-1-137-60110-0Emery Brusset · Cedric de Coning · Bryn HughesComplexity Thinking for Peacebuilding Practice and Evaluation
1990978-1-137-60123-0Rod Hague · Martin Harrop · John McCormickPolitical Science: A Comparative Introduction (Comparative Government and Politics)
2016978-1-137-60149-0Jan EichlerWar, Peace and International Security: From Sarajevo to Crimea
2017978-1-137-60158-2Cesare Amatulli · Matteo De Angelis · Michele Costabile · Gianluigi GuidoSustainable Luxury Brands: Evidence from Research and Implications for Managers (Palgrave Advances in Luxury)
2016978-1-137-60167-4Nathaniel O. Agola · Alan HunterInclusive Innovation for Sustainable Development: Theory and Practice
2012978-1-137-60177-3V. DikaThe (Moving) Pictures Generation: The Cinematic Impulse in Downtown New York Art and Film
2017978-1-137-60178-0Anil Hira · Maureen Benson-ReaGoverning Corporate Social Responsibility in the Apparel Industry after Rana Plaza
2016978-1-137-60193-3Madhumita Chatterji · László ZsolnaiEthical Leadership: Indian and European Spiritual Approaches
2017978-1-137-60227-5Horst Ellermann · Peter Kreutter · Wolfgang MessnerThe Palgrave Handbook of Managing Continuous Business Transformation
2017978-1-137-60230-5Bernardo Batiz-Lazo · Leonidas EfthymiouThe Book of Payments: Historical and Contemporary Views on the Cashless Society
2016978-1-137-60323-4Ileana RodriguezGender Violence in Failed and Democratic States: Besieging Perverse Masculinities (Comparative Feminist Studies)
2015978-1-137-60338-8H. Peter LangilleDeveloping a United Nations Emergency Peace Service: Meeting Our Responsibilities to Prevent and Protect
2090978-1-137-60372-2Qiao LiuCorporate China 2.0: The Great Shakeup
2016978-1-137-60703-4Nigel McLoughlinThe Portable Poetry Workshop
2017978-1-137-61013-3Kendra BrikenThe New Digital Workplace
2014978-1-137-93001-9Engage Starter Pack 3
  ''978-1-137-93002-6Engage Pack 4