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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2001978-1-56159-001-8Anthony HuxleyThe New Royal Horticultural Society Dictionary of Gardening
1992978-1-56159-046-9Wayne MadsenHandbook of Personal Data Protection
1996978-1-56159-173-2International Association of UIntl Handbk of Universitie 14 (International Handbook of Universities)
1995978-1-56159-174-9Stanley SadieThe New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians (20 Volume Set)
  ''978-1-56159-176-3Colin LarkinThe Guinness Encyclopedia of Popular Music (Six Volume Set)
2000978-1-56159-197-8NA NAThe New Palgrave: A Dictionary of Economics: Four Volume Boxed Set
1997978-1-56159-202-9J. CoombsThe Biotechnology Directory 1997 (Annual)
1998978-1-56159-215-9NA NAThe New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics and the Law: Three Volume Set
2002978-1-56159-228-9Stanley SadieThe New Grove Dictionary of Opera: 4 volumes
  ''978-1-56159-229-6   ''The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians: 20-volume set
1998978-1-56159-233-3Brian R. MitchellInternational Historical Statistics 1750-1993: The Americas: Europe: Africa, Asia & Oceania, 3rd Edition (INTERNATIONAL HISTORICAL STATISTICS AFRICA, ASIA AND OCEANIA)
2000978-1-56159-234-0B R MitchellInternational Historical Statistics: Africa, Asia and Oceania, 1750-1993
1998978-1-56159-235-7Brian R. Mitchell · B.R. MilchellInternational Historical Statistics: The Americas 1750-1993 (International Historical Statistics Series)
2000978-1-56159-236-4Brian R. MitchellInternational Historical Statistics: Europe 1750-1993
1998978-1-56159-237-1Colin LarkinThe Encyclopedia of Popular Music
2001978-1-56159-239-5Stanley Sadie · John TyrrellThe New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians: 29 volumes with index
1999978-1-56159-243-2Daniele CaramaniThe Societies of Europe: Elections in Western Europe Since 1815: Electoral Results by Constituencies
  ''978-1-56159-244-9Bernhard Ebbinghaus · Jelle VisserThe Societies of Europe: Trade Unions in Western Europe Since 1945
2001978-1-56159-245-6NA NATruth and Reconciliation Commission of South Africa Report: Five Volume Set
  ''978-1-56159-246-3   ''Transnational Accounting: Three Volumes
2001978-1-56159-254-8Carlos Ramirez FariaThe Historical Dictionary of World Political Geography: An Encyclopaedic Guide to the History of Nations
2000978-1-56159-265-4Charles Kidd · David Williamson · Lydia CollinsDebrett's Peerage and Baronetage 2000: Comprises Information Concerning the Royal Family, the Peerage and Baronetage
2001978-1-56159-268-5Paul MurdinEncyclopedia of Astronomy & Astrophysics, Vol. 1
978-1-56159-274-6Encyclopedia of Life Sciences
2003978-1-56159-284-5Barry KernfeldThe New Grove Dictionary of Jazz(3 Volume Set)