Kai Nielsen

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After the Demise of the Tradition: Rorty, Critical Theory, and the Fate of PhilosophyHardcover978-0-8133-8044-51991
Analyzing MarxismPaperback978-0-919491-15-11989Robert Ware
An Introduction to the Philosophy of ReligionHardcover978-0-312-43310-91983
Atheism & PhilosophyPaperback978-1-59102-298-52005
Contemporary Critiques of ReligionHardcover978-0-333-06963-91971
Cosmopolitan JusticeTaschenbuch978-0-13-140388-82010Michael Boylan
Does God Exist?: The Debate between Theists & AtheistsPaperback978-0-87975-823-31993J. P. Moreland
Does God Exist?: The Great DebateHardcover978-0-8407-7180-31990James Porter Moreland · J.P. Moreland
Equality and Liberty: A Defense of Radical Egalitarianism   "978-0-8476-6758-11985
Equality and Liberty: A Defense of Radical EgalitarianismPaperback978-0-8476-7516-61984
Ethics Without God   "978-0-87975-552-21990
Ethique et rationalitéBroché978-2-87009-478-51995David Gauthier · Jan Narveson · Jocelyne Couture
ExploitationPaperback978-0-391-04000-71997Robert Ware
Globalization and JusticeHardcover978-1-59102-054-72003
God and the Grounding of MoralityPaperback978-0-7766-0328-51997
God, Scepticism and Modernity   "978-0-7766-0241-71989
Marx and morality   "978-0-919491-01-41981
Marxism And The Moral Point Of View: Morality, Ideology, And Historical MaterialismHardcover978-0-8133-0653-71988
Méta-PhilosophiePaperback978-0-919491-19-91994Jocelyne Couture
Naturalism and ReligionHardcover978-1-57392-853-32001
Naturalism Without Foundations   "978-1-57392-076-61996
On the Relevance of MetaethicsPaperback978-0-919491-21-21996Jocelyne Couture
On Transforming Philosophy: A Metaphilosophical InquiryHardcover978-0-8133-0666-71995
Philosophy & Atheism   "978-0-87975-289-71985
Reason and Practice: A Modern Introduction to Philosophy   "978-0-06-044836-31971
Rethinking nationalism978-0-585-12756-91998Jocelyne Couture · · Michel Seymour
Rethinking NationalismPaperback978-0-919491-22-91998Jocelyne Couture · Michael Seymour
Science, Morality and Feminist TheoryPaperback978-0-919491-13-71987Marsha Hanen
Search for Community in a Withering Tradition   "978-0-8191-7990-61990Hendrik Hart
WALKING THE TIGHTROPE OF FAITH.Philosophical Conversations. About Reason and Religion.   "978-90-420-0706-21999Hendrik Hart · Ronald A. Kuipers
Why Be Moral?   "978-0-87975-519-51989
Wittgensteinian Fideism   "978-0-334-04005-72011D.Z. Philips

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